Translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides

Here is a quick translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides:

Nikon FX DSLR has 45.75M pixels.  Around 9 fps* and more enhanced features.  Can capture still and sport photos with sharp images.
* When using MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack (it should be a new one) plus battery EN-EL18a.

3.2" variangle 2.359M pixel touch LCD screen
- Richer touch functions than D5 & D500
- Could do quick cropping using "I" button during playback
Q1330 should mean D850?
2nd Row of the table:
Playback: Full touch screen (scroll, drag, status bar)
Menu: D5/D500: button operations; Q1330: Full touch screen
Liveview: touch AF, touch shutter (only D500); Q1330: touch menu, touch AF, touch shutter
Info: Q1330: button menu (?)

- 45.75M
- 9 fps * MB-D18 + EN-EN18a
- 8K timelapse
- 4K movie
- ISO 64-25600
- 3.2" 2.36M vari-angle touch screen
- 153 AF system
- 45M quiet shooting mode
- 0.75x OVF magnification
- 180,000 RGB sensor

OVF 0.75x is the largest magnification rate for all existing DSLR in history (OVF 0.75x is the largest magnification rate for all existing Nikon DSLR in history).

Using famous D5 153 AF system
- 130% frame coverage when compared with D810
- incorporated with AF engine
- center 1 point -4EV AF, all other points -3EV

Focus adjusting system could offer you deeply stacked* picture
* require software from other companies
- Camera will continuously take the nearest focus to infinite focus
- Max nomber of photos: 300 photos
- Focus distance interval could be customized (10 steps)
- Shutter release could be customized (0 to 30 sec)
- Continuous shooting around 5 fps
- Suitable for shooting jewelry,  specimen and landscape

45M pixel gives you clear and sharp high definition image, could satisfy big outdoor advertisement which requires 8K resolution
- No low pass filter
- Standard ISO: 64-25600, boost: ISO: 32 to 108,400
- Using Eexpeed 5 (same as D5) processor, high ISO together with good noise reduction engine, could give you high quality of color reproduction
Pictures: demonstration of with and without low pass filter

45M quiet shooting mode, when releasing the shutter, there is no sound and no mechanical vibration (using live view for still image)
- Only using an electronic shutter
- Suitable for museum or opera that require quiet environment, and Astronomical photography, macro photography and architectural photography which are prone to minor mechanical shutter vibration, so that your image would be sharper
- Around 6 fps under this mode (AF/AE fixed)
- Suitable for sports photography which requires quiet environment, e.g. play golf when player is very concentrating and moving the golf clubs
- Quiet mode could be 30 fps with 8MP image (longest duration 3 seconds, DX mode, quality = normal, AF/AE fixed)

9 fps * (with MB-D18 + EN-EL18a) or 7 fps
- Could continuously shoot 51 frames 14 bit non-compressed raw photos at one time

Low light focus -3EV, greater possibility to take photo under dark situation (same as D5)
Using 180,000 RGB sensor same as D5, better face detection and precise auto adjustment using enhanced scene recognition system.

New Natural Light AWB enable you to have better color reproduction under natural light
- Set to Natural Light AWB, the camera would provide you more concise white balance
- Target for red leafs during autumn, sunset or sunrise, will have more saturated color when compared with [auto1] mode
- When shooting outdoor, no need to set white balance to shadow, beautiful images would be captured under sunny day or cloudy day

[Auto] according to the information received via scene recognition, adjust and enhance the image
New: enhance the red color under sunrise / sunset
Enhance the saturation of landscape photo
- Soften portrait photo

Using "spot area AF" to AF on very small area
- The size is 1/2 of "standard area AF"
- Suitable for shooting macro, focusing on a very small object

In the photo:

  • blue square: "standard area AF"
  • red square: "spot area AF"

- Illuminated button for shooting under dark situation (finally!)
- Raw L, M or S for your selection
- Enhanced Multiple exposure flexibilities
- 1:1 photo size (new)
- SD and XQD dual card slots (new)

Using wireless controlled flash, you could achieve effective lighting control outdoor
Support wireless transmitter WT-7.

For dynamic video functions.

Here is a video version of the translated slides:

Like the new Nikon D850 Facebook page and join the growing Nikon D850 Facebook group for a more detailed coverage of the upcoming announcement.

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  • Nika

    Wow great specs liked inbuilt focus stacking

  • Luboš

    And could you imagine the pictures that would come out of the camera like D750, or D810 that would be optimized only for Black & White? I would love that. 🙂

  • why do Nikon still shy away from a proper “articulated” screen seen on my canon

    • disqus_ErOzKSxw9P

      they have it on lower down models such as D5600, you dont see any type of moving screen on the 5D series…

      • I know, nor my D5/D4s/D810 but I miss it, very useful on my 80D

    • Bob Thane

      It has pros and cons. The Canon style screen is better for vertical orientation and selfies, but it needs to be fully flipped out to use it at all, making it bulkier, more awkward, and more vulnerable. Since lots of pros really hate articulating screens on the premise that they’re a point of weakness, Nikon probably wants to ensure that they’re making the sturdiest screen possible.

    • HD10

      L-plate. Made to choose between the two, I prefer Nikon’s titlting screen instead of Canon’s flip out screen as I always equip my stills-camera with an L-bracket to make vertical shooting easier. I do however prefer a flip-screen for my Panasonic GHx video-cameras.

      But Fuji X-T2 and GFX-50S has an even better design, allowing the tilting of the even when the camera is equipped with an L-plate and mounted vertically.

  • eshu

    @Peter Cool !!! Thanks for the great news… Any images of top & back profile of d850 …☺️

  • Janusz Gawron

    Well, everything sounds great but I’m still waiting for some news about video features. Could be great if Nikon dramatically improve AF in Live View mode and add higher bitrate.

  • animalsbybarry

    The camera specs seem impressive
    But I definitely want to compare it to the not yet anounced Nikon mirrorless and Sony A7Riii/A9R before deciding

    Specifically I would still prefer faster frame rate and higher resolution

    • Reggie

      You want even faster and at a higher resolution? That’s a tall order. This one sounds pretty good considering the high resolution. At some point, there are serious diminishing returns to more and more resolution.

      • animalsbybarry

        Olympus makes a fine mirrorless M4/3 camera with a 20mp sensor
        Translated to FF that would be 80mp
        Nikon One performs well and has a 1″ 16mp sensor
        Translated to FF that would be 117mp

        So a high performance 80-117 mp mirrorless FF camera could be built

        Rumors have been circulating for quite a while about a 60-70 mp sensor for the A7Riii/A9R

        So I would like to see something within the ranges I have listed for the new mirrorless FF cameras from Sony and Nikon

        • Coffee

          But do you want the buffer to fill in 6 shots and have to wait ~10-20 seconds to clear the buffer.

          How about a 1000 mps camera that can take 1 shot and has to clear the buffer in 50 seconds… Would that be good?

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            8×10 Sheet Film?

        • But would the lenses be able to provide enough resolution? 80MPx at FF maybe. I was interested in the Nikon 1 and watched as it developed but concluded that the sensor would always be too small for excellent IQ. So I believe 117 MPx FF would be pointless … at least in the near future …

        • Member

          Making such high resolution sensor is less a problem than processing the data and making a good performing camera with this same sensor.

          • animalsbybarry

            Processing should not be a problem because we can now process directly on the sensor chip using DBI (direct bond Interface)

    • Shutterbug

      The A9 has insane buffer clearing times, and does not shoot lossless-compressed files. I’d rather have lower (but still great) FPS with the buffer performance I am used to, which is basically a non-issue.

  • Keith Walls

    What is the resolution in DX mode? Did I miss that spec?

    • Shutterbug

      ~20 MP. You can calculate it, you don’t need a spec 🙂 1.2 crop will be ~30MP.

    • HD10

      To get the DX resolution of an FX sensor, use the DX 1.5x crop factor and multiply this twice (for width and height). Multiplying 1.5 x 1.5 yields 2.25.

      Divide the FX sensor resolution by 2.25 and that will give you the approximate DX resolution..

      If the D850 sensor is 45.75mp, dividing this by 2.25 will yield a DX crop resolution of approx. 20.33mp.

      • RC Jenkins

        Additional info: The resolution isn’t always exact. There are almost always additional pixels on the sides of the sensor that are used for noise reduction algorithms rather than imaging. These can vary quite a bit between models.

        • HD10

          I concur. This is why I always include “approx.” when I explain this. This perhaps also explains why the D850 sensor resolution is “45.75mp” instead of the 47mp it would have been had it been an upsized FX sensor from the 20.9mp DX sensor used in the D500.

  • I was thinking in going for the D810 on sale when this D850 came out (I have D600 & D7100 now), but was afraid that the specs. of the new model were so good that made me consider in going “a little beyond”.

    But looking quite a great camera I don’t see anything really special to me, and I think I wouldn’t regret myself going to the D810.

    • nwcs

      I’d still recommend waiting until the actual reveal. We may not know the whole story yet. Not speaking specifically about specifications but the support system and direction of Nikon. Although I’m thinking the new AF system would be a huge boon.

    • alphab

      I just sold my D810, for two reasons: promised better AF, and better low light performance of it’s successor. These were my 2 complaints (mainly shooting my fast paced kids, partially in losw light). While the D810 delivered phantastically, this beast will simly ROCK.

  • HD10

    The D850 will require a new MB-D18 and the EN-EL18a battery to reach 9fps. This rules out being able to use the MB-D17 from the D500 to use with the D850.

    While I am not happy about this, if the D850 focus delivers and comes close to the D5 AF, Nikon will likely sell quite a number of MB-D18a, along with the EN-EL18a battery and charger, along with the EN-EL18a adapter to use with the MB-D18.

    • Shutterbug

      It has the D5 AF. So does the D500. There is no difference in
      AF performance between the D5 and D500 so I can’t imagine the D850 will be somehow worse than the $1999 offering.

      • HD10

        I have used the D3s and D700 side by side for a bit and very early on concluded that despite having the “same 51 points” AF, the D3s AF was significantly better than the D700 AF – the D3s AF is faster, more reliable and more accurate. The same holds true with the D4/D4s and the D8xx. I expect the same to be true as well with the D5 and the D850.

        • D800 was quite a bit slow, but things changed with D810, it was on par with D4s (from what I’ve heard, might be wrong). D850 is a newer camera than D5, so wr can expect basically the same AF performance.

      • Vince Vinnyp

        The D5 does perform slightly better than the D500 its the same sensor and processor but not driven at the same power. Same as the D810 didn’t do as well as the D4 and the D700 didn’t do as well as the D3.

        • Shutterbug

          You’re right when comparing the D810 to the D4, as they did not have the same back-end processing. In the case of the D5/D500 they are actually the same – many independent reviews confirm this, or conclude it’s too close to tell.

          • Vince Vinnyp

            I stand corrected, Nikon definitely said the D5 had the edge at the UK launch event though because I was there. First test I found online by Adorama seemed to confirm it as well.

          • Vince Vinnyp

            Not that it matters but I just called the helpline. There is an insignificant difference in normal shooting but the biggest difference is in continuous shooting because the D5 has a shorter blackout time which of course means the AF sensor has more time to work.

          • Tuna

            I have both the D5 and D500. The D5 autofocus is definitely slightly, but noticeably faster/better for erratic/fast moving subjects like BIF. Especially after the D5 autofocus firmware updates, which unfortunately never happened with the D500. Autofocus of both are a definite step up from D810. A pro friend felt that the D810 autofocus was better than D4, but maybe similar to D4s. Hopefully, the D850 will include D5 firmware improvements and be close to D5. I wish that Nikon would make autofocus firmware updates for the D500.

      • RC Jenkins

        The AF module is only part of the AF performance.

        Another important aspect is the intensity of the light it gets (takes away from viewfinder); and the duration that it is exposed to light (opposite of ‘viewfinder blackout’).

        Cameras with less viewfinder blackout tend to do better in AF performance.

        Cameras with ‘more sensitive low-light AF’ also tend to do better in AF performance.

        • Shutterbug

          I am aware :). Everyone who has used both reports no difference, including myself. Some even prefer the D500 due to the entire frame coverage. The back-end processing and dedicated AF processor are also the same – that is the most important takeaway. The actual AF operation is the same, obviously barring any small differences caused by the physically different bodies. Both have -4.0EV sensitivity at the center and -3.0EV at all other points, which is the same. I can’t imagine the D850 being noticeably different than the D5/D500 in the AF department.

          • D700s

            I own both the D5 and D500. There is a noticeable difference in AF between the two. It’s not critical but it exists. Also the FF viewfinder is noticeably brighter making focus in low light better.

  • Matti6950 .

    3500 dollar means for certainly a fixed (never going lower) price of 4000 euro in EU (mainly belgium) ‘nikon pro service’ shops.

    Conclusion it remains an expensive camera for EVERYONE Especially EU citizens. We’ll see if you are wrong about EU price. I hope not. But i suspsect you will be.

    • Milkod2001

      I presume it will be over 4 grand at the introduction in EU ,the very same as 5D4 and after 6 months of steady very low sales the price will fall under €3500.

  • Shutterbug

    The 8XX series has always been some of the best wildlife cameras, with pro-level features, high MP (for cropping and fur/feather detail), good high ISO performance, and robust build.

  • HD10

    While welcome, I cannot help but wonder how the the 9fps will impact on the D850’s signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and dynamic range (DR) at Base ISO. It may be a stretch but the D850 sensor will improve by 1/4-1/3 stop in terms of SNR and/or DR over the D810 at Base ISO even as I am confident that the D850 will likely improve by approx. 1/3 stop comapred to the D810 upwards of ISO 400.

  • JXVo

    Although originally perceived as a studio / landscape camera D800/810 have proven to be great wildlife cameras. The big viewfinder aids in acquiring subjects with a long lens, high ISO capability allows fast shutter speeds and the high resolution gives some latitude to ‘zoom’ by cropping when you can’t get close. 5 fps was enough but not quite great.

    This new D850 builds on all those strengths (although effective ISO performance remains unknown). It should be an awesome wildlife camera.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Are you kidding me?!!!!!

    This thing is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rev up the No GPS pooh-pooh machine.

  • Coffee

    Touch screen is nice, so are most improvements. I just don’t get the 8k @30 fps for 3 seconds…

    The stacking will be useless for me. Everything else is in line with my expectations. Price and reviews will determine if I buy this.

  • Al Eisen

    I mainly shoot wildlife, so I need all the reach I can get. The D7200 solves that problem for me, and I use a D750 for everything else. It would be really nice to have a one-camera solution, and the D850 may be it.

    I’m interested to see how it compares to the D500 when cropped. If I can get the same resolution with less noise, then I’d be happy.

    • JXVo

      DX crop of this 46Mp FX sensor is basically the same resolution as D500. Personally I find the larger field of view of the FX viewfinders makes it easier to work with long lenses and if you need to crop you still get basically the same number of pixels on target that a DX camera would have given you.

      • nwcs

        Kinda. A 24mp FX would be like a 9-10mp DX. The D800/D810 like a 16mp DX. So a D7200 is significantly better than both. Not saying one is better than the other but you get a lot more samples with a modern DX than a FX in crop mode. At least until the D850 is available.

  • HD10

    Like the D500, the loss of the built-in flash is compensated by a bigger optical viewfinder in the D850. Good move Nikon.

    • Al Eisen

      I’d actually prefer the built-in flash. It’s nice in a pinch, and I’ve also used it in commander mode to trigger off-body flash.

      • HD10

        Though limiting when I am shooting with a Nikkor PC-E lens, I have always appreciated the value of a built-in flash.

        In addition to being used for fill-in flash and as a Nikon CLS AWL commander, the built-in flash allows me to position off-camera the one flash unit (instead of multiple flash units) I bring with me when traveling to stay light.

        Being able to position a flash off-camera where it would do the most good and using the built-in flash as a commander has been a great boon for me and allowed me to take photos that I could not have taken unless I had two flash units. So losing the built-in flash in the D500 and now in the D850 for me means taking a hit.

        Fortunately, losing the built-in flash in the D500, and now in the D850, is compensated by a higher magnification optical viewfinder. I would have not been happy if the loss of the built-in flash is not offset and compensated by a benefit somewhere else. I guess I will likely bring a 2nd but smaller flash or an SU-800 to compensate for the loss of a built-in flash as a Nikon CLS AWL commander.

      • Landscape boys like me don’t want it. It compromises weather sealing and I’d much rather have a better viewfinder. Total win for me 😉

  • verytoxic

    So, since most commenters have something bad to say about this camera, what can I add to their grievance? Let’s see, still no EVF? Fuji here I come.

    • It’s a DSLR camera, there is no EVF. A small surprise for you: Fuji doesn’t make full frame cameras. So I am not sure what we are comparing here.

    • TouchmymonkeyUK

      @verytoxic You were already going to Fuji due to having tiny hands like a little girl so why come here and make a pointless comment ?

      • koenshaku

        I think they just call them Trump hands now days..

    • JXVo

      Fuji’s APSC system is awesome but not nearly as versatile as this single camera with Nikon’s ecosystem behind it. If you only need what the Fuji can offer then you’ll love it.

    • koenshaku

      Not sure what line of Fuji even matches up with this camera.. It is a great camera system if you’re trying to add extra space in your bag, but it will is no was as versatile than existing FF bodies let alone something with the specs of this model. Not even their medium format offerings allow a compelling reason to switch and I shoot a T-1. Which is an excellent camera marred by the short battery that is still good for hobby use. I reach for my D750 if I am shooting professionally though.

    • Great. One less person ahead of me in the queue to get a D850.

  • Connor

    Thanks for all the info peter the last of my Sony gear just sold looking forward to placing my order when it becomes available 🙂

  • TouchmymonkeyUK

    As much as i like this comment it still wasn’t Chelsea 😛

  • TouchmymonkeyUK

    So if the D850 has a full touch screen does that mean we might get a firmware upgrade for the D5/D500 so they can do the same thing ?

    • koenshaku

      Probably not lol

    • I won’t hold my breath. But I’ll sell my D500 and D810 for this puppy anyway because it’s now 2-4-1 lol

  • Aldo

    RAW L, M and S !!!

    • DSP~

      “RAW”, yeah. Like always heavily compressed I guess…

      • There was some speculation about a different and better implementation of raw sizes.

        • Aldo

          I’m cheering for the ‘medium’ setting

          • Eric Calabros

            Expect weird pixel binnig.

            • Aldo

              The fact that they have a ‘medium’ setting makes me speculate it works differently

      • Shutterbug

        sRAW was never RAW, it has WB info baked in and is a much lower bit image. More of a slightly better JPEG.

        • Eno

          Canon s and m Raw implementations where quite usable IMO. Softer than the resized image, but much smaller in file size and editable like a normal raw nonetheless.

    • Member

      I think what they mean by this is that you can select the compression rate resulting in Large file size (no compression, fast processing time), Medium file size (moderate compression, moderate processing time) and Small file size (heavy compression -maybe even lossy compression-, longer processing time) of course the picture size remains in all cases as 45.75 Mpixel.
      This of course is my interpretation however if it was meant as “3 different RAW picture sizes” we would be talking about “L, M and S crop sizes”.

  • Bryan J

    Any idea what the switch on the side of the viewfinder is for? No mention of it in the slides…

    • No idea, I want to know that too.

      • Rich Murray

        This seems to have everything else so maybe cup size for your morning coffee?

    • JXVo

      I think not a switch. I suspect it is just a larger cover for that big prism …soon find out.

  • SteveWithAnS

    If I said President you people would have said the same things. I was trying to stress the importance of the event the photographer was interrupting. I think a presidential press conference trumps a school board conference in terms of importance.

  • JXVo

    Yeah I forgot…standard D800/E FX= 4 fps, standard D810 FX = 5 fps. Both a bit slow for birds in flight 🙂

  • Keith Walls

    US Patent 5384615 A is about a technique for viewing sharpness of objects in a viewfinder. This patent was granted back in 1995. I would love it if Nikon (and other ILC camera makers) would have an “auto optimal aperture” based on the detection of faces in the shot. This would immensely simplify the portraiture of large groups of people (e.g. weddings) where the camera would determine the best, fastest aperture where all faces (subjects) would still be in focus. Then Auto ISO and minimum shutter speed would take care of the rest. Of course this can all be done manually with aperture bracketing, but having an automatic mode would sure be nice for fast-paced shooting with lots of people waiting. This is different from focus stacking, and I assume you could do something similar to this with focus stacking if you could limit focus range to the foreground (and of course shoot wide open to keep backgrounds out of focus.) Thoughts?

    • nwcs

      I think a lot of people would like that. Similar to an automatic hyper focal length mode. No reason why either of those can’t be done at this point, especially the latter.

      • Along with that I would like to have a smart A mode which will let me choose an aperture “stopped down by one f stop from widest” no matter what the lens. I sometimes forget changing apertures with changed lenses in a hurried situation .

  • DSP~

    I want to like this camera and I want to be hyped for it, but I just can’t.
    It may produce the best images and best quality out there but this isn’t enough – for my purposes at least.
    1) Silent shooting could be great but the implementation is limited by the fact that this is an SLR. I am not willing to hold up my camera with a heavy lens to look at the screen to take silent shots with a horrible contrast detect AF.
    2) 4k video may be great, especially for shallow DOF. But without peaking, a usable codec and a usable flat profile it will be useless.
    3) 9 FPS could be great for action. But the fact that the buffer clearing speed will be limited by a cripple SD card makes it rather useless as well. (Redundant shooting is key!)
    4) Touchscreen capabilities could be nice. But without the possibility to move the AF point with your thumb on screen limits its benefits a lot.
    5) 45 MP may be nice for some people. But without the option of a lossless compressed, downsampled 20-30 MP RAW format it is just too much for my uses.

    • Eric Calabros

      1- then you need a mirrorless, not a DSLR.
      2- a still oriented camera can’t be optimized for video, even with those features.
      3- A9 is a 20fps machine and doesn’t even have XQD
      4- sorry its not D5600. When we hold this camera our thumb should be on AF-ON
      5- you can always downsample in post. The outout will look better than any in-camera implementation.

      • DSP~

        1 – If there was any good mirrorless camera, I would switch
        2 – A stills oriented camera doesnt need to be *optimized* for video, it just needs the basic features needed to do any video *work* instead of gimmicky 4k captures.
        3 – Why do I care about the A9 again? I care about reliable redundant shooting without any artificial limitations. Why do I need to buy frickin expensive XQD cards if I can *never* use the additional speed they offer while I shoot to two cards simultaneously?
        4 – If I want to use the AF, I use the AF-ON, if I want to change to AF point, I literaly have to search for it because of the horrible and slow implementation of the cross selector.
        5 – So I need to capture and transfer and save 45 MP files just to downsample them all the time and delete the originals? Nah, that is too much unnecessary work for me. I want <30 MP files.

        • Eric Calabros

          1- a good DSLR can’t be a good mirrorless. Its not D850 fault.
          2- define “work” for video. Most of serious video shooters already upgraded to some kind of dedicated video camera, because hybrid cams don’t “work” the way they need.
          3- if it was two SD you would complain why its limited by a slow-by-design format.
          4- it has joystick, and even if it hadn’t, selecting AF with awkward touch position wouldn’t​ help in speed and responsiveness anyway.
          5- not all of them, not all the time. Smartphones are capturing 20MP images these days, if you as a photographer can’t manage 45MP files, well this camera is not right tool for you.

          • DSP~

            1 – I agree – but why advertise silent shooting when it seems to be useless in most situations?
            2 – Nikon has the ability to become a rival to Panasonic and Sony easily. I already have a dedicated mirrorless system for video, but it is sad that the video of any Nikon camera is unusable because it lacks *basic* features. Peaking and a flat profile need to be granted – its 2017 and this camera will bei 3k-4k$+
            3 – I would complain, but because it would be slow, not because one slot artificially limits the other that needs expensive media to use. 300 MB/s vs 170 MB/s and now tell me this is not crippling.
            4 – I never used the joystick. My apologies if it is way better than the cross selector.
            5 – Its not about managing 45 MP, some TB of SSD storage is easy to come by. But shitty optimized Adobe software limits even the strongest computer and what do I do with 45 MP if my clients get 10-20 MP files? I dont need it and I would love to have some files that are easier to handle.

            • Coffee

              Sounds like a software issue, not hardware…

        • Allen_Wentz

          Umm, XQD IS CHEAPER by a lot in the sizes necessary (128 GB seems a sweet spot today) for large files sizes and HDR video.

          Anyone paying attention wants XQD because it is
          1) Faster.
          2) Cheaper.
          3) More robust.

          Note that even with the slower SD card in the 2nd slot because one has some anal reason for real-time back up (I do for events) XQD remains 50% faster in post-processing workflow outside the camera. IMO that is a very large benefit.

          P.S. I would think anyone wanting files <30 MP would buy a camera like a D4/D4s/D5/D500 rather than a D8xxx body.

    • lol talk about looking for problems in improvements. What on earth are you shooting with now?

      • DSP~

        D750 and D600

        • So neither of those cameras have ANYTHING like the spec of the D810, let alone the D850. Are you even aware lossless compression exists? Do you know what speeds the latest SD cards write at? Do you know what the capability of XQD cards are? Have you looked at a D500 or D5 to know that there is a joystick on the back of the D850 too? Do you know that small RAW is already included? You’re shooting with two DSLRs and are complaining that this is a DSLR? Do you know that Nikon has had a flat video profile since 2014? You’re clearly complaining about things you have limited to no knowledge of…

          • DSP~

            Yes, I use lossless compression all the time. Where did I mention, that I dont know about this?
            The D500 UHS-II slot tops out at 170 MB/s the XQD card slot tops out at 300 MB/s. Now tell me the SD isnt crippling the cameras abilities.
            I may be wrong about the AF selection because I never used the joystick just the cross selector, apologies for that.
            sRaw has not the same Bit dept as normal Raw, ask about that some time.
            I am not complaining about the fact that it is an SLR, I complain about the fact that the advertise a silent mode that might be useless for most users.
            The flat video profile is a joke.Dynamic range is horrible, noise is horrible. Looks like a compressed vivid profile with artificial shadow lifting and highlight reduction.
            Dont try to mock me, I work with my tools and I know what I need, what I expect and what I dislike.

            • And yet you chose two cameras which many people would regard as sub-standard for serious work… You clearly haven’t been anywhere near Nikon’s top end models which the D850 will certainly be part of.

            • DSP~

              Why would I need to work with the top of the line cameras if they too don’t offer anything more for my work than the “sub-standard” cameras that I use at the moment?
              D810 – Mixed media, just slightly better AF coverage, slower FPS, horrible video, no lossless compressed m/sRaw, just more resolution and a tad better IQ
              D5 – Would fit my needs pretty well, but has lower DR, is pretty bulky and is much too expensive for the advantages I would get

            • It’s time to sell your Nikon gear, period.

            • DSP~

              For what? More mediocre compromises?

            • The cameras you want don’t exist. Just give it up because there is no joy in it for you.

            • Coffee

              Maybe trolling us IS his joy.

              Japanese usually do not make electronics that master all, but a device that does one or two things very well. I’d be looking at a dedicated camcorder (red?) for video and use your current gear for photos.

            • He’s a pro, he already knows that. Probably. But he wants it all for $5.

            • Coffee

              Well I want the d850 for 2k, but its not going to happen…

            • I’ll pay £3k. And I’ll wait if I have to. Maybe a long time though lol

            • DSP~

              Just because I express my problems with existing and non existing gear doesnt mean that I cant take great pictures with my current gear. Its quite the opposite way around. I am impressed with the image quality of my cameras every day.
              But imho the usability and feature set could and should be improved. Nothing more, nothing less.
              I am not hating on Nikon or on any of their products and I am pretty glad that I jumped the ship from Canon some years ago. But the SLR market lacks the immovation that the mirrorless market is pushing at the moment, and that makes me pretty sad.

    • Shutterbug

      Buffer clearing time is not an issue on the D500, which uses SD (UHS-II). And it’s definitely not an issue with XQD. Probably not an issue for 99% of people.

      • DSP~

        So 300MB/s paired with 170MB/s is *not an issue*?

        • No, it isn’t.

          • DSP~

            If that is the case, why use XQD in the first place?

            • Because you don’t have to shoot with two cards all of the time. There are all sorts of choices. On my D500 the SD card is not a limiting factor – it has a 200 shot buffer for crying out loud. Do you know what the buffer is on the 5dMKIV? Look it up… The D850 has a 51 frame buffer – that’s still immense but it’s not meant to be a D5 or a Sony A9.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Real-world, the D500 does NOT have a 200-shot buffer when an SD card is in the camera. To achieve the 200-frame buffer one needs to pull SD from the body.

              Which is why we need to physically test the D850 to find out what real-world performance is. I shoot NEF lossless compressed, and I bet I get a bit better than 50 frames out of a D850 with just the XQD card in the body. Also important is how fast it recycles, i.e. how fast the camera writes to card. The D500 is very quick.

              With practice one learns how sensitive a given body is to i/o, and plans shooting accordingly to avoid having what I call a “hiccup” at a critical time. With the D500 on XQD-only the camera is _much_ less likely to hiccup when the SD card is out of the body.

            • Sandy Bartlett

              Write JPG to SD and raw to XQD.

            • Allen_Wentz

              That is exactly what I do, knowing that JPEG-Fine from a Nikon is pretty darn good, totally adequate for backup purposes. But the way Nikon writes to two cards the SD 2nd slot still slows down the process.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Why use XQD? Because it is faster in-camera and throughout the workflow. Anyone here who says SD does not limit the D500 has failed to test a D500.

              Certainly one person may opine that “clearing time is still fine” but that is a subjective opinion based on non-aggressive capture. FACT is that SD is limiting in a D500, period.

            • “Anyone here who says SD does not limit the D500 has failed to test a D500.” And yet I’ve owned it for over a year and would disagree 99% of the time.

        • Shutterbug

          Nope – go try it yourself. Buffer is still huge and clearing time is still fine even if you use both slots in backup mode. For the unlimited buffer though you do need to be using XQD, but I can’t imagine many people need that.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Yes, buffer clearing IS a limiting issue with SD in the D500 using the fastest available SD cards. XQD however rocks when one pulls the lame SD card from the body.

        Most imagery most photogs will not exceed the SD card slot’s capacity most of the time. But when push comes to shove with high fps capture, SD gets overloaded. It totally sucks to have a state-of-the-art body and run out of capture at a critical moment because of the 2nd slot slowing things down.

        The good news is that XQD cards are incredibly reliable. So it is not that big a deal to lack a backup card during critical times. Shooting a ski race, for instance, where one wants buffer remaining in case of a yard sale or whatever. Or for birds of prey where one wants buffer remaining in case of a bird diving on prey. Etc.

        Note that the times one really wants real-time backup (like events) usually do not need high speed capture anyway. The SD card can live in the body most of the time. Personally I _never_ read the SD card because I want only the faster XQD in my workflow; SD just lives in the camera for backup.

    • Lossless down-sampling mRAW has proven to be absolutely pointless. Canon has been working on perfecting their mRAW technology for well over a decade now, and it is still a failure. You save LESS filesize, and forfeit MORE image quality, than if you just shoot 12-bit compressed instead.

      Stop being terrified of the word “lossy”, and look at some real-world testing, or better yet, do some of your own. I guarantee you you’ll find it next to impossible to notice an actual advantage / disadvantage between 12-bit and 14-bit lossy / lossless, for whatever you’re shooting “casually” that doesn’t require all 45 MP.

      45 MP is still a huge file, even 12-bit lossy NEF. I do wish they could perfect mRAW in-camera down-sampling. But it’s just not gonna happen.

      BTW, the D850 does have mRAW and sRAW file options, it says so above. However, as I said, these formats will be pointless, as they will be 14-bit lossless, and probably (at least the medium size) will have LARGER filesize than a full-res 12-bit lossy file.

  • Chris Weller

    This camera looks awesome. I know needs vary, but for me personally, I’ve made a decision that I won’t be purchasing any additional camera’s that cannot function adequately as a dual purpose video/picture camera. I just find that I constantly want to shoot both formats interchangably. Especially now that I can pull 8 mp stills from 4k video for casual family shots.

    I’d be willing to use a camera that had excellent Dual pixel AF like the Canon system and stay DSLR. But this doesn’t appear to have that. I own the D500 (along with a number of previous Nikon models) and it just doesn’t shoot video well with auto focus. I need auto focus. I’m just doing consumer grade video.

    I’m not going to switch to Canon, nor am I willing to move to a Sony system due to ergonomics and lens choices. I’m just going to have to wait for Nikon mirrorless.

    Then again, perhaps I’ll just sell ALL of my other bodies and buy this one. It seems to do everything that all of my other bodies do in one package. Then just wait for mirrorless for my video needs…..yeah…that’s the ticket.

    • HD10

      The 8mp JPG stills from 4K video is too much of a compromise. The best option for me is currently to use a D8xx/D500 for still and a Panasonic m43 mirrorless for 4k video. You can shot stills and video simultaneously instead of stills or video.

      • Chris Weller

        I’ve actually strongly considered doing exactly what you’ve mentioned here as well. I will most likely purchase an Olympus OMD 5 mk III when i becomes available and use a s a general purpose camera/video. I just find that I always shoot in low light environments (living rooms, restaurants, school theaters) and need fast shutter speeds for kids. m 4/3 is less than ideal for that. I actually purchased the Sony as7 ii with a couple of lenses to try and get an all purpose camera. I’m trying it out.

        I find the Olympus system to be the closest to Nikon for ergonomics and shooting experience. I actually quite like it.

        Having said that. I still use my D500 and my D4 for my birding and sports photography. Nothing can replace those for specific uses like that. Ideally, though. I’d prefer Nikon offer me a complete solution and keep in ALL NIkon

  • Azimuth1

    It’s not clear to me whether the silent shutter mode is related to Live View mode or not…

    • Coffee

      I think it will be with live view mode only.

    • RC Jenkins

      Yes. ‘Silent’ is in live view, with the mirror locked up.

    • Eric Calabros

      LV only. What’s the point of being otherwise?

      • Azimuth1

        The point is important. If you can use Live View mode only, you cannot rely upon OVF to compose and AF which is a BIG limitation.
        At this point I hope the quiet mode is really quiet!

      • Azimuth1

        LV works only in CDAF…

  • Politics_Nerd


  • Frank Laird

    I’m sorry, I was looking for Nikon Rumors. It seems I’ve reached “Nikon Politics”. Bummer.

    • Eric Calabros

      Happens sometimes. Sorry if I participated in that.

    • sickheadache

      Blame Failure Don Lump!

  • Abhinav

    With this leaked presentation Hybrid viewfinder speculation can rest in peace for D850….Look like a brilliant camera .

    • Shutterbug

      It was never expected or had any credible source whatsoever – just a completely fake piece of news that a couple of websites ran with to generate some quick hits.

      • Abhinav

        true that

  • Shutterbug

    Thom Hogan said he knew what that port cover/switch was on the side of the viewfinder, so now that we have all the details anyway, can you tell us what it’s for? Or a hint? Thanks!

    • Yes please, I am waiting too.

      • Promise him you wont use his name in the credits.

    • Are you referring to the usual push-pull diopter adjustment dial? That’s been in that general position forever…

      • Shutterbug

        No. There is an obvious piece on the side of the viewfinder that is definitely new. Thom alluded to knowing what it was for, and now that all the details are known, we were hoping he could tell us or give a hint 🙂 Probably something anti-climatic but the wolves are hungry!

      • Max

        No, there’s another button besides that.

  • Shutterbug

    The D750 is pretty much a 5DM4 killer (or at least some very strong competition, besting it in many areas still) at 1/2 the price haha. The 5DM4 and D850 aren’t really comparable except probably in price (The 5DM4 is grossly overpriced).

    • RC Jenkins

      Yes. FF competitor-series:

      Nikon | Canon
      D6## | 6D (mk#)
      D7## | 5D (mk#)
      D8## | 5DS (mk#)
      D5 | 1DX (mk#)

  • Gosh1

    Thanks for all your efforts Peter to appease the info-anxieties of Nikonians 🙂

  • Gosh1

    If the DX crop resolution is approx. 20.33mp [see Comment below .HD10 Keith Walls • 2 hours ago ] then the D850 with its 45.75mp matches the excellent D500 in the key attribute of the DX crop ?!?

    Toggle sensor crop on your D850 with a 600mm for 900 field-of-view…and if these features come to pass the D850 also overturns major aspects of the D5 (except its higher fps for action) ?!?

    • Shutterbug

      Divide any FF resolution by 2.25 to get it’s approximate DX resolution.

      Simply cropping a full frame D850 image to 20MP would be exactly the same as shooting in DX mode, so you aren’t really gaining anything except smaller file sizes and possibly easier framing. Hopefully, there is a FPS increase that we haven’t found out about yet for DX.

      • Gosh1

        approx. 20.33mp

        • HD10

          Just take note that anyone who wants to shoot mainly with a 1.5x crop at 9fps will still be better off with a D500. Not only is the D500 much less expensive than a D850 yet slightly faster at 10fps with a fairly well spread out AF coverage, one will also not need to pay approx $800 to $900 more for an MB-D18 battery grip, an EN-EL18b battery and charger and BL-? EN-EL18b adapter to use with the MB-D18. Ir will cost less if one already owns a D4/D5 as one would have the battery and charger already.

  • Abhinav

    Any chance of Nikon D850a ?

    • nwcs

      Very unlikely. Although it will be better for astro work than the D810a due to the tilting screen. It is a niche market but there is a lot the rabid astro crowd (real deep sky, not just astrolandscape) would love to see in an astro-oriented camera:

      1. Cooling unit or massive heat sinks
      2. Full automation control via software (BackyardNikon and beyond) – beyond what Nikon allows to be automated today
      3. No filtration layers, not just improved H-alpha
      4. With 3, no Bayer masks but just monochrome
      5. With 4, ability to support a filter wheel, maybe internally for LRGB

      If they managed that, they would get a lot of people interested and not buying dedicated units like the ASI and Sbig.

  • HD10

    Hmmm … that dpreview has not picked up on this D850 NR post … does it mean that it already has an evaluation unit and is under an NDA?

    • jstevez

      Most likely and they will be first with “Hands on preview”

    • Yes, most likely – they have the camera already for a preview

      • HD10

        So Nikon’s D850 announcement is really just around the corner. Why Nikon did not do this during its 100th Anniversary less than 3 weeks ago in July is puzzling but this is all water under the bridge now.

        Kudos to you Peter and the quality of rumors here in NR!

        • This is also the question I have – I though that they are not ready and he announcement will be later, not just 3 weeks later.

  • nukunukoo

    I wonder if the SD card is UHS-II compliant? If not, then its a BIG step backward especially with 45MP images.

    • I’d say that’s guaranteed…

    • Bob Thane

      Definitely UHS-II – the D500 is UHS-II, and this is a very similar body, higher priced, and will need the speed even more than the D500.

    • Of course it will be UHS-II.

    • Allen_Wentz

      UHS-II is already limiting compared to the XQD slot. But then again, Sony was lame enough to put SD UHS-I in the A9…

    • It is.

  • TwoStrayCats

    So it will shoot the frames for focus stacking, but won’t actually merge the stack?

    • That remains to be seen so far. There seem to be conflicting views on that.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        The slides say, in asterisk 3rd party software needed.

    • Antonio

      Wouldn’t it be asking too much from internal processing involving several 46 Mpx images?

    • RC Jenkins

      Better than nothing. I like the fact that this focus bracketing feature exists.

    • I hope not. I want to do that for myself.

      • ckuklbac

        What software do you use?

        • I have been using Photoshop but I am looking at packages like ImageJ and Zerene Stacker. So far I have only been experimenting but really want to get to grips with it for my underwater macro. Capturing the stacked images manually underwater has been too challenging with my D800. I think Nikon have just provided the solution I want. I don’t want in camera processing like Nikon does for HDR, I want control of the process.

    • HD10

      It will shoot and bracket the focus, producing multiple single files of RAW and/or JPG. Stacking will be done in a separate software outside the camera. But note that focus bracketing may have issues with lenses that has a lot of focus breathing.

  • “Could continuously shoot 51 frames 14 bit non-compressed raw photos at one time”

    So, in 12-bit compressed NEF, expect *about* 100 frames. Yeah, the filesize savings can be that big, believe it or not!

  • Yanny Nao

    If I get 120 fps in 1080p then i am sold.

    • Unlikely, but possible I guess, especially with XQD.

      • Yanny Nao

        I am hopeful

        • I see it is indeed on the latest spec list…I think that’s a first for a Nikon camera.

  • HD10

    Thanks but what I had in mind is the dpreview staff rather than the dpreview forum.

  • Ray Justice

    I AM……….. sold!

  • decisivemoment

    All those references to the D500… wonder if these slides are a couple years old and for a different prototype, for an original plan to launch the D500 and this one together?

    Also of note….7fps with the EN-EL15, you need the EL18 or AAs to get to 9fps. And that huge optical viewfinder. 75 percent repro is about what all the 91 to 95 percent coverage non-high-eyepoint viewfinders from film days were. To have 75 percent in an HP finder and 100 percent coverage is unprecedented, I think, unless the F3HP was there.

    • Stevie Jay Elmm

      I think the F3HP was that as well. I think though. Very cool

    • RC Jenkins

      One thing to remember that a larger viewfinder + extreme low-light AF (-3/4EV) means a dimmer viewfinder as well.

      • Bob Thane

        Not necessarily, at least regards to the AF. While lower light AF could be accomplished by routing more light down there, it could also be accomplished with a more effective AF sensor – like how the D5 has better low light image quality than the D4 despite the same sensor size.

    • My F5’s standard DP-30 high eyepoint finder is 0.75x at 100%.

      If I remember correctly, the DA-30 action finder I have for the F5 is only 0.6x but it does give 100% coverage with a huge 60mm eyepoint. Best viewfinder ever made by Nikon. Could be used easily while wearing a visor or shooting action whilst viewing the subject directly at the same time.

      I still miss being able to switch finders. I also used the DW-31 6x magnifying finder (no prism) for macro work.

  • Zak Zoezie

    It looks as if Nikon starts to explore more LiveView features like the silent mode using the benefits of an electronic shutter. Besides opera and stuff, they even claim show cases like sports at 6 fps etc where silence is desired. Now I really wonder if they can make the OSPDAF finally work at an acceptable speed in this camera, because without that, all the silent shutter talk is simply marketing bs having almost no value … Fingers crossed !

    • RC Jenkins

      I don’t think Nikon has ever released OSPDAF on a DSLR, and it doesn’t look like this camera has it either.

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    Nikon will eventually put most of this tech in the lowest model whereas the brand I own Canon won’t even make the 5D series worth owning anymore.

    • Lauchlan T

      Canon makes some solid cameras, but man – if Nikon pulls this off without major issues, it really will be a very compelling alternative to the 5DIV. Even without the grip, the same fps as the 5DIV with 50% more resolution is very impressive.

      • this and a decent mirrorless camera

        • RC Jenkins

          Agreed. Nikon and Canon go back and forth on the cameras at this level every generation.

          Examples: 5Diii to D800/D810 to D750 (vs 5Diii) to 5DSR (vs D810) to 5DIV (vs. D750) to D850 (vs. 5DSR).

          Probably a D750 replacement next? If it happens, I’d guess it will be the first Nikon with on-sensor phase-detect autofocus and significantly improved video, and other ‘non-conservative’ improvements.

          But this D850 won’t make or break Nikon or Canon alone.

          A good full frame mirrorless camera on the heels of a good implementation of this camera will be Nikon’s major opportunity to significantly alter market share.

        • Davo

          Imagine if the D850 had a mirrorless twin. Your site would shut down from exhaustion.

          • It’s still a possibility. Let’s get pass the D850 and we will start with the Nikon mirrorless.

      • Stevie Jay Elmm

        Great point. Not knocking Canon at all. If I was a rich man I would love to own both Nikon and Canon. Canon makes dependable solid stuff but you’re right if Nikon comes out and this is solid and priced reasonably with the 5D going to be a big deal. It’s a shame Nikon gimped the D7500 though. I thought the grip on it was nice in the store but they took out the dual card slot. The Canon 80D is a great camera. I feel like the 80D is the best Canon has really done since the original 7D with pushing things.

    • Richard Haw

      this is a canon killer

  • Any chance to get double exposure feature during liveview?

    • Exactly what I’m wondering too! Jelly that the other brands’ got this feature!

      • Yes, my all time favorite feature on the 6D

  • That auto focus stacking (if I’m reading it correctly) will be super handy and awesome.

    • RC Jenkins

      Looks like focus bracketing, not stacking. Seems like stacking would be done in external software.

      • FerpectShotz

        I think you are correct. That will be pretty great though, hopefully reduce complexity of using rails for maros on the field.

        • HD10

          Rails still preferred and helpful when working with lens that has a lot of focus breathing.

  • Bill M

    I wish Nikon would consider an SRAW option with the 800 series, I think the body would appeal to a lot more photographers if they could choose an SRAW mode that delivers stunning RAW files at 1/2 the Megapixel count, not everybody needs 45MP all the time but it’s nice to have it some of the time. As a wedding photographer I prefer the smaller file sizes, but maybe we’re at a time and place digitally where that doesn’t matter much, with the extreme download speeds of the XQD readers and spending a couple hundred on a 6TB drive and so forth… certainly more feasible today than the 800 series a few years back…

    • Lauchlan T

      The D810 has sRAW, and the D850 looks to have sRAW and mRAW (medium). It’s not a perfect implementation in the D810, but still gives you those smaller files.

      • HD10

        Hopefully there will be pixel binning before saving the image as a true RAW instead of a glorified JPG masquerading as RAW.

      • Bill M

        Where have I been? I guess I was so caught up with the D800 I never thought to look closer at the specs of the D810. This one completely slipped my radar, but as I investigate it more it sounds like it was a poor implementation in order to meet a marketing requirement rather than a fully thought out function, so hopefully the sRAW in the D850 will be much improved over the D810 version.

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