Sell your old gear to KEH for an additional 10% cash back (coupon code included)

KEH sent me this coupon code LUCKY10A for an additional 10% cash back if you sell your gear to them between 12pm EST on 3/17 and 6pm EST on 3/18 by using this link. This is how it works:

  • KEH provides an online quote on your equipment here (people are earning an average of $700 on their submitted gear)
  • You pack and ship the camera gear off to KEH for evaluation
  • KEH evaluates equipment and sends cash payment to you

Additional information:

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  • I have been buying from KEH for over a decade now, and they never disappoint. Their prices are a bit higher than what you can get on eBay, and their pay for anything other than a hot new-ish model camera / lens isn’t that lucrative, but they’re still a reliable place to shop when you know you want the peace of mind of being able to return something, (a lens if it’s not sharp, etc.) or just get a few bucks hassle-free from a random bit of gear you have laying around.

    • dabug91

      But they’re an absolute ripoff to sell to. Perfect for that frugal photographer who wants to get less than bottom dollar on their perfect condition gear!

      • Perfect condition gear? That’s what Fred Miranda is for. 😉

  • Photobug

    KEH comes to Madison, WI to the local dealer about once or twice per year. If you sell to KEH they also give you a coupon from the local dealer and they will give you $25 coupon. So you sell your old gear to KEH and walk over and buy that lens or DSLR body and get an extra $25. Nice deal.

  • My opinion on KEH: their customer service is basically non-existing, they prices are a bit higher, but they have gear in a very good shape. The 2-3 items I purchased from them in the past were basically brand new. Anyway – this offer is for trading your old gear.

    • Andrew

      Good information to know when needed 😉

  • TheInfinityPoint

    I like how they show a 70-200 VR II and a D750 as being “old” 😛

  • Lex Cross

    Code didn’t work. Said invalid.

  • Miles Long

    They are low ballers. You come out ahead selling in eBay even with the seller fee. Bhphoto can be inconsistent, but try them before selling to keh, they often give much more. As for buying gear from them, their prices are way too high. Again, use eBay. Unless you get one if thier 20-30 percent coupons.

  • yitzchak

    No thanks… KEH is problematic.

  • Eric

    I was less than impressed with my purchase from keh. I recently purchased a D4 in ex+ condition…yeah, right. The thumb grip is half way off and I am having problems with the battery and charger. It also didn’t come with anything but the charger and battery for $2500. I have seen almost new ones go for less on ebay. I am glad others have had some success.

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