Nikon D7200 announcement tomorrow, additional details

Few days ago I mentioned on Twitter that the Nikon D7200 could be announced on Monday. I can now confirm that the official announcement will be tomorrow (March 2nd) around midnight EST (early morning GMT on March 3rd).

Some additional D7200 information:

  • 24MP APS-C sensor
  • 6fps
  • Improved 51 AF (better low light performance)
  • No tilt screen
  • Wi-Fi + NFC
  • The Wi-Fi will also support a wireless mic that will be announced later
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  • Phil

    I’m debating whether to get a 7200 or wait for a possible D400/9300. I’ve been using a D90 for the past 6 years and want to upgrade. On the one hand, the d9300 should shoot at 10fps or higher, vs the 6 on the 7200 and would have a deeper buffer. i’m guessing the 7200 would be $1200 and the 9300 $1800-2000 body only. so is the d9300 worth the extra 600-800 for pro build, an extra 4fps, and deeper buffer? that is, if nikon even releases it.

    • itsmyname

      What are you Smoking ?

      • Phil

        what are YOU smoking? i’m not a pro so its not worth the cost in lenses for me to upgrade to FX. i’ve used a 7000 and 7100, and while they are good cameras the buffer limitation was pretty annoying. so if nikon fixes the buffer in the 7200 it might be good enough for me and i’d use the saved cash for another lens.

  • Thomas Tran

    with dslr sales decreasing 24% or more for the past two years, I really don’t see how this camera will help with sales. Any how hoping for the best Nikon!!

    • jon

      Let’s just hope for a little surprise… it’s been known to happen 😉

  • Some Dude Named Lee

    What is the point of a D7200 when Nikon refuses to offer smaller and lighter lenses that are the whole point of the DX system? My D7100 is already too heavy, no way am I upgrading to another DX Nikon.

    • jon

      there are lens options other than Nikon that fit well here. Also consider some of the FX prime glass is lightweight and offers very high performance. Really less expensive and better than the FUJI equivalents except for maybe the 56mm 1.2

    • EnPassant

      The main point of DSLRs with APS-C (named DX by Nikon) is offering a budget alternative with more reach than Full Frame (FX) DSLRs.

      Physical laws make it difficult building small Wide Angle lenses as Nikon use the same F-mount and flange distance for a smaller sensor. Being handicapped by the flange distance compared to mirrorless cameras is the reason we haven’t seen any fast WA primes for APS-C DSLRs smaller and lighter than FF options and the reason Nikon, Canon and Sony didn’t see a reason wasting Research and Development money on APS-C DSLRs as they are compromised from the start and not a good base to build a “full” system on.

      If you want a smaller camera system you should look at mirrorless cameras with APS-C and smaller sensors. APS-C DSLRs can never be as small and light as mirrorless cameras with same or smaller sensors.

  • stuck_788

    still 6fps… lol

  • jon

    The closer we’ve gotten to this release the more this camera really seems as though it’s going to be a very minor upgrade to current (and great) D7100.

    The current body is fantastic and I’ve seen it for about $700-$800 refurbished which is truly a fantastic deal.

    I personally feel the appropriate upgrade would be the following:

    • New 24Mp Sensor with slightly better dynamic range and tangibly better low noise performance.
    • Expeed 4 processor for overall camera operation performance plus.
    • 6fps at 14-bit RAW and a buffer/processor that can hold this for 3 seconds.
    • Upgraded AF system (same 51 points is fine) with better low light detection.
    • Slightly better, more rugged body a little closer to a D750 in style but smaller for DX sensor.

    Those upgrades at a $1199 price point I think would be a really nice offering provided it retains all the other D7100 features such as 1/250th sync, 1/8000th, etc.

    I’d certainly *consider* a upgrade with those specs from my D7100 now.

  • AYWY

    Mmmm why no flip/tilt? Because of weather/dust resistant requirements?

  • Brian
  • whisky

    details & hands on are now being announced on DPreview …

  • enyceckk

    My Pentax K3 does 8.3fps COMON Nikon!

    My Flickr:

    • mikeswitz

      Really nice work. Most were taken with D3100 and now you have the K3. what do you need Nikon for?

      • enyceckk

        D3100 with 55-300mm for birds
        K3 with 50mm f1.8 prime street/landscape

        or D3100 with 35mm f1.8g street/landscape
        K3 with 135mm f2.8 for birds

  • Brian


  • Aldo

    Like with the d5500… the real benefit of these new cameras is that they will consequently lower the price of their respective predecessors… Bargains on d5300’s and d7100’s.

    In the end it’s all better… cat shooters and spec junkies have a new camera… and photographers have better deals.

  • Ryan

    Wow, [NR] are pretty slow. The D7200 and P900 have been officially announced an hour or so ago and there’s already a bunch of videos online but there’s nothing up on here yet.

    • Aldo


      • Ryan

        A bit harsh, yes, but only because Nikon Rumors is my first port of call for all things Nikon news.

  • Chris

    check the weight on the specs, mag alloy body and its now 1250g ???

  • stormwatch

    Is there something wrong on the official Nikon page? D7200 is suddenly 36.3Mpix camera? Wooow!

  • Jordan

    No tilty, flippy screen? Even though it’s on the D750 now and obviously the lower models?

    When I bought my D7100 the lack of one didn’t bother me a jot… but then when I thought about being able to shoot low without rolling around in the mud trying to see through the viewfinder or non-tillty screen, I really recognised the benefit of having one!

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