Nikon deals: free KeyMission accessory pack, new refurbished gear

You can get a free KeyMission accessory pack ($149.95 value) when you preorder KeyMission 360 or 170 by October 22, 2016. For more details check the KM pages at B&H, Adorama and Amazon.

Here is an updated list of the available refurbished Nikon gear at Adorama (14 FX lenses available):

Refurbished Nikon gear is also sold at AmazonB&HCameta Camera and BuyDig.

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  • dabug91

    Is Nikon SERIOUSLY PRETENDING that a cheap table-top tripod, a small camera bag, and a GODDAM SELFIE STICK is a $150 value? LOLOLOLOL
    It’s not, that’s why they’re including it for free to sucker in early adopters, bahahahahaha. Looks like these KeyMession cameras are destined to be a flop.

    • Mike

      But the tripod says Nikon. That’s worth a lot isn’t it? :~)

    • Andrew

      Why are you complaining, if you don’t want the camera then it is not for you. And what right do you have to insult people who are spend their hard earned money by calling them suckers. Man, you are picking up a fight for no justifiable reason.

      • Captain Megaton

        It may be unkind, but stupid is as stupid does.

        That said, the mini-tripod looks like a rebadged Manfrotto 709, and the extra battery is worth something. The extension arm … well, you know, you are probably going to need it for 360 video.

        So there is probably $80 worth of stuff there. As introductory bundles go, that’s not actually that bad. If you think the KM360 is worth $500 in the first place I wouldn’t call anyone stupid by jumping on this early-bird deal.

        • Andrew

          Exactly, especially when in the future the price drops, you would have an extra $80 in value to feel good about 😉

      • dabug91

        Nah buddy, the only one picking a fight here is you by disagreeing with the cold hard truth. Maybe get Nikon’s dick out of your ass and try again. These KeyMission cameras are miserably overpriced and will be a flop. The KM360 may do well with a very small niche of people, but that’s about it. Calling people suckers isn’t an insult if its true.
        The accessory bundle isn’t worth jack shet, but the fact that Nikon is applying an arbitrary price gouging MSRP to it that will only be available until October 22nd is nothing more than a cash grab towards gullible first adopters. “OH MAN! $150 worth of accessories!? Gee I wasn’t really sure about getting one of these cameras but I better hurry now if I want this sweet deal!”
        It’s a trap to get people to buy before a substantial amount of reviews become available that discourage them from buying these junk cameras, simple as that.

        • photomanayu

          You are right dabug91. It is marketing 101 to claim those accesseries at $150 value. But it is not completely unreasonable. If you buy all those accessories at full retail price, it does cost close to that. A table top tripod can easily cost $40 depends on brand. GoPro charge $40 for a grip handle. Lowepro charge about $30ish for a silimar action cam case. The OEM battery is about $30. It’s not too far off $150. Keep in mind it is $150 value, that’s MSRP, doesn’t mean ppl will pay $150 for that shit. If GoPro charge $500 for their action cam, why wouldn’t Nikon charge similar price. The dumb thing about the KM line is that why 3 different form factor? WTF! Who’s gona make 3rd party accessory for them if they all shape different. I think it is a cool idea to have option, but at a marketing stand point this is BS. Especially they are not even the same form factor. It is just 3 individual P&S cameras, they might as well call it coolpix something for all 3 of them.

        • ITN

          Hero 5 isn’t 360 and GoPro’s 360 solution costs $5000.

  • James Donahue

    I just can’t take this crap seriously

  • HKer

    I find it hard to order a KM170 now, without first seeing a comparison with GoPro Hero 5 Black, Kodak and Garmin, etc. I think many will be waiting for the same comparisons. Also I can’t find any low light still images at iso 1600 from the KM170, anyone seen anything?, besides Nikon video of some hikers in daylight. In parallel I don’t seem to be able to find the Hero 5 Black iso specs. The promotional items are nice, but at the end of the day the image quality is what people need to see first. Well that’s my two cents 🙂

    • Eric Calabros

      in sample videos they posted I just saw underexposing, and even heavy underexposing couldn’t help them save the highlights. Sun still seems as a very close nuclear explosion in the sky.

      • HKer

        thanks, it’s only image quality which would lead me to purchasing the KM170, hope they would have a raw sample online to play around with soon. cheers

  • Neopulse

    Ohhhhh snap I’m going to see that right now!

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