Honduras newspaper reports Nikon D760 rumors

El Heraldo is a major newspaper in Honduras and they want to deliver the first Nikon rumors in 2017: they claim that a new Nikon D760 camera will be announced in 2017 with a 24.3MP sensor and aย shutter speed of 1/8000 (the D750 has a shutter speed of 1/4000). The pictured camera is a D800...

I believe in 2017 we will definitely see at least one new full frame Nikon DSLR camera, but as of today I have not received any reliable information on a potential announcement date or any technical specifications. If you have information on upcoming Nikon products, you can contact me anonymously here.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Diogo Correia

    Admin, what’s your preview for CES ?

    • Nikon D5600 intro in the US and in the best case scenario a new Nikon 1 J6. They may also re-launch the DL line. CES is Consumer Electronics Show and I do not expect to see any pro-level products (I know, the D4/D5 were announced at CES).

      • TwoStrayCats

        How long do you think Nikon will make us wait for the heavily anticipated Df2?

        • Nikon will have 100 year the 27 July ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • July 25 according to Wikipedia:


            • stormwatch

              Ok, then on July 25 we will be pleased with something that has exact number 25 in the name of the product.

              All new SB25!

            • My wish is for a digital Nikon FM2, even if they have to make it with a fixed lens.

            • whisky

              … still luv’n my original FM, FE, and FM2. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • yes, they should bring the FM back to live in some way

            • Brett A. Wheeler

              Nikon F7: film camera with a digital sensor. The best of both worlds! ๐Ÿ˜‰ JK

            • Lee Smith

              Why should Nikon re-visit the past? I want Nikon to move forward and ditch the stupid retro products like the Df. I actually was around when an FM could be bought new and I certainly don’t need to experience that era again. For a site called “Nikon Rumours” you sure look backwards a lot.

              Personally, I want an FX camera the size of my older D90 (or smaller) and FX lenses that do not cost a fortune.

            • br0xibear

              Stop being a dick…the discussion was about Nikon’s 100th year anniversary camera.

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            • Nobody is saying for Nikon to abandon the high tech or their future, but on their 100 years anniversary, I think what I said is appropriate and it is only my own opinion since the FM2 was my first “real” camera.

            • Backwards a lot? Hardly, this is a one off talking about 100years anniversary and what Nikon might do to celebrate, vast majority of news and stories on here are very much forward thinking, what’s the next tech, release etc.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Nikon recently made a lens for you in 200-500mm.

            • CommonPleas

              My first “real” camera was the FM. Previously, I stol.. er, borrowed my siblings’ cameras.

              I like the simplicity and directness of operation of the FM (and size) – my D700 is a bit of a spider monkey and rather heavy, particularly with a 24-70mm.

              My worry is that a digital version of the FM/FM2 would be bulky. But Japanese manufacturing made their name in miniaturising components, so there is hope. Alas, the size of Nikon’s latest lenses is worrisome.

            • What would be different between your vision of an FM and the Df?

            • size and weight

            • So slimmer and lighter? Looking at my N80, I have wondered why FF bodies are still so large…

            • and donโ€™t get me wrong, I love my Df, but I think it can be smaller and lighter – just look at the Sony RX1

            • You know, except for the mirror/prism, you’re right. And that even has an EVF! (at least the last version does)

            • Yes, I understand that they need more space for the F mount, but this is why I said to make it with a fixed lens.

            • Iceman

              I agree, size and weight of fm2/fm3 are the optimum, most comfortable to hold

            • Iceman

              That’s the most beautiful camera line, ever

            • Iceman

              Digital Fm2 or Fm3a silver, and 35f2 or 2.8 pancake, oh please , Nikon.

            • Gorgeous camera, id like to see a digital version of their rangefinders, similar sleek design. But an FM2 style would also be cool!

            • sperdynamite

              That would be so rad. Except if it’s going to be optimized for manual lenses I can’t see much way around the need for some kind of hybrid finder with a focusing aid. Even split image finders are not quite enough for some fast lenses and even 25mp sensors. It would be such a great platform for AIS and ZF.2 lenses. The sad thing about the current DF is that it’s still just not that great for manual focus lenses. Even the focusing aid that it has is not as accurate as the one in my D750.

            • And make it mirrorless. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Hamuga

              Maybe the 725 for July 25th?
              But an upgrade to the 750, cause, um, Nikon!

            • stormwatch

              Hmmm, yes, quite possible with Nikon. But what would D725 actually represent? First full frame camera with bionic sensor, but with downside of having 2x crop and no wi-fi, on the other side it will be ISO 1 but in the long run it could have some floaters problem….hmmm…this already sounds interesting even in the short run!

            • vousplaisentezouquoi

              I am waiting for the D666, a diabolic camera!

            • stormwatch

              On the other end I am waiting for the D888 which will trash your camera in any sacred way.

            • TheInconvenientRuth


          • Mr_Miyagi

            Like the DLs, the anniversary celebration will probably be a year late, in 2018.

        • It is likely that Nikon will announce it during their 100 years anniversary celebration, no idea when this will take place. Nikon was founded in July 25th, so my guess will be around that date.

          • br0xibear

            I think the 100th “Anniversary Camera” will be a digital SP…

            • br0xibear

              Hopefully better than this, but kudos for the attempt…


            • Spy Black

              I always wished someone would make a back like that for my F2. That would probably fit an F however.

            • I’m sure there is an upstart in China that could do it. Not sure about the big Japanese camera companies any more.

            • even better – release it with 3 lenses and that’s it

            • A guy could throw away his prescription to Viagra if they’d do a digital SP with three dedicated lenses. I’d do a title loan on the car for a setup like that.

            • same here, I will sell my Leica for it ๐Ÿ™‚

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I’ve literally just sent a huge wad of cash to my sister in Japan to buy one for me IF it comes out. That’s how pathetic I am…Box set with 3 lenses please.. 25mm, 50mm, 100mm…

            • Yes, they should do this. I will send you some cash too ๐Ÿ™‚

            • br0xibear

              3.5cm, 5cm and 10.5cm
              The wad of cash may well need to be big, lol.

            • My thoughts too, I really think Nikon should have a digital range finder to keep the compact mirrorless crew happy and also have another mirroless branch keeping the F mount for a more pro mirrorless experience- I.e. Deep grip,large battery, high end specs etc.

            • Gene

              I think the 100th “Anniversary Camera” will be a mirrorless Df2…

      • I would LOVE a digital FM2n-ish camera, even if it came with a fixed lens like Peter said, precisely a 35mm f/1.4 lens!

  • Yoan

    That will not make the D750 owners move to the D760.

    • T.I.M

      no but it will help get rid of the D750 stock.

    • Mike

      This sounds like a D750 ‘S’. S models are generally quite desirable.

      • Yoan

        Yes. Good stuff. if I was a D750 owner, will I drop mine for this one? Nope

      • C-M

        Yes like the D800S=D810

    • dslrforever

      Right but it will make D610 owners consider parting with some of their money to get a much better AF system and a 4 year newer sensor.

  • T.I.M

    Pienso que si tambien.

    • CERO

      Sobre que? el D760? o el rumor del D620?

      • T.I.M

        pienso que el D trenta x trenta esta para 2017

        • CERO


          • T.I.M

            treinta (my Spanish classes are about 35 years old…)

            • CERO

              christ Tim.. how old are you?

            • T.I.M

              8 years younger than the Nikon F

            • CERO

              1959-2017? 58?
              old..old as balls? (props if you get the reference)

            • T.I.M

              I said 8 years younger, 49

            • CERO

              hang in there.. the D900 might be out.. someday.. eventually..

  • TwoStrayCats

    And if you buy 10 of them from a Honduran dealer, you get a complimentary Honduras Passport and a declaration of citizenship.

  • Aldo

    Im okay with a 24mp sensor if they remove the AA filter.

    • DSS

      You don’t want to remove the AA filter from a 24 megapixel full frame sensor, because you’ll end up with a lot of artifacts and major moire. The pixel density is just not there to make it beneficial. This sensor already has a weak AA filter and gets moire easily. Not something that’s always easy to fix in stills, not to mention video.

      • Aldo

        Im aware the pixel density isnt ideal to remove the AA… but as you said yourself the current AA does little anyway…. also hoping they come up with something to control it.

      • Eric Calabros

        With AI and deep learning advances I see, a demosaicing algorithm that eliminates all our moire anxiety is not that far off. I’d rather get higher edge acuity to save for future processing than losing my lens performance because of today’s software shortcomings.

      • Fred

        Well, they could take a leaf out of Fuji’s book and use a different color array arrangement. Then there’ll be no issue with the Bayer pattern problem.

    • azur

      Aldo said: “I’m okay with a 24mp sensor if they remove the AA filter.”
      + 1
      And also please don’t forget to add the more advanced viewfinder with built-in viewfinder shutter.

      • Just Me

        That was one of the features I was happy to finally get but use so infrequently that I often forget about it.

        • azur

          Sure, if you rarely do long exposure photography on a tripod, then you rarely need it.

          • Just Me

            Actually, I should use it. I just got so used to holding my hand or a hat over the viewfinder, I rarely think about it. But that’s just me. Yes…I got the joke. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • zipduck

    I believe this is just sourced from a recent listicle here: http://www.stuff.tv/features/most-anticipated-gadgets-2017

    There’s no real news about the D760 here, and the “leaked specs” I suspect are the author’s best guess at what’s coming next.

    • Brubabs

      This same article also predicts a D620 will be coming out the first half of 2017.

      • zipduck

        Yes, and no evidence for either (I think we would have heard about it here first.)

    • Listicle. Interesting word. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • zipduck

        It’s a word for articles like “43 things doctors aren’t telling you!”

  • Eric Calabros

    We’re giving too much attention to anyone claiming anything about D750 replacement, not surprising at all its encouraging fame seekers from all around the world to pretend they know something, one day from Baltic Sea and another day from Caribbean Sea!
    But funny thing is they think one stop higher shutter speed or slightly better NR at high ISO is actually what we’re are waiting for.

    • Aldo

      N 4k n snapbridge I guess

    • Spy Black

      I don’t really care about the shutter speed, but better NR and higher ISO is fine with me.

      • Lee Smith

        Yeah because the D750 has such poor high ISO performance. Dude, we’re at the point where people are taking photos in non-existent light. It’s a bad thing. No good light, no good photo…..

        • Spy Black

          No, it’s no good photographer, no good photo.

        • Just Me

          When you shoot professionally, you won’t always have good light. You have to make it work.

        • JasonsArgonauts

          You obviously don’t shoot UK weddings. Good light is a rarity (especially in the winter) and you end up having to produce your own most of the time. You do what you can with what you’re given most of the time and end up having to rely on the camera’s ability and fast lenses, so any progress in this area is welcomed. I don’t need it to shoot 1million ISO, but if the camera can do that and it cleans up the images at ISO 10,000 (my personal maximum) then I’ll gladly embrace that.

    • Maybe they think mild speculation is more credible than wild speculation?

  • MonkeySpanner

    I can’t see Nikon winning with this strategy. Not enough product differential between Nikon and canon – and canon has more market share. They need something unique. And it doesn’t have to be mirrorless. Bring some high quality DX lenses to go with the D500. Think outside the box a little.

    • Politics_Nerd

      Or a D750s with the D5’s focusing system and the D500’s speed.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Maybe that would sell a few. But really just a racing stripe on a d750 for most people. Fill out the DX lens offering with nice primes and one or two pro zooms – now that is an game changer.
        Honestly – if I shoot Nikon DX – I don’t automatically think Nikon fx when I get more serious. I mean DX sensors are so good these days – really no need for fx just due to IQ issues for most people. But in Nikon DX – I am forced to buy large, expensive primes and zooms to get serious IQ. And those lenses are not optimized for DX sensors. Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus – all have very serious lenses sized for the sensor in those aps-c or m4/3 bodies.

        • Allen_Wentz

          I agree that the [fake] described camera would be “…really just a racing stripe on a d750 for most people.” At this point upgrading the D750 must be more than what is described.

          Personally if I was Nikon I would reconfigure the lines to allow h/x versions as Thom has suggested, but losing the D6xx to keep total camera count down in a shrinking market.

          • harvey

            the D6xx hits a price point that your h/x versions would not. There needs to be a low priced FX entry model with a reasonably good set of features. All your bodies being over $2k isn’t going to cut it to get new people into the FF market.

  • odemata

    Just want to see a hybrid with and EVF so I can still use the same glass and not be compelled to switch to… Gasp… Fuji.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    Let’s hope that they’ve fixed the light leak and shutter issues. Nikon is too good to have sloppy QC.

    • Joven

      considering the QC issues they’ve had with their cameras lately, I’d suggest it’s rather optimistic to say they’re too good to have sloppy QC. I think the better expression would be, “They’re too big to have sloppy QC.”

      • Allen_Wentz

        Nikon has proven themselves neither too good nor too big to have sloppy QC. Unfortunately.

  • Makes sense. I’m sure Nikon will also add a touchscreen & Snap Bridge. Probably not 4k.

    • CERO

      I would find it weird, since the D750 actually introduced 60fps on 1080p video. No surprise if they keep advancing video.
      Would the D760 also get an upgrade on AF?
      Would they still nerf it with a tiny buffer?

      • Eric Calabros

        4k will be probably a 1.5x crop as D5. reading out the entire 6k is out of question.

    • Max

      Yes I’m pretty sure they’ll give it touch screen too.

  • Aldo

    You know I just realized this coincides with the Swedish photographer files being 24mp…

  • Angelgreg

    A Honduran newspaper has credible news about a new Nikon? Is this April 1st?

  • Killian Moore

    Admin- I’m in the market to upgrade to full frame. Should I buy the D810 or wait patiently and see if they release an update this year???

    • Well, if you can wait few more months hopefully we will know more, but keep in mind that the D810 replacement will be more expensive.

      • Killian Moore

        Thanks. The cost is not an issue, I would just kick myself if I got the 810 and in 2 months they would release a newer model. I will wait .

        • Joven

          Then I think you answered your own question lol

        • Then I would say you wait.

        • harvey

          but what if it is 6 months? Or 8 months?

          • Killian Moore

            Well that’s my dilemma? I’m ready to move on from my D5500 but this lack of info is starting to annoy me.

            • harvey

              unfortunately, no company I know gives the exact date that they’re going to announce a new camera and definitely not when it is actually going to show up. That would either spoil your sense of anticipation or only mildly lift your extended state of depression – although I do have to say that the D500 sure outclassed the old D300 although I had pretty well converted over to FF.

  • I’d bet the D760 will be to the D750 what the D810 was to the D800. Nothing too earth shattering, but lots of nice upgrades. Even if they just popped in the new 153 point AF system that would make it worthwhile. Another FPS or so, a little better ISO, a few more tweaks here and there and you’d have a hell of a camera.

    • MoreMoreS

      Yes agree. I think the MP count is fine and eking out another fps from it should be feasible. With the new AF module and 7.5 or 8 fps and the 1/8000 shutter, that’s a terrific camera.

    • Alex Dawson

      Hi Steve, I don’t agree with the minor difference between D800 & D810. I used the D800E over two years when I changed to the D810 and the difference was huge. Especially when I borrowed a regular D800 from a friend as a back up camera afterwards. I didn’t even bother to use it since it was such a major difference… Just my real life experience.

      I do need to add that I only shoot WA & fisheye in RAW 14 bit with a lot of post processing on underwater images.

      • I didn’t say they were minor, just not earth shattering ๐Ÿ™‚

        Now, had it been 50MP, with the 153PT AF system etc, 8 FPS or something I’d call that a major upgrade.

        I agree there is a significant difference in overall usability between the cameras, the D810 is much more refined and I sold my D800/e and switched to the D810. However, I still look at the differences more as nice upgrades than a major overhaul.

  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    Will new D760 have same D750 body or D500?

    If Nikon adapts D500 body for D760 and future D810 replacement, it would be awesome, Wwin-Win for Nikon and Customers…

  • AP3X

    Any new information on Sony and Nikon? 100 years would be a great time to announce a merger/sale and to announce a new camera (or two) with the addition of a Sony sensor.

    • This was a hoax/click bait/fake news and it will not happen, no need to discuss it again.

  • AYWY

    No comment on the reliability. Won’t be surprised if it’s #fakenews.

    But then CES is this week, so yup we should have product announcements… or not. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • free yourmind

    how do people shoot fast in nikon dslr? ive been using my d3200 it feels sluggish(im a street photog. type) i feel like im attracted towards mirrorless for its weight but trying out the sony a6500. the ui is totally crap. fujifilm looks good. but on actual test i have no actual results, havent tried it yet. the x100t is ripe for an update. i dunno maybe photography market is gravitating towards mirrorless? maybe nikon should try designing a leica/fujifilm mirorless competitor? a fast shooting manual. also the ISO, theres a competition. dont forget the backlit please.

    • silmasan

      You want to shoot fast? Ditch your D3200 and get a D500. Otherwise don’t even begin to generalize that as a “nikon dslr” experience.

    • CERO

      D3200 is the most basic DSLR of nikon. If you expect Pro speeds, honestly you will need to purchase a higher model (Ie, D500 or D7200). Unless you mean sluggish as in other things (like changing options thru menus..etc..)

    • Sluggish in what way? If you are using live view then yes sluggish as hell. But turning on, af and shutter lag should all be pretty quick even for 3200 which is bottom lf the line. Unless you are talking about frames per second?

    • Allen_Wentz

      Whether tripods/heads, lenses or cameras, in photog world one generally gets what one pays for.

  • DrNo666

    Its not rocket science to predict new Nikon cameras. D610 and Df were released in 2013 and D750 and D810 in 2014. They all need to be upgraded if Nikon wishes them to stay in their product line up. To be honest i am not sure there will be an D620.

    At the moment i cant really see any new camera to be introduced in the lineup either.

    • That’s what I said a while back – I no longer see a reason for the D6xx.

    • More and more we’re getting to the point where there is a camera model that fits just about anyone’s operational needs and makes amazing images. Sure, it would be “nice” to have a lot of things, but looking forward we don’t really require anything other than very incremental improvements.

  • toinks

    24mp is fine as long as it will have the D810’s ISO 64 base… im good to go

    • Prasad Palaniyandi

      Yes in D500 Body…

      • Wade Marks

        Yes…the D500 body is one of Nikon’s best…an absolute joy to hold and use.

        Whether it’s the D760 or D820 or D900 or whatever…if Nikon can create a FF cam with the D500 body/AF they will have a real winner.

        • Prasad Palaniyandi

          D500 has solid optimized ergonomics and other common features that can be used for DX and FX. If Nikon is smart enough, they can be used for new FX body with new 24MP RGBW sensor (3-4 times better ISO performance), then this body will be killer one for Wedding and Even Photographer..

          Dream list would be ( all D500 Body and features),
          D500 (DX) => Action & Wildlife
          D760 (FX) => 24MP – Wedding & Event
          D820 (FX) => 36 OR 42 MP – Landscape & Portrait

  • milkod2001

    I wonder if current Nikon D750 shutter limitation 1/4000s is actually hardware limitation or it could be unlocked through firmware.

  • jimh

    What are the situations in which people need shutter speeds like 1/4000 or 1/8000?

    • AYWY

      Portraits with extreme shallow DOF under bright light. Sunny 16 rule already gives the exposure at f/16. Open up the aperture from there and we can see how quickly the shutter speed goes up.

      Of course you can use ND filters, but that means different filter sizes for different lenses and a good deal of transferring filters around.

      Edit: Some wildlife photography might want a big aperture under bright light too.

      • jimh

        Interesting. And actually I was out in the yard today (3 degrees) doing a photo in bright sun, wanted very shallow DOF and needed a very high shutter speed.

  • mariusvr

    As it turns out, nikon does not leak a new flagship model’s details through a Honduras news paper. Too bad because i have been waiting for a new fx model to spend my money on.

    • Prasad Palaniyandi

      You may have to wait till June’ 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • mariusvr

        I have been stretching out my equipment for 12 months, another 5 won’t make much difference. Can’t wait to see the latest version of snapbridge ๐Ÿ˜›
        Don’t want to buy now, as the new fx model should have a decent upgrade with it being 3-4 years since its last release.

        • Prasad Palaniyandi

          Hopefully with new RGBW sensor in D500 body.. Fingers crossed…

  • MrOzMan

    Where is my dream camera and lens? 36 or so megapixel with 8K video, Flash sync to 1/100,000; 10-1000 f1.0, ultra sharp, ultra quick, ultra small, ultra light, ultra silent razor sharp continuous auto focus. Last, but not least, a selfie mode.

  • beavertooth

    Any news on the D760? Did try the D850 and are not impressed by the IQ especially for the cost.

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