Nikon NEF Codec version 1.31.0 released

Nikon released NEF Codec version 1.31.0 with one single change:

  • Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Photo Gallery, and Windows Photo Viewer now display the previews embedded in NEF (RAW) images.

Nikon NEF Codec makes RAW (.NEF) files easy accessible in a Windows environment.

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  • Max


    • RC Jenkins

      I hope their servers can handle the increased traffic from everyone clamoring to download this.

  • Andrus

    W10 photos shows nef anyway, or does it make jpg first ?

    • peter w

      it shows the embedded jpeg in the raw file. As stated in the article.

  • Aditya Gupta

    I can already open d5 raw files on my win 10 pc photo gallery.

  • Mansgame

    I wish Nikon would get rid of its nx software and just give us a free or cheap deal with Capture One Pro the way Sony does.

    • Spy Black

      Although NX is a slightly massaged Silkypix, it is optimized to give you the same color space the internal camera processor gives to JPEGs, as well as all the default camera settings. You can’t get that from Capture One or Lightroom, and Nikon’s settings are better than either one, which makes sense considering they’re the source.

      If the NX software was more efficient, had a little more robust color tuning capabilities and noise reduction, and had tethering, I probably wouldn’t bother with either Lightroom or Capture One.

      • Allan

        I continue to be disappointed that Nikon does not arrange for better NEF processing software. Many of us were looking forward to further improvements to the very good Capture NX2. As Thom has pointed out, this is part of the workflow. The software should be as excellent as the lenses and cameras.

    • peter w

      I would like to upvote you a hundred times. 😉

      However, paying for COP is not a problem.

      I would like it even more if it would be compatible with all Nikon NEF-output, It seems that Nikon Transfer NX2 screws up NEF’s. I can’t understand otherwise why some of my files with which nothing has happened except loading with Transfer, can’t be read by COP.

      I really don’t understand why I dislike Lightroom. But still, better than a COP deal, would be open source to all software developers. I wouldn’t want to shut the door to Adobe or DxO, f.i..

  • cletus

    I don’t think Windows 10 users need to download this. I can already see a thumbnail preview and double clicking NEF files already opens them up in the Windows photo viewer.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Anyone else no longer to open nefs in Photoshop?

    • Did you try changing “opens with” in properties(right click) menu?

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        No, opeing a nef file from explorer starts photoshop as it should but after that loads it fails to load acr.
        opening a nef from photosop also fails.

        So i removed the codec and the problems were gone and I haven’t bothered doing further tests

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    I couldn’t see my Raws in my WinViewer, but after I installed a DxO Pgm, they showed up. HUH? Is this possible or was it an update for a Nikon View Pgm… Please tell me.

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