The Rokinon 20mm f/1.8 ED AS UMC full frame lens for Nikon F-mount is now $170 off

Many readers have asked me about this deal: the Rokinon 20mm f/1.8 ED AS UMC full frame lens for Nikon F-mount (with AE ship for focus confirmation and auto modes) is now on sale exclusively at Adoroma for $429 (original price: $599 or 28% off) and it comes with free shipping. This deal will expire on May 14th.

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  • gamer

    If only it was an autofocus lens…

    • jojo

      Nikon’s 20mm f1.8 is one of their stand out products of recent years. If you want 20mm AF that’s the one to go for.

      • T.I.M

        The Nikon 20mm f/1.8 is a great lens but it need AF fine tune with D800 (-16)
        No AF fine tune needed on my D7200

        • Viktor

          This does not have to do anything with model it is different piece to piece….

          • T.I.M

            I tried two samples (thinking it was a bad one).
            Same issue (only with that lens + D800)

            • Hans J

              The D800 always had focusing issues.

            • Chris

              I thought D800’s issue was one side front focusing, the other side back focusing. This seems like something else.

              BTW, I fine-tune with dot-tune method. It is quick.

            • “Dot-tune” …?

            • Chris

              Check YouTube for details.

              That method tries to match ovf with evf.

              You first focus with LV, then you go back and play with fine tune manual (restrict AF to AF button so shutter button tells you if it’s in focus) to see in what range that your camera would think you are in focus, say -3 to +8. then you pick a value within. I normally choose a value back tilt to me a bit to account for focus shift.

            • OH…got it.

            • Moomin

              My sample needs a +7 calibration. Still, it’s a fantastic lens.

    • Rick Johnson

      With a lens this wide, simply set it to ∞ wide-open, at a hyperfocal distance of 25ft, and it may as well be. Stop it down to f/5.6, and that infinity setting starts working at a bit over 5ft.

  • Why are non AF lenses still made

    • Hans J

      Thank you

      • I see NO point, if you don’t want AF turn it off, but don’t not have it. It is like having a camera that has no AF, you may want to pre focus on a point and use manual but would you BUY a MF only camera NO

        • Viktor

          Completely disagree 😀
          AF-off on AF lens is not the same as MF lenses – especially the durability factor plays the biggest role
          Comparing it with MF camera – nonsense again, because you might want one lens with AF and than it would not work….

          I do buy 24mm&below only MF! That is my rule 😉 (35mm up AF ;))

          • MF lens durability vs AF lenses is a myth, when compared blanketly. Are there some delicate AF lenses? Sure. All? NOPE! There are delicate MF lenses too.

            The plastics of most modern AF lenses literally bounce back from drops, while metal bodied lenses have a chance of warping or worse, crushing the glass elements.

            The plastic usually acts as a nice buffer.

            Now, some AF lenses have crappy MF controls, but that’s a different story, and not one about the nature of A or B.

            (BTW, I drive stick too. These things are not comparable.)

        • RC Jenkins

          MF lenses focus much smoother than AF lenses in MF mode. This can be critical when you’re trying to get extremely precise focus (like rotating the ring a fraction of a mm). Or when you just want to shoot MF.

          MF lenses also tend to be much cheaper for similar or superior optical and build quality. There’s no complicated coupling with a motor or gears, etc.

          Some lenses do not need AF. What does AF do for a landscape or astro shooter? You’ll often get more accurate focus by manually focusing in live view when you have time to do so, as in these scenarios.

          It’s sort of like asking why anyone would want a manual transmission? Automatic with tiptronic is nowhere near the same thing as a manual transmission.

          I’ve got both AF lenses and MF lenses. My MF lenses tend to be normal or wider, though I do have a few high quality $20 telephoto lenses

        • Antonio

          That’s probably the reason why Leica can’t sell a single M digital camera anymore even if they are trying to sell them at cellphone price level and nobody wants their MF lenses either…thks for enlightening me!

    • Cuz night photographers don’t need it.

      • So you deliberately dispose of most of your customer base because 0.005% of people shoot at night ?

        • Ric of The LBC

          if it makes you money? Yes

          or 100% of your customer base is night photographers.

        • Ineedmy Bobo

          Have you ever heard of Rokinon before today? They make a killing on their affordable MF wide-angle lenses that are wonderful for astro work. They do so well because Nikon and most other vendors do NOT make MF lenses with usable markings anymore. You could learn a thing or two by trying to use a manual focus lens. It makes you a much smarter photographer even though AF is much more convenient.

          Rokinon has the market for small, light, and cheap. They are awesome.

    • T.I.M

      Why are people still walking?

      • Pointless comment, why do morons still smoke.

        • T.I.M

          I’m serious!
          Frame your subject, then walk forward or backward until the subject get in focus.
          No need for AF!

        • Ric of The LBC

          because they are morons

    • Bob Thane

      Why are lenses that aren’t perfectly sharp and super fast still made?

      • because fools buy them, same as non ……………….. 🙂

        • Bob Thane

          Heh, thanks Ken M.

    • Spy Black

      Economics, for one. Try to a find a new AF lens at the price of MF lens. This company has concentrated on making good optical quality, at a reasonable price, in contrast to a company like Zeiss, which makes overpriced MF lenses that don’t remotely warrant their price. Also, not everyone needs AF for certain types of photography, like landscapes, where this lens is a natural.

      A bigger question is why do you concern yourself with this?

      • Common sense, buy a decent pre owned one with AF

        • Viktor

          That is exactly what I do not want! 😀 I want MF new, seriously 😉


          I do not need AF at all!
          AF is failure-prone while MF can last for ages 🙂

          Old AF lenses are usually not working properly… as well as those I have sold to someone who wants AF pre-owned 😀

        • Spy Black

          Pre-own has its problems. I’ve already baught two different lenses that were decentered. It’s a gamble, sometimes you win, sometimes not. That’s why people want new. Common sense.

        • Lauchlan T

          Even used Nikon 20mm f1.8 lenses cost more than this Rokinon costs new at this price, and other brands don’t have 20mm f1.8 lenses. Sigma makes an old one, but it kind of sucks. Plus you don’t see too many used Nikons on the market anyway, so if you need a lens now that might not be an option.

          And in some cases a manual focus lens is better than an AF lens – usually the focus throw is a lot longer, so that’s very advantageous for focusing on stars where you’re using manual focus anyway, and that’s one of the main uses for a 20mm f1.8. For that reason alone, I can imagine people buying the Rokinon over the Nikon regardless of price.

          • Also, focusing a 20mm lens with focusing scale should not be that difficult with some focusing unless you shoot wide open.

            • With a lens that focuses closely, like the Sigma 20 ƒ/1.8, this goes out the window, even stopped down. I think the Nikon version focuses similarly close.

        • If everybody thinks like this/thought like this, how would you get a pre owned AF lens?

    • NJP

      Price. It’s not that hard to figure out. People who want to shoot landscape and astrophotography on a budget love these lenses. They can’t compete with the big boys so they found their niche and make great lenses in that space.

      • Antonio

        You’re right looking at it from the customer side but not that much from the manufacturer’s one as there are manual focus lenses bloody expensive…just look at Zeiss for instance.

    • Ric of The LBC

      they are fun
      they make money

    • Colin Stuart

      Cheaper to design, engineer, and produce.

    • Ineedmy Bobo

      For situations when AF sucks and. Like night photography, startrails, macro work on subjects that don’t have much contrast, etc.

    • Antonio

      Maybe because they also take pictures and there are people that don’t ask the question and some even prefer them to AF, specially at this focal distance that shooting at the hyperfocal distance makes most sense for landscape images and range focus puts no particular problems.
      But as you have a doubt better to buy AF.

    • Moomin

      Because the Japanese have the patent for AF.

    • jsa

      It is useful for photogrammetry.

  • Fly Moon

    I have a landscape trip coming up. I was thinking getting the Nikon 20mm 1.8 but this one is almost half price.

    How is the IQ? Anyone here used it?

  • T.I.M

    Are older Canon EF (AF) lenses compatible with current Canon DSLR ?

    • T.I.M

      anyone ?

      • T.I.M

        should I ask Ken.R ?

    • Lauchlan T

      They should work. As long as it’s EF mount, it’ll work with any modern Canon. It’s the older FD and FL lenses that would require conversions to mount properly.

      • T.I.M

        Thanks !

  • Mehdi R

    Peter please bring some D810 successor news, the wait is killing me 🙁
    What happened to that FF DSLR with super low-light capabilities?

  • RC Jenkins

    That was just a standard D750.

  • Some of the best night photography lenses are made by Samyang.
    They are the goto lens manufacturer for wide field astrophotgraphers on a budget. If you don’t know now you know. google it!

  • Rick Francis

    I love my Sigma 20mm f1.4.

    • I love my Sigma 35mm f1.4. I stitch amazing night sky images of the Milky Way.

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