Weekly Nikon news flash #375

DxO Optics Pro 11
→ The DxO Optics Pro 11 software ($129-$199) now supports the Nikon D500 camera.

Tokina AT-X 24-70mm f:2.8 PRO FX lens for Nikon F mount lens review
Tokina AT-X 24-70mm f:2.8 PRO FX lens test
DxOMark tested the Tokina AT-X 24-70mm f/2.8 PRO FX lens for Nikon F mount:

The Tokina 24-70mm f/2.8 is an excellent pro-grade standard zoom lens for Nikon full-frame DSLRs. Tested on the D800E, it delivers marginally better image quality compared to the popular third-party Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 and Nikon’s own 24-70mm f/2.8G, due to its excellent sharpness between f/4 and f/11 at most focal lengths. At the maximum f/2.8 aperture setting, it isn’t quite as sharp as the Nikon and Tamron competition, however, which could be a significant factor for photographers who regularly shoot wide open. At $999, the Tokina 24-70mm f/2.8 is notably cheaper than both the Nikon and Tamron equivalents, too. It lacks image stabilization, which could be important depending on what you’re shooting, but otherwise offers a solid build, and a snappy autofocus motor and manual focus override system. Most importantly, image quality is very good, making the Tokina 24-70mm f/2.8 an attractive third-party option for Nikon full-frame photographers.

→ Nikon FA camera getting crushed by a hydraulic press.

→ Fashion photography in Peru by Joe McNally.

→ Nikon D500 vs. D750 hands-on comparison.

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  • Kyle

    I was reading Thomas Stirrs website about the Nikon 1 J5 and I saw in the comments that he referenced using the Dxo Optics software for his post processing.
    Looks pretty nice and a good price vs Adobe offerings….

    • whisky

      DxO OpticsPro does a really good job of cleaning up noise and maximizing IQ.

    • Spy Black

      If you’re satisfied with the default settings (as Thomas is), you may be happy with it. I didn’t like them, and once you start tweaking things, you’re just spending a lot of time. I can’t say I ever found a happy medium.

      With really high ISO images the PRIME engine creates funky mottling in planer areas (such as night skies), kinda defeating the whole point of PRIME.

      However I suggest downloading the trial (it’s either 15 or 30 days) and see if you like how it processes your particular type of work. You may be satisfied with it.

      • Chris

        I cannot find one software that does everything well. Oftenly they are to be used at different stage of the workflow for best results.

  • Spy Black

    My experience with the Tokina 24-70 that I rented from lensrentals did not match the wide open figures of DxO. It totally dusted the Tamron, at ANY aperture. There was softness wide open at the edges at 24mm, but no image smearing, which the Tamron does. Did not compare it to the Nikkor.

    I suspect this has more to do with sample variation. I should have kept the rental, actually. It was quite impressive.

    • Eric Calabros

      Apparently DXO can’t afford more than one sample for every lens they test

    • HF

      Maybe you got a bad sample of the Tamron? My copy is pretty good, for example.

      • Spy Black

        I personally did get a bad sample, because my lens was just hideous. However most of the images I’ve seem online are still quite the smear fest at the corners at 24 mm open wide. A few other people who’ve tried one say the same. The Tokina is a bit weaker at 50mm overall in comparison, but at 70mm is better than the Tamron.

        How are your corners and edges at 24mm wide open?

        • HF

          Not perfect, but ok. I usually use f9-f11 at weddings in case I don’t have the space to use the 35 Art lens, the 20/1.8g is better, but often too wide, unless the scenery is great. The new Nikon 24-70vr is very even, although not as sharp in the center wide open, but what I saw is not bad at all (real world review http://neilvn.com/tangents/review-nikon-af-s-24-70mm-f2-8e-ed-vr-lens/). I also tested the Sony 24-70GM, which I liked the most (however it is expensive like the new Nikon). My problem with the Tamron is AF inconsistency in bad light, which is why I want to replace it.

    • fanboy fagz

      Whats tbe deal with all these aftermarket shmos who cant send out lenses properly calibrated. Its ridiculous. Im certain there are many who fear buying aftermarket lenses because they dont want to deal with testing to see if the lens is a lemon or not

      • Spy Black

        It’s not only aftermarket, OEMs make bad samples just as well.

  • Espen4u

    Sad ending for the FA. Years ago I really wanted that camera, but it was a bit above my budget then.

  • whisky

    bet’cha one of those GOLD plated Nikon FA …s stands a better chance of not getting crushed. 🙂

    • preston

      gold is really soft. .

      • whisky

        … and also very collectable. 🙂

  • TL Robinson

    Sucks that it’s only in 11, and not 10, which they actually told me in an email they would be updating. They essentially forced me into an upgrade in order to process my D500 photos. I almost didn’t do it but I like the NR in DXO and it wasn’t terribly expensive to upgrade but still….

  • JD

    There was a day when I’d come to Nikon Rumors to find out about the future.. Now it’s all about the past.. what’s been announced, what current camera scored on a pointless brick wall.. We want to know what’s comming! Specifically what’s the news on a 70-200 VR iii?! NO NEWS?! Reeeeeallllly… A spastic downturn in the sale of camera bodies.. and Nikon doesn’t update only it’s MOST PROFITABLE LENS with no focus breathing, better sharpness and VR.. I mean it HAS been 8 years.. Did they somehow run out of sand to make glass or something!? Updates to the D750, D610 and D810?! NOTHING?! Not even the faintest whiff of a rumour.. Is Nikon Alive?! Is anybody out there?! Makes me want to move to Canon.. At least they have a 9fps 28mp beast coming along in the guise of a 5D mark IV.. Ok, just kidding. I just want my 70-200!!! Hurry UP NIKON! And NikonRumors.. stop publishing tripe and give us the goods on the NEW stuff!!

    • Spy Black

      You need to head over to Nikon Futures…

    • Yes, Nikon is currently reavaluating everything they have been doing in the past. They have put many of their projects on hold until they figure out how to survive in this market. They even delayed multiple times the products they already announced. I was also told that Nikon Japan no longer shares any details on upcoming products with other branches – I believe this was the case with the D500. Finally, I still report many rumors here on the site, they are just not that interesting. I put much more effort in reporting reliable rumors and not made up bullshit like some other rumors sites. Unfortunately people online are looking for a quick excitement about a new camera or lens that will never come.

      • Allan

        “Unfortunately people online are looking for a quick excitement about a new camera or lens that will never come.”

        We are spoiled by the rapid advances in technology and products. The amazing progress in digital photography from its inception to now has occurred incredibly rapidly.

    • Here is what to expect from Nikon – like I said, not very exciting but hopefully there will be more: https://nikonrumors.com/2016/04/28/what-to-expect-next-from-nikon-7.aspx/

      • JD

        Hi Nikon Rumors…
        As you say, not very exciting forecasts. And apologies if I sounded a bit annoyed (which I am) but lack of reliable information is certainly not YOUR fault, and if I implied your’re publisihing “tripe”…. I guess that’s because Camera companies have become more and more circumspect about letting unwanted info out of the bag early, and probably only leaking what they want to leak. And yes the industry is in turmoil with CIPA numbers continually crashing. If this was a patient on an operating table the doctors would be applying the crash cart just about now.. I wonder what that will be.. And as someone else said there are tons of older designs that have been waiting many a year for a refresh… with none in sight.

        So please keep up the good work and don’t let my criticisms dissuade you! You’re our most reliable source.. There’s just so little to report on now.

    • zorwick

      Are you lost a pixel from that 24 million+ what you have? Explan me what is wrong with the 70-200? 8 years…OMFG. There are plenty other lenses what some of them really need updates…i mean really. They out ther since 15-20 years and nothing changed….let me help you find that pixel :p

  • true

    Why does Tokina have higher P-Mpix number, when field map clearly shows the tamron and nikon to be sharper?

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