Nikon D5 firmware update to be released soon

The previously rumored Nikon D5 firmware update will be released soon, maybe as early as next week. Here are some of the changes that will be introduced:

  • New 29 min 59 sec 4k video limit
  • Electronic VR for video (will crop out a bit of the borders)
  • Flicker reduction for stills and video
  • Ability to choose 9 points for dynamic area AF
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  • Eric Calabros

    so you’re telling me they put accelerometer sensor in the body, but didnt use it?

    • tobi


    • Max

      I also wondered about that. I wonder if by “electronic VR” they don’t mean “software VR”, or some algorithm that removes shake from video. Hope that’s not the case..

      • Could be

        • nwcs

          Almost certainly; a lot of smartphones use this same approach.

          • Smartphones have accelerometers.

          • Smartphones have accelerometers. I assume electronic VR must be software VR.

      • BlueBomberTurbo

        It’s software. The Nikon 1s have it, too.

    • sickheadache

      You really have gone where no man has gone before.

    • Thom Hogan

      I’ve long argued that cameras don’t take advantage of the potential of “other” sensors. Back in 2003 I gave a talk where I demonstrated how you could remove camera motion in post processing if you had the information about how the camera moved.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      They needed FDA approval before activating it since it uses electro stimulation on the operators hands and arms for stabilization

    • Bruno Zarokian

      Software stabilisation doesn’t require any sensor input, it is all about guessing overall by how much a frame shifted compared to the previous and next one, and smooth it in time. Incidentally, modern video codecs already rely heavily on block-level motion prediction to achieve high compression rates, the average frame translation value can be a simple by-product of these computations.
      Btw phones are NOT using the accel sensors to do software stabilisation, they are way too imprecise and slow for that, and it is useless anyway.

  • darkedgex

    So rather than use a filesystem that allows for files larger than 4 GB (such as NTFS or exFAT), they’re going to split the files? I mean, maybe it’s not such a big deal, as I suspect people doing serious video work are using an external device that doesn’t restrict itself to the filesystem used by the camera, but still..

    • Microsoft owns the licencing for NTFS (So that’s a no go as it’s v expensive).

      ExFAT has it’s own licencing issues too although I would have rathered that than 4GB ‘chunks’.

      • Spy Black

        I always wondered why manufacturers didn’t just adapt a Linux format instead.

        • They want something you can stick in a Windows PC and have it just work.

          • Spy Black

            Yeah but years back that didn’t even work on Macs. Apple just decided to pay the toll. Manufacturers could have easily included a reader with the camera’s computer software so you could read the cards.

            • Apple has pretty much always taken that approach (and it “just worked” as far back as 2000 when I was using a Sony DSC-505 with memory stick). Do you honestly trust camera companies to produce any decent software?

            • Spy Black

              It’s not rocket science. It’s simple enough to include a reader with the software.

            • This is true, but then writing an App that sucks files off your device via http isn’t rocket science either and none of the camera makers seem very good at it.

    • Shutterbug

      More is always better, but it’s pretty rare that you would ever shoot a scene longer than a few minutes anyway. Good to see they bumped it up though.

    • n11

      As nice as DSLR video has become recently, dedicated video cameras are still the main cameras used for “serious video work”. It’s like night and day the way they work.

      • Spy Black

        Yes, it’s how they work that makes the difference. However an entire industry has sprung up around making DSLRs functional as filmaking tools, but it’s certainly involved and clumsy.

    • Thom Hogan

      Yes, they’ll split up to eight 4GB files.

  • EvilTed

    So basically on par with the D500 🙂

  • sickheadache

    When the Nikon D5 was was the classic example of…Developers and Designers not on the same page. So what Spin Nikon Corp. said before…is just that…Spin.

  • Surinder Gill

    when is nikon releasing firmware for focus peaking in D5, D500

  • Surinder Gill

    i wish there was some focus indicator in live view recording

  • saywhatuwill

    I said it once before but I wish Nikon and other companies would do away with the video time limit when they’re shipped to countries that don’t have the rule that “if it records video for over 30 minutes then it costs more.” It’s like pandering to the lowest denominator.

    • Thom Hogan

      Because such a feature would be in firmware, when firmware updates come out, you’d be able to download one outside of the EU tariff zone and break the tariff, and I believe there’s regulation that says you have to keep that from happening. So you end up with a tangled mess for updates.

      • Ric of The LBC


        • whisky

          nixit? 🙂

      • Eric A

        Doesn’t the Lumix GH4R allow allow unlimited 4K video. I guess Panasonic is not intimidated by the EU.

        • ninpou_kobanashi

          “According to Panasonic UK, the Lumix DMC-GH4R will only be offered in Europe and will be priced at £1199.” -> Covered by higher taxes from the get go?

        • ITN

          The GH4R costs several hundred euros more than the GH4, due to the tariff. I suppose Nikon could offer a similar unlimited version for the D5 but because the tariff is relative to the price of the camera it is not worth it in this case. It is a stills camera mainly, after all, whereas you could argue the GH4R is primarily a video camera.

  • the electronic VR will crop out a bit of the borders

    • waterengineer

      Yep. Just like Adobe Premier.

      • Pete L.

        Probably would get better results using editing software (Premiere, After Effects, etc.) after the fact anyway, right?

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