Nikon D3200 firmware update 1.04 now available

Nikon released firmware update version 1.04 for the D3200 DSLR camera with a single memory card fix:

Addressed an issue that caused the memory card access lamp to light longer than normal or the message “This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged. Insert another card” to be displayed while the memory card was accessed.

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  • Duncan Dimanche

    awesome !!! game changer upgrade !! They are finally doing like Fuji does with their upgrades… (Ironic of course)

    and most likely kill your third partie batteries 🙁

    • Andrew

      The more resources a company has, the more they can do (hopefully!). But the more we undermine them, the less resources they will have 😉

      • captaindash

        So you advocate paying too much for batteries just to support Nikons other efforts?

        We are all DYING to hear you say one single less than 100% supportive thing about Nikon. We know you can’t though because you’d get fired.

        • Andrew

          So you are telling us that you are working for a competitor and so any statement that is positive about Nikon has to be opposed? Maybe you are the one that is being paid to filter out anything positive about Nikon. Or should I say you and your team.

          We all know that the camera market is being seriously impacted by the global economy. I would expect that people who have benefited from the incredibly engineered cameras Nikon has been giving us over the years would have positive things to say. Whether it is the Nikon D810, D750, D7200, or the recent Coolpix P900 camera with its incredible 2000mm lens, we all need to show their appreciation.

          There is a time to complain and a time to praise. But taking everything positive that Nikon does like coming out with a new firmware update and turning it into a negative is unconscionable. Yet you guys do it without fail with every post that is released. Being persistently negative is not just hurting Nikon, but it is being a bad role model for every young person that comes to this site.

          • Rebecca6524

            I work from comfort of my home, working basic jobs which only required a computer and access to internet and I couldn’t be happier… 6 months have passed since i started this and i had profit total of 36 thousand dollars… Basicly i make close to $80 every hour and work for 3-4 h daily.And the best part about it is that you can decide when to work yourself and for how long and the payments are weekly.<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

          • captaindash

            C’mon man, you’ve been accused by tons of people on here about being a little suspiciously 100% pro-Nikon in every way, shape and form for a long time now.

            My comment doesn’t come out of nowhere, and where there’s that much smoke…

            • Andrew

              It seems as if you are really captivated by me. Or are you so 100% against Nikon that every article or post that is pro-Nikon you have to comment on and cast doubt? As an engineer, I do quite get your logic? What you are calling smoke is neither inductive nor deductive reasoning. It is called making unfounded assumptions. Here is Google’s definition of assumption: a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

              I think I am starting to understand how your brain functions. You really do not mind hurting people in order to achieve your ends. You do not think twice about trying to damage a person’s reputation in order to satisfy your sordid pleasures. Are you willing to give your life or everything you own as a wager that you are correct? You go out of your way trying to hurt others at the risk that you may be wrong. But what does it matter to you, I am just another person to you, why should you care if you are wrong about me?

              Let me one more time give you my views below, and for these views you tell me that there is smoke. I really do not know what you are smoking, but I assure you that the smoke is not coming from me!

              Nikon has millions of happy customers and they are the #1 camera brand. So you should not be surprised that intelligent people are quite impressed by Nikon’s industry leading products. When I bought my first Nikon DSLR camera, the N2020 in the mid-1980s, who would have guessed that they would one day release the P900? This is an awesome 2000mm (83x optical zoom) superzoom digital camera with amazing image quality. I can image every high school kid or vacationer wanting such a camera. Even a lot of professional photojournalists will be picking up this camera.

          • Sushant Sourav

            I love Nikon for the reasons above. Its so easy to use if one does not have a prejudice…

    • mikeswitz

      Bitch when Nikon doesn’t release firmware updates, bitch when they do. Poor Duncan, always being screwed by Nikon.

      • Eric Calabros

        While the bitching camera maker which is firmware rockstar, is not Fuji bitch, its damn bitch Samsung

        • mikeswitz

          Which Bitch?

  • Manvin

    It’s not gonna happened anyway but I’m still waiting firmware update D3 and D4.

  • Stephen Hersee

    This has been bugging me on my D3200 for months. It only ever seemed to happen when I inserted brand new SD cards into the camera. They were Sandisk 16, 32 or 64 extreme cards. Much have sent back 5 or 6 by now.

    I assumed they were always bad cards from Sandisk, purchased from Amazon UK, so I sent them back. The replacements I had for them have worked without problems, and other Sandisk cards from different retailers didn’t seem to be a problem either.

    Maybe a bad card, with the cameras iffy firmware was enough to cause the LED lamp to stay on.

  • Slybunda

    this memorycard error was what i was suffering from will update asap.

  • Daniel Högberg

    The rumors are now that all memory cards that NOT are Nikon branded will stop working with this new upgrade, of course including all third party batteries and accesoars.. Im afraid to do the update.. Anyone have done it and still can use their sandisk cards??

  • aliensporebomb

    I updated just a few minutes ago after just hearing about this and did some tests on a memory card of mine that famously produced that error once you’d get beyond a certain amount of shots – it does seem that the led stays on longer but this is not an obstacle for shooting – I do a lot of night shots (aurora borealis, milky way galaxy, star shots) and have been carrying a roll of red rubylith tape to cover the green led and make the light show up red so as to not blind me in the dark. Maybe next time Nikon can make that led be red instead of green although I suppose in their way of thinking green means “go” and red means “it didn’t write”. At any rate, very surprised at the update. Now hopefully the Nikonhacker people can fold their updates into this version!

  • aliensporebomb

    So far tested Sandisk, Kingston, Micro Center and one generic branded SD card – all are working just fine with the new update. I wish I’d timed the length of time the LED stayed on while writing a single shot. So far as I can tell it appears to have corrected what I believe now was a software bug.

  • Daniel Högberg

    Somebody please tell me that this update wont kill of third party lens compability?? Just bought the amazing Samyang 135mm 2.0 and I love the focal lenght on my Aps-c body D3200.. Someone help?

    • aliensporebomb

      Daniel: I’ve been using Samyang 16mm f2.0 and it works fine after the update. They’d have to go pretty far to kill off third party lens compatibility methinks.

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