Nikon Cyber Monday deals

The current Nikon rebates (see B&H and Adorama) are still valid for Cyber Monday. My understanding is that the lens only rebates will end on Cyber Monday (November 27th):

The DX DSLR deals and camera + grip offers will continue until December 30:

Nikon deals in Germany can be found here and here.

Other Cyber Monday deals:

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  • Chur Chill

    Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G – $50: B&H | Adorama | Amazon
    Is that a typo or an amazing offer? 🙂

  • TwoStrayCats

    SPAREN SIE 1.099 €, indeed!

  • Roger S


  • A year later and the price hasn’t dropped on the D500…it’s really that good!

    • Brent Rawlings

      Yes, it is!

    • Allen_Wentz

      Preordering, I paid full ~$2k price for the D500, full $1070 price on the (excellent) 16-80mm, and a grip would have been $400 full price too. Now that full package is $2400 total, which is a hella nice discount.

      But I fully agree that yes it is that good.

      • decentrist

        16-80? a kit lens in the mold of the equally mundane 24-120

        • pedantic_brit

          The 16-80 is a great lens and I prefer it to the 24-120 but I currently use the latter on my D850. The 24-120 to my mind is a decent lens that covers a useful range – “mundane” is fair. The 16-80 is much better than mundane.

  • Nikos

    Any suggestions about DSLR backback to also fit 15″ laptop?
    I had previously a small Lowepro which I loved but when the zipper broke, became unrepairable. Customer service of Lowepro was no existent. But I liked the design and how compact it was.

    • I have a Tamrac Anvil 15 Slim ….love it….

    • I am carrying a couple of Vanguard bags and like them. Very durable, flexible storage, secure access only, well-padded, comfortable, and has lots of pockets. I am mostly using the AltaSky51D right now. I can carry a D850 and D750, the full f2.8 trinity of lenses (including larger VR version of 24-70 lens), the 24-120 f4, 85 f1.4, 105 2.8 micro, flashes, remotes, cards, cleaning supplies, etc… Tons of storage. Fully packed, I usually roll the bag on a collapsible set of handtrucks rather than wear on my back or carry in hand. I have a smaller Vanguard bag that holds one body and the trinity lenses itself and it is definitely wearable.

  • pedantic_brit

    Enjoy! I love my V3. Not so keen on the PD zooms though. The 10-100 PD I got with my V1 years ago seemed to perform decently but was huge. My 10-30 PD may be a bad copy – away from the centre it is very soft. The 6.7-13 and 70-300 CX are both stellar and the non PD 10-100 is nice.

  • BG

    Same in Switzerland. Talk about fire sales. 😀

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    Well, maybe DSLR’s are not really dying, but I personally have spent 0$ on DSLR tech in the last 2 years. Instead I bought some compact, cool and exciting mirrorless stuff I can take with me everywhere and enjoy.
    Not carrying 1.5 kilo fast 50mm lens anymore anytime soon.

    • 1.5kg fast 50mm lens? I want see that.

      • Chur Chill

        The Fujinon 50mm f/5.6 GX (M)comes close in weight (1250g) but not in speed…

        • This is medium format I assume, plus he said “fast lens” and I assume he was talking about Nikon 🙂

      • milkod2001

        including camera i guess he meant

  • doge

    These deals are a joke. Maybe the 70-200 and 24-70 are worth it because they’re premium lenses. the rest can stay on the shelf.

    They should be offloading DX bodies for pennies on the dollar.

  • br0xibear

    Not a “cyber/blackfriday” deal, but interesting anyway.
    Brand new, in box, never used Nikon FM2n chrome…

    • good deal, I will share this online

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