Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D800 camera for $1,779

Cameta Camera is known to have the best deals on refurbished Nikon gear. Today they have a refurbished Nikon D800 DSLR for $1,779 and free shipping! This is a Nikon US refurbished camera and comes with US warranty. Cameta Camera is an authorized Nikon US dealer. Check all of their refurbished listings here.

Updatean even lower price on a refurbished Nikon D800 camera: $1,699.88.

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  • Maxfield Stanton

    The ghosts of the D800 bodies returned for left-side autofocus problems come back to haunt the refurbished market…

    • Spy Black

      Just aim straight…

    • MaximE

      Nigga what the fuck you talkin’ about?

  • Decent deal for those that can write it off. $300 too much and 3 months too late for me.

  • Photobug

    Yes it is a very good deal. I would prefer the D810; so it is enough to make you stop and think.

  • KT

    With D800 going for $ 1779, who needs D750

    • Michael_Foley

      Those who need better video options (1080p 60fps, tilting screen, zebra, power-aperture).

    • Farhad Moghadam

      also D750 iso performance and image quality is much more better than D800

      • Chris

        According to DxOmark there’s no real difference between the two. Perhaps if you downsize the D800 to 24Mpx the D800 could be even a little better.

        • Danzig

          Well having used both, the D750 has “much better AF” and ISO files are cleaner starting ISO 3200. Not to mention the faster FPS, better video, and better ergonomics which is subjective. I really honestly don’t care about the WiFi and the filppy screen. I miss the 1/8000 shutter, AF-On button and higher cropping potential from the D800. DxO Mark scores are great on paper and give you a general idea, I prefer side by side real world comparisons, try it for yourself 🙂

          Btw, I sold my D800 in (9) condition for $1250 so this refurb price isn’t that good.

          • Guest

            uuhh better ergonomics?

            • Danzig

              uuhh I have used both and I prefer the D750 because it’s lighter, smaller and has a better deeper grip…I also mentioned it’s a subjective thing just like all preferences.

          • Farhad Moghadam

            only if the d750 has the 10fps and 1/8000 … i would never think of other body

            • Danzig

              That would render the D4s redundant, Nikon isn’t that generous nor stupid lol 🙂

            • Farhad Moghadam

              they can make d5 with 16 fps and 1/16000 then but i dont care 1/8000 and 10fps is always fine for my job 🙂

        • Farhad Moghadam

          see it yourself im mostly jpg shooter and i much like the d750 in this and i think its obvious

          • Chris

            You didn’t downsized the D800 file? 17,2 against 22,1Mb.
            Perhaps it counts for jpg’s, I never shoot jpg.

            • Farhad Moghadam

              i dont need to buy extra SDs or Cfs taking 36mp photos and downsize them to 24mp for a better quality its a waste, i would save for a d810 instead

      • whisky

        new lamps for old? the question typically comes down to which Genie serves you best in the short time you have to make your wishes before the next new lamp appears?

    • They say the autofocus is drastically better

      • Which one AFs faster?

        • Of the d750 of course, in fact it’s the same as the one of the d810 and d4s

          • Danzig

            I heard it’s even better than the D4s and the D810 especially in low light.

            • ninpou_kobanashi

              But, oh, the DR on the ISO 50 (^_^)

            • Chris

              The D750 should be 1EV better than the D810 in low light. I’m not sure of the D4s, but I guess it’s 1EV better as well.

      • MaximE

        Nigga I heard yo mom is drastically better.

        • Congrats for this comment, how old is your brain? -12?

    • D800 can only dream about to catch up with the ISO and AF performance of D750 IMO. Had both, the D800 made it to one wedding shoot and it was sent back to the shop… D750 is a beast in good way for multiple photo styles, D800 mostly only for studio portraiture or landscape/architecture style where the DR is important 🙂 more than AF – ISO performance which to me is 1 to none, and plus D750 has amazing DR anyways 🙂 Just my opinion 🙂 Peace!

    • MaximE

      Yo mom needs the D 750. Nigga

  • nobody

    Still no news on the D7200?
    I’m waiting since my D7100 got stolen a few weeks ago 🙁

    • Michele Perillo

      Ouch! I Now wish you that the upgrade is so good you will not resent the loss. I for one, will stand and wait for nikon to lift their gun ports on the D300 heir

      • nobody

        The D7100 was announced 3 weeks after CP+ 2013. We’re 2 weeks past CP+ 2015 now, so my hopes are high 🙂

        • that means the announcement is next week 🙂

    • MaximE

      Shut the hell up bitch ass nigga.

  • Paul H.

    I’ve seen D800’s going for as low as $1500 on craigslist (mid-sized metro area) for the past couple months. Personally, I’d rather get this refurbished one just for the sake of the warranty and knowing the body is fully functional.

    The fact that the market for used D800’s has been dropping pretty rapidly is owing to the successes of the D810 and D750. Still nice to see good FX bodies available for relatively cheap…

    • tonto

      Or too many D800 were sold when it came out, so the used market is glutted with them…. hence low price

      if used is selling at 1200… then for the first time, I will keep a $3K body as back-up… dang! hurts my head

  • Michiel953

    Sounds like a great deal.


    I bet my ass one of these “factory refurbished” is the one I dropped last summer and then I turned it in for a Canon. I remember it having a nasty left side autofocus issue so I did not mind. After I had dropped it, it just got worse and that was the end of story for me and Nikon 🙂

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