New low price: refurbished Nikon Coolpix A camera for $329

RefurbishedΒ Nikon Coolpix A cameras are currently selling for $329 at Cameta CameraΒ (authorized Nikon USA dealer) - this is a new low price.

Nikon Coolpix A prices for comparison:

The original Coolpix A price was $1.099.

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  • Sean Parchem

    Whew, I thought at 499 it was a steal but this price…..what a deal. Nikon clearing out inventory for a new coolpix? The only thing I wish was better about this camera is the auto focus.

    • David Peterson

      A tiltable screen…. and 4K! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  • Aldo

    Nice price! Lens is too wide for me as I would use it to photograph people… but it is a bargain.

    • rafakoy

      Same here, for the type of general photography I do the lens is too wide.

      • Guest

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    • Andrew

      Or you cold take a few steps closer to your subject and narrow the field of view.

      • Aldo

        The distortion, perception and angle of view can’t be fixed by taking a few steps forward… In the contrary, the more you fill the frame with your subject’s face, the more awkward the face will look… 40mm -50mm (35mm equivalent) wouldn’t be as bad.

        • Andrew

          Thanks for the insight… I am probing, I am questioning, and I am learning.

    • David Peterson

      Yeah I wish it is slightly less wide, could be a bit less wide and faster too.

      Perhaps 24mm f/2 instead of 18.5 f/2.8
      This would mean a stop faster and a moderate wide, rather than a proper wide. Makes it a much more versatile camera in my eyes.

  • Cameron K. Fong

    That is tempting….

  • Ron Moone

    You can pull some pretty sweet images out of those raw files. While the DR is not spectacular by this week’s standards, it is certainly good enough to handle difficult lighting situations with finesse.

    And that lens is very sharp. And way too wide for the available pixels, sigh.

  • AlphaTed

    Imagine how many Nikon could have sold, if it’s priced this low during introduction.

    • Eric Calabros

      Whats the point of selling millions of something with zero profit?

      • Some Dude Named Lee

        You really think this camera cost $329 or more to make?

        The total wholesale cost of this camera is probably less than $100.

        • Eric Calabros

          there are lots of wrong assumptions hidden in your “probably”

        • Andrew

          You asked a question and used the word “think”, but you refused to “think”; unless you are intentionally trying to get a point across which in all honesty I think!

        • Andy Aungthwin

          I am staggered at the stupidity of some people.

          Even before the first prototype is produced, Nikon would have had to have pumped in several millions. Not to mention the time and cost needed to get it through the Board of directors just for approval of the camera.

          Now add in things like marketing and pretty soon you are looking at a camera that is going to cost something at least $329 (re-furbished).

          Maybe you start your own camera company and sell it to us on ebay at something “probably less than $100” since you don’t need to go through the retailers.

        • David Peterson

          There is a big difference in pricing *before* you’ve recouped R&D / marketing and after you’ve accomplished that.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    Thats’ AUsome!

  • actually i am looking for small camera for my daughter (15) and this looks like hot candidate. DX sensor could provide acceptable images, lens wide enough in this class …. hmmmm…..
    Unfortunately i am not living in US so we have to pay much more here πŸ™

  • Pat Mann

    No finder = no sale to me. I believe I have said that before.
    A great form factor and a very capable camera.

    • preston

      Thank you for repeating yourself for our sake then.

  • Spy Black

    This may be competing with the J1 as the camera that nobody wanted for an original price that scared most potential customers away.

    • Captain Megaton

      You are thinking of the V1.

      It’s Nikon’s policy to go with an “aspirational” MSRP for some of its high end compacts. For what the Coolpix A was, and considering the direct challenge from the generally more desirable Ricoh GR, introduction at $799 would probably have been a smarter strategy.

      • Spy Black

        No, I meant the J1, a camera in search of reason for being…

        • YS

          Well, both the J1 and V1, really. The personnel involved with that pricing fiasco really messed up.

        • Jim McCarthy

          You mean the J1 that will auto focus/shoot much, much faster than this A?

          • Spy Black

            Yes, without you having any say in the matter. That one…

  • Dan Howell

    I got one during one of the past price-drops. It has been a great pocket camera for everyday carry and behind-the-scenes of more serious shoots. Initially I liked using it with the optical finder, but lately I just use the camera back.

  • Mike M

    I find myself wishing this camera had an f2 lens, though it gets more tempting every time the price drops.

    • MonkeySpanner

      with an f/2 lens, this camera would be quite a bit larger, and lose some of its appeal.

      • Mike M

        Aside from the sticky-outtie bit I feel like the X100 isn’t that much bigger, perhaps they’d be stuck with a fixed lens then too which I suppose does kill the pocketability

  • adampad

    Nearly bit when it $400, so I’ll bite now. I can’t wait to play with that snyc speed.

  • ss

    I bought this at $400 and haven’t regretted it at all. There is almost no coma with the bokeh (which is also really good in my opinion) it’s super sharp, and the manual focus in macro mode let’s you get pretty close.

    It has interval timer mode so you time lapses are a breeze too.

    Absolutely wonderful for low light situations you can’t bring a DSLR like a night football game, concert, etc..

    So small and can set up nearly anywhere with a tiny tripod. Absolutely love mine and wouldn’t trade it.

    For $329 this is an absolute steal for this camera’s capabilities.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I just pulled the trigger on this deal. Just too good to pass up. It will replace my eos m + 22/2 as my small travel camera. And the eos m will go to craigslist.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    if it had a viewfinder and a 35mm 1.8 it would be in my bag… or just give us le choice of lenses !!!!! πŸ˜›

  • mikeswitz

    Bought this @ $499. Great deal then, obviously even better now. Forget the optical finder–almost useless.

  • Some Dude Named Lee

    What is with the wimps who keep saying a 28mm equivalent lens is “too wide?

  • Br3ncon1

    Just bought one! This is a steal and will definitely be my go to street and music festival camera.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    Just ordered one….

  • MonkeySpanner

    This is basically a way to get a 28mm equivalent prime for Nikon DX sensor. If Nikon made an F-mount DX 18mm lens it would probably cost more than this and be larger.

  • didnt they use to sell these for like 800 bucks?

  • wade

    I seem to remember them marking a bunch of brand new 1 series cameras “refurbished” a while back so they could dump them faster. What are the chances they are doing it again here?

    I ordered one last night… I’m almost happy Nikon never released that 18mm dx prime I’ve been wishing for because now it’s easier to justify this, and I can actually take it into restaraunts and stuff without feeling weird.

    • Nikon1isAwesome!

      I’ll have to check the shutter activations count on mine. If it started at “0” I’ll assume it is new.

      • wade

        I just got mine and it is definitely a refurbished unit. It came in a plain white box, the battery was in a ziplock bag, and the usb cable that it came with isn’t even the right one. It only has 63 shutter activations and only very minor wear though, so that’s good (although oddly the ‘I’ on the ISO button is worn off… )

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    Played around with the new Coolpix A a bit. So far, I am very happy. The AF is fast and the IQ is very good. The 18.5 lens is w-i-d-e feeling, so I can see how this might not be the best all-around camera for most. Most of my shots are of the kids inside the house so this will be perfect for me. I can see where a 24mm lens might have pleased more people.

    Super sharp, fast (enough) AF, great IQ, up to 1/2000 flash sync for daylight fill-flash, hot-shoe for my SB-400, usable Macro setting, etc….

    Very nice and a steal at this price!

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