Nikon at WPPI 2017: new DSLR storage kit deals and live streaming

B&H has some new Nikon DSLR camera storage kit deals for the 2017 WPPI show:

More WPPI specials (for some you will need coupon code BHWPPI17):

The WPPI specials will expire on Sunday, February 12th.

Nikon will be live streaming their WPPI 2017 presentations on this page:

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  • Bummed the grip kit deals aren’t still on…


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  • TheInconvenientRuth

    So B&H’s idea of a “storage bundle” is shipping dual card slots cameras with a single card…

  • Paul Shepard

    Hey Thanks! some really nice presentations streaming live via Nikon @ WPPI! Sort of wish i had started at beginning, but Tamara Lackey was great & I anticipate Joe McNally will be a hoot!

    • Paul Shepard

      a really nice series of presenters. (I was able to watch off & on, over the afternoon). “Thanks Nikon!” (ha).

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