Nikon Coolpix A camera now $399, listed as discontinued

The last few Nikon Coolpix A cameras are currently selling for $399 at B&H - that's $700 off with free next day delivery (only silver models left at that price). You can add the DF-CP1 viewfinder for another $99 - see the link under "Savings Available":

A black Coolpix A with a viewfinder is now $569. The camera is already listed as discontinued at Amazon:


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  • nwcs

    Please please a J4 kit for $199!

    • Andrew

      Disposable income, you won’t even notice you spent that money 😉

  • in for 1

  • Dell Deaton

    Coverage of this now feels reduced to the perception of an ant crawling across a newspaper: Bland “world is white,” “world is black” calls, sans even the most modest attempt at value-added analysis. Nothing more than what you’d get by cutting out the middle-man and simply clicking on B&H for yourself.

  • Spy Black

    It would be cool if they replaced this with something like this at similar size with a 2x or 3x zoom and an EVF. Maybe throw in a 24 meg non-AA sensor for shìts and giggles. I think that would be a pretty cool camera.

    • lorenzo

      and will it come in green?

    • Eric Calabros

      Even a 2x zoom will be bulky

    • Andrew

      You have your 2x and 3x zoom, simply crop your image in your PC.

    • David Peterson

      No way, would be too bulky!

    • Wade Marks

      I wouldn’t bet that Nikon follows up with a successor the Coolpix A. Why would they? Obviously it failed in the marketplace.

      And the only way such a camera sells decently is if they start out with a much lower price point to begin with.

  • Espen4u

    So right! Now do the same with the Df, and I’m hooked.

    • Kynikos

      Df at 1/3 the launch price?
      I’m in too.
      “Obey your Inner Hipster.”

  • nikoment

    Finally, this camera’s true price point.
    I think… there should be no such thing as a Nikon camera w/o a VF. Otherwise you’re just fighting smartphones.

    • dredlew

      You do realize that this is a DX sensor with a superb prime lens? And you’re comparing that to a smartphone? I don’t know what you’re on but I’d like some of that. It certainly says a lot about a photographer who can’t take a picture without a viewfinder…

  • Eno

    Now this is a good price, if Nikon were smart in the beginning would have sold a lot of Coolpix A cameras.

  • John

    This was just too good to pass up.

  • joking

    I bought one….I don’t kwow why…

  • Fotografis Digitalis

    I’m completely fine with a prime lens , specially at this price with the quality that it resolves! Spy Black what’s up( we met at the Paterson Art walk during the summer) 🙂

  • Kyle

    I’m tempted. Don’t know what I’d use it for though.

    • mikeswitz

      I bought one. Definitely worth 400 bucks. I just throw it in my pocket whenever I go out. Forget the viewfindefr though, it defeats the whole purpose.

  • KnightPhoto

    Nikon’s last DX 16mp camera is done – was a great sensor that lead to the D800. I still think Nikon could pursue the compact fixed lens DX format – 24mp DX, dedicated f/2.8 max aperture keeping it small and super sharp. Next iteration needs EVF and on-sensor PDAF of course. I guess the tough question is whether to offer 2 or three models with different focal length lenses like the Sigma DPs, or some kind of f/2.8-4 3:1 zoom ratio? I guess once I start thinking about lenses, it makes sense to just offer it as a mirrorless ILC. So maybe the format is dead in the Nikon line? After all a mirrorless DX ILC could have a mix of f/2.8 or even f/3.5 pancake primes, faster lenses, consumer and prosumer zooms, and you name it.

  • Serge S Frolov

    I loved it when I tested it, and had a hard time letting go, and now with that price drop I am considering getting it (with the viewfinder that I can use on few other cameras)… yes it is slow, and it is missing many features, but it was fun.

    In case A-2 is in the pipes, the most important thing would be fixed non-retractable lens, it can be few millimetres bigger but should NOT move, and with that in mind, extreme weather sealing would make it my go pro companion for all the hikes when I want all the gear to fit in the pocket and get wet. No zoom, no EFV, no bigger grips, just fixed wide lens (16,18 or 23) and maybe better battery life.

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