New website
Nikon launched a new website that already has several old and some new lens related articles:

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation continues its celebration of the 80th anniversary of the NIKKOR brand with the addition of new contents to its global branding site, "" ( As part of the global NIKKOR branding project, this site spreads the appeal of NIKKOR lenses for interchangeable-lens cameras around the world. Most recently, NIKKOR Motion Gallery, comprised of two videos produced by augment5 Inc., that is active around the world, and WOW, a visual design studio, that introduce new possibilities for imaging using NIKKOR lenses, as well as the first in a series of interviews with lens designers, "Volume 1 What do designers think, and how do they create lenses?" have been added to the site.

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  • Photobug

    Interesting approach to world wide branding. Marketing at its best.

  • Superb! While they at it, could Nikon also launch some DX lenses and the D7200? 🙂

  • Andrew

    Nice articles, interesting views expressed. I have
    bookmarked this site to read some more at my leisure time.

  • Spy Black

    I guess some fun reading there. “History4” the end part about the 18-200 is a bit of an embarrassment. That lens is a shining example of what happens when you push a zoom range too far. That is quite a crap-ass lens.

    • Carleton Foxx

      Hey, I loved my 18-200 and took some great photos with it … But then I turned into a lens snob and now I regret selling it. It was great for photojournalism and worked really well with the D200.

      • Spy Black

        It’s not like you can’t take a good shot with it, good shots come back to the photographer, but the overall IQ I’ve seen of it is not that great. My friend has one he uses with a D7000, and everything from his camera just looks low res-ish. Shooting on the 10 meg D200 was probably why it didn’t seem so bad to you.

        • Kelly

          Would you recommend a different 18-200 lens?

          • Spy Black

            I wouldn’t recommend any zoom with a wide zoom range. With few exceptions, anything with more than 3X zoom will suffer optically.

  • fjfjjj

    Knee core?

    • jojo

      Not this again. Let’s not get our Nikkors in a twist.

      • Blrfl

        We sorta have to. Do they still make anything that’s push-pull?

  • Carleton Foxx

    It is cool that Sensui-san says: “I choose fixed focal length lenses whenever I want to take more artistic pictures.” These lens designers make a distinction in their thinking process between zooms and prime lenses. Zooms are for convenience and fixed focal length lenses are for more serious, more meaningful photography. What a great thought.

  • KellyVanRijn

    Nikon continues to grow as a marketing company as it fails as a photographic company. I’ve already begun my switch back to Canon.

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