Exclusive Amazon deal: additional $200 off any Nikon DX DSLR camera with 18-140mm lens

Right now Amazon has an exclusive deal: you can get an additional $200 off when you purchase any Nikon DX DSLR camera (D7200, D7100, D5500, D5300, D5200, D3300 and D3200) and the 18-140mm lens - make sure it is sold by Amazon.com directly, it is important to follow the instructions (you must buy the body alone first, add to the cart, then buy the lens alone and add to the cart):

  1. Select any Nikon DX DSLR camera from Amazon's website (sold by Amazon.com directly)
  2. Add to cart
  3. Select the Nikon AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens (sold by Amazon.com directly)
  4. Add to cart
  5. Check out, you will see the additional $200 off in the order summary.

For example - Nikon D7200 with 18-140mm lens for $1,195.90 (currently $1,396.95 at B&H and Adorama):

Nikon D5500 with 18-140mm lens for $795.90 (currently $996.95 at Adorama and B&H):


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  • Eric219

    I would like this deal, except for the fact that it needs to be with a kit lens. Anyone that has shot with a kit lens verse a prime lens knows how much better the primes are. I am close to going from the d5300 to the d7200, but would like to pair it with a 50mm prime for $1000. Since Nikon hasn’t put me in charge of their promotions yet, I guess there is not much I can do.

    • What’s wrong with kit lenses? I’ve shot some of my best images with the 18-105 attached on camera.

      • Eric219

        The kit lens in not fast enough for professional portrait, not wide enough for my real estate shots, not long enough for birds, not great at macro, take your pick. I like GREAT at one thing lens, rather than okay at multiple things.

        • Yeah, it’s great for land- and cityscapes in the range it covers. It’s always in my bag when I’m out shooting this kind of photos.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Better for what they’re made for…

  • purenupe1

    I would suggest getting the refurbished or grey market versions and saving even more. This is just my opinon so dont get bent out of shape anyone…but i think nikon has always dumped new overstock as refurbs. I remember buying the D600 refurb from adoroma with 24-85 lens for $1600 back in early 2013 and it had 300 shots on it. Now the D810 is showing up in huge numbers on the grey market. I got a new D750 for $1896 from best buy only to see the grey market offer them at like $1600.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Admin, what do you think are the chances for Amazon to run a Gold Box deal on the D7200 body similar to the Lightning deal they did on the D7100 body on BF 2 years ago? They didn’t do anything special on Nikon last year that I remember, otherwise I would have jumped at to it.

    • I think the chances are slim – Nikon does enforce their prices and other dealers will be pissed. I am not even sure how Amazon was able to pull this $200 off. Get it now and if something better comes up, Amazon will refund you the difference or you will just return it and buy it again.

  • alex

    Not exclusive to Amazon(Though NR would love for you to think that). Its a manufacture promo. Available at any authorized Nikon Seller. Plus no convoluted ordering.

    • Not really, did you check the links before you comment? B&H and Adorama don’t have this offer and trust me they would not miss a deal. It was the same thing the last time Amazon offered exclusive $400 off for a similar combo.

      • alex

        Just tried replicating it. D7200 with separate 18-140 is $1393.90 at check out before tax, which is MAP. Maybe an error that has been corrected?

        • not sure why it doesn’t work for you, I just tried it again and it worked again:

          • alex

            Ah I was selecting the only 18-140 that didn’t work. Filter combined one worked swimmingly. I don’t know how they do this without getting a smack in the ass. Or they do and don’t care.

            • Yes, like I said in the post – you have to follow the steps exactly how I described them or it will not work. I have no idea why they did it like this.

            • alex

              My guess is NikonUSA competing with NikonINTL(Grey)

  • Steven Kamradt

    Looks like the price has since been “corrected” and no longer shows the $200 discount.

    • I think the deal is over now or Amazon fixed the bug.

      • john

        still works

        • Manshu

          Lens price is raised/corrected. 🙁

        • Maybe they put it back or I did something wrong. Thanks for the update.

  • JP757

    Is this deal gone? I’m unable to replicate for the D5500.

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