Updated list of rumored Nikon D5 specifications


Here is an updated list of rumored Nikon D5 specifications:

  • New 20MP FX sensor
  • New focusing module with larger coverage and 107 or 173 autofocus points (I am getting conflicting reports on that one)
  • Native high ISO of 102,400
  • 15 fps
  • Body design similar to the D4s
  • 4K video 60/30fps
  • Full HD slow motion
  • Announcement expected in early 2016
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  • Charles K

    4k @ 60 fps is pretty cool. But when is nikon going to release a 50mp to rival the 5ds r?

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      This will be good and be ok if Nikon did a D850 using the Sony A7rI Mk2 sensor – as long as they reduce the Video 4K overheating issue.

    • verytoxic

      Nikon already has D810. Plus 5Dsr is such a nitch market, that nobody cares anyways

  • Joop

    Will it have built in wifi? Will it have built in gps? For me that would be great. Will buy one anyway. Love my D4 and this is going to be even better.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Possibly WI-FI but GPS may be optional and you have to buy the Nikon ad-on

    • outkasted

      if wi-fi then also GPS…it will make sense Nikon! If you are going to launch the D400/D500 and put these items in there… OMG people will sell their souls…lmfao

    • nwcs

      Given Nikon’s choices in the past I’d say 50/50 on wifi. They love making people buy their exorbitant add-ons. If they do have wifi, it will probably be an older standard like 802.11g. Very doubtful that it will have GPS since they took it out of the only DSLR model they made that had it.

      • Joop

        I already bought the exorbitant add-ons. But with all the cables they’re a nuisance to work with.

    • Ric of The LBC

      I’ve never understood the big deal about gps in a camera.

      • Joop

        It does if you do a lot of real estate photography

        • Ric of The LBC

          Specifically, how so? Are street addresses enough?

          • Joop

            I hardly use GPS now but you could bind the pictures automatically to a map. Like IPhoto does. Further it helps archiving or more specifically: searching for an image.

      • nwcs

        It’s not useful for some uses but incredibly useful for others. Personally, I do want to see GPS integrated into Nikon cameras.

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Good idea I have it built in on my D5300 and why not plus include WIFI and NFC as well.

        • Ric of The LBC

          How do you use the gps information?

          not trying to start an argument, I just want to understand the value.


          • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

            For me If you’re like out about doing say some landscaping shots it is very useful to have a GPS location of where the image was taken, from this I can for example know where I’ve been and also it tells me information about not only location but Altitude. from the Image location I could look up a map and see whether there are other things around as well that I missed, etc. I wish Nikon add feature of the direction I was facing when taking the shot on their GPS enabled cameras and dongles.

          • nwcs

            Travel photographers, Landscape photographers, location scouts, vacation shooters, etc. Also some people use location as a way of sorting, collating, and organizing images.

            As my old logistics professor once said: get all the data you can, you’ll never know when you’ll need it and re-creating it is usually hard.

            • Ric of The LBC


  • stormwatch

    Now, it’s gonna be the fastest DSLR ever and people are now complaining about the speed. HAHAHAAHAHA, acidcow is boring entertainment in comparison with stories here. Honestly, this is what D4s should look alike. And I remember Canon fanboys were always shi*ing about how mighty mighty mighty Canon 1D X difference of ONE (1) frame per second against Nikon D4 in the real world looks like a 10fps difference. It was just a load of bs then, and now it’s just going to be a bigger load of bs.

    Nikon all the way!

  • Boris Cheung

    36-50M flagship FF should be on stage in Nov 2015 and in showcase before Xmas 2015, Nikon should respond to Canon, Sony, and Leica fast and direct.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      A D400 should be out asap and I welcome a D5 and hope a D850 will appear with the Sony A7r MK 2 Sensor. My own solution to Sony A7 would be for Nikon to upgrade Df2 to Mirrorless and other 3 models; one low res high iso camera (D4s sensor) one mid res mid iso camera (D750 sensor) and one a high res camera (D810+ sensor) and iterate the model every 2-4 years with updated sensors, AF and other specs.

      • Ric of The LBC

        Df2 mirrorless only if still can use non-ai lenses.

  • nwcs

    I’ll read up on it. I skimmed and it looks like speculation to some extent. I think we both agree that there is only one sensitivity to a sensor. Whether mathematics or analog gain its net effect is basically the same: a scaling of values captured to approximate the concept of different sensitivities.

  • Davo

    Admin: Any word on the VF? Could a hybrid VF (with all those patents) finally appear?
    Speculations about the AF if indeed there’s a hybrid OVF/EVF:
    107 points in the AF module in OVF mode, 173 on-sensor in EVF mode.
    15FPS in EVF mode. Less, perhaps 11FPS with the mirror flipping.
    15FPS limitation in EVF not because of bandwidth but because maintaining fast enough C-AF with on-sensor PDAF (which needs to be more accurate due to the sensor being FX) as well as a smooth EVF readout.

  • Thom Hogan


    For me the retinal tracking is very hit or miss, mostly miss. Funny thing is, it works on some animals better than humans. F

    Facial recognition is also very hit or miss, mostly miss.

    For US$3000 I want much more hit than miss.

  • biking

    Is GPS & WiFi going to be installed like the rumor of 1DX Mark 2? Particularly I am hoping GPS unit installed…

  • Hillarie

    WIFI!!! please some damn wifi!

  • Cool. I want the D5. Having that high of an ISO will make night time reporting a breeze….

  • Hugh Robb

    Personally I hope they have things like program able focus pulls. Setting two focus points and have the cam set DOF. Video auto focus with a slower motion.

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