The latest deals from B&H (Nikon D4s, Tamron and Tokina lenses)

The latest deals from B&H:

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  • Etzio Aldetori

    still too much 😛 ill keep loving my d750

    • Daniel Shortt

      Unless you shoot sports the 750 is a better camera.

  • Aldo

    When tamron releases an update for the 24-70… they will have a holy trinity of their own… for less than half the price!

    • Spy Black

      An update that fixes everything wrong with their present model, that is.

      • IS is slow to get up to speed, sharpness/resolution not quite good enough. Anything else?

        I’ve only seen it on a 5dmkiii. I wasn’t very impressed.

  • Amir

    No big deal at all within 28 Sigma lenses,except for Sigma 105mm Macro lens.What about famous Sigma 18-35 or newly arrived 50-100mm?Only ‘hard to even give away for free’ lenses have discounts?

    • doge

      lol. Why would they discount lens that are selling? They’re not idiots.

  • TwoStrayCats

    Nikon had a special on the 14-24 during December. I’m hoping they’ll soon repeat that $200 off special again.

    • You can get a 14-24mm refurb direct from Nikon for $1,550.

  • BHug

    What B&H is asking for a D4S you get a new D5 here in Switzerland

    • (I might prefer the D4s for most things!)

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