Nikon DL camera prices in Japan leaked online

Nikon at the 2016 CP+ show
Here are the Japanese prices of the upcoming Nikon DL cameras and new DF-E1 EVF (US prices will be lower):

Nikon DL 24-85 f/1.8-2.8

  • estimated retail price: 80,000 yen (around $700)
  • available in is black and silver

Nikon DL 18-50 f/1.8-2.8

  • estimated retail price: 105,000 yen (around $900)
  • available in black

Nikon DL 24-500 f/2.8-5.6

  • estimated retail price: 120,000 yen (around $1,000)
  • available in black

Electronic view finder DF-E1

  • estimated retail price: 32,000 yen (around $280)

Expect the official announcement in the next 2-3 days before the start of the CP+ show in Japan (February 25th).

Via Digicame-info

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  • brtravel

    Wow, a compact with 18-50 range (FF equiv.) would be a game-changer for compacts! I’m struggling to think of any other lenses, for any system, that reach from ultrawide to normal, the 17-40L being the closest I can think of.

    • whisky

      range-wise, the Nikon 18~55mm or the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8.

      • rensuchan

        Those are crop specific lenses so the equivalent focal length would not be considered ultrawide.

      • tonkotsu

        no, range wise, on aps-c, would be 12-35mm

    • Allen_Wentz

      I have been using the Nikon 12-24mm f/4 DX (18-36mm FF equivalence) since D2x days. I would not call it compact or cheap, however.

      • It also doesn’t meet the criteria. 36mm is not “normal.” These compact camera lens focal lengths are listed in effective FL after crop factor is applied.

        It’s very impressive and I’m very interested.

    • Adam

      Agree looks like Nikon has done their homework this time. Should be interesting.

    • Fry

      not sure if sarcastic…

      18mm on that tiny 1″ sensor is equivalent to 36mm on FX.
      That has nothing to do with ultra wide, or even wide. It’s pretty much normal to slight telephoto range (100mm).

      edit: mixed it with m43, 1″ has a freaking 2.7 crop factor !

  • doge


    • Andy Aungthwin

      Just wait a few weeks after launch.

      They will come back to life.

  • nwcs

    A bit on the high side but then again the Canon/Sony equivalents are also priced on the high side. If it performs then it may not matter as much.

    • iamlucky13

      I think it was to be expected for them to debut at similar prices to the Canon and Sony offerings.

      Now that the three biggest manufacturers all have similar models out, perhaps the competition will start pushing those prices down.

      • Adam

        I wouldn’t expect price cuts across the board anytime soon. As you mentioned the three biggest manufacturers may all have similar models but some have not performed up to others which is why you’ll see canon continue to have price cuts. Nikon might be the first one to truly give Sony some competition.

    • Adam

      Based on the specs so far, it appears to be priced just right. It’ll all come down to operations and performance.

  • mikew

    The 24-500 is about what i expected,but to sell it without a viewfinder,i suppose i could hold a 500mm lens at arms length,or not.

    • Remember it’s only actually a 185.18mm lens, will be small for its FL, and will be stabilized. Not so hard.

      • mikew

        I read it as 500 being the FX equivalent,if not ime not interested i wanted a crop factor giving a FOV of 1350mm

        • It’s 500 effective. Not 1350. They are all listed in effective FL’s which is the sort-of generally accepted standard for compact fixed lens cameras these days. And besides, not one single one of these lens ranges would make any sense otherwise.

          • mikew

            Back to looking at m4/3 then for light long range

          • Pauline Berriman

            Help. I am totally confused. I have aD7000 and use a sigma 150-500 for wildlife. Will the DL 24-500 give me the same reach.Or would I be better with the Panasonic with a 30X zoom??????

            • Your D7000 combo gives an effective focal length (at full zoom) of about 760mm.

            • Pauline Berriman

              Thank you.sounds like a brilliant camera though.Any Ideas when it will be released?

  • Rick

    pretty pricey! .. however that 18-50 sounds awesome. looking forward to seeing the announcement and some samples from it.

  • wangbu

    will these cameras have snapbridge?

    • PhilK

      I believe all the P&S Nikons have snapbridge these days, I would assume these are no different.

      • KnightPhoto

        When we talk SnapBridge we are talking low power BlueTooth not WiFi. The only Nikon camera that can do this so far is the D500.

        • PhilK

          I think Nikon is confusing the issue by associating the term “Snapbridge” with their existing WiFi connected-features and Wi-Fi/NFC enabled cameras.

          If you search for “Snapbridge” on the Nikon USA site, it brings you to pages describing their various WiFi enabled cameras. If you look at their Snapbridge video, it depicts lower-end DSLRs (not D500) that never specifically had the term “Snapbridge” associated with them in the past.

          I assume what they are going to do is just re-brand their existing “WirelessMobileUtility” to “Snapbridge”, and add the Bluetooth capability to it. In the meantime, it seems they would prefer to confuse us..

          • Thom Hogan

            Nikon has used the term SnapBridge for two years for their WiFi capabilities. Yet the iOS and Android app is called WMU, go figure ;~).

            This is an area where marketing got ahead of engineering, basically.

            • PhilK

              Seems that way.

              And while I coulda sworn that I’d seen the term “Snapbridge” associated with the WiFi features as well, a quick scan today and I couldn’t find any sign of it in the few camera details I spot-checked…

            • Thom Hogan

              The first across the board use I saw of the term was on the 2014 Christmas brochures for the NikonUSA dealer coop program. Virtually everything in the brochure was SnapBridge built-in or SnapBridge optional. Something tells me that I saw it at Photokina that year, too.

              I know that in a private discussion going back further I suggested to someone in Nikon marketing that they needed to stop doing random WiFi widgets but to expand the capability across all cameras and brand it. But I don’t remember if that was just prior or way prior to them doing just that.

  • Mike M

    Performance/software/ergonomics better be stellar if they want to charge this much as the last entry to the market . If they don’t hit the mark maybe it will be my new “bottom” Nikon when they go on fire sale…

  • MonkeySpanner

    These will be fun to pick up on fire sale when they realize they will sell about zero at these prices.

    • Eric Calabros

      if we consider J5 body only as $400, a 24-85 f/1.8-2.8 lens is only $300 with this cam. What would you expect? Just tell N1 users that Nikon will release such a lens with this price, and they will say Shut up and take my money!

  • TwoMetreBill

    Ah but will they be large enough to be operated comfortably by adult human hands or are we getting 3 more cute kiddie cameras?

    I would really like to replace my Fuji X-S1 but the 1″ sensor superzooms from Pany (my wife has one) and Sony (likewise for my son) just don’t cut it. And the Canon, technically a bad joke.

    So I can only hope that they will either deliver a full size camera or a vertical grip aka Olympus does for the EM1.

    • tmay

      Interestingly, I’m actually looking for a “kiddie” camera for a friend’s granddaughter. Here grandmother and aunt are both Nikon DX/FX users. I’d give her my old V1, but frankly, it’s a pretty terrible camera from a user perspective. I’m hoping that Nikon has this figured out.

  • Cinematism

    Sure I will go for the 18-50mm!

  • neonspark

    not feeling that price.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I just wished that they all had viewfinders (for that price)… I cannot think of shooting without one really

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I believe that the 18-50 will find lots of happy hands

  • Spy Black

    I just picked up a discontinued Panasonic GM5 yesterday for $440, and needless to say, with it’s 4/3rds sensor, this thing blows my J4 and RX100 III out of the water (although it doesn’t take much to dust the J4 LOL). It also, to my surprise, is actually a bit SMALLER than my J4. AF on it is as fast and as impressive as the N1 system AF (one of N1’s better traits), possibly a bit better in low light no less. While I’ll keep the J4 for underwater work, the RX and my 30-110 Nikkor go up on eBay. This is my new go-to street camera. Totally impressed! It’s a shame Nikon never joined the 4/3rds consortium.

    • Curtis

      Thanks for the good information. How’s the continuous focus tracking during video on the GM5?

      • Spy Black

        Haven’t gotten there yet, just got it.

  • Adam

    I can hear Canon now, why didn’t we think of that once they hear the Nikon announcements. Unlike Canon, it appears Nikon will truly be offering a unique product. Game changer?

  • I wonder how much lower the US price for the 18-50 will be. I was thinking about getting a 15mm f/4.5 Voightlander when that comes out for FE-mount this spring, but 18mm on a separate body might be even more useful.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I wish these had built in EVFs. Panasonic managed to put one in the GM5 and I miss a tilting LCD in the Ricoh GR. Fuji’s new X70 tilts but misses the EVF and weather sealing.

    With great style, weather sealing and an optional EVF, the 18-50 could still be my pick. I hope it looks good and handles well.

    Maybe it will give a nod to that old Nikon RF.

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