Weekly Nikon news flash #370

→ Tamron issued new firmware updates for the SP 35mm f/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F012) and SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F013) lenses for Nikon F mount. The new Tamron TAP-in console for Nikon F mount is currently in stock.

N-Photo Nikon D500 issue
→ N-Photo’s 60th issue is now on sale and you can get it for free when you start a no-obligation free digital trial on your Apple device (direct links: iPhone | iPad). You'll also get a free guide to RAW worth £7.99/$9.99. More on the issue:

Find out why the D500 is the best D-SLR Nikon have ever made - and why this matters even if you're not in the market for a new camera. Plus, enjoy photos of British astronaut Tim Peake, a low-light seascapes masterclass and join the debate, is RAW dead?

→ Rating and Investment Information Inc. affirms Nikon's rating at "A" and says stable outlook

Moose Peterson on the Nikon D5.

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  • whisky
  • jstevez

    RAW is dead? LOL…Thanks for the laugh Ken.

  • doge

    Why do people always capitalize raw? It’s not an acronym, or anything else which should be capitalized. You’d think an editor of a magazine would know that. That person should be fired.

    • El Aura

      Mainly because it is almost always juxtaposed with other acronyms (JPEG, TIFF). Probably also because it stands for a specific form of raw data. Nobody would capitalise ‘unprocessed’, but ‘raw’ files describe a specific form and kind of image data. And not least the camera companies, who in their documentation were among the first to use the term also capitalise it.

    • Allen_Wentz

      It is called _RAW_ not raw, simply a convention for more than a decade. What is so hard to for you understand?

  • El Aura

    How do you update the firmware on Tamron lenses? (Is there a Tamron dock?)

    • MB

      You send it to Tamron … it is kind of free service

    • they have a dock as well – they recently announced it: http://bhpho.to/214kdCt

      • Poul

        Is there a possibility that you can fine tune your tamron lens to the d500 with this dock or is that something you would need to do on camera?

  • N-Photo really is must-read for Nikon fans.

  • Is raw dead? No, but this publication is!

    Please, everyone, drop the trolling headlines.They’re not a new concept, and they lend too much noise to the signal.

  • It is interesting that when Nikon discontinued the old rebates, this forum was filled with comments about how horrible it is that Nikon would discontinue their rebates. Now we have news of new rebates and it is mostly silent.

    • Yes, this is a surprise for me as well because the new rebates include also high end lenses.

    • br0xibear

      The D5/D500 story is “old” now, lens rebates don’t excite them, they need their fix of new, new, new.
      They’re waiting for that tiny morsel of information about the D500 size body that houses the D5 sensor and AF system, I guess they”l have to go cold turkey until late in the year ? lol

  • “Is RAW dead? Why RAW isn’t always best”

    …Wow I’m glad I don’t waste my money on a subscription to THAT!

    • Ineedmy Bobo

      I was just thinking that. Sure, I see cases for using JPEG for speed and ease of processing in some scenerios, but is RAW dead? F*ck off, N-Photo. Nice over-the-top headline.

  • Hanudiyan

    One thing bad about RAW: unrecoverable when we have trouble with memory card. My friend experienced this, and he lost all of his 550D RAW. And he didn’t use JPG, only RAW. Or is there something we can still do?
    (I use RAW for my photo, and JPG just in case I have problem with my card.)

    • Not true. Almost all recovery softwares have RAW recovery capability nowadays irrespective of camera model or version.

    • While it’s true that shooting in RAW+JPG might increase / double your chances at recovering a particular image or images, data recovery has everything to do with file integrity, and nothing (or almost nothing) to do with file format. I’ve recoverd RAW files for folks innumerable times, off corrupt or damaged memory cards.

      Your friend either had a truly destroyed memory card, or he didn’t run the right recovery program. I would strongly recommend running additional recovery programs, or even sending the memory card in to a professional service like DriveSavers.

  • captaindash

    I guess if only 98% of pro’s use RAW than it must be dying. I mean dead. Yeah, it’s dead.

    It’s a ‘debate’? Debate between who? I would love to go to the petting zoo and feed hay and oats to the other debater.

    I may check out the magazine to see if it’s chock full of troll articles or if there are indeed things worth checking out in there. Right now I’m laughing at it though.

    • SpecialMan

      Like you, I’m skeptical, OTOH what if it IS the best DSLR ever made? Aren’t we going to feel like idiots because we could have been shooting with it for a month already? Say what you will about Nikon customer service, just about every new Nikon camera is a big step forward in some way.

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