Deal of the day: Nikon SB-700 flash now $95 off (29%)

The Nikon SB-700 flash is currently $95 or 29% off only at Amazon (regular price is $326.95):

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  • Photobug

    Good unit at a great price. Still prefer the SB-800.

    • Captain Megaton

      Love everything about the SB-800 except the cryptic user interface.


    I never recommend this flash. Not a primetime unit

  • Aldo

    I dont always use flash… but when I do, I need more powah

  • fanboy fagz

    had it. decent flash but very weak. nikon flashes are not worth the money with excellent 3rd party alternatives.sold all 4 of my nikon flashes.

    the shanny sn600n is 1/3 stop less then the sb910 and recycles in less then 2 seconds at full power. $80 shipped.

    looks like they may be releasing a newer model.

  • St Ooges

    now $95 (29%) off
    reads different than
    now $95 off (29%)

    • BigIUFan

      You’re not kidding! I was jumping all over a $95 SB-700 . . . and then I realized just what you pointed out.

  • JoCarpenter

    I have two and I like them, but both of them are broken, not able to make the focal length adjustments.

  • Sawyerspadre

    Deal is over. I have one, but I find that I am not using flash much. Back in the film days, all the time, but with that new variable ISO film we use, we can get away without flash, or use the popup for fill, in so many cases.

    • Yes, Amazon keeps offering those Nikon deals that last only 2-3 days. Not sure how they get away with that.

  • Spy Black

    I’m surprised Nikon and Canon still make speedlights.

    • Aaron Michels

      I use them as outdoor fill lights and commanders for my macro setup. The popup flashes work ok for some of that (especially the commander mode), but my D850 doesn’t have one.

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