This is the new Nikon D5600 DSLR camera

The official announcement of the Nikon D5600 should be near because the first picture and pricing of the new camera already leaked online. As I already reported, I expect the D5600 to be announced this week (most likely tonight). The main improvements from the current D5500 model will be SnapBridge and better dynamic range (still no 4k video). Here is the D5600 Japanese pricing (tax included):

  • Nikon D5600 camera body: ‎¥91,800 (around $870)
  • Nikon D5600 with 18-55mm VR lens kit: ‎¥99,900 (around $950)
  • Nikon D5600 two zoom lens kit: ‎¥129,600 (around $1,240)
  • Nikon D5600 with 18-140mm VR lens kit: ‎¥132,300 (around $1,260)

I expect US prices to be lower.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Mike

    Quick, buy it before Trump slaps tariffs on Asian imports! Too soon?

    • Pirate Booty

      both japan and the US are very protectionistic

      protectionism has short term benefits, but eventually you get a non-competitive industry that is increasingly isolationist

      japan is an example of this…the japanese government pours more in R&D than every japanese company combined, japan is the only developed nation where R&D of companies is lower than government R&D expenditures

      • Captain Insane-O

        The U.S. is protectionistic?

        NAFTA, DR-CARTA, MFN status, among many other free trade policies.

        The untied states has historically utilized free trade policies in a neo colonial fashion.

        You’re absolutely correct about japan’s over utilization of industry subsidies. Something the US does with corn. But outside corn and pickup trucks, the US hasn’t been anti trade in much regard.

        • Aldo

          NAFTA “US hasn’t been anti trade in much regard” I don’t know if you’ve heard what Trump plans but if he keeps up with what he said… trade is about to change drastically in the US

          • Captain Insane-O

            My point was that the US hasn’t been protectionistic.

            Please reread. It helps to comprehend.

            • Aldo

              I reread what you posted…. My opinion stands…. maybe you should re-read the original comment Mike made so you may connect the dots?

            • Captain Insane-O

              I love arrogance.

              You should learn to read headings. my post was in response to pirate boots. My other post in response to Mike acknowledged Trump’s plan for tariffs.

              Again, reread and learn to comprehend. “Both Japan and us are very protectionistic”

              That is not written in some future sense. It is a statement alleging that the US is currently protectionistic.

            • Aldo

              … and Trump says he will change that. I’m not disputing trade now… but what is to come. Get it now?

            • Captain Insane-O

              I already, before you posted a response to me, stated trump will try and add tarriffs in response to Mike.

              I don’t understand why you can’t just acknowledge you misread my post and move on, but the silence you are about to experience is me moving on.

            • Andrew

              This is what happens when people try to communicate after an election, everything gets obfuscated 😉

            • Pirate Booty

              the US is extremely protectionistic

              the KOF Globalization Index puts it very low among developed nations

            • Pirate Booty

              tariffs on asian products for example, are about 3 times highers than tariffs Europe uses on asian products

            • Captain Insane-O

              The fact of the matter is that the US trades at, by law, the lowest tariffs in the WTO. We also have free trade agreements with the rest of the world, and are currently trying to make a fta with Asian islands.

              Protectionism refers to countries that place large tariffs on imports and then attempt to bolster their own industry. That fundamentally doesn’t happen in the us.

              Stating that other countries have globalized at a higher rate than the us isn’t indicative of the us engaging in protectionism. And comparing an extraordinarily complex economy with others that are far more homogenous by virtue of 3 items will likely not yield the greatest results.

              But keep thinking that the US act in protectionist fashions.

            • Pirate Booty

              US tariffs on chinese products are much higher than European tarrifs on chinese products

              Let’s take Chinese steel, a hot topic lately.
              US Duty on steel: 266%
              EU Duty on steel: 73%

              Globalisation is the antonym of protectionism.

              Nations highest on the globalisation index are countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, they are completely non-protectionist. This has specific reasons, these countries have the 2 largest harbours in Europe, Antwerp and Rotterdam, they want as much trade as they can get.

              Large countries on the other hand, with manufacturing bases, like the US, China, Germany, UK, even Japan are very protectionistic.

              Protectionism lower competitiveness. That’s why the industrial revolution and western prosperity happened in Europe, where lots of countries competed, and not in China, which was ruled by an emperor and was not in competition with its neighbours.

          • Without being political or taking sides, I think prices will go up even more, just like they did in the U.K. after brexit.

            • I think prices will continue to rise here in the UK massively. And with Nikon taking a more sale less for more money with less costs strategy I’m not sure Il be able to afford any more camera gear.I plan to save for a 200-500 or a 300pf (could take a couple of years!)but i cant see myself upgrading my body unless it breaks or buying any other lenses. Nikon might be shooting themselves in the foot.

            • T.I.M

              Is UK selling anything beside Polaroids and The Beatles CDs ?

            • Jeffry De Meyer

              No they are just taking ‘care’ of most of the worlds money

            • Piooof

              Good folding bikes and stinking tabloids.

            • Proto

              In addition, nikon loves increasing prices for any reason…

        • Piooof

          Sure. And outside aircrafts, military equipment, steel…

      • Proto

        you are an informed “pirate”

    • Captain Insane-O

      35% tariffs, FML. I hope the Senate will block that. Hooray for the anti democratic filibuster.

      • Aldo

        Newsflash… they also have the house and the senate. They can pass a bunch of stuff without a 2/3 majority.

        • Captain Insane-O

          They can pass the budget and cabinet appointments.

          You still need 60 votes for the SCOTUS appointment, and pretty much everything else.

          Thing called cloture, and the GOP doesn’t have enough to pass it.

          • Aldo

            They have majority and two independents… how do you think obamacare got passed?

            • Captain Insane-O

              It was passed with… wait for it… 60 votes…

              OMG. You know so little about government. 60 votes is what you need to end a filibuster.

              Just stop embarrassing yourself.

            • Aldo

              “just stop embarrassing yourself”

              denial is exactly what has people so divided… I was the one who just pointed out to you that you don’t need 2/3 republicans or democrats to pass legislation that is highly opposed.

              ” They can pass a bunch of stuff without a 2/3 majority.”

              to which YOU arrogantly replied :
              “It was passed with… wait for it… 60 votes..”

              thus proving my point to which I now (according to you) have to stop embarrassing myself…

            • Captain Insane-O

              You have no working knowledge of the senate.

              2/3rds supermajority is NOT a requirement to end a filibuster.

              60 votes is, and the GOP doesn’t have it.

              Keep on rambling about the PPACA being passed by 60 votes, the minimum to get around a filibuster. Just proves your ignorance further.


            • Aldo

              So again… you dont need 2/3s majority to pass oppossed legislation… sigh

            • Eric Calabros

              Guys.. its NR, not Politico

            • Politicanikon would a great blog – then not only would the fights be about on sensor ADC, but tax fraud and how we need to make Kodak great again. It would be the perfect storm of click bait madness…

            • John Albino

              The two “independents” caucus with, and usually vote 100% with, the Democratic party…. The are Democrats in all but name (Bernie Sanders and Angus King — Wikipedia them…)

          • John Albino

            Actually, the Senate always can use the so-called “Nuclear Option” and change the Senate rules to allow passage of just about anything by simple majority vote.

            Theoretically, such a rules change could be filibustered, but the ruling party has many ways of subverting such a filibuster, so in practice, just about anything can get passed by simple majority vote in the Senate.

      • I love Apples

        Shut up with the politics you cry baby. Scoreboard!

      • TinusVerdino

        As nothing is produced in the US anymore that is effectively a Ginourmous Tax raise. He would just screw over the people who voted for him. Which he will do anyway.

    • gorilla

      I don’t know why they would put tariffs on cameras.
      Does any US based company make camera and lenses?

    • TinusVerdino

      It is not before January 20th That he will be president and can start Signing executive orders :p

  • MonkeySpanner

    So, it looks like the new Nikon products over the next year will just be existing products with Snapbridge added. So I don’t need to visit the rumor sites for at least a year.

    • newtonkdl

      exactly. no new expeed 5 maybe

    • This is Nikon’s strategy to stop the leaks/rumors 🙂

      • MonkeySpanner

        You mean make the new products to effin boring that no one cares about them? Well, it is working.

        • I’m sure they will release far more exciting prodcits next year. I don’t think this year has been too boring. D500, 200-500, 105 1.4, refresh of main 2.8 zooms. The 5000 and 3000 series are their quick money maker. But yes i agree releases with no added value are annoying. I would recommend any new photog to buy a d5100 for £150 not this camera.

          • MonkeySpanner

            Well, on the high end side – yeah, pretty good year. For us non-pros who can’t afford $2k bodies and $2.5k lenses – not much for us.

  • Eledeuh

    Prices seem very high, even in JPY. Is that in line with previous D5k cameras pricing ?

    The D3400 is around 50万円, given the differences I would expect the D5600 to be somewhere closer to 65-70k-ish than 90k

    • Eledeuh

      The D5500 goes for ~58k new right now, and the D7200 for 80k, so yeah.

      • Eric Calabros

        D5500 was priced almost the same at release date.

    • Prices will be going up.

  • T.I.M

    Better buy it now before our new president raise import taxes !

    • Captain Insane-O

      He can’t legally tear up treaties and ratified agreements unilaterally. Or so SCOTUS has ruled.

      You’ll likely see immense amounts of grid lock and a new justice that wants to ban emergency late term abortions. Maybe repealing homosexual rights.

    • Proto

      Free D900 only for you…. read nikon’s press release

  • JXVo

    I wonder if they’ll remove any of the D5500 features like they did from D3300 to D3400.

    Hopefully D5500 prices will drop a bit – looking to pick one up

    • nwcs

      Well, they did from the D5300 to D5500.

  • srghyc

    This winter I’ll be replacing my 10 year old D40x with either this or the D5500. I’ll have to decide if the improvements are worth the $300 difference.

    • doge

      I upgraded from the D40 to the D5500. It’s a huge upgrade. I’d save the money and get the black friday D5500 deal.

    • Mike

      Wow. Time to upgrade your computer too from the Commodore 64. Lol (just teasing). 😉

      • doge

        That is a good point though. Dealing with 6 megapixel files is a walk in the park compared to the 24 megapixels from the D5500. I’ve noticed substantially longer image loading times on my machine. I definitely need to build a new pc.

        • julian_n

          Ah, you obviously need SnapBridge to speed up those transfer times.

          • Jaroslav Charvát

            I see what you wrote there.

  • Pirate Booty

    same old, same old

    no innovation whatsoever

    • Kev Dav

      You were expecting those innovations to be in Nikon’s semi entry level camera? Not heard of to many professions that work from the bottom up in their product lines.

  • bgbs

    Nikon, you give us no 4K after Trum wins? That’s deplorable

    • Mike

      Not for $800. Even a Sony RX-100 with 4K is $1000+.

    • Kev Dav

      Gotta have reasons to upgrade to a D7XXX or D500, you know. Can’t have it all in the semi entry level cameras.

  • doge

    Based on all existing info, snapbridge sounds terrible. I’m pretty happy with my 5500. Using wifi and the existing Wireless Mobile Utility app, I am easily able to send pictures to my cellphone, which i then text to my family.

    Plus, the sensor on the 5500 is already pretty awesome.

  • Lubos

    well, we gonna have a amazing product next year. 100 years Nikon anniversary doesn’t come every year. there is definitely going to by truly amazing product. maybe new Df, maybe D900, but something for sure. 🙂 so just wait…. 🙂

    • KC


    • Pat Mann

      I’m certain it will be a digital SP with 25, 50 and 105 lens kit, F mount adapter. Or perhaps they’ll make it an S2. Nikon’s first foray into full-frame mirrorless. It will sell thousands at $12,000 for the set.

      • John Albino

        I’m sure your intent was irony, but the sad truth is, you’re probably right….

  • Carlos Henrique Pereira

    I wonder if there would be any chance for a D900 come as a FX D500, with same 20 MP as the D5 as in the times of D3/D700/D300, along with a D900x with 42 MP as an upgrade to the D810.

    • Personally i think they would be better off having the same body with two sensor choices. So a d820(or whatever) and d820s released at same time. One being high mpx the other being the same sensor as d5. Some how i don’t think it will happen though!

    • IronHeadSlim

      5D MkIV

      ; )

  • Brent

    Make Nikon Great Again

  • EnPassant

    The frontal infrared receiver placed on the grip of all previous D5X00 cameras didn’t make it to the D5600. I wonder if the one on the backside is gone as well. Nikon may believe everybody use a big smartphone nowdays rather than a small and discreet remote control.
    And what else is missing?

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Good catch! They did the same with the D3400’s rear IR eye, so expect the mic jack and the sensor cleaner to be removed too, just as they did with the D3400, and the replacement of the flash for one half as powerful. I do hope that a 55-200 VR AF-P will be introduced at the same time, as the 55-200 VR II was introduced with the D5500.

      • KnightPhoto

        How about some AF-P primes for wide angle DX 😉

        I wish Nikon would provide a clearer roadmap on compatibility for new technologies like AF-P and wireless flashes. E.g. can they extend AF-P compatibility out any wider or is this it? And radio flash, can the D810/D7200 etc. be retrofitted via firmware or not?

        Seems odd cause if they could be retrofitted, they’d be selling a lot more AF-P lenses and wireless flashes. Are they gambling it’ll be another reason we will want to upgrade our cameras? Wouldn’t they be just as happy to receive additional income from flashes and lens sales as cameras? And finally if it’s a true engineering limitation shouldn’t they say so to encourage buyers of new models?

  • TheMexican

    Why oh why isn’t there a D810 replacement already?!

    • M09

      because first there is a wall to build 🙂

    • T.I.M

      Because I’m still saving the money for my D30x30 (probably $3995)

    • Pat Mann

      D810 needs replacing? I can see a new higher-resolution (70mp or so) camera, but I don’t see a reason right now to replace the D810.

      • Eledeuh

        The D810 is a fantastic camera, and the next iteration is unlikely to be that much better, but as a matter of fact the D810 can be seen as “lagging” a bit behind the rest of the lineup, and it has less resolution than its Canon and Sony counterparts.

        Whether it “needs” replacing or not, I won’t say, but it’s the oldest camera in the lineup right now. If you’re currently considering the acquisition of a camera like the D810, it just makes sense to ask whether it’s going to be replaced soon-ish or not. Not only for the features, also for the potential slight price drop.

        Myself I use a D750 mainly, and would like a second FX body, probably like the D810, but while I’d love the added DR, EFCS, and resolution of the D810, I also wouldn’t like to “downgrade” from the D750 AF and tilt-screen, for instance 😉

      • TheMexican

        AF wise I’m praying for a AF-C enabled for Group-area AF. I envy the DX users for the D500

    • Espen4u

      Yes, give us a d810 with snapbridge, cropped 4k and without any flash.

  • eric

    its interesting how trumps win has even started to effect the comments sections on camera rumor sites…rather troubling. we have no idea what he will do on trade yet, except what he’s said, but who can really take him at his word? this is after all a guy who sold a fake university program to thousands of people and made millions off it. he may end up not changing trade deals at all and just golf the whole time as president.

    i hope nikon has a big 2017 in store because this year has been a complete dud.

  • Allan

    Good luck moderating all the political comments.

    • Allan

      Instead, let’s talk about the appearance of buttons and dials.

    • ..

      • David Peterson


    • T.I.M

      Well, Donald already called me, he want me to take pictures of the new first lady (with my AF-S 200mm f/2 of course).

      • With the D900, right?

        • T.I.M

          so, you knew about the D900…..that make 2 of us !

          • Eledeuh

            As in, even Nikon doesn’t know about it, right ?

            • T.I.M

              Of course Nikon know about it, they read NR daily !

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    So, no work done to tame the shutter induced shakes? Steel must be prohibitively expensive for a SMB like Nikon nowadays…

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      $6 billion smb, I wish I was worth 6 billion

  • catinhat

    Does anyone still care about Nikon this or Nikon that, or they are all Canadians here?

  • Richard Haw

    wow, they could have tried harder. what a let-down to be honest.

  • KC


  • Andrew

    The D5600 may be Nikon’s way of discounting the price of the D5500 and providing awesome deals this holiday season.

  • Manuel Ferreira

    But… what is this blog about, Nikon D5600 or, political economy…?

  • Dimitrios Arvanitis

    Have you heard anything about the D5700. When is it coming?

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