Nikon KeyMission 360 action camera to cost $499

The US price of the Nikon KeyMission 360 action camera will be $499 according to this Amazon product listing (already removed):

Shipping will start on October 26th, 2016

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  • $499 ain’t on the lighter side… :/

    • Sandy Bartlett

      It is for these specs.

  • br0xibear

    Just another fad like 3D television/cinema was…it’ll be forgotten about by this time next year.

  • MB

    Announced in January available for pre-order in September, shipping starts in November … seems too late to be relevant …
    I wonder If we are going to wait for another 10 months for the rest of the KeyMission bunch …

    • Eric Calabros

      They want to sell it in 2017… refurbished at $240.

  • Nemmondom Meg

    So they have a massively overpriced stuff ,what has already everyone. Any innovation? Or interesting thing? Why they even went to this Photokina? Just ot be embarrassed by themselves? They shoudl only send few Nikon enginers and marketing guys to get idea from the others what they should do.

  • doge

    pricey. but in line with all the other action cams of this ilk. It’d be nice if it was bundled with some kind of software for handling 360 degree footage (as long as it wasn’t nikon software).

    • Sandy Bartlett

      Not so pricey comparing specs. The cheaper ones don’t have Nikon lens nor 24 mp. I think Nikon will carve themselves a niche here.

  • maxx

    I’m crying.

  • Aaron Fisher

    3 minutes till nikon press. fingers crossed they have something of value in their bag

  • TinusVerdino

    Framing is evil. capture everything.

  • Nikoniser

    Wow ! only 499 ? that is seriously cheap for a 360 cam !

    I do a fair bit of work with action cams, I have 4, I have a Nikon 1 in a water proof housing, a go pro and a sony and super cheap “origin” for real danger. You have to look very carefully at how they actually work in the real world.

    The Nikon 1 is vastly better than the “action” cams as it has a real lens ( flare is a massive issue on a 360 cam ) , it runs a true 1080p with a good bitrate and it has very low rolling shutter, its just big and heavy and not resistant to knocks.

    I think Nikon can create a really useful product here, they actually have some suprisingly good video features, Nikon’s deep enginnering competence in cameras does shine through when you can actually review footage taken at the same time from multiple different angles.

  • jonebize

    Rest in peace, baby

  • Bo Dez

    Watching the Nikon Livestream – it’s funny and ironic they are still using the same old marketing song to tell people they hav nothing new worth talking about,

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Well that was a waste of time.

  • Uninspiring. The GoPro action camera hype is gone in my opinion and Nikon is a bit too late to this party. Also this song is already heard a thousand times. I was hoping that they were having some great news about their DSLR or mirrorless line-up. Nikon should replace some marketing or product strategy guys.

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