Some Nikon deals are expiring on Saturday

Some Nikon deals and rebates are set to expire this Saturday, December 3rd. I am not sure which offers exactly will expire, so here is the full list of all ongoing Nikon savings:

Nikon D500:

Nikon D750:

Nikon D810:

Nikon D3400:



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  • br0xibear

    For a second I thought that headline read ” Nikon are expiring on Saturday”, lol.

  • Allan

    What happens on Sunday?

    • TwoStrayCats

      You go to church and thank Jesus for the deal you got yesterday.

  • Spy Black

    People have crapped on it, but notice there’s only two Nikons you don’t see on sale ever, the flagship, and the Df.

    • Yes, I understand the D5, but why the Df?

      • Spy Black

        Because the Df is close to the heart of the very existence of Nikon, and the people that run it. It is a flagship model that nobody notices, in many ways a bigger flagship than the D5 and the D4 that was the flagship when the Df came out. Having the F and F2 as my first two cameras, I see and understand this perfectly. It may be in some ways considered a flawed mindset, but the spirit of the F, F2 and F3 are all embodied in the Df. That’s why it doesn’t have video. That’s why it isn’t discounted. Flawed and all with it’s limited AF and inability to take MF focusing screens, it is nonetheless a sacred cow. I bet not until it’s 100th anniversary replacement will you see the Df discounted.

        • Spy Black

          …and when the 100th anniversary model comes out, I hope they call it this…

          • Eric Calabros

            Df is heavy, they need to address that.

            • TwoStrayCats

              I actually rather like that heft.

            • Captain Megaton

              ? It’s Nikon’s lightest FX DSLR!

          • Seriously, THAT would be awesome. For now I LOVE my Df.

          • CERO

            as in “Fucked”?

        • beach

          No discount on the Df because there’s no competition. At the local store, the Df sells “surprisingly well” BUT all salesto people that walk into the store specifically asking for the Df; no one who came in undecided or with a different camera in mind ever left with a Df. A discount on the camera won’t sway them.

          Two types of buyers: those who like the interface and those who want the D4 sensor in a smaller, “cheaper” package. For both, there’s no alternative, so why decrease Nikon’s profit margin with a discount?

          • Spy Black

            I wouldn’t say “there’s no competition”, you’re simply highlighting one’s personal choice. There’s plenty of competition.

          • You are correct. There is no real “competition” for the Df, as substantiated by your anecdote about the type of buyer that acquires one at your local camera shop.

          • Andrew

            I think the Df not being an all purpose camera limits its appeal. Video is a big feature these days, and unless one is a purist, not having it limits a camera’s market.

        • I’ve commented on this before. The Df is a unique camera. Canon, Pentax, Fuji, Olympus…nobody is making this combination of features. If you want a full frame, OVF with traditional dials and levers, this is it. So then, why would you discount it?

          • Spy Black

            It’s still defining a particular client. Just because it doesn’t match all the specs doesn’t mean there’s no competition. If all the competition made the same thing, then there would be no competition. 🙂

    • Wade Marks

      Yes, that’s always been puzzling to me…that the Df has never been discounted. Some theories why…
      1) It is a prestige model…a style statement…Nikon doesn’t want to take away from the image of the product…Nikon is saying that you buy the Df for something more than price/value ratio.
      2) It’s been made in very small quantities…so Nikon has no need to get rid of inventory.
      3) It’s made in Japan and production costs are higher.

      I’ve always thought that if Nikon discounted the Df they could move some quickly…but at this point they’d have to cut the price to at least $2000.

      • Spy Black

        That’s pretty much it I think, especially #1. I think it rings deep in the halls of Nikon.

  • chromedome

    The link does not go to a D500 1796 +free grip at b&h, they only offer the ‘free’ grip with a body & lens bundle.

  • Aldo

    where are the refurbished 70-200mm E’s for 2k???

    • I think they all sold out.

    • Spy Black

      I think people are still trying to flesh out the switched rings thing. Once they say “fuck it, I’m going back to the G” will you see more refurbs…

  • Fly Moon

    Man, I would’ve jumped on Nikon D500 sports & wildlife kit offer if I didn’t have the D500 already!

  • What’re the chances of seeing these deals again before the holidays are over?

  • CERO

    I definitively took the discounts. Got my D500 as soon I seen those kind of discounts (I got mine at 1500 USD, with no tax, no import rate and 18 months payments with no interest).
    Considering It was 2000 USD +16% tax + import fee normally..

    I wonder how many here actually got annoyed to have paid in full now that the cameras got hefty discounts and combos.

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