Nikon D750 was the best selling camera for the Japanese retailer Map Camera for February

Almost three years after its official announcement, the Nikon D750 DSLR ($1,896.95) was the best selling camera for February for the Japanese retailer Map Camera. Here is the full list:

  1. place: Nikon D750
  2. place: Sony α7 II
  3. place: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  4. place: Fuji X-T2
  5. place: Fuji X100F
  6. place: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
  7. place: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
  8. place: Nikon COOLPIX AW130
  9. place: Sony RX100 V
  10. place: Sony α7R II

The top 10 sold used cameras:

  1. place: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  2. place: Olympus OM-D E-M1
  3. place: Canon EOS 6D
  4. place: Canon EOS M3
  5. place: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  6. place: Olympus OM-D E-M5
  7. place: Sony α7 II
  8. place: Panasonic LUMIX GX7
  9. place: Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  10. place: Sony α6000

Via DC.Watch

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  • Tom Gloor

    Does that mean that we will never see an update? I want D760 soon, please 🙂

    • RC Jenkins


      • Paul Băilă

        Good question 🙂

      • Tom Gloor

        Because if something sells so well then there is little incentive to update it. 🙂
        I was semi serious of course. I’m eagerly waiting for D760 or for a price drop on D750. Ideally I would like it this summer. 🙂

        • RobLW

          Something wrong with your D750 that you think a D760 can do for you (even though you have no idea on the specs)

          • ZoetMB

            This is exactly why companies provide these incremental updates. People want the latest, even if they don’t know what it is and in some cases, when the new model is inferior to the older model. (Although I think half the people who ‘demand’ the next model on sites like this one don’t actually buy them).

          • Tom Gloor

            I don’t have D750 and its just practical logic to assume that camera released 3 years after its predecessor will have improvements etc.
            D750 is so late in the cycle that its just better to wait for its successor. Thats my reason behind it.

            • If the 760 replacement has the new AF module that would be compelling. But it may be too big for the body. The obvious thing for Nikon to add to its DSLR lineup is PDAF on the sensor. Why they still haven’t done this, having pioneered it in the 1 series, escapes me.

          • Henk van Mierlo

            I purchased a D750 recently, but was waiting for a D500 full frame. Meaning 10fps, the better body ergonomics, touchscreen, better AF and at the 2000 dollar price range. The 810 is too slow, video could be better and too expensive.

        • Just pick up a Japanese D750 second hand for about 75-80% new price.

    • Proto

      The list means — Canon sucks! – its #1 in used sales volume. No one wants to keep it.

      Nikon is not on top 10 used sale list. We are keeping it. Till d900

      • manattan

        I think the more interesting thing is that 5 out of the 7 DSLRs in that list are all mirrorless cameras. It makes you wonder where all the regular DSLRs are given that the optical ones supposedly out sell the mirrorless variety by at least 2 to 1.

        One thing for Nikon that is concerning is that the XT2 and E-M2 are both in the top ten and not the D500. That stings a little as it says those with enough cash to drop $2 grand on an APS-C camera prefer mirrorless, even with the D500’s superior AF.

        The other thing that has got to sting for Nikon is that the Canon Powershot and Sony RX100 cameras are also in the top ten. Nikon shot themselves in the foot here by having nothing to offer in the 1 inch camera space like the DLs or an updated Nikon 1.

        • L G

          I just recently bought the RX100 V. I would have bought one or two of the DLs instead, if they hadn’t cancelled them.

        • Farhad H.

          I’m not sure optical ones outsell the mirrorless in Japan.

        • KnightPhoto

          I wonder if D500 doesn’t resonate in Japan vs. North America. As far as I know D500 resonates very well over here in NA, I have two and it is pretty much ideally what I needed from Nikon.

          Be interested to hear how D500 is doing in Europe and non-Japan Asia

    • Spy Black

      Yes, that’s exactly what that means…

  • br0xibear

    Not surprised, it’s arguably the best all round Nikon body since the D700…and it’s priced well.

    • nwcs

      It is a good camera. I liked mine overall except for a few minor things that always irritated me: the top LCD, no ISO button that doesn’t cause the rear LCD to light up (Easy ISO was the only option), and improperly placed AF-ON functionality.

      At this point I’m surprised we haven’t seen it reduced in price even further for refurbs.

      • That iso button causing the rear lcd to light up is infuriating. Love the D750’s DR but coming from a D7000, that felt like a downgrade.

        • Jeff Geerling

          Identical situation here. I shoot in dark environments and try to be discreet, but any time I think to touch ISO, the camera lights up and totally destroys my night vision, also immediately distracts people around me 🙁

          • zorwick

            Not the loud shutter noise?:)

        • nwcs

          When I first got the camera I fired off an email to support asking them if there was not a way to disable the rear LCD and they said no. The way they handled CLS was a little disappointing, too, with having to change things via the rear LCD. In a lot of ways it was a parts bin camera. I liked it but it was really just a few pieces away from being very very good.

      • Eric Duminil

        I love Easy ISO. Is there any downside to it?

        • nwcs

          Not really but it does make it easier to accidentally change the ISO. And I guess I’ve been used to a two button operation to change ISO.

      • Hector Cordero Espaillat

        you can also remap ISO to the rec button…

        • nwcs

          Yes, but it still lights up the rear LCD.

          • Pedro Pinto Gonçalves

            Thats odd. Sure its not possible to disable that?
            My cameras do not light up when i change iso. eihter by the dedicated button or assigned to the rec button.
            Note that i’m not using 750’s…

            • nwcs

              I’m super duper sure as I looked round and round. Easy ISO is the only way around it. None of the other Nikons I ever used did this. I understand where Nikon was coming from in doing this but I think it was a wrong choice for ISO.

    • Proto

      Big 2 on box. They give 2 year warranty in Japan, and only one year in USA? BAD.

      • Patrick McKay

        Also, 2 years in Canada.

        • Sawyerspadre

          Is it covered under national health care?

          • Fred

            Oh Bummer! [ Obama]

  • T.I.M

    A best selling product does not necessary mean best quality product.
    In almost every brands, best selling cars are often the entry level models.

    • Semaphore

      What a petty comment.

      The D750 is a great camera and one of the best all round options available. No surprise that it can sell.

      • T.I.M

        I never had (or even seen) a D750 so I can’t comment about the quality.
        My point is that many people think the more it sell the best it is.
        Nikon sell much more slow consumer DX zoom lenses compared to the AF-S 50 f/1.8 but the 50mm is better quality.

        • Fly Moon

          You’ve never seen a D750?

          Where do you live?

          • T.I.M

            Kerguelen Islands

            • Just Me

              Hmm. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you before. Are you on the southern coast?

            • T.I.M

              Baie Bretonne, parlez vous le Francais ?

            • Just Me

              I was just kidding with you. I can barely parlez Anglais!

            • Hipponax Graius

              Oi, bevet Breizh! 🙂 Vous avez même une Baie d’Audierne là-bas… :-O

            • T.I.M

              Great place to live, come visit us (you won’t need your cellphone)


            • Michael Lee


            • T.I.M

              Make sure you bring plenty extra batteries.


            • Fly Moon

              “Make sure you bring plenty extra batteries”

              I guess then Sony Cameras are not an option or else you’ll need a BAG of batteries!

            • Just Me

              I don’t own a cellphone so I guess I’m good to go!

            • Aldo

              No cellphone? Then how can you stay in touch with Nikonrumors???

            • Fly Moon

              “Kerguelen Islands”

              I don’t believe you!

            • T.I.M

              You should.
              See you tomorrow on NR !
              (we have internet only when the satellite is over the island, 3 times a day)


            • T.I.M
            • TwoStrayCats

              There’s only two of us on this island. And I wish T.I.M. would stop the loud music on Sunday night.

            • T.I.M

              You are jealous because I receive mail one a month and you don’t.

            • Eric Duminil

              Just curious, what brought you to Kerguelen?

            • T.I.M

              I try to stay away as much as I can from my mother in law (she live in Japan)

            • ZoetMB

              Assuming this whole thread isn’t a joke, is the weather and greenery that we saw in that film normal, or should it be covered in snow and ice? And how many people reside there?

            • T.I.M
        • Brett A. Wheeler

          I understand your argument, but I think it would carry more weight if the D750 was an entry level camera. In fact, you basically contradict yourself in the opening post. With the D750 at no. 1, that means it’s outselling the D3300, D5500, D7200, and D610, all of which are priced considerably lower. Obviously in the mind of the consumer, the QUALITY and PERFORMANCE are well worth the extra $$ and that is what places the D750 at the top of the list.

          • EnPassant

            I think you missed this list is about sales from ONE retailer. And they are into selling high end photo gear. Not the place people go to buy A D3300.

          • Sawyerspadre

            And keep in mind that lots of people are using FX lenses on the DX bodies. All three of the FX lenses work pretty well on DX.
            1 is normal for DX
            2 is birders choice on DX
            3 is soccer moms shooting outdoor sports, on DX
            4 is all the people who think a 50 is a great portrait lens on DX.

            And you can use 2, 3 and 4 on FX, when you buy your D750.

            • Max

              I have never in my life seen or hear of a soccer mom using fx glass on dx

            • Sawyerspadre

              You see both Canon and Nikon 70-200 on DX/apsc cameras, in American high school sports in nice neighborhoods.

            • Max


            • ZoetMB

              That’s because a soccer mom is only going to use the kit zoom that came on the camera when she bought it (for the most part). Nikon only sells 1.5 lenses per body. Most people never buy anything but the kit lens.

            • Farhad H.

              Soccer moms buy $2800 lens? Did not know that.

    • dylanear

      I don’t think anyone think the the D750 is the “best quality” product. There are certainly better cameras in existence. I personally have no desire for one. That said, I think it’s a fantastic, well rounded camera and very good value. And a nice step up from the intentionally stunted D610. It shows that a nice mid level camera can outsell entry level models. Big difference between a D3400 and a D750.

      • T.I.M

        yes D750 is FX right ?

        • RC Jenkins

          Yes it is FX. And yes, it’s not the best, but it is very well balanced for a very good price.

          In the car analogy, it’s sort of like the BMW M3 or Mercedes C63 AMG. Yes, they’re outsold by the ‘entry level’ cars; and Yes, they don’t quite compete with ultra high performance cars like Ferraris. And they’re not as luxurious as the other models like the 7’s or S’s.

          But they’re extremely well balanced in these respects, and can perform ‘pro-level’ when needed.

          • Aldo

            In the context of your analogy I would call the d750 the nissan skyline. Best performance for the price you pay.

            • Michiel953

              The Skyline… GT-R.

            • RC Jenkins

              It’s an analogy, so it’s not exact and can be very subjective; but sure I’ll play.

              I’d call the D500 the GT-R because its focus is on speed & much lower cost, while other qualities suffer.

              I’d still call the D750 a modern day M3/c63-AMG because they’re not quite as fast but provide a better quality ride / luxuries.

              Or if this was 20 years ago, it could be an R34 Skyline maybe since they had the 276 cap. Or an E46 m3.

            • Aldo

              Mercedes is more of a luxury brand like leica… Imo, and they are both German.

            • RC Jenkins

              The GT-R also gets beat by cars worth 10x more. 🙂
              DX is only a handicap if you’re talking about image quality–but it’s a benefit if you’re talking about reach.

              Just like the GT-R’s ride quality or eye candy quality. 🙂

            • Max


            • RC Jenkins

              My apologies for forgetting it, but yes. That’s also in the mix!

              Ok, we’ve come full circle. It’s time to post a video:


            • RC Jenkins

              If I were to align the cameras to the cars in the video, I’d say:

              Nikon D5 / Canon 1Dxii = Lotus Racecar

              -D750 = e92 ///M3 (best balance, best actual performance)
              -Canon 5D(III / IV) = c63 AMG (best specs, good performance, but understeers / poor dynamic range)
              -Audi RS4 = whatever Pentax’s answer will be (James May)


            • Michiel953

              What would you call the 810? An XF?

            • RC Jenkins

              S class, 7-series, A8, LS, Genesis, or similar. Highest-end luxury vehicles from more common brands

            • Michiel953

              Other way round. High class brand with a mundane Ford Ecoboost (chipped of course) engine under the bonnet…

          • zorwick

            In my car analogy: Renault Megane. Comprende? 🙂

            • RC Jenkins

              Hmm….the D750 did have a few recalls for reliability issues…

              …so a Renault might be the right analogy! 🙂

            • T.I.M

              D750=Citroen 2CV

            • Pat Mann

              That would be the Lomo

            • zorwick

              That is the d7000 🙂

    • Andrew

      TIM, by your own argument you state that “often the entry level models” are the best selling and therefore the top sale of the Nikon D750 camera does not necessarily indicate that it is the best quality product [on the list].

      There are a few inconsistencies in this argument. (a) The Nikon D750 is not an entry level product. (b) The D750 is not a cheap or inexpensive camera when compared with the competition. (c) The D750 may not necessarily be the best but it is definitely of superior quality and quite likely has the highest customer satisfaction rating among these listed cameras seeing that it is not even on the top ten refurbished camera list. And the fact that there are no Nikon cameras on the refurbished list means that it is a brand that many consumers will feel confident about.

      So even though your “reminder” is appreciated, I do not think that it is warranted in this case. And do not forget that the D750 won a Camera of the Year Award and is highly acclaimed by the general and major photography media 😉

      • T.I.M

        The D750 is the best camera Nikon ever made and that is the reason why it sell so well.
        I apology to all D750 owners.

        • I forgive you T.I.M 😛

        • Abiatha Swelter

          What? No. The best ever is the F2.

        • lol. enjoyed this thread 🙂

        • Thomas Lawrence

          That’ll be the last time you ever make a well known statement, but the truth isn’t what people want to hear. I completely agree with your original statement but the Nikon d750 mafia took offense. It wouldn’t have happened to Thom !!

      • Pat Mann

        The 750 seems like a logical entry-level full frame camera.

    • I love Apples

      No sh!t Sherlock. Did you really think your post would provide insight? Some reader going “Damn, I never thought of that”?

  • Integral Moments

    Based on my humble opinion, Nikon is one of the best brands available till date, the options they offer compared to their opponents still holds its own. Hope to see D810 like as a mirrorless and take advantage of 3rd party lenses tho 🙂

    • Just Me

      Yeah, except for the mirrorless part. 🙂

    • paige4o4

      Mirrorless D810 with a tilting LCD… basically just a clone of the A7rII. I’d take that with an official F mount adapter in an instant.

  • Tony Byers

    I waited and waited with my D200 and a stop-gap D5100 before shelling out for a D750 a year ago, having followed all the flare and QC issues here and elsewhere. And now?.. Utterly delighted with the whole package – handling, performance, IQ and access to it’s settings with the U1 and U2 notches on the dial. I don’t use it every weekend, so it needs to give me a bit of non-pro help, but also look and feel the part when I’m doing my best with sports or a bit of english landscape. I just bought an old 35mm AFD prime lens and peeped in close to the test shots on the Mac – my lord, if you need any better resolution than this, you’re doing some serious picture taking. So my D750 makes me smile, as should whatever you choose – be happy, we are so well served by Nikon, Canon and the rest..

  • Fly Moon

    The sad part is, it’s the ONLY Nikon DSLR camera in both lists!

    • Just Me

      Maybe Nikons are so damn good, there aren’t any used ones!? 😉

    • Allan

      Look at the eighth place. 🙂

      • Fly Moon

        I looked and?

        I said DSLR!

        • I love Apples

          How may other DSLRs are on the list genius?

  • Adam Brown

    I think it points to the magic of it’s price point compared to performance and value.
    The trend has been to keep increasing prices, despite declining demand. Increase margins, offer enthusiast cameras at ever increasing prices.
    But the D750… the A7ii…. they occupy a price point that is really inviting to more price conscious enthusiasts and prosumers.

  • animalsbybarry
    • TwoStrayCats

      What a lovely, old, friend!

  • Photobug

    Also no surprise from me. Still expect by the end of the year a D760 will be introduced. The D750 is an excellent full frame DSLR.

  • Bukakke Comet

    I expect you’ll be able to get two D750s for the price of Nikon’s upcoming alleged megapixel monster.

  • DSP~

    I cannot emphasize it enough how much I like my D750!
    I jumped systems from Canon with the 5D2 and I am still blown away by the ISO performance, the dynamic range and the ergonomics (grip, weight, U1/U2, screen, custom menu…)
    Yes – I could complain about some things like the card slots, the AF or the connectivity but there will always be things that you dislike if you really “work” with your gear.
    Nevertheless I get stunning results with this camera and it gets the job done the way I need it to.

    • paige4o4

      Whats wrong with the card slots? As a D800 owner, I’d honestly prefer two matching SD slots to the current CF + SD situation I’m currently dealing with.

  • Allan

    Hmm … no KeyMission – I wonder why.

  • RC Jenkins

    I think this article definitely wins best tag for “slow news day”. 🙂

    • exactly, thanks for noticing it 🙂

    • Kartken

      just calm before the storm…

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Both the D750 and the A7II have been very heavily discounted in Asia for some months now, which you can see mirrored by the current gray market prices for them on eBay. The top best selling cameras in Japan are always end of life and/or heavily discounted models, and gray marketeers are the main volume drivers who push those cameras up on the sales ranks.

  • eric

    the fuji x100f on there shows people still enjoy shooting with compact cameras. nikon should rethink its decision to abandon this market. the market for higher priced cameras is bigger than people think.

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      And the G7II and the RX100V. Nikon really shot their corporate foot with the DL/Keymission conundrum: they should have killed Keymission instead of the DL. Way to go Nikon!

      • T.I.M

        78 more days…

      • eric

        agree. i think its reasonable to assume Nikon is restructuring itself and product lines. Hopefully that means new products ahead and not more disappointments. Would help if they just told customers what some of their plans are.

        • T.I.M

          That would help Nikon’s competitors also….

          • eric

            not really…the entire camera market is shrinking. competition is the last thing companies should be focused on at the moment. the most important thing is figuring out how not to lose everyone whose not a tradional enthusiast to smartphones. because its happening fast.

            • Allen_Wentz

              I disagree. Competition must always be paramount in any product planners’ minds: #1, #2 and #3 most important. In a shrinking market things just get even tighter.

              If a competitor kicks your butt with a better product in every regard including value
              A) your sales are low so you lose money and
              B) your brand gets denigrated as second-best, which means you have to
              C) maintain lower margins, which means you lose even more money.
              D) It then becomes necessary to increase market research and product development expenditures to try to identify what will be (future) competitive and then produce it.

              Better to start with (D) and avoid A, B and C in the first place.

  • I was going to say that I hope they don’t burn through their stock entirely by the time the D760 arrives, because I plan on replacing my current D750 with another one. But who am I kidding, there will be plenty of mint condition used USA / Grey models on Ebay for a decade to come. That’s always the upside of a camera being so popular, tons of folks barely use them and then sell them like-new, 2-4+ years after the camera was discontinued even…

    Good job Nikon on the D750. The silly blown-out-of-proportion issue with the flare and the shutter was worth the lower cost of MFG and the resulting lower MSRP. Mine is still going strong, well after a quarter-million clicks and “only” $450 worth of repairs.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    A Nikon at the top of the new department and not one Nikon in the top 10 used department can only mean one thing: photographers don’t let them go! Meanwhile, there are no less than FIVE Canons that photographers are getting rid of in droves! I used to sell pre-owned cars and almost no one ever traded in a Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus, therefore none of them appeared in our used inventory. Those that we bought at the dealer auctions usually flew off the lot within 24 hours.

    • Bob Thane

      That makes a lot of sense actually. I still know lots of people using their D700, D300s, D3, and other ancient Nikons. And when they upgrade they tend to keep those cameras as back-up.

    • Captain Megaton

      It’s a bit more complicated than that. Both Canon and Nikon users tend to cycle… They buy a new camera when the company releases a new model and sell their old camera at that time. Nikon hasn’t released a new FF DSLR outside of the D5 in years, Canon just released the 5dmkiv. And also a ton of people are buying the new M5.

      As a statement comparing Nikon and Canon vs. Sony for example, you’d be correct. A7 models have very high turnover and map is flooded with used models.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        Yeah, just look at the A7II which is in both lists.

    • ZoetMB

      Maybe we should stop with the car analogies, which I think are inane in any case, but I don’t understand your statement that no one ever traded in a Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus. There are 942 Honda Accords for sale on eBay right now, 994 Acuras, 944 Civics and 1799 Lexus’ and that’s just eBay. But I will admit to owning a 14 year old Accord which I’ll drive until it dies (although it has less than 100K miles).

      And Nikon not being on the used list can mean that people don’t let them go, as you believe, but it can also mean that people aren’t buying them. There are at least 185 D800’s, 183 D750’s, 139 D700’s, 96 D3’s, 109 D300’s, 84 D4’s and even 83 D5’s and 115 D500’s for sale right now on eBay and there are plenty of other sites and dealers selling used equipment. (Okay, some of them are new cameras from dealers). I don’t know how this compares to the pre-smartphone era, but I bet people are finding that they’re not using their bulky DSLRs and they’re putting them up for sale and not that consumers have upgraded to the latest models and are selling their older models.

  • Michael Turner

    There’s going to be a lot of shutters collapsing in exactly 13 months!

    • TwoStrayCats

      And then everyone who bought a drops-and-spills 2 or 3 year 3rd party from B & H will find out that won’t cover the stuck, blown, shutter either.

  • Captain Megaton

    This is actually bogus. Hear me out: I know for a fact that you couldn’t buy a new d750 for love or money at map for all of January. I was told there was a wait list and it was marked out of stock the entire month.

    They were selling it for a really low price though, so everyone had every reason to join the wait list.

    If all those backorders were shipped in Feb… An otherwise slow month… That would give a huge bump.

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Can you tell us what that “really low price” was to get a clue of where Nikon is going forward with the D750? Hopefully they have decided to finally replace the D610 with it, which will mean that a D750 replacement should be right around the corner.

      • Captain Megaton

        It was 165,000 yen, and Nikon was offering 20,000 cashback, so 145,000 new when Map was selling used ones for 140,000 yen.

  • Neoh Soon Hueng

    Kudos to Nikon D750, it’s still my workhorse and never dissapoints weather I’m shooting a wedding, and event or for my personal travel. Weight, size, price ratio is perfect.

    However, I feel that Fuji could do better if their initial production volume is higher. The X-T2 and X100F are amazing cameras, and is the first choice for leakers and jumpers from CaNikon fans over to a smaller good looking package.

  • Politics_Nerd

    I love my D750. However I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED I TELL YOU! that the D500 isn’t even on the list! But that just gives me hope of grabbing one in the $1250ish range in the not-too-distant future.

    • Pat Mann

      Japanese birds aren’t so far away that you need a D500 with 200-500 to shoot them.

  • Juan Arroyo

    Nikon better hurry up n come out with a bang this year ,because if they don’t there going to be in a lot of trouble !!!

    • Eloise

      Why? If Nikon released the D750 today (to replace the previous D700) rather than it being a then it being a 2 1/2 year old design; it would be beating all similar, existing cameras and we would be saying what a brilliant camera it was. No one would be complaining the D750 was bad or asking if Nikon were loosing their mojo.

      Yes, there would be more alternatives (the Sony Mirrorless full frame for example) that when it was announced in 2014, but it would still be seen as one of the best $2000 cameras.

      • Eloise

        Just to add I’m talking photography: for those strange 🙂 people who want a DSLR to be a video camera the D750 would be seen as lacking if launched now…

  • Lubos

    of course. it is $1700 Canadian. not a bad price at all. 🙂

    • Erick Tessier

      Where can you get a D750 for 1700$CAD? The lowest I can see is 2300$CAD.

      • Chobot

        That’s the price of this Japanese retailer Map Camera. Henry’s had it at Christmas time for $2000 CAD

  • Aldo

    Look at all those premium compacts…I wonder why nikon hasnt made one? Especially priced bellow the rx100 v like around say 650 dollars?… nah who in their right minds would want to save 350 dollars for almost the same camera… it woudnt sell… no profit. Lets keep on popping those d3400s with snapbridge version crop… as in it automatically sends only half the file to your mobile device before it disconnects…

  • Shaul Boilov

    I absolutely love my D750, I got it the first day it was released.
    if Nikon wants to me to replace it, they’ll have to bring out something brilliant.

  • RodneyKilo

    The list seems one of very pricey cameras, and doesn’t seem to reflect the bread and butter sales of most retailers I can think of.
    The run rate sales in those cases are more typically consumer oriented, lower priced models, which help sustain the viability of the retailer, and hence ability to sell the premium priced, lower volume models.
    It may be this retailer is unusual and caters to the high end trade; if so, these numbers, if unaudited, are likely not reflective of any general trend, but of that retailer only.
    Otherwise the domination by very high priced cameras is, shall we say, unexpected.

    • Captain Megaton

      Let me put it this way: if you didn’t know the difference between the A7 and A7R you probably wouldn’t be shopping at Map.

  • vwking

    I am not sure I can come to any decisive conclusion from sales data of one camera shop for just one month. But I do like the D750 a lot. Its the camera I reach for most often.

  • Mike A

    It would be nice to see Nikon get serious with Nikon 1 – come out with a serious body, serious lenses and price it competitively…

    • RC Jenkins

      I think there was a point when this was true a few years ago; but I no longer see a significant benefit due to competition from other 1″ sensor cameras (especially the compacts) and from micro four thirds cameras. So I’d rather that Nikon didn’t spend their limited resources on a new Nikon 1 at this point.

      • Mike A

        Thanks for your reply. Everybody seemed excited about the DL series. To me, the Nikon 1 seems potentially a better version of the DL (interchangeable lenses). The 1 had/has great autofocus and speed but needed better bodies, lenses and pricing.

        But, I agree with you regarding limited resources – I would rather see full frame and apsc mirrorless, video emphasis and a new mirrorless lens mount to keep Nikon from becoming a small dslr only company

        • RC Jenkins

          Yeah, I largely agree; but I think the Nikon 1 has been bested in too many fronts. The DL’s were much more compact (w/lens) and had better lenses than were even offered on Nikon 1.

          And for interchangeable lens cameras, some m4/3 cameras are better than Nikon 1’s for size & lenses.

          Here is a Panasonic GM1 (much larger 4/3 sensor) next to a Nikon 1 J5. Remember, there is almost as much difference between a 4/3 and 1″ sensor as there is between FX & DX.

          And here they are with lenses mounted. All are 40mm-50mm equivalent lenses. All are F/1.8 or faster and roughly the same price. Note that the rightmost camera/lens combination (m4/3 with a F/1.7 lens) is the smallest. Despite better low light performance.

          There are only 13 lenses Nikon 1 lenses listed on Nikon’s website, but here’s a recent list of approximately 150 distinct micro four thirds lenses:

          The only front where I think Nikon 1 excelled was in PDAF autofocus–but this is trivial to add to the aforementioned micro four thirds cameras.

          On size, cost, lens selection–Nikon 1 lost.

          This is why I think Nikon has been bested and is too far behind to catch up.

    • ZoetMB

      Dead horse.

  • Francis Lou

    Fuji X100F goto no.5! It is AMAZING!

  • Fred

    Very nice ad for map camera. Not that I’m complaining. The more competition and suppliers I know of the better. Nikon D750 selling for $1405 new and $1179 for the one used body. Great prices.

  • 247th

    I’d expect to see a D850 before a D760. Nikon/Canon like to update their flagships and then work down the line.

  • I love Map Camera… Their second hand department is second to none…. so to speak…. I haven’t purchased anything Nikon “new” since my D70 back in 2004. No need… They have Mint anything at ridiculously cheap prices and they sell their stuff with 3 or 6 month guarantees!!! Incredible…

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