Nikon D5 and D500 launch events scheduled in the US

Nikon USA announced on their website a list of Nikon D5 and D500 launch events for different locations throughout the U.S. Seating is limited, registration is free. First 50 attendees through the door will receive a "special gift exclusive to this event".

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  • CERO

    Special gift?
    What usually does Nikon give on these events?

    • nwcs

      Probably a better camera strap.

    • Proto

      153 points (focused)

    • AYWY

      Ugly, lousy strap with Nikon boldly printed on it. Just different from the usual ugly with maybe different colour scheme. Then they’ll call it limited edition…. :p

      A thumb drive that looks like a miniature Nikon camera probably counts as “special enough” and still maybe relatively inexpensive. But will these guys ever be so classy?

      • CERO

        I wouldnt mind the miniature camera.. but a strap? lol.
        gotta love the marketing gimmicks!

    • MichaelSNC

      The new 18-55 AF-P NON VR Version

    • Probably a Nikon D4s.

    • peter w

      A lens, you can even choose between a Nikkor 200 F2 and a Sigma 35 F1,4, so I heard.

    • sickheadache

      A Oily D600.

      • Andrew

        Like a Formula 1 Race Car, pushing the boundaries of performance. And now we have its replacement, the affordably priced D610 entry-level full frame camera for only $1,496.95 😉

        • sickheadache

          Andrew…Just a Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal.

  • jstevez

    I will not buy the D500…
    I will not buy the D500…
    I will not buy the D500…
    I will not buy the D500…

    F%^& it, I will.

    • outkasted


    • Aldo

      I mean this camera has people wanting to switch from FF to DX lol… I don’t blame you.

      • CERO
      • outkasted

        I was one of those that had a D300/D700 combo. It was awkward at first but I learned how to really use the full frame lenses I had with both systems. I have a 16-35mm/f4| 70-200mm/f2.8| 50mm/f1.4 and now a Sigma 35mm/f1.4 When you multiply these by 1.5x then the focal lengths act like that of 24-52mm| 100-300mm | 75mm | 52mm respectively. I also have access to the 12-24mm/f4 DX. While shooting events and sports I often mixed these combos with great success. I very seldom had to use the DX crop in my D700 to a achieve a certain focal length and composition…yes I know I can crop later in post but I want it right composition wise in my camera. Since my D300 burnt out I’ve been using D3/D700. So yeah I’ve been waiting patiently on a D500! Bring it!

      • Andrew

        That is the real irony, I did not imagine the day would come when downgrading is upgrading. Nature photographers are always the usual suspect for DX cameras, but when wedding photographers start buying the D500 in mass, then you know that a sea change has occurred.

        The possibility that the D500 will compete with previous generation full frame sensor cameras in ISO performance is what makes this crop sensor camera all the more intriguing. And the features list is just awesome, where do you stop counting, the list just goes on and on 😉

  • manhattanboy

    Would love to get a hands on before my order ships…

    • waterengineer

      What is your shipping date?

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Someone please sell me the first print brochures

  • Brandon Dittsworth

    Special gift will be a fancy sensor cleaning kit…

    • sickheadache

      No..a Nikon Paper Tissue.

  • Glen

    What, no event in Arizona? They have quite a few in CA so I am surprised they are skipping the Phoenix market. I see a lot of high end gear here in AZ being used in non-paid pro situations here so there is very good market here.

    • jeffp3456

      dont feel bad apparently no one in Florida (the 3rd most populous state) takes pictures either.

      • waterengineer

        I totally agree there needs to be a Florida date. I am on the central east coast (of FL) and I would drive a long way to fondle these cameras.

        • I’m in Tampa. I wouldn’t mind driving couple of hours. The nearest location for me is Atlanta. Cannot take off and drive that long. Any chance the list will change in the future? Or that’s it?

          • waterengineer

            I have two real camera stores by me. One is Canon and the other is Canon/Leica. The barely care about Nikon. The local camera store that I considered the “Nikon store” closed right after Christmas. I will be asking the two local vendors to do something. I suggest you do the same. I would drive to Tampa. I know there are a couple of decent stores there…….or Orlando……

            • I will try. The only shop here in Tampa is a small one. I will ask them anyway. I’ll also try to contact Orlando shops.

      • mark_texas

        I wonder if no stores in AZ or FL wanted to hold the event. Looks like a local store needed to say they would do it.

    • Phoenix, Go Suns!

      • Glen

        Unfortunately right now it’s Go Suns! Get that #1 Draft Pick!

        • Yes, bad season indeed.Still my fav team though:)

    • Thom Hogan

      These seem to be at or sponsored by a certain tier of authorized Nikon dealers. So ask your dealer why there’s none in your area ;~).

      • Glen

        I guess if anyone would do it, it would be Tempe Camera although they don’t seem to have any particular affinity for Nikon as far as I can tell from my visits there.

        • Glen

          I contacted Tempe Camera and they are going to contact Nikon about adding an event here.

          • Morgan Glassco

            That would be cool! I’ve seen them have Canon classes, never anything Nikon roll through

    • Morgan Glassco

      Yeah, I was bummed there was no Arizona show. We should get Blair Bunting to flex some of his Ambassador muscle lol

    • I suspect it has to do with local retailers. E.g. a lot of the events in CA are being hosted by Samy’s Camera which is a pretty amazing chain of bricks and mortar camera stores aimed at pros and enthusiasts.

  • catinhat

    No representation for the District of Columbia, how unusual.

    • dclivejazz

      Ace Photo in Ashburn, Va, 30 miles west. Near Dulles airport, it’s in the DC area.

      • PhilK

        Excellent shop, BTW. Trivia: they are reputed to have the largest on-display collection of camera bags and luggage in the country. 😀

    • I’m disappointed as well. I was really hoping for an event near me, especially since I don’t drive.

  • T.I.M

    The Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4E PF ED VR Lens is now in stock at B&H

  • Beso

    Thanks for the heads up Peter. Registered for my local event on February 17.

    • Very welcome, enjoy and send some pics/interesting info from the event 🙂

  • John Tangney

    I agree, thanks for the post, I am registered for here in Portland, OR.

  • T.I.M

    Nothing for Florida….

    • CERO

      Its the water Tim.. you do not want Florida Man to ruin Nikon’s event.

  • Sawyerspadre

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the list grow. I would bet this takes coordination from the local reps, and some may not have their dealers signed up yet.

  • usa

    Thanks Peter. I’ll be at the Feb 19 event.

    • very welcome, let us know if they provide some interesting info

      • usa

        With pleasure. Question: Is it odd to be this close to launch of a flagship body with so few images and no raw files and so few hands-on reviews?

        • No odd at all for Nikon. They are probably still working on the firmware.

          • outkasted

            I am really interested in seeing the results of a D500 combo with a 500mm/f4 and 600mm/f4 and what the heck an 800mm/5.6

    • sickheadache

      Take Notes, Take Pictures, And When The President of Nikon, Akihiro Nikon, allows questions…ask him this…Where is My D400? See how many Laughs you get!

  • Scott

    The one near me is on a Thursday. Going to take a ‘long lunch’ and go play with some cameras.

    • Eric Calabros

      and hopefully you can talk to “Nikon experts”, so please ask about DX lenses. Doesn’t matter if they have a clear answer or not, just ask it. We need this to send the message “people are asking..” to headquarters.

      • Scott

        Roger that. I’ll do some DX recon.

        • outkasted

          Yeah Scott you will be our go to guy. maybe you can get those samples of what i mentioned above 🙂

    • outkasted

      Any feedback Scott?

  • SiestaKey1

    Can anyone attend these events? Got one near me only 1hr 25min away!

    • Yes, I believe those are free and open to anyone events.

      • SiestaKey1

        Thank you, Peter. I may look into attending. D5 is already ordered but it would be nice to see it up close early!

  • Photobug

    My hunch is that launch event handouts will be similar to what I have received from the Nikon Regional representatives for stopping by and asking questions and looking at DSLR and lenses.

    Items I have received at regional events include, Nikon micro fiber cloth, T-shirt, mugs, Teddie bears, pens, Nikon catalog, Nikon rain coat. Hopefully it will be a good item.

    • David Weinehall

      Mugs are always welcome, as are micro fiber cloths, and a raincoat would be nice too if it’s not too shitty quality. Teddy bears always make nice presents. Catalogues, pens, and t-shirts though would be pretty lame.

      I don’t really own the problem though, seeing as I’m neither a prospective buyer; they’re both out of my budget (and competence) range, and the events are outside my regional range…

      • outkasted

        you under estimate yourself young Jedi…seek the force.

    • outkasted

      could always need a Nikon Rain coat though!

      • Photobug

        True. Mine folds up into a small square. Hopefully they will have some thing good to hand out.

        • outkasted

          see if they have some for us large Photogs…lol

          • Photobug


    • John_Skinner

      I got a lousy pen and a key chain light that doesn’t work with my NPS renewal.. LOL.

      I’m in Canada just across from Detroit. So I’m heading over to Livonia on the 17? of Feb.. to check these out.

  • Lubos

    Nothing in Canada? 🙂

    • neversink

      Don’t you think Admin would have announced an event in Canada if there was one, eh????

  • Max

    A Nikon Lanyard.

  • StigShift

    I AM The dawn of a new recall

  • “The dawn of a new era” lol

  • ExpensiveHobby

    I was at the SWPP Trade Show in London over the weekend and got to handle both the D500 and D5. The ergonomics of handling and button layout are well considered. Of course not everyone will like them, but I will be getting a D500 as a nice upgrade from my D7000.

    • PhilK

      Are they letting people actually save pics with them now, or are the memory card slots still off-limits?

      Because I’m thinking about going to one of the events here, and wondering what we will or will not be able to do..

      • ExpensiveHobby

        The memory card slots could not be accessed to use a personal memory card, because “the firmware is not finalized” on the bodies being displayed yet. The camera bodies had only been in country for three days. The folks at the booth did not know when the final release version of the software will be available.

  • neversink

    What, No launch event in Kenya???? There, now I’ve wasted space in a Nikon Rumors post.

  • Waaaaa … no events in Florida?

  • unknown

    Just now learned D5 will be “the dawn of a new era” – maybe wait a second until high noon? Time flies so insane fast … guess we’ll see ‘sun’ before Photokina (54 MP D810 successor).

  • MaximusPhotography

    Photographers in this industry for photos and not your cheap gifts. We need better quality services and durable products. Do that and that’s all it takes to retain and expand your market share.

    Im insulted reading such article.

  • AlphaTed

    Got two events in my neck of the wood.
    I registered within 30 minutes I got the email from Nikon. I’m hoping nobody will find out about it, so I’ll be guaranteed whatever “gift” they will hand out. But it’s now full. Wow.
    It will be around dinner time, I hope there’s food, as I’ll be coming straight from work.
    If it turns out a good event, I’ll be signing up for the other event next month.

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