Nikon D500 official sample 4k UHD video released

Nikon Europe uploaded the official sample 4k UHD video from the Nikon D500 on YouTube:

The Nikon D500 can record 4K UHD (3840 × 2160)/30p/25p/24p as well as 1080/60p video for up to 29 min. 59 s¹, with simultaneous output via HDMI available. It is also possible to generate 4K UHD time-lapse movies within the camera. In Full HD or HD mode, the D500’s electronic Vibration Reduction function² reduces the effects of camera shake in the horizontal, vertical and rotational directions during hand-held movie recording, while Active D-Lighting preserves details in highlights and shadows to capture footage with natural brightness.

¹ Recorded in separate files.
² Image area will be slightly smaller in DX-based movie format.

The 4k sample video from the D5 was removed from YouTube for some reason.

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  • Wow, Impressive.

  • Michiel953

    Looks very good. On my 6S screen.

    • Aldo

      Almost an oxymoron is it not?… a lot of the footage shot now days ends up being viewed the most in smart devices… yet we are striving for 4k plus…

      • Andrew

        It is now affordable to buy top performing 4K TVs like Sony’s Triluminos large screen TVs with amazing color rendition. The D500 has Nikon’s notable color algorithm which should be a perfect match. I use my Sony 1080p TVs for watching Blu-ray movies but it is good to know that when I become more of a videographer and move to 4K TVs that my camera is future proof.

        • Aldo

          Idk Andrew… I really can’t predict where video is going with the ultra high res formats. I don’t see myself buying a 4k tv not because I can’t afford it…but because so much picture quality actually begins to take away from the viewing experience. I can’t really explain it to you in short… It may be just personal preference and you will be proven right over time… but I’m the kind of guy who goes out of his way to watch the non 3d version of movies at the theater.

          • Andrew

            Well Aldo, I do agree with you on the area of resolution with regards to movies as seeing makeup on an actor’s face can be quite distracting. But doesn’t the same go with Nikon cameras like the D810 that remove the anti-aliasing filter? But then again the photographer can blur things up in post-production. Even the grains in older movies have their appeal. So on that note, I understand your views 😉

            But watching nature movies in 4K is an entirely different matter. I really appreciate the realism that ultra-high definition gives us. And note that 4K is simply a gradual march towards rendering images within the outer limits of the human eyes. Isn’t that what we should all strive for?

            • Aldo

              Nature movies at ultra high res are quite impressive… but I seldom to almost never find myself watching nature movies. As for photos I guess it is a bit different as you implied.

              I think we should continue to make advancements in technology… but sometimes I think it would be wiser to invest our resources in a more ambitious direction. For example… the theory behind 3d in general is to bring you closer to realism… but in reality it is currently nothing more than a novelty… the disparity between 3d and the real thing is laughable… not just because of the picture…. but many other factors. Imagine that instead of making more pixels… companies got together and develop something like a holodeck… in the interest of realism… I that that would be far more successful than 3d… but as of now that still remains fiction.

            • Andrew

              Actually, I have watched only one movie in 3D, and it was James Cameron’s Avatar and it was absolutely stunning. I literally felt as if I could touch the flowers a few inches from me. But the scenes were a little darker than normal when wearing the 3D glasses and the resolution was not stellar. I understand that 3D cuts the resolution in half. The movie required special 3D glasses and I was wearing a passive one as opposed to an active one. I missed the showing that had the higher quality 3D glasses, and maybe that is the reason why the image quality was not stellar.

              I saw the movie at an IMAX theater. The rest of the movie – though incredible, did not captivate me that much in terms of its 3D rendering though the technology showed some promise. So from that experience, I immediately knew that the technology had a little ways to go before it will deliver on its true/full potential. I guess 3D technology will work better with 4K TVs as those have significantly higher resolution screens.

              The amazing experience of feeling that I could touch the flowers make me feel that 3D and holodeck are sister technologies and that we are very close to experiencing the full holodeck experience though not as enriching as in Star Trek. Oh, and by the way, in the past I had been an avid Star Trek fan 😉

          • Max

            That’s what I thought years ago when I watched Transformers. I couldn’t see the bots transform in the relatively simple, but clever way they traditionally did. Because they made made them up of 100’s of little moving parts, fast blurry movements and other dazzling FX that covers up the transformation process, as opposed to actually thinking about where the leg is going, and where the wings fit, etc.. The development of 3D animation has given the film industry so much power that it’s tempting to trade in creativity for fancy FX.

            • captaindash

              Bingo. I wanted that transforming sound, ya know? Instead you get a John Woo style 360 surround flashy transformation that lasts 6 seconds, and they turn into a robot that looks like every other robot. In the first movie they also called a tank ‘Devastator’, so what do they know?

          • captaindash

            Yup. Ever try watching a movie and getting the ‘soap opera’ effect? It’s awful. It’s from too many frames (lack of blur). It changes the whole mood of the movie. Cartoons will look great, as will nature stuff, but for many other things, 4k is too much. I also don’t like overly sharpened photos, but it’s all just personal preference, and clearly my druthers isn’t the most popular so I lose.

            • CERO

              lack of blur has nothing to do with 4k.
              what you describe is the framerate issue.. 24fps vs 30fps vs 60fps.

            • captaindash

              Yes sir. That’s why I said “It’s from too many frames”.

              Cartoons aren’t made ‘blurry’ the way movie frames are so the added resolution just reduces pixelation which does make it look better.

          • Recording in 4k vs watching it are two entirely different matters. If you are a videographer intending to get the best output quality possible, you record in a higher resolution, apply all your post-processing at that resolution, then do your final rendering to the size intended for viewing.

            This should sound familiar if you are editing stills in post. You don’t apply filters, effects, etc. after reducing the size of your image, you do it at the original res and then let Photoshop or similar application resize it for you to preserve the most detail. It’s especially true for 3D and fractal imaging, where rendering to the intended output size oftem creates unwanted aliasing around edges that can be eliminated by rendering to a larger size and then using a pro quality resizing algorithm.

            • Aldo

              I think Andrew is suggesting that ‘everyone’ will have a 4k tv in time and that it will be the standard format in the future.

              ‘best output possible’ has nothing to do with recording 4k unless you want to have the cropping advantage. There are many regular hd cameras that record better image quality (resolution aside) than 4k cameras.

            • CERO

              for stabilization purposes, 4k could help wonders.
              and dont know about you, but many 4k videos from the GH4 downscaled to 1080p looks thousands better than normal 1080p on many dslrs.

            • KnightPhoto

              One cool 1080p mode is that video stabilization feature where it “oversamples outside the frame” in order to allow digital stabilization right in the camera.

            • CERO

              but not all cameras have this feature, do they?

              I honestly researched a lot of camcorders.. and most of them have very weak image quality or and bad heavily grainy stuff in low light situations.

              The ones I’ve seen similar to what you say, are the high end sonys and panasonics If I remember correctly.

            • KnightPhoto

              That 1080p vid stabilization mode is on the D500, so yah, cool new feature. I’m more likely to use that than doing much 4K vid as the file sizes are bigger than I can handle… will need a RAID etc. for 4K!

        • FrancescoP

          Today, the 3840×2160 screens are still expensive and Internet connections are not as quick to be able to download the huge files effortlessly.
          It’s a matter of time.
          The costs of hardware are decreasing, the networks are improving and servers and telephone exchanges will be progressively updated.
          This will not happen everywhere at once, but in few years the 4K will be the standard.
          In the better provided areas this will happen within 2018, in the worst provided within 5 or 6 years.
          The market is ready for 4K because it’s a near future.
          So, renewing my hardware, I must consider 4K as a need.

    • Michal Zdunek

      looks really awesome on my new surface pro 4 @1440p… i’m impressed

  • Erik Spaan

    What is this ” … the D500’s electronic Vibration Reduction function …”. Is it build into the body ?

    • Kiboko

      “² Image area will be slightly smaller in DX-based movie format.”
      Probably it is a digital/electronical VR-system rather than mechanical.

      • Eric Calabros

        Don’t you even read the PR text? It’s digital VR.

        • Kiboko

          I did read it … Was trying to explain it to the question from Erik. “is it build into the body?”.

    • manhattanboy

      The VR function does not work for 4K video unfortunately.

      • Piooof

        No miracle here: “electronic VR” is based on sensor undersampling in HD. Or if you prefer, it makes use of the oversampling of HD resolution by the sensor.

  • whisky

    looks really good on my HDTV via Air Play too.

  • steve

    buffering time was close to the D500 wait.

  • waterengineer

    Was a D500 hung under a octocopter? If it was, then that means there is new firmware for copter logic board. Where do we learn more about that?

    • I think so – this is an official D500 press photo:

      • waterengineer

        Thanks. That took new firmware to operate the camera. I will look around. So I was wrong. Hexcopter not Octocopter.

        • David Peterson

          Why do you think that?? You can just press the record button on the ground. Then stop it when it gets back. Simple! Nothing new there.

  • Ros Kavanagh

    Couldn’t concentrate on quality, was too busy putting my heart back in place and holding on to something solid.

  • manhattanboy

    This was the same video released before.

    • doge


      • Andy Aungthwin

        Is there some plausible reason why you keep giving yourself a “thumbs up”?

        I mean, this is kinda strange.

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I’ve asked him before but he never responds. :-/

          • Deez_Nuts2015

            I voted his posting down on general principles.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t record down votes.

            • Deez_Nuts2015

              Actually, it does but invisibly. If a site admin chooses, x number of down-votes and/or flags can trigger removal of a post.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Hmm. That’s interesting.

            • Huh, and I’ve been down-voting you all this time but you couldn’t see it. Oh well.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Don’t worry…I could feel it! 🙂

            • doge

              That’s rude.

            • Deez_Nuts2015

              Up-voting your own post isn’t?

        • manhattanboy

          Doge could say the same thing about why you look at who is giving votes. Most folks come for the conversation, not to have their self worth fulfilled by up-votes.

          • Patrick O’Connor

            I look at who’s giving votes if I can’t understand why someone got so many up votes (I strongly disagree with the comment or something like that). In that case, WHO is up-voting is more important than the number of votes. After you’ve been here a while, you become familiar with people’s POV (biases).
            It’s all just fluff. Very few postings really warrant any comment at all.

            • outkasted

              i gave you one just because 🙂

            • Patrick O’Connor

              LOL. Actually you didn’t do me any favors. If people agree with me, I figure I’m doing something wrong. 🙂

            • Ric of The LBC

              I agree.

            • Ric of The LBC

              I agree

          • outkasted

            and with that 😛

          • b,b,b,but I’m… lonely!

          • Ric of The LBC

            hangingheadinshame .mov

          • Andrew

            I do not agree with your assessment of “most folks”. People are social and appreciate it when others show their approval. And besides, it helps us know how well we are adapting to society and what people think about our views.

            But also, it is not a matter of necessarily looking at who is giving votes though I “myself” sometimes look at who is voting. If that information is not relevant, then those voting would not be shown.

            But it is really unusual that this blogger seems to get at least one vote for all of his comments. After a while it is natural for people to get suspicious. It is called curiosity. And looking at his votes, he gets on average three votes for every post which is the highest I have ever seen. Anyway, he apparently likes to get votes, and when the votes do not come in, he self-serves himself. Anyway that is his business; I really do not care 😉

        • CERO

          must be some dude desperate for attention/support. And since noone upvotes or gives him thumbs up.. he has to do it himself. .
          Sort of a foreveralone self hug perhaps?

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    whats up with the stills

  • doge

    Admin, this is the same movie that was released when the camera was announced.

    Last video in your post here:

    Direct youtube link to the video:

  • cbeking

    What lens was used for this? I love the sunstar effect in the video

  • Virindi

    It looks like any UHD video: great.

  • moldcore

    Has been removed

  • MonkeySpanner

    Video? Meh. I am waiting with bated breath for the first image tests. This one should be a stunner.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      You think? I figure it’ll give good results in a greater variety of situations but I’m not expecting the IQ to be significantly better than the current offering. There’s nothing to indicate it would.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Well, it depends. If Sony is the sensor supplier, this might be the first implementation of the new super uber 3d printed super pixel… get the idea. If so, could be an improvement over the d7200.

  • growlingpwn

    nice its f***ing sharp ..

    • stormwatch

      And with really strange noise patterns, that is what worries me, even the Youtube compression didn’t quite hide it.

  • You are correct, it is the same video – did not realize that – sorry, about that. It came in my YouTube feed with today’s date and I thought it was new. The D5 4k sample was new but Nikon removed it shortly after publishing it.

    • Aldo

      I forgive you in exchange for d900 d760 rumors… even if they are fake… like fantasy football… even though I don’t like football.

    • KnightPhoto

      Well I somehow never saw that video really appreciated it! looks like fun times ahead with our new rigs!

      • yes, there was so much going on the last few weeks

  • R0gue_4cid

    Am I the only one that thinks a gopro 4k video is still better and more vivid? This is a good video for this camera don’t get me wrong but based on this sample the Gopro to me seems clearer based on the youtube videos.

    • David Peterson

      That is likely just a matter of grading choices.

  • TheRasmus

    Does D500 have on sensor phase detection?

    • Jim Huang

      No, only contrast. However, Nikon has claimed it is the fastest among their dSLRs.

  • Aldo

    I’m more impressed at the hexcopter tbh… how it can carry all that weight… I wonder how much that runs for.

    • David Peterson

      US $10k + perhaps? ? Easily even more.

      Then when you crash it….

    • RJ

      You can actually get a setup like that for a fair bit less than $10k these days. I’m a dealer. Hit me up if you want me to tease you with actual prices… 🙂

  • D700s

    Looks pretty nice on my Retina screen. Nice move Nikon!

  • mikeswitz

    Forget the camera–those people are nuts!

    • Aldo

      and they look like your average person… usually people who do these kind of stuns have a particular look on their faces.

  • AlphaTed

    This is a D5 video too, not as cool though.

    Nikon D5 | ‘My Nebraska’ shot exclusively in 4K on the Nikon D5

    • I covered that one already – I thought they published another one.

  • saywhatuwill

    Looked pretty good on my 1920×1080 monitor.

    “Nikon – We take the worlds greatest photos…wait, not…videos….no, I was right, photos. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

  • CERO

    So, I finally seen the video.

    Anyone noticed that all the takes had the focus pretty much fixed?
    I did not notice any attempt of autofocus during live view.

  • krisak

    That’s not a sample; that’s a fully produced project.

    A sample would be a few seconds of SOC footage available for download, extraction, and viewing in whatever NLE you happen to use.

    (It’s not just Nikon: none of the manufacturers seem willing to provide SOC footage in their native codec. A shame.)

  • akns

    No 4k 60fps. Sucks

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