Nikon Coolpix P900 camera specifications

Here are some more details on the upcoming Nikon Coolpix P900 camera I mentioned yesterday (courtesy of Digicame-info):

  • 83x optical zoom (24-2000mm) - for comparison the latest P610 camera has a 63x optical zoom (24-1440mm)
  • Optical image stabilization (VR)
  • 3" vari-angle LCD screen
  • Scene modes
  • The price in Japan will be ¥75,000 (around $620, US price will be lower)

The official announcement could be as early as Monday (March 2nd).

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  • If froknowsphoto really snapchated that he has an NDA which expires on Monday, I will guess that the official Nikon D7200 and P900 announcement is on Monday. Has anyone seen/heard that snapchat?

    • Global

      Lol. Signs an NDA.. immediately talks about the terms of the NDA.

      We need a Jared meme.

      • Eric Calabros

        not talking about NDA expire date is part of NDA terms?

        • Andrew

          It should be part of the NDA agreement or else we will all have an idea when a new camera will be announced. Imagine someone blurting out that they have a D400 NDA that expires on the 6th of March. We will all know for certain that (1) the D400 will be released and (2) the date by which it will be released. Now that would indeed be big news!

        • Thom Hogan

          Yes. NDA’s are about public disclosure of not public information, and the date they expire is not public information.

        • Usually it is – you cannot even say that you are under NDA. For example if McNally says he is under NDA, there is a very good chance that it is with Nikon – that’s why they cannot do that. In the past Jared was invited by Nikon on several occasions to see a new camera and I am not aware of any other company giving him a heads up before announcement.

        • Being under an NDA is also NDAed. Recursively.. 😀

        • Being under an NDA is also NDAed. Recursively.. 😀

      • I think he really did because I asked him on Twitter and he is quiet, which is not normal. We will find out on Monday.

    • Joey

      So the P900 is a P610 replacement? What about the P7800 replacement, the P8000?

      • JGoodard

        It’s Sony RX or bust these days. Fujifilm teased us with the X30. Nikon is just shooting in the dark.

        • Joey

          May be, but Nikon was suppose to have a competitor last year.

  • With a 2000mm lens (at f/6.7 probably), it doesn’t need VR, but a tripod made of concrete – and a legally blind user. Ah, Nikon, Nikon… The compact camera market is so dead, but the Coolpix line has managed to go even beyond that..

    • longzoom

      6.7 is too optimistic for 2000mm, I believe… 8.5 or 9.0 looks more real…

      • Fra Lippi

        The P610 is f/6.5 on the telephoto end. If Nikon wants the same size sensor and lens I’m thinking it would be f/9.5 (1 stop, like adding a 1.4x teleconverter). Or they could make it with a bigger lens.

        • longzoom

          Very, very possible.

  • Eric Calabros

    Let me guess the lens sharpness at its longest end. 6 LP/PH?

  • Myles

    24-2000mm?! What’s that gonna look like? The fringing and distortion on the 18-300 is bad enough so how is it even physically possible to have more than that on a cheap compact? Is it a completely different technology than a DSLR lens?

    • BernhardAS

      sensor is waaaaaay smaller

  • Spy Black

    Sharpness is good at 2000. This is one of the sample shots aimed at Alpha Centauri…

    • Eric Calabros

      Nice looking bokeh

    • Wow, that’s an outlandish focal range!

  • Erics

    Cool! 24-2000! I’m getting one for my FX camera. Oh wait… crop factor.

  • badvok

    For heavens sake! 24-200mm f2 to f4 lens, 1 inch sensor, half decent EVF and an articulated screen at a sensible price. How hard can it be?

    • LocalTyrant

      With those specs it’s going to be as big as a D3xxx entry-level DSLR. Not gonna happen.

      • badvok

        The Sony RX10 is doing alright 🙂

    • Not hard. If you wanna carry a DSRL sized camera with an 1” inch sensor inside.

      • badvok

        How big and expensive would that DSLR be with lenses to equal that focal range? Not to mention the inconvenience of lens swapping.

  • Espen4u

    2000 mm on a crop-sensor, who needs that? This must be for bragging rights only, N can’t be expecting this to sell.

    • Andrew

      Ah, but what about having that telescope for an instant close up view? It is not about optimum image quality, it is about instant reach. It would be nice for vacationing and weekend activities. You can use it as a companion camera. It is all about the fun factor. Many consumers are not into cropping. Sure you can get the D810 and crop the daylight out of it or even the D3300, but how many consumers would do that? And what about that video, how many folks crop their video footage? Super zoom cameras can do things that smartphones cannot do, and that gives them a great advantage.

      • Espen4u

        Video at the 2000 mm end, really? Sure it will be fun the first times one tries the far end, but after that… My gripe is this; it’s the long end that’s supposed to sell this coolpix and I can’t see that anyone would find satisfaction with a flimsy crop-sensor on such an extreme focal length/narrow FOV. No VR is that good.

  • tor2

    Why, who need this? Where is the compact 1 inch sensor camera?

  • Thom Hogan

    Ah the futility of it all. A couple of years ago the message into R&D was “more more more.” Unfortunately, steering a big company product line is like steering a large tanker in a constrained space. Moreover, the tanker is controlled by not a single captain, but a group of managers that have to come to a consensus for any decision.

    We can now see that the tanker has indeed changed direction and is headed towards the rocky shore ;~).

    • Andrew

      It is better to sink close to shore than to be adrift out at sea 😉

      • Spy Black
        • El Aura

          If the Costa Concordia hadn’t stopped sinking when it hit this ledge, there likely wouldn’t have been enough time to evacuate almost all passengers.

          • Spy Black

            It was a joke…

        • FredBear

          Yeh well that’s what happens when all those carrying SLR gear rush to the starboard side to take photos.

  • BrainBeat

    2000mm really? That seems like it will be too good to be true. If it does turn out to be true and can actually get a sharp image it could be a very interesting telescope. As others have mentioned I can’t imagine anyone being able to hand hold and get too many keepers unless it is a very bright sunny day.

  • Roy LaFaver

    This will actually sell, I believe.

    • Probably so. For the iPhone crowd, what’s missing is zoom.

      • Eric Calabros

        But its about missing focal range between 63x and 83x

  • MonkeySpanner

    So if the coolpix announcement is Monday then the D7200 would be the same day?

    • yes, I think so

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Hope so and hope we get a decent update to the D7100; but it may only an incremental update….

  • D800GUY

    dat zoom…

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Could do with Raw added and some Coolpix A series improving the current one and also (may be a bit late) doing a decent Sony Rx-100 equivalent.

  • saywhatuwill

    Wow, that’s quite a zoom range. It would match up well with my Gigapan unit.

  • pami

    Any news about lenses) The 24mm f1.8 should be around the corner but it seems that Nikon lost it……

  • Vincent

    Of course no RAW, no EVF, nikon stupidity !

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Agree would hope Nikon should have done a RX-100 equivalent model years ago or should get one out ASAP – although late 2 this party. I really like my Sony RX-100 compact size and nifty output (2 years ago), good price and had to settle for Sony as Nikon didn’t have an equivalent model.

  • Erick Santander

    RAW please!!!

    • whisky

      i read (somewhere in Thom’s V1/J1 book) that Nikon’s 1″ sensor is capable of recording only 10-bits of data. if that’s the case, it would follow the smaller the sensor, the less data collected. at least using traditional CMOS sensors.

      if the sensor in this new camera is sized ⅔” or less, there may be little advantage to a RAW file as it would have an EV latitude comparable to JPEGs.

      if my impressions are incorrect, please feel free to expand on yours or correct them.

  • anonymous

    This doesn’t entice me at all. It would be a different story to me if they expand the zoom range to provide wider beyond 24mm. This is just another cheap model for beginners not for enthusiasts.

  • whisky

    any word on whether it’ll use a regular SD card or a microSD?

  • halo9

    Meh….. I’m holding out for the 18-3000mm zoom next year. A much more usable range.

  • NewWorldPress

    83x zoom will be so nice, even if it’s beyond VR capabilities

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