Nikon 1 AW1 firmware update 1.11 released

Nikon released firmware update 1.11 for the water, shock, dust and freeze-proof Nikon 1 AW1 mirrorless camera.

Download links: Nikon EU | Nikon USA

Modifications enabled in this version:

  • Issues that prevented correct acquisition of location data logs, as indicated below, have been resolved.
    1. Location data logs could not be correctly acquired when the camera was turned off with Record location data set to Yes.
    2. When log data were saved by setting Record location data to Yes and selecting Create log, position data (numerical values) were not correctly recorded when logs were acquired at some locations.
  • Depending upon the shooting location, longitude (E or W) in location data displayed in the ‘simple photo info’ display with full-frame playback sometimes differed from that displayed in the monitor when Location data > Position was selected from the setup menu. This issue has been resolved.
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  • Aeroengineer

    I thought about one of these. But after I read that Lens Rentals no longer rented them “due to extremely high failure rate,” I thought better. Of course, it could be that renters kept trying to change lenses underwater. Still, it seems like this needs a “seals” update more than it needs a firmware update.

    • Anonymous Coward

      So, you’ve never actually used one. Thanks.

      • Guest

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    • Global

      The failure rate is due to user misuse of the product. Its not “ready to go” out of the box, like other cameras. This requires care and maintenance. We don’t have that concept in modern America, but some things do still require it. They do need more lenses, and brighter, though; and more advanced controls.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        I read a review on it and the guy had it failed on him during the review… He had to send it back to Nikon… I’ll post it if i can get my hands on it again

        • Das

          Sure, because one person had a failure and he posted on the internets then all of the cameras don’t work.

          • Duncan Dimanche

            lots of fogging inside the lens when going in and out of the water…. so unusable camera too… i’ve read too many things bad about it unfortunately… this is a dream camera for me and would have purchased it… but… too many buts


            • mrme450

              That’s the AW100… not the same camera as the AW1.

            • Duncan Dimanche

              oops sorry about that. I cannot find that one video I had. which had the same problems really… but yeah my bad here.

              here is the reviews on it on


              3 out of the 9 comments had defective products after the first rain or water test.. and 2 of the reviews have not yet tested it in water

              …. I understand that you need to take care of the seals and all but if it happens after the first week there is a problem….

            • Justin

              honestly, either NIKON has terrible quality control or these people had no idea what they were doing. this was my first decent camera purchased. I just followed the instructions. made sure there wasn’t lint on the seals. put silicon grease on them, screwed everything down and used it.
              and I use this for reef scuba diving. I even jump off the boat with this in my hand and water has never bypassed he seals.

            • Justin

              I use mine consistently for scuba diving to 40 feet of water up to an hour at a time and multiple times a day and week. never had a leak. even with using the zoom ring.
              as for condensation, I make sure that I attach everything in an air conditioned environment to decrease humidity and use the NIKON waterproof ND filter. this provides an additional buffer to prevent fogging and topeotect the lens.
              sorry for your apprehension as I am glad I took the risk.
              I just occasionally clean and relic the print and seals as well. it’s my take anywhere, no worries camera.

    • Spy Black

      The firmware update makes it work underwater…

    • Andrew

      Actually, this camera requires special caring in order to keep it properly sealed so as to maintain its waterproof status. That has nothing to do with failure, it has everything to do with following instructions (i.e. the prescribed procedure).

      You can take the regular Nikon 1 J1 and put it in a waterproofing housing such as the Nikon WP-N1 Waterproof Housing. But you still need to follow the instruction carefully so as not to damage the camera.

      • Aeroengineer

        What worries me about what I’ve read about the AW1 is that even with proper prep, it is still subject to leakage. Perhaps this is unavoidable for an affordable waterproof camera with interchangeable lenses. As an aside, I note that B&H is showing $650 off the WP-N1. Is this the bargain of the century?

  • Kiboko

    Any Nikon 1 AW2 in the pipeline?

    • Would love to see what Nikon has in mind for a Mark II

      • spicynujac

        All this talk of AW2 is silly. This is a niche product that has been out for one year. I don’t even know of any new camera technology that exists today that didn’t when the camera came out. I can’t imagine it being refreshed in less than a 5 year cycle. I mean, yeah they could put an APS sensor in it, but they could have done that with the AW1. I really don’t know what they would change. I would love an AW2 but that’s simply unrealistic. Buy this now if you are interested in underwater photography.

    • peevee

      Because Nikon did not lose enough money repairing this one.

  • Global

    Nikon is being schizophrenic — get the AW2 out already! Fully “Nikonos”-ize it and bring out the advanced, professional functions in an incredibly small package! Where are you Nikon?? Are you in or are you out?

    Nikon is throwing customers away.

  • Kiboko

    I have this camera in my list of possible investment as a small camera for beach-holidays …
    But, is there anybody here that have used it?
    What about the leaking?

    Is it better to wait for AW2?

    • Global

      There are no rumors of an AW2 that I heard of. Nikon tends to abandon its water cameras, leaving the market to scratch its head wondering what Nikon is thinking.

      The camera doesn’t leak, if you know how to use the seals properly. Take 30 minutes to learn how to properly grease and use the seals, and try it under running water in the bathroom before you submerge it in a tank.

      You have to stick your toe in before you can get wet. 😉

    • Mr_Miyagi

      I’ve had my AW1 for a year. I’ve used it two dozen times for snorkeling and never had a water leak of any sort. However, on two occasions the LCD screen fogged up while I was snorkeling in Bora Bora, where I was going going from warm air to very warm water in the lagoon. A week later I snorkeled for several hours with the same camera in Mangareva where the water was a lot cooler, and yet I had no problem with fogging. This may be an indication that even if the lens and ports on the camera are watertight, the LCD screen may not be perfectly sealed against a bit of moisture getting in.

      PS: the menus of the AW1 are totally bizarre, the worst ever.
      PPS: the pictures from this camera are really, really good

      • David Weinehall

        Totally agree about the menus. Other than that I like my AW1. I must admit that I haven’t tested it underwater yet though — while a fair amount of people here in Finland enjoy winter swimming, I’m not one of them…

  • Twoomy

    I was once excited about this camera, but the lack of an AW2 or any other lenses after two years makes me think this is a dead-end system. That and so many reports of leaks and failure. Will there ever be a wide-angle lens for this system? That would really make it a useful underwater tool, but I’m not holding my breath (above or under water).

    • Kiboko

      Yes, a new AW lens at least … would help me to make a decision. I don’t want to by it if this is a “one hit wonder”.

      • Nathan B

        they need a macro!!!

  • doge

    How about a price drop back down to earth for this thing.

    • spicynujac

      I paid $800 for it last November. I have seen it here on NR for maybe $550. It’s a bargain at that price. Compare it to the cost of any waterproof case for any other DSLR and you will see.

  • jackarm

    I’ve had mine for 2 years. The underwater stills & video look terrific. Keep the battery door clean and lubricate the O-ring and it will not leak. I also use it as a back up with the FT-1. The price is reasonable for the capabilities.

  • oandroplex700

    I own a AW! and I can tell you this, If taken care of properly, the camera is flawless, I”ve used mine on coutless tripr to the caribbean, and the camera works beautifully, in and out of the water

  • whisky

    user error was the number one reason any single Nikonos V would flood. these are often designed to require a degree of maintenance and competence which exceed the casual user’s patience and/or understanding.

    a better solution would be to have the AWx verify the seals are in order — but that would probably require an exponential expense those same casual users feel they would not want to pay for. hence … this dilemma. JMO.

  • D800GUY

    Interchangeable lens and waterproof doesn’t go together, the seals are the weakest link, once it rips or not secured properly, the whole camera’s toast.

    • Twoomy

      And since there are only two boring lenses for this system, what’s the point really?

      • spicynujac

        Well, I ended up buying three other N1 (non water proof) lenses and use them with the camera all the time. That being said, I would have also bought it just for the underwater portion if it came with a fixed non-replaceable lens and it would have been much more stable, but less versatile. It’s a coin toss for me.

  • Andy Aungthwin

    I think that this is a very much misunderstood camera.

    For all the people who think they are going to go scuba diving with this camera I’d bet that maybe 1 in 1000 would actually use it for that purpose.

    This is just about the only ILC which also happens to be drop (2m) and freeze proof. And a 1″ sensor.

    It’s ideal for just about anybody who is active and is worried about getting knocks and bumps but wants better IQ than a typical tough-bodied P&S.

    There are far more things you can do with this camera than taking it underwater.

    • Misunderstood and unique! This is the only reason that I own any “1” camera.

      It’s unique in that it’s the only raw-shooting underwater camera, full stop. It’s also features interchangeable lenses and a popup flash – unheard of.

      The product manager never has to buy his own beer in Switzerland, just so we can talk shop and see how he got this by management.

      • spicynujac

        The confusing thing to me, many people love this for its RAW capability, and it is primarily bought for underwater use. But if you use the “underwater” mode it shoots JPEG only. Underwater mode activates several features like color correction, distortion etc. I guess maybe those aren’t affected or even recorded in a RAW image. I’m going to try RAW+JPEG shooting in underwater mode and see if that’s even possible.

        • I never noticed, but probably because I shoot Raw + JPEG.

          • spicynujac

            Just tried shooting RAW+JPEG in underwater mode and it is not possible. So if you shoot underwater the best thing to do is manually turn on these settings: Distortion correction: Underwater. White Balance: Underwater Auto ISO: On, Depth/Altimeter to Underwater/depth, I think that’s it–and you still have no quick / easy color correction like in underwater mode… if you select RAW+JPEG and underwater mode it says not possible, and reverts to JPEG only. Silly.

  • RodneyKilo

    This is not just for divers. A good choice for kayakers, hikers or bikers exposed to all kinds of weather, distance runners, climbers. This is the best offering of any interchangeable lens camera in this space, where things like huge underwater housings are contraindicated.

  • spicynujac

    If you are interested in this camera at all because you want to try some underwater shooting, or you just want a small, rugged camera you can take on camping trips, kayaking, etc. then I wholeheartedly recommend it.

    The negatives for me are short battery life, LCD screen is not scratchproof, poor low light performance and its accessories are too expensive (I’d like to try the external flash but with required adapter it costs more than the camera itself).

    The quality is very good. It generally outperforms my D40x. The missing lens for this series is the micro, which would really take advantage of the large depth of field of a smaller sensor. I have most of the other N1 lenses. It’s a fun camera, and yes it does occasionally fog, but it hasn’t been a major problem. Also the high speed frame rate and slo mo video functions are incredible!

    My only fear–does this firmware cause my third party battery to stop working?

  • peevee

    1″ belongs in a fixed-lens compact like RX100. Changing lenses underwater or on the is certainly a novel idea.

  • Johnson

    Just bought it and within 1/2hr the battery cover opened (yes they were both locked – confirmed twice due to all the reviews) and the battery bounced out into the water. Crap! The camera wasn’t in water thankfully. Be wary of bumpy boat/jetski vibrations. That seems to make the cover open, which is probably why so many people say it fails when they know they sealed it up. I’m trying to figure out a way to wedge something in the locks to prevent them from sliding open…

    • Sharon Flowers

      I looked after mine…3rd time snorkling…battery seal flooded. No 2yr warranty as i never spotted the sticker on the box! Estimate to repair is more than jessops were selling it for…now they have sold out! Why cant i just pay for a new body…must be cheaper!

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