Nikon D500 DSLR DX camera officially announced

Nikon announced new D5oo DX DSLR camera:

Nikon WT-7 Wireless Transmitter for D500 Nikon MB-D17 Multi Power Battery Pack for D500
Nikon D500 accessories:

CES presentation:

Press release:

Pro Pedigree, DX Agility: The New Nikon D500 Establishes a New Era of DX-Format Performance

The Highly Anticipated Resurrection of the DX-Format Flagship Gives Photographers the Best Combination of Speed, Reach and Connectivity

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the D500, a DX-format DSLR with pro-level features that gives photographers nimble handling, speed and extreme processing power in a compact and lightweight body. With amazing imaging capability, robust build quality and lightning fast performance, the D500 is sure to satisfy as the highly sought-after successor to the venerable D300S. Like its sibling the D5, the D500 benefits from Nikon’s latest technological innovations such as the totally new, blazing-fast Multi-CAM 20K 153-point AF system and 4K UHD video capture, yet adds a fun new way to share photos with Nikon SnapBridge built-in.“Nikon has answered the call from photographers to once again re-invent this camera category and offer an unmatched combination of performance and value that is hard for any photographer to resist,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “When paired with the amazing imaging capabilities of legendary NIKKOR optics, photographers can capture intimate portraits, mind-blowing macros or action from extreme distances– the possibilities are endless.”

Pro-Level Image Quality, DX-Format Versatility

The D500 imagines the best of both worlds, offering advanced enthusiasts and pro photographers all the benefits of DX-format, such as smaller form-factor and lens crop, combined with many of the same advanced pro features found in the new Nikon D5. The new Nikon D500 features an all-new 20.9-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor that renders images with outstanding colors and gorgeous tonality. This new sensor is coupled with Nikon’s new EXPEED 5 image processing engine, affording low noise and maximum processing power with a surprisingly small footprint and superbly balanced body.

The benefits of the DX-format are evident for long-distance applications like wildlife and sports photography, where telephoto ability is at a premium and weight reduction is welcome. With Nikon’s legendary FX or smaller-sized DX-format NIKKOR lenses, the sleek D500 is the ideal companion for wanderlust. When mated with the new AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens, the D500 offers a remarkable 350-750mm equivalent focal range for a lightweight, yet super-telephoto duo.

Because amazing images can happen even when the sun goes down, the D500 is capable of excellent low-light performance, with an ISO range of 100-51,200, expandable to 50-1,640,000 equivalent. From low-light cityscapes to action sports under the lights, the D500 is ready to tackle any imaging challenge.

Performance Meets Portability

Within the streamlined body of the D500 is a formidable processing powerhouse. Whether photographing sideline sports for the home team or animals in exotic destinations, a super-fast 10 frames-per-second (fps) burst speed with full AF and AE will help nail nearly any shot. This extreme speed lets users capture every fleeting moment in exceptional clarity, while a generous buffer allows for up to 79 shots (14-bit, uncompressed RAW/NEF) to be captured, so the moment won’t be missed.

To keep pace with the action, the D500 is fitted with the same AF system as the Nikon D5, the Multi-CAM 20K AF sensor module, with a separate dedicated processor for AF function. On the D500’s DX format sensor, the 153-point AF array fills the frame from side to side, letting users flawlessly track and lock-onto subjects from the edges of the viewfinder. Like the D5, the D500 utilizes the new 180K RGB Metering system and Advanced Scene Recognition System to help ensure balanced exposures and fantastic color rendition in nearly any shooting situation.

Controls and Rugged Construction Worthy of a Flagship

The D500 features an enhanced level of robust build quality, offering the same amount of rugged weather sealing as the Nikon D810. The durable body is a monocoque structure composed of magnesium alloy for the top and rear, while the front is reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber. The shutter mechanism has been tested for 200K actuations, helping to ensure maximum endurance. For further durability, the D500 excludes a pop-up flash, yet is compatible with Nikon’s newest radio frequency capable flash, the SB-5000 Speedlight (with optional WR-R10 & WR-A10)1.

It’s easy to compose and view images on the D500’s bright 3.2-inch, high resolution (2359K-dot) touchscreen LCD, which lets users interact with photos in playback, control the camera and operate menus. When mounted on a tripod or shooting from creative angles, landscape and event shooters will appreciate the reinforced tilting LCD screen, similar to that of the Nikon D750. Additionally, images are rapidly written to either a fast XQD card slot or to the additional SD card slot for maximum workflow efficiency.

Constant Connectivity with the New Nikon SnapBridge

The D500 marshals in a new way to share photos wirelessly with the new Nikon SnapBridge, making the camera’s built-in connectivity easier to use than ever before. SnapBridge allows for Bluetooth2supported connection between your camera and compatible smart device, thus making automatic upload of your images possible. Once enabled, the camera stays connected to the smart device and transfers photos, eliminating the need to re-connect devices. Those looking to share images from their travels or from the field can also tag images for transfer in camera and can password protect their connection for added security. As an added benefit, the D500’s built-in Near Field Communication (NFC)3 capability easily connects the camera to a compatible smart device with just a tap, while built-in Wi-Fi3 capability allows for faster wireless image transfer.

For those looking for an even faster transfer solution, the D500 is also compatible with the new optional WT-7A Wireless Transmitter, enabling wired or wireless transmission of files to an FTP server or computer at faster speeds.

Advanced Video Features

Just like the D5, the D500 has the ability to capture striking 4K UHD video at up to 30p (3840x2160), as well as Full HD (1080p) video at a variety of frame rates. Ready for any production, the camera sports a host of pro video features derived from the D810, including uncompressed HDMI output and Picture Controls, but adds even more great features. These pro-level creative video features include the ability to create 4K time-lapse movies in-camera, Auto ISO smoothing to provide fluid transitions in exposure during recording, and the capability to record 4K UHD video to the card and output to HDMI simultaneously. When capturing 1080p Full HD content, the camera also has a new 3-axis electronic VR feature that can be activated regardless of the lens being used. Challenging video exposures are no problem for the D500, as it also adds in Active D-Lighting to Full HD video to balance exposure values within a scene to help prevent blown-out highlights

Price and Availability

The new Nikon D500 DSLR will be available in March 2016 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $1,999.95* for the body-only configuration. A kit will also be available, bundled with the versatile AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-80mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR lens, for the SRP of $3,069.95*. The MB-D17-battery pack will also be available in March 2016 for the SRP of $449.95* and will add extended battery life and facilitate vertical shooting. The WT-7A Wireless Transmitter will be available in March 2016, for the SRP of $934.95*. For more information on these new Nikon products, please visit


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  • Pat Mann

    No compromises – XQD, pro finder with finder shutter – thank you Nikon for not dumbing down the top-of-the-line DX camera. Now just a bit of work on the DX lens range, and we will have a complete DX system.

  • Seems like no built in flash on this one. Radio commander would be cool.

  • Calvaria

    first if nikon wants to keep a secret, they kip it. this tell me that all leaks are managed by nikon (ok, 99%). it’s part of theyr marketing.
    second, remember d3/d300 announcement? and then one of the best camera, D700? let’s hope they do the same.
    and the last thing, with this high end D500, I expect new premium zoom like 17-55 2.8 II with vr?

  • Michiel953

    Nice camera.

    Anyways. What’s “sleek” about the 500? We don’t call the 750 sleek, and the 500 appears to be about the same size and a bit heavier.

    I’d call my FM2/t sleek, not this one.

  • Saffron Blaze

    How does a large corporation keep something like this so well hidden when governments can’t even keep minor matters secret?

  • Slowtrekker

    Do they have AA filter d500 & d5.

  • Blagoya D.

    D500 uses the Sony 20.1MP sensor that was used in the a5000 or Samsung’s sensor found in the NX30 (20.3MP). This camera wasn’t developed overnight, and the aforementioned cameras and their sensors fall in the timeline the D500 was being developed. Although I might be totally wrong and this might be a whole new sensor..

  • Richard Coward

    Can anyone who has handled the D500 let those of us with big hands know whether it has a grip as deep and as comfortable as the D750 please?

    Oh, and I am so saving up for this camera now! My D90 needs to be replaced, bless it!

  • John

    list price D500 in Europe €2369 !!!!
    I don’t understand!
    Conform the guy which I spoke Nikon Netherlands has given these prices.
    Is something going wrong!

    • Thiom

      Usually manufacturers these days base their pricing on a US$-EUR parity and the average VAT in Europe is about 20%. So that would perfectly explain an MSRP around 2400 EUR. Just received the newsletter of one of my online retailers from Germany; their preorder price is 2329,- EUR. BTW: US prices are given before sales tax.

      Can’t see much going “wrong” here. The price tag is admittedly quite hefty but a sharp increase in prices for (semi-)professional photographic gear seems to be almost inevitable in the face of dwindling sales. Nikon isn’t alone in this regard. Just take a look at Canon’s and Sony’s latest releases.

      • John

        Thx Thiom,
        if I do the currency math, 2000 dollar will give about 1800 euro. If we add the VAT, this will lead to a price of 2160. Still a gap of 200 euro!.
        When I see the capabilities of this beast I still want to invest however I like to understand the differences and when I pay to much, this money should go to Nikon and not to a in between party.
        Thx again for the clarification. This helps.

        • nwcs

          Keep in mind that warranty differences and return periods are also factored into price. Same as currency fluctuations. Europe is more generous with warranty periods and return periods so that costs extra money. An often overlooked fact.

          • John

            Thx Guys, it is good to understand why. It still is a lot of money but worth to invest.

            • Its a bit more than expected, but I am pretty sure this camera will rock it for us bird photographers.And I am going after one for me:)

        • Thiom

          As I mentioned above, manufacturers from outside the EUR or US$ zone usually factor their prices on parity between US$ and Euro. For them 2000 are 2000 in either currency.

          Other than that I also don’t see the D500 as overpriced. It truly delivers on pro-grade level in almost any concern; for once it doesn’t seem to be dumbed down in any feature. Really a “Mini-D5” – if I’d be in the market for a true Nikon pro-DX body I’d be rejoicing right now too.

      • whisky

        “hefty” is relative. i think i paid almost $1,600 for the D200 body when it was first released. if i recall correctly the D300 was priced around $1,800. i doubt $2,000 even accounts for inflation — never mind the added value and features found in the D500. if anything, we’ve seen “economy of scale” at work to keep the price quite reasonable given what it is. JMO.

    • Morris

      by the time i have saved that money, the__ d500s___ will be out tested and quality checked

  • Camaman

    Hahaha and everybody is still waiting for the D400 i bet!
    Old habits die hard I guess!

  • Kevin8503

    I really hope this ends the D400 whiners… We have the D750 which blows the D700 pretty much every way imaginable, and yet people STILL complain.

    • AlphaTed

      Even those not interested in buying the D500 will complain about the lack of built-in flash. Whiners will surely find faults to whine about, that’s why they’re called whiners.

      • Carleton Foxx

        The lack of a built in flash is a bummer if you’re like me and have come to appreciate and rely on the nearly magical CLS system. It’s amazingly accurate and with 2 or 3 SB600s you can do some very sophisticated effects. Hopefully, it will be easily solved by buying the SB800 flash commander…I pray they’re compatible with the D500.

    • Ric of The LBC

      bring on the D700 replacement whiners

  • Really looking forward to see the real iso performance of the new sensors.
    The numbers sound promising but I believe there is a huge part of marketing into that.
    I guess it will have a usable 6400iso and maybe 12 800iso with luck? That would be amazing for DX and start a new life to this line.

    • AlphaTed

      The 24mpx D7200’s 6400 ISO is usable, easy.
      With D500’s bigger pixels, I’m sure 12800 will be a piece of cake.

      • Of course it depends on your needs, but the D7200 at 6400 iso does not make it for me. The 1330iso score at dxomark also comfort me in that matter. I feel I need around 2500-3000 dxomark iso score to have a usable 6400iso in real life. No DX sensors are up to the task so far.

  • Blagoya D.

    Where is THE REAL D700 successor!! Pro body, FX, fast frame rates with a grip! Bring that on Nikon!

    • Reputable Source

      Give it about a year…

    • mark_texas

      They did – It’s the D5.

  • Axel Holm

    Am I the only one wondering why u shuld get this DSLR?

    • Ric of The LBC

      Fixed this for you

      I AM the only one wondering why u shuld get this DSLR?

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    The next big problem 4 years from now is that the D500 successor can’t be a D600…

    • AlphaTed

      Long ways to that.
      There will be D510, and so on.

    • nwcs

      I think they should broaden a bit and the next ones should be FX6 and DX6 for matched pair top of the lines. Then the 2 digit ones can come back for enthusiasts… FX60 and DX60. Consumers. FX600 and DX600. And variants therein.

    • Michiel953

      D700? Oh wait…

    • Luis F. Vidal

      It is easy: D500 II, III, IV, etc., and I hope they stop increasing numbers and use that kind of model names. D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx are ridiculous and create a lot of confussion in model name history.

    • FroBro

      why do you assume they’ll stick to this method of branding.

      Maybe they have a totally new system to release next, something with a new mount, new model numbers, no mirrors, no curtains. or maybe they’ll simple just change naming conventions for 2020.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    Almost time to pick up a really cheap D7200!

    • D7200 is good companion camera as it has higher MP and perhaps better DR which would make it a better landscape camera rather than a sports camera as the D500 most defiinitely is.

  • Wow! This is quite crazy!! I have only been following DSLR rumors and the frustration over the D300 replacement for the past 2 years or so… and now people are simply so so so glad! It’s actually heart-warming in a way!! 🙂

  • Peter…any thoughts on how this camera remained such a secret? You posted that there were no new rumors to report as late as Dec. 27. Yet the rumors of other products seem more forthcoming.

    • Read through the (many) comments… it is answered. He just didn’t have confidence in the information as the sources were too few…

      • exactly

        • That’s what I mean…you weren’t getting a lot of reliable information. That’s not a criticism of you, just a fact. With other products you’ve had more info to go on making it easier to post something here. Interesting how this was kept under wraps given the level of interest that’s been circulating for 2-3 years now.

          • Yes, I agree – Nikon definitely did things differently with the D500 compared to the D5. I received the first D5 rumors in February, 2015…

    • I have no clue – I received only 2 tips on the D500 and this was not enough for me to feel confident:
      see also the D400 paragraph here:

      • FroBro

        Make you wonder just how many ‘rumours’ or ‘leaks’ are just marketing since they’ve proven they can keep a bloody good secret.

      • I’m sure it keeps you guessing. You are obviously plugged into a vein or two of reliable info…amazing how this didn’t leak more. Thanks for all you do…always interesting and helps all of us with our gear-purchasing decisions.

  • Sebastien

    Is the viewfinder really bigger than D7xxx or it’s only the eyepiece that is different ?

    • Thiom

      According to Nikon’s spec sheets it’s also physically bigger:

      D7200: magnification x0.94 (50mm lens at infinity; diopter correction -1)
      D500: magn. x1.0 (same lens/settings)

      • FroBro

        biggest ever made…….

  • I wonder if it will have auto continuous focus in movie mode like the Sony A7R II. I’m at the point of strongly considering selling all my Nikon gear and jumping ship to Sony. I was also hoping for a new mirrorless option from Nikon.

    • yepits me


    • D700s

      Why even stick with DSLR for video? If you are that serious about video then jump to a real camera. The Red Epic maybe? Sheesh! ..and that’s why I can’t take your comment seriously.

    • Aldo

      Make sure to buy the 10 battery bundle lol

    • FroBro

      please jump ship. thanks.

  • PeterO

    Not having waded through the hundreds of comments yet, I just wanted to say how secretive they were able to keep this. No complaints. Bring it on!

    • PeterO

      Never mind. Already been said.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Is the body made in Thailand or Japan?

    • Michiel953


      • Sawyerspadre

        Really? The registration for RF said Thailand. Why would you think Laos?

        • Michiel953

          Because of the price.

  • Jirka

    Oh, the AF assistent lamp is missing or d500 has some infrared lamp (I mean that IR like spot between shutter button and nikon logo)?

  • Doesn’t the Nikonusa site state the D500 has a flash???

    • John Picking

      It looks like copy/paste error. I thought it had a flash at first and was surprised to see it didn’t. I don’t think they had room for it because of bigger finder and the capacitor takes up a lot of room internally.

    • FroBro

      typical…. yanks!

    • Sawyerspadre


  • drpeters

    Did anyone else notice that it has two Q settings? Looks like Q and Qs (single?). I like the thought of continuous shooting with a dampened shutter.

    • Yes, that’s what newer Nikon cameras have (Q and Q continuous).

      • drpeters

        Ah! I suspected as much. I have not paid close enough attention to the dials on other new(ish) models as they were of little or no interest to me. Thank you.

  • Michiel953

    Close and thorough inspection of the bottom plate revealed no “Made in …” Inscription. That means Laos right? Would explain the price point.

    • Thiom

      No, no, no – this was the prototype conceived and assembled by the spirits of zen masters during a serene full moon night in the settings of an ancient Shinto shrine.

      Its boiler plate imprint is so sublimal that we mortal humans simply cannot see it. Just hope the zen masters didn’t indulge too much into having some relaxing sake sips towards the end of the ceremony so that there won’t be any of those dreaded “service advisories” for this camera.

  • Maji

    D500 is probably the last of Nikon’s pro grade DX dSLR. The next number is D600 and it is already taken 🙂 I am not talking about a D510 or something similar but a next generation camera. I guess the next one will be a mirrorless DX with all the goodies and focusing abilities of this one plus more minus the mirror box… just thinking out loud of course.

    • endoftheQ


      • 24MPistooMuchOnDX


    • Ric of The LBC

      D600! Oh wait….

  • Br3ncon1

    Nikon just pulled a Beyonce

  • Ric of The LBC

    I piddled a bit

  • endoftheQ

    Hallelujah! 99% of the work I get these days is for online only, for which the DX ratio is a better fit than FX, add to that the amount of smushing that webmasters and designers to do minimise image size and reduce their site load times, I’m not even going to think about a D5. Result!!

    • Ned Gerblansky

      DX ratio, what are you talking about? They’re both natively 3:2.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yes, I would also like to know what this DX ratio is.

    • mark_texas

      Do you realize the D5 also has 20.8 Megapixel, just like the D500?

  • MonkeySpanner

    I have had 24 hours now to digest the D500. I have been resistant to the idea of a D300 follow up product for many years. I just didn’t think the market size for a body like this was large enough. And I still have my doubts.
    But – OMG – Nikon really came with the full load on this one. This camera is by far the best DX camera the world has ever seen. I know no consumer or testing house has yet laid hands on this body – but I have no doubt it will be fully spectacular and there will be so many superlatives burned though they will have to invent new ones.
    I am pretty confident it will crack the 90 mark at DXO and set new high water marks at every test house it goes to.
    This is indeed the greatest machine of our times. I don’t know how many bodies they will move – but, as a loyal Nikon customer and a DX shooter, I am moved.

  • kaplitelamp

    This camera would have been perfect if it had the ability to record 4K using the whole sensor… If I wanted MFT 4K framing for video, I would have bought the GH4. What a let down.

    • MonkeySpanner

      The d500 is not a video rig. I am not sure why they included the 4k capabilities. I think people looking to shoot production quality video will certainly look to other systems first. This is a high speed pro level sports and fast action camera.

      • kaplitelamp

        I never said it was, but if you’re going to add video do it right. I’m just disappointed they chose to have a Micro 4/3 crop for their 4K video. APS-C is roughly the same size as Super35 and they would have benefited greatly had they gone this route. This feature would essentially make the D500 the ultimate all-in-one beast of a camera and eliminate having to go to other camera brands for video needs. Clearly they didn’t and that’s a loss for some who have extensive native glass including myself.

        • MonkeySpanner

          Do we know we can get uncompressed 422 out? I mean it won’t be truly uncompressed – that would be an enormous data stream equavlent to outputting realraw. But I would be impressed if it output 10bit 422. That would be amazing. I don’t think even the Sony A7s outputs 10 bit 422. I think it is only 8 bit.

          • kaplitelamp

            It does indeed do uncompressed 422 8bit via HDMI which has been carried over from the D800; the A7 series does the same thing. You would need an external recorder to achieve that. I’ve been following nikon for quite some time now and have watched them fall short in the video side of things (guilty fanboy), but that hasn’t stopped me from turning to other cameras for my video needs. They took a step in the right direction with the D800/810 & D750 for video but I still wasn’t compelled to get any of them. The D800/810 was just too much MP for my needs, and the D750 entry level body feel was a turn off. The D500 would have been a perfect candidate to really shine and they decided to cripple the camera. So I hope you can see where my frustration comes from.

  • Manuel Wenaud

    I still wonder why Nikon still works on DX…. I own a Nikon Df and a Ricoh GR. Full-frame is great on DSLR…. I’m sure the D500 would be even better if full-frame….

    • Sawyerspadre

      Lens reach, for sports and wildlife. Both are also hard to photograph with your iPhone, so still very viable markets.

      • MonkeySpanner

        I don’t know. The first thing I think when I see dad pull it the D4 and 70-200/2.8 to shoot the kids at the playground is “conspicuous consumption”.

    • Sawyerspadre

      Also, a camera like this pulls through a lot of telephoto lenses, and makes the D7xxx series look very affordable. DX is still the larger market, just ask Fuji!

      Yes Nikon will do Mirrorless one day, but a camera like the D500 can keep their base happy for a long time.

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