New series of YouTube videos from Nikon USA: “Exploring the D850”

Nikon USA has a new series of YouTube videos "Exploring the D850":

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  • MMS

    Just in time to help me with the D850 that Amazon delivered to me yesterday!

  • Eric Calabros

    I like the way Steve Perry does it, in the field, instead of studio, and with real world examples of how particular settings affect your shot.

    • marymig

      Yes, Steve is one of the best.

  • br0xibear
    • lol 🙂

      • br0xibear

        Joe’s been doing the same dull marketing for Nikon since the D2x…no wonder he looks bored out of his skull.
        “Stand in front of this grey backdrop and hold a speedlight in your hand, it’ll be great Joe”. The DF marketing company must be shaking their heads in disbelief, lol.

  • Tarlats

    For Nikon’s most advanced photographic body (aimed at enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers), this basic level of learning video is almost ridiculous!
    Why do not you tell us how the lens changes or where the shutter button is?…

    • Amir

      Most probably because they assume we all are monkeys pressing shutter buttons!

  • Amir

    As I watched through these childish videos,I almost forgot how to turn on my D850! As others mentioned,Steve Perry is legendary in teaching practical settings through D850 photography.Of course,Thom Hogan’s ebooks are way better than boring,original made manuals.The rest of photography channels in this regard are almost meh and reminds me of ‘Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass’!

  • unimo36090

    nikon better deliver a new camera platform..or else they’ll just turn into “sony” and put a nikon brand in it.

    • AYWY

      Right now the actual worry is they will become another Asahi-Pentax.

      • decentrist

        actual worry?

  • Sebako

    For some reason Nikon thinks it wise to pour all their marketing yens into selling the one camera that’s already selling so well they can’t even fulfill orders in a timely manner? You’re not helping, guys.

    (Better make Joe McNally do a video on flash photography with the KeyMission 80 :D)

  • Руслан Шугушев

    I respect all these great photographers but none of them tell the truth about degradation of color render and skin tones on modern cameras especially on 600 and 800 series there in very little hope that new camera have color render at least equal to D3 say

    • David Gottlieb

      I have had no problems with color or skin tones on my D800 or my D850….
      I have owned D3, D700, D4 as well….. All lovely cameras. All five capable of producing incredible color and skin tones — and with D850, it just gets better….. . Not sure what you are talking about.

      • Руслан Шугушев

        Its very my subjective opinion for me this difference exists and have never seen any photograpger exept professionals who paid by companies who would tell that color render become better throu the years,everyone on forums recall d50,d70,d200,d700 in terms of color and nobody respect new megapixel high iso cameras as good color render cameras

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