New refurbished Nikon cameras listings

There are some new Nikon refurbished listings in the US:

More refurbished Nikon gear is available at: AmazonB&HAdoramaeBayCameta Camera and BuyDig.

More Nikon deals and rebates are available here.

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  • Spy Black

    No D750s

  • Spy Black

    Hilarious that the AW130 goes down to 100 ft. I may get one of these for I don’t need to dive past that number and have to bring my J4 in it’s underwater casing. It’s also compact enough to fit in my winter motorcycle riding gear, which only my failing Canon S110 could fit in. My RX100 III and J4 are too big for that setup. That 14°F operational temp is handy in winter riding too.

    • Sean Parchem

      Spy, looks like this camera could be a great “beach” “snorkeling” “skiing” vacation camera. Especially for that price. Always around when you need/want it. I’ll have to research the reviews to see if the picture quality is sufficient.

      • Spy Black

        Was looking at one review, the images are a bit over-processed for my tastes. I wish you could reduce setting like noise reduction and such. Of course, it would be great if it had RAW, but alas. It would ideal for my winter riding, but the pics are are bit too crushed for me.

        • Sean Parchem

          I agree on the “right size” “temp” “water specs” . I bikepack and carrying my D800 w a 20mm around doesn’t make a ton of sense. Gotta keep somewhat dry. It’s the smallest full frame I can carry (I”m not buying another full frame like the d600) I love my coolpix A and the raw capabilities but man, the AF on it just plain stinks and I can’t use it around or in the water. Like snorkeling in Belize or CR with my kids. Sure, I could buy a housing for my D800 but I could buy this for much much less.

  • Spy Black

    Hmmm, that’s not too bad.

  • jonra01

    That $899.95 price for the D7200 makes me happy I acted on that $769.95 deal from Adorama that you posted about 3 weeks ago. Thanks for that tip!

    • very welcome, I have not seen a lower price since

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