Translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides

Here is a quick translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides:

Nikon FX DSLR has 45.75M pixels.  Around 9 fps* and more enhanced features.  Can capture still and sport photos with sharp images.
* When using MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack (it should be a new one) plus battery EN-EL18a.

3.2" variangle 2.359M pixel touch LCD screen
- Richer touch functions than D5 & D500
- Could do quick cropping using "I" button during playback
Q1330 should mean D850?
2nd Row of the table:
Playback: Full touch screen (scroll, drag, status bar)
Menu: D5/D500: button operations; Q1330: Full touch screen
Liveview: touch AF, touch shutter (only D500); Q1330: touch menu, touch AF, touch shutter
Info: Q1330: button menu (?)

- 45.75M
- 9 fps * MB-D18 + EN-EN18a
- 8K timelapse
- 4K movie
- ISO 64-25600
- 3.2" 2.36M vari-angle touch screen
- 153 AF system
- 45M quiet shooting mode
- 0.75x OVF magnification
- 180,000 RGB sensor

OVF 0.75x is the largest magnification rate for all existing DSLR in history (OVF 0.75x is the largest magnification rate for all existing Nikon DSLR in history).

Using famous D5 153 AF system
- 130% frame coverage when compared with D810
- incorporated with AF engine
- center 1 point -4EV AF, all other points -3EV

Focus adjusting system could offer you deeply stacked* picture
* require software from other companies
- Camera will continuously take the nearest focus to infinite focus
- Max nomber of photos: 300 photos
- Focus distance interval could be customized (10 steps)
- Shutter release could be customized (0 to 30 sec)
- Continuous shooting around 5 fps
- Suitable for shooting jewelry,  specimen and landscape

45M pixel gives you clear and sharp high definition image, could satisfy big outdoor advertisement which requires 8K resolution
- No low pass filter
- Standard ISO: 64-25600, boost: ISO: 32 to 108,400
- Using Eexpeed 5 (same as D5) processor, high ISO together with good noise reduction engine, could give you high quality of color reproduction
Pictures: demonstration of with and without low pass filter

45M quiet shooting mode, when releasing the shutter, there is no sound and no mechanical vibration (using live view for still image)
- Only using an electronic shutter
- Suitable for museum or opera that require quiet environment, and Astronomical photography, macro photography and architectural photography which are prone to minor mechanical shutter vibration, so that your image would be sharper
- Around 6 fps under this mode (AF/AE fixed)
- Suitable for sports photography which requires quiet environment, e.g. play golf when player is very concentrating and moving the golf clubs
- Quiet mode could be 30 fps with 8MP image (longest duration 3 seconds, DX mode, quality = normal, AF/AE fixed)

9 fps * (with MB-D18 + EN-EL18a) or 7 fps
- Could continuously shoot 51 frames 14 bit non-compressed raw photos at one time

Low light focus -3EV, greater possibility to take photo under dark situation (same as D5)
Using 180,000 RGB sensor same as D5, better face detection and precise auto adjustment using enhanced scene recognition system.

New Natural Light AWB enable you to have better color reproduction under natural light
- Set to Natural Light AWB, the camera would provide you more concise white balance
- Target for red leafs during autumn, sunset or sunrise, will have more saturated color when compared with [auto1] mode
- When shooting outdoor, no need to set white balance to shadow, beautiful images would be captured under sunny day or cloudy day

[Auto] according to the information received via scene recognition, adjust and enhance the image
New: enhance the red color under sunrise / sunset
Enhance the saturation of landscape photo
- Soften portrait photo

Using "spot area AF" to AF on very small area
- The size is 1/2 of "standard area AF"
- Suitable for shooting macro, focusing on a very small object

In the photo:

  • blue square: "standard area AF"
  • red square: "spot area AF"

- Illuminated button for shooting under dark situation (finally!)
- Raw L, M or S for your selection
- Enhanced Multiple exposure flexibilities
- 1:1 photo size (new)
- SD and XQD dual card slots (new)

Using wireless controlled flash, you could achieve effective lighting control outdoor
Support wireless transmitter WT-7.

For dynamic video functions.

Here is a video version of the translated slides:

Like the new Nikon D850 Facebook page and join the growing Nikon D850 Facebook group for a more detailed coverage of the upcoming announcement.

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    The ISO range sounds YUMMY. This shall be the new DR king!

    • RC Jenkins

      Especially with dual gain. I’d expect this to beat both the D750 & D810 in low-ISO DR.

      Interestingly, if they maintain the D500 performance (but obviously with the larger sensor), it will also match the D750 at the high end.

      A brilliant combination.

  • NE_Jay

    This makes me sad to be a Canon user…! Damn you again bank account!!!! What do you guys think, around $4,200?

    • Shutterbug

      Under $4000 USD almost for sure. I’d be shocked if it was more.

      The Canon bodies are grossly overpriced – it will probably cost within a few hundred of a 5D MK IV.

      • NE_Jay

        Seems like Nikon is moving this slightly up-market to create some separation from the D750 replacement. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it $4,000 or slightly above at release. I hope not for you Nikon folks.

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Tony Northrup swears that, with the 5DS’ additional resolution, he can use noise reduction to even the shadows to D810’s levels. Makes absolutely no sense to me, especially since the 5DS is usually 50% more expensive than a D810. What’s he gonna say now about the D850?

      • Richard Haw

        Tony’s OK with his general photography videos but he should shut up when it comes to technical stuff

    • Richard Haw

      $3400 or thereabouts. that is what’s it’s going to be priced around here in Japan according to pricing trends.

  • Gary

    Before it gets deleted from his website, and just for the record, did anyone else notice that Ken announced on July 25th:

    “I’ll betcha the D850 still only has 36MP.

    I predict the D850 won’t actually get announced with specifications until the end of 2017, and won’t actually ship until April, 2018”

    Just asking

    • we don’t discuss any of the Kens here for a variety of reason, the main one being it is not worth the bandwidth – in fact I suggest to not give them any pageviews at all, this is the only way we can stop this madness

      • Gary


        Thanks for the polite and tactful reply. I was unaware of this. Sorry.


        • no problem at all – I have a filter on those websites and names, I just wanted to let you know why your comment may disappear 🙂

      • Davo

        Absolutely. The only way to dispel click-bait nonsense is to not click on the bait.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Wait a minute, the MB-D18 battery grip uses EN-EL18a, a.k.a. D5 batteries? What’s going on here? And why is the touch menu shown in Japanese on a slide show meant for continental Chinese audiences?

    • Bob Thane

      The D800 and D810 grips take EN-EL18’s too.

      I think this grip will take either EN-EL15’s or EN-EL18a’s, but it’ll only give the fps boost with the 18a.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        Oh, I didn’t know that, but it totally makes sense I guess…

    • Allen_Wentz

      Not really. There is still space for a D5x, just less likely.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        What else would you want in a “D5X” that the D850 doesn’t have?

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Why is the touch menu shown in Japanese on a slide show meant for continental Chinese audiences?

    • Sebako

      Possibly the D850’s menu has not been localised to Chinese yet? Or maybe it is just a stock picture for Nikon’s touch scroll feature. For all I know that might be the “Shooting Menu” from the D5500.

  • So, is the Natural Light AWB also helping smooth out shadow detail? The girl’s face in that image seems to have softer, more balanced contrast between highlights/shadows. I currently shoot in auto 1 (on D750) and do all my WB in post? I prefer to not fool with it while shooting, but if there is something to it affecting shadow and highlight contrast and not just Temp/Tint, I might should change my process up. Are you all seeing this? Have I been wrong all this time? Is this new?

  • A. F.O.

    “Quiet mode could be 30 fps with 8MP image (longest duration 3 seconds, DX mode, quality = normal, AF/AE fixed)”
    does that mean that we can get some 15 fps in about 16 MP?…even in DX mode would be…great.
    Is that possible??

  • Features for video > empty page. Lol

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Hope that’s not an omen!

  • Brent Rawlings

    Will this not be the best all around camera EVER made to date?

    • Allen_Wentz

      Agreed. But now we need to handle the damn thing.

  • mariusvr

    Nice to see some more details. It mystifies me why on earth Nikon did not release some of this information their anniversary. Instead we got to see a bad video that highlights a feature present since D800 (8K timelapse).

  • Ryebread

    ALL of this is really great to see.
    the one and only thing I’m disappointed about is dual platform memory cards.
    SO dumb. give us dual of the same type!!!

    • Davo

      Yes, the half commitment to each type seems indecisive.

    • BVS

      D800 and D810 were the same way though, so kind of expected.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Yeah, the D810 with CF+SD and the D500 with XQD+SD are an interesting compromise. Nutso to my thinking, but apparently there are lots of folks who reuse old really slow SD cards in their new cameras to save a few bucks. Go figure.

        Why buy a spiffy new camera and intentionally limit its performance by insisting on an old card format? Cards are not consumables, where it is essential to be able to run down to the local convenience store to pick up some more really slow cards. We buy a new body and buy some new cards and never buy more cards again.

    • Allen_Wentz

      There are surprisingly quite a number of folks who like SD cards. Apparently they are comfortable with old and slow. And small, really slow UHS-I cards are ubiquitous and cheap.

      XQD however is in practice ~50% faster than even the very latest fastest UHS-II SD cards, and XQD has bandwidth in the 2012 2.0 spec to go to 1,000 MB/s.

      Personally I would far prefer faster, more robust, LESS EXPENSIVE XQD in both slots. But if Nikon needs to kowtow to the old/slow crowd I can tolerate it as long as we have at least ONE fast XQD slot in any pro body. I pull the SD from the D500 when I want max speed and can do the same stupid trick for D850.

  • I’ve been using D810 @ 8FPS on DX mode. Though it was my way of shooting events or fast moving subjects, I’m happy to see that this time it’ll shoot 9FPS at full frame (based on my understanding). I hope it can go faster on DX mode, it’s like having a D500 built in!

  • Davo

    With Peter’s excellent reporting, most of the specs were ‘expected’. But it seems like a lot of the expected specs are coming with little bonuses.
    – the new biggest Nikon optical finder.
    – Silent shooting (but with limitations)
    – I rarely do macros but the focus stacking looks to be useful for a lot of people. Might even entice me to try more macros.
    – To be seen but quite possible it may have a better balance of high ISO performance without sacrificing the low end.
    – spot AF points
    – wondering about the L, M, S RAWs. Whether it’ll still be pseudo RAW files.
    Looking forward to more little nuggets as we get to know more about the camera.

  • Exynos

    Interesting, there is no information about OSPDAF.
    So likely D850 will remain using slow CDAF in their liveview and video.
    And AF coverage remain in around 20%

  • TheInfinityPoint

    I’m surprised no one has said this yet (at least not that I’ve seen), but this sounds like the “true” D700 replacement. Note that I am NOT one who feels that way, but given all the specs it sounds like this is what the D700 holdouts wanted: more FPS, more resolution, better AF, tilting screen.

    • Davo

      I’m a D700 hold out. But it wasn’t because I didn’t think the D800 series was worthy. It was every bit more capable than the D700 IMO. I just don’t upgrade my camera body every cycle.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        True. I guess I’m referring to those who wanted to upgrade from a D700 but thought the D800/E/810 wasn’t “good enough.”

    • Mike A

      BLAH… Not one of those “true” replacement posts. Look, I had a D700 too, but I moved on to Canon and then to Sony A99II & Sony A9 from the D700… Sheesh ~ Give me a break with the “true” D700 replacement stuff. It was So Long Ago in Digital Imaging – It’s like the Velociraptor of cameras.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Oh yes I totally agree. I was just pointing out that the D850 specs is probably what they had in mind, lol.

  • Jim Kiefer

    0.75x viewfinder is a welcome change!!! Every little bit helps for composing and focusing. Canon has had some cameras with 0.76x for a while.

  • Jeff Curtner

    One of my nitpicks of D500/D7500 4K video is their excessive crop factor: 2.25x to be exact. My quick look into the data shows the 4K data is just read pixel by pixel from the middle of the 20mp sensor. With the D5 the 4K crop factor is 1.5x whereas the D500 and D7500 we need to multiple the sensor size crop factor 1.5x one more time, so we end up with 2.25x 4K video crop factor, even worse than the M43 cameras.

    To be fair, the Panasonic GH4 has a 2.35x 4K crop factor. The GH5 is only 2x but the budget G85 is still 2.2x.

    Canon is not better, their latest video DSLR 5D4 is 1.75x and 1DX Mk II is 1.4x. Their high-end C series is better.

    Sony is ahead of everyone in this regards, 1.1x for a7S and 1.0x for a7s2 and a7r2.

    Now back to D850, since its sensor is 46mp, or 45.75 to be exact. The sensor is about 8285 x 5523 and you can’t just do a pixel by pixel readout from the middle of it as it will yield a very large 4k crop factor. The most sensible readout is a simple line and column skip of 2 by 1. So 8285 / 2 = 4142, slightly more than 3840 of UHD 4K. This will yield a 1.16x 4K crop factor, not bad at all!

    If Nikon uses sub-sampling of the whole sensor data instead of line-skipping. The 4 by 1 sub-sampling will improve high ISO performance significantly. We can only hope Nikon can do this with their latest image processor which shouldn’t be hard.

    Another unknown in the video side is support of vlog, again this shouldn’t be hard if done in image processor and we hope if Nikon supports it they won’t follow Panasonic by charging extra for it.

    Of course we can ask more: 10 bit 4:2:2, even if not recording to internal cards at least support in HDMI port.

    Canon is falling behind in the video area for their prosumer DSLR (5D4) except the dual pixel AF. Nikon is way behind in video area even they practically invented this market with the D90.

    Sensor based phase detection AF is also Nikon first but it never gets integrated into the DSLR side. Now pretty much everyone has it one way or another except Nikon’s DSLR. With Nikon 1 being phased out, one can only hope Nikon will incorporate sensor PDAF into their future mirrorless cameras and hopefully DSLR as well.

    • Love my D500 – was going to get the FX fisheye zoom in case the D850 fudged up the crop factor again, nope!
      That would have given Fov of 18mm, whereas D850 I can get 16.24mm Fov with the 14-24mm

  • Jeff Curtner

    Another topic is pricing. D800 was announced at $3000 whereas the D800E was $3300. The D810 is also $3300 a few years later but current MSRP is $3000 with discount of $200.

    Now we have Canon’s 5DS R at $3899 with retail discount of $200. 5D Mk IV is listed at $3499, also currently with $200 discount.

    My guess is that the D850 will be announced at $3600 to $3900, or $3999 with retail discount of $200-300 in six month once demands are subsided.

    • Azimuth1

      that confirms the trends that all the ILC (mirror or mirrorless) are constantly raising in price. I don’t know if the reason is due to less units sold or to the increasing complexity of hi-tech, or both. But of course I cannot like this trend…

  • Nikon King

    lol “Nikon is dead!”…This is far better than the A9 in my book.

  • TouchmymonkeyUK

    Speaking as a professional ameteur who only takes photos for a bit of fun and a reason to get out of the house i can say that i will sticking with my D500 due to the fact that spending over £3K is not going to make my photos any better lol

    • Allen_Wentz

      Actually, to the extent one shoots landscape and/or 20mm and wider angle, I would say that a D850 can indeed .help make those photos better. I have good 10.5mm and 12-24mm Nikkor DX glass for the D500, but most of my WA shots are taken with a 20mm lens on the FX D3 – – which is only 12 MP and old in sensor terms.

      FX is just somehow nicer below 24mm. Plus single-digit Nikon bodies are special. :~)

    • Milkod2001

      Good point, with your D500 there is really not excuse not to get shot done except user lack of skills. Im on the same boat with my D750.

  • Mr Majestyk

    How is this the largest VF magnification in DSLR history when Canon 1DX/1Ds series have 0.76x?

  • Any idea what size the M and S sized NEF files will be? If one of them is around 24MP that’d be wonderful!

    • Looks like the M sized NEF files will be perfect! 6192 x 4128 / 26.6MP 🙂
      I hope there’s no downside to shooting in M sized NEF mode, IE image artifacts or dynamic range limitations imposed by the format. And I wonder if there’ll be a slight boost to fps in M sized NEF mode??!?

  • T N Args

    What does it mean by “Natural Light AWB”? It it trying to say something other than, just, improved AWB? Will the camera offer a choice of normal AWB or Natural AWB? Why? Why not just offer Natural AWB? And why not leave the name the same and just improve it?

    • I think it’s a new setting.

      • T N Args

        Yes, and assuming it is a new setting, I am asking: what does it add to AWB? And why not simply replace AWB with it on the dial/menu, if it is an improved AWB.

        • Oh, sorry – I don’t know that.

        • MB

          Nikon already has 2 AWB settings, normal and worm, and now adding this natural, but they are retaining old ones because some people may prefer them or need them for consistency, so Nikon is actually thinking about users. It really does not matter if you are shooting RAW.

  • Lo Rivera Castillo

    I bet the 9fps will be in the 1.5x crop mode. Missed opportunity without the hybrid viewfinder on Nikons part.

  • Allen_Wentz

    The single-digit Nikon bodies are very special to many folks using camera bodies hard. But your question is appropriate if the D850 is built as well as the D500 is, and has similar “feel.”

    However few photogs will be buying a D5 this fall anyway, because Nikon will likely release a D5s before spring; maybe even a D5x, who knows? Folks like me who prefer single-digit Nikon bodies will be waiting to see the D5s before jumping into the D850 queue.

  • MB

    Could any of the good Chinese speaking people here explain how 4,575 translates to 45.75?

  • Patrick Molloy

    Well done. Nice recap

  • Thanks. Will have a look.

  • LuckingFabour

    Evidently, this is a draft or a HOAX.
    Top ISO speed 108,400? (slide 3)
    That is ridiculous.
    It would be 102,400.
    Which is 25600 x 2 x 2.
    There are many other clues.
    Number of stupid posters in nukonrumors is even higher than it was 5 years ago.

    • It is probably a draft – I do not understand how can you call it a hoax. Please also watch your language.

    • LuckingFabour

      OK, not convinced?
      Another example of the humour is the “45M” in the supplied translation.
      On the slides you can see the number appearing is 4500 or 4575… And the Chinese do not have a unit of counting of 10k.

      Probably most reading here are too unediucated to even understand or notice…

      • second and last warning for using abusive language and trolling, next time you will be banned

        • LuckingFabour

          Correcting errors is “abuse”?
          Performing multiplication correctly is abuse?
          4500 and 4575 appear, instead of 45.75 or 45750, and that the
          ridiculous 108400 (should be 102400) is cited, is evidence enough that
          this did not originate with Nikon.
          So, who is the troll?
          If you abuse the edit function, I’ll speak to the CEO of Disqus…

  • Beautiful photos. Love nudis and the blue ring octo.

  • Hakeem Farid

    Great work thank you

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