One day Nikon sale at KEH

Today only KEH is running a Nikon sale: 8% off on cameras, 12% off on lenses and 20% off on accessories when you use coupon code NIKON11E during checkout. The Nikon section at KEH can be found here.

All used gear sold by KEH comes with a 180-day warranty. KEH is an authorized Nikon dealer. You can also sell your existing camera gear to KEH (any gear, not only Nikon - see this page for more details).

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  • Chris

    It is becoming worse, but so far it is still okay.

    • marymig


      • Chris

        Edited. KEH.

        Having been using them for several years. I am thinking it is time to look away.

        • TurtleCat

          I’ve had no problems at all working with them. I found them very easy to work with. But like any other company there are times when things fall through the cracks.

          • Chris

            A few years back they are just as smooth as UsedPhoroPro. Today… at least they are honest and honor returns. Sometimes I had problems I had to argue on the phone.

            I once ordered a rolleinar for rollei. When it came it only has taking lens attachment. I called and that guy said so impatiently that rolleinar were all one-piece filters.

            They now also regularly downgrade my equipments for sale then listed above evaluated grade.

            • AlphaStatuz

              While I’ve had only positive experiences buying from them (and them honoring returns), I will agree that they downgrade purchases and upgrade their sales. I recently sent them a perfect condition 750 with everything still in the box and fewer than 8000 actuations, and they paid me the second or third grade from the top for it. I would wager that they’re selling it at their second or highest grade. It had literally no cosmetic blemishes or imperfections.

            • Chris

              Try asking for better offer. They can and will give it.

  • jsvfoto

    Just last week they had a 20% off film gear, including Nikon film-era lenses.

  • Amir

    A friend of mine sent her lens to be sold there.Their given price tag was 45% off the new one.When I asked them to sell that lens,it was 25% off the new one.This is how it works.

    • AlphaStatuz

      I completely understand the nature of profit margins and respect their business. My point is simply that if they want to offer A or B amount for your equipment, offer that. Don’t falsely claim you’ll pay more, then short change the customer on the offer by claiming it was a lower quality rating on inspection.

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