Another price drop: up to $300 off Nikon 1 cameras and kits

More Nikon price drops: the Nikon 1 J4 camera with 10-20mm lens is now $200 off, while a two lens kit (10-30mm and 30-110mm) is now $300 off. See all available combos at B&H, Adorama and Amazon.

The waterproof Nikon 1 AW1 mirrorless camera is only $100 off for now - see listings at B&H, Adorama and Amazon (available for $539 refurbished).

The Nikon 1 V3 is not discounted yet.

The Nikon D610 is still $1,696.95, the Coolpix A is $699.

The Nikon instant rebates remain unchanged till November 15th.

The Nikon D750 with the 24-120mm f/4 lens combo is still $600 off.

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  • Spy Black

    Let all the Nikon 1 jokes and jabs begin. Ready, set…

    • Actually, I’m seriously considering an AW1. Cheap way to get wet.

      • Eno


        • katheryn92385

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      • Spy Black

        This one’s cheaper, and goes down another 10 feet:

        • Link doesn’t seem to work…

          • Spy Black

            Hmm, not sure why I got that, here it is again:

            • Aw, yes, that link worked.

              Yeaaaaah…no raw is a no go for me. And I don’t dive with tanks or anything, so there’s no big advantage for something that goes much deeper than the AW1. And I’m also certain the AW1 will be much cheaper than it is today inside the next year.

      • HULK

        Way to go…drown puny sensor! SMASH!

    • Andrew

      I am starting to be interested in the Nikon 1 camera, and it is not for the obvious reason of traveling light. The 1-inch sensor in the Nikon 1 is ideal for its zoom capability. Instead of buying an inexpensive all-in-one zoom camera with inferior picture quality, the Nikon 1 will work wonders. And here is how:

      Simply add the Nikon 1 Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens and you will get a 810mm equivalent (in 35mm format) zoom lens. Though the lens cost $1,000, its high quality performance will be worth it.

      See the zoom lens with sample photos below:

    • Andy Aungthwin

      Yes, let’s hear them from people who have actually used one.

      You go first.

      • Spy Black

        Thanks, I’ll stick to real cameras.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          Once again you have shown us all that you know nothing about the 1 system, yet continue to pose as the know-all.

          Here are two shots – one with the D800+70-200 II (in DX mode) at 200mm and f5.6 vs V1+30-110mm at 110mm and also at f5.6. Both are around 300mm field of view. Files are resized to 10MB.

          This is a comparison of a 5000€ system vs 500€.

          At this aperture the 70-200 is at as good as ANY lens on the planet. The 30-110 is wide open.

          Sure, you could probably tell which is which at 100%.

          I don’t use the V1 to compete against the D800. Why would I? I have the D800 (not to mention a D600) to do D800 things. The V1 is a competent camera and a lot of fun.

          I use it because I like it. Something that you just can’t get and accept.

          • Andrew

            That picture belongs in a museum. Nice!

            • Studor13

              Well, maybe not in a museum but it would be kinda amusing in one of the 1 System haters lounge rooms.

          • Spy Black

            I dont think the N1 cameras have bad image quality, for their sensors they’re quite good. My objection is their design. They’re crippleware compared to cameras in their price range. The J4 and its predecessors are a shining example. At least now you can dig down several menu levels to gain control of it, still awkwrd at best. There are far better choices for a camera in it’s price range. At least, if you’re a photographer. 😉

            At it’s price, the V3 would be far more versatile if it had an EVF *AND* a hot shoe. If the AF and high speed shooting live up to their hype, and coupled with some high-speed IGBT monolights, it would make for a killer fashion studio camera, at least at base ISO. Again, look at what’s available at it’s price range.

            I know some people don’t have a problem with these limitations, the cameras for instance are very popular with wildlife photographers, just ask Tom Hogan. But I can’t see any photographic enthusiast look at the J4 as a worthwhile investment. If the V1 floats your boat, enjoy.

            • That hits the nail on the head. I’d probably have considered one by now if they offered something like the V1 form factor, V3 features, hot shoe, and an interface that matched the DSLR line.

              The 1 series UI/UX is just garbage. Who cares how fast the camera shoots when you have to fight with it to change settings? It’s like a Ferrari with the shifter in the trunk.

              Instead, I just picked up a GX7 to augment my GX1 bodies for video. Turns out it’s one of the best stills cameras I’ve ever used too! Having fast primes with IS is an epiphany! So’s the wifi connectivity.

              Nikon didn’t just drop the ball. They punted it into a volcano.

    • Ric

      A J2 walks into a bar……

      • HULK

        Hulk also there. SMASH!

    • Ric

      A rabbi, priest and AW1 are in a rowboat…..

      • HULK

        Priest and rabbi molest little sensor, then throw out. Lake deep, puny sensor of shame drown!

  • David Weinehall

    Meh. I bought an AW1 three weeks ago 🙁 OTOH that’s here in Finland, where the offer probably won’t show up anyway. Especially since the stores here still lags one generation behind on the other Nikon 1 generations (and on D3xxx + D5xxx).

    • Roger

      As advanced we are in so many other things up here in Finland, dropping prices of tech stuff isn’t one of them…

      • Michiel953

        What’s the suicide rate these days over there Roger? 😉

        • doge


          What’s your point?

          • Michiel953

            Not much really, though I doubt your stats. Finland (I was in Helsinki and area once on a business trip, that makes me an expert) has an unusually high suide rate. Something to do with darkness and the sun setting early.

            • Andrew

              Alaska gets an average of about 5 hours of daylight in January. Have you checked out your theory there?

            • Michiel953

              No, but then I just gave the usual explanation given for Finland, not my own theory, if I would have the brainpower to come up with one. Which I don’t. Have.

            • Andrew

              I would not underrate your brainpower, the fact that you know your limitations is brainpower enough 😉

            • Michiel953

              Lol! The philosophical question then is how can I know that I know nothing? A conundrum.

            • Andrew

              The fact that you can even ask a question means that you know something. While in Engineering School, I minored in Philosophy. I assure you, when you are a hungry student, those types of questions do not materialize in your mind. Our minds can lead us astray.

              Engineering is the best antidote to philosophy because your ideas are always tested in the material world. In contrast, Philosophy deals with a lot of metaphysical ideas. Even Science has become a trap for many. When people stray to things like String Theory, they soon stray into Philosophy. Though I am not a Chess player, I think Philosophy is a bit like Chess, a little bit of it provides good training for the mind, but too much of it becomes mental gymnastics.

          • Michiel953

            Ahh. I see where you got your stats from and they’re correct. You could have mentioned that Finland ranks #23 out of 105 countries that submitted figures. Holland ranks #53. Very comforting thought.

            • Spy Black

              …and your point in all this is?…

            • Michiel953

              Read? Below.

        • HULK

          Many self kill of puny sensors after dark. So much noise…can t stand noise…must jump. Hulk make it easy for puny sensor. SMASH!

  • KnightPhoto

    At $396 the J4 is a good deal (and throw in the 30-110mm for $546).

    • Spy Black

      If you don’t mind a camera that does all the thinking for you. If so, wait a while, it’ll drop even more.

    • ZoetMB

      A very good deal. And you can still get a red S1 for $199. I might even bite on the J4. Not a bad walk around camera.

      But they didn’t discount the J4 with the 10-100mm. It’s still $1047 which makes no sense because you can buy it with the 10-30mm VR for $397 and buy the 10-100mm separately for $547 and still pay $103 less and get the 10-30mm for free.

      And SpyBlack: it has a manual mode.

      • Andrew

        Yeah, that 100mm lens gives you a zoom factor of about 270mm (FX equivalent). That is all I am interested in, the reach 😉 That is, going from approximately 300mm to 800mm based upon the lens you attach to it. That beats Nikon charging you $17,000 for an 800mm lens.

        • 24×36

          I’m sick of this “crop factor reach” crap. The “crop factor” doesn’t GIVE you ANYTHING. It TAKES SOMETHING AWAY – it’s called ANGLE OF VIEW. A D810 has MORE “reach” than a D300, “crop factor” be damned! The ONLY thing that provides more “reach” is higher pixel density, PERIOD. /rant

          BTW, you can get a Sigma 300-800 f5.6 for a mere $8,000, and it will be infinitely more flexible and useful than any 800mm prime lens, and it’s plenty sharp at 800mm!

          • Andrew

            Crop factor is not crap, you are missing the point. With the Nikon 1 and the attacked lens, you get instant crop without using your computer to achieve the same result in terms of reach. With the Nikon 1, we are talking about a $399 camera and not a $3,300 D810.

            Now the Nikon 1 with an 800mm (i.e. 300mm) equivalent lens cost $1,400. But your D810 with its $8,000 sigma lens cost $11,300. Yes, that is a factor of 10.

            The higher pixel density puts the $3,300 D810 in another class, and you are comparing it with a $399 Nikon 1 camera? I purchased a $450 Panasonic zoom camera last year (yes, not Nikon!) for fun because of its built-in 60x optical Zoom. The Nikon 1 with its lens will give you a much larger sensor with much better optics. Isn’t photography supposed to be all about having fun! You need to go buy yourself a Nikon 1 and take some award winning pictures 😉

          • MonkeySpanner

            Only problem with the D800 theory is the AF system. Sure you can probably crop a 110mm lens on the D810 down to approx. 270mm. But when you are taking the picture – how many focus points do you think you will get on your subject? With the 1″ sensor – you get lots – and tracking. I am not really a fan of this current crop of 1″ sensors – to noisy for me – but I can see an advantage for tele usage.

      • Spy Black

        “And SpyBlack: it has a manual mode.”

        …and a shovel to go dig for it…

  • Yonas

    Nikon will end up giving money if you want any of the series 1 cameras.

    • Andrew

      This is the Christmas shopping season, it is the best time to offer discounts.

      • HULK

        Manly Santa refuses puny sensor of shame in sledge of his. SMASH! instead of Hulk.

        • Andrew

          Santa wants you to take pictures. Those larger sensor cameras do not get used half as much as these compact Nikon 1 cameras. And this camera does not have an AA filter and gives you 18 MP sensor for ultra sharp pictures. Imagine you get 160 to 12800 ISO sensitivity. Good luck taking pictures at 12800 ISO, but at lower ISO, this camera will give you professional quality results. Nikon knows how to render color correctly.

  • Michiel953

    The V3, not discounted at all and not cheap at all, is actually used by my wife for filming the kids mainly, and I think it’s pretty good. It’s sturdy, small, reasonably light and the iq (for film in particular) is ok.

    But it’s main advantage is that, albeit expensive, it gets used, as opposed to her 5100 which was cheaper and was not used.

    What more could you want? I’ve still got to set up the wifi though… 😉

  • B

    Good plan Nikon. There is a segment of the world that are getting rid of their larger cameras for smaller, capable enthusiast cameras. That is all you read about. So what do you do. You over price the V3 and drop the prices of everything else. There are so many options today but your pricing of the V3 is insane. I think I nearly shat my pants when I tried the a6000 focus peaking out in the store. It also has Lots of other features that the V3 lacks. $550 for the body.

    • whisky

      if the V4 has room for an EN-EL15 (even if only in a grip), a sensor with enhanced DR (even at the cost of lower resolution), CLS, separate hot shoe (even atop a separate EVF), focus peaking, rugged build, same~ish AF performance as the V3, uncompressed HDMI out — i’d gladly pay a premium just to shoot it with some of Nikon’s excellent Cx glass.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Only problem is – none of that will happen. Yeah, I would also like to see a 12ish MP sensor (whatever is needed for 4K vid) and very good high ISO. But Nikon doesn’t often step backwards in MP. Sony is the only one with the guts to do that.

        • whisky

          it’s happened to me twice before. just when i was about to buy into a new system, Nikon came out with a Hail Mary that brought me back inside.

          i could be wrong, but i’m hoping some~enough of the above will happen, and will hold out to see if the V4 will be Nikon’s come-back model.

          blowing out old stock, and publishing new sensor patents is, to me, a hopeful sign.

          • MonkeySpanner

            the V3 is still a pretty new model. I would not expect to see a V4 for at least another year.
            I like the 1 system for everything except the sensor. Nikon needs to go back to the drawing board there. I had a V1 and J1 and just never could get used to the IQ.
            But maybe Nikon will come out with a V3s – a more video oriented version of the V3 – with a 12MP sensor, 4k vid, and focus peaking and zebras. Wow – just reading all of that makes me drool.

  • DawN

    any news of “AW2”?coz AW1 is more than an year old now!
    I’m waiting for AW2!
    and I’m expecting extended waterproofing for few more meters; thats all….

  • BayouBill

    “The Nikon D750 with the 24-120mm f/4 lens combo is still $600 off.”

    Peter, are you suggesting that the kit pricing is introductory only and will be discontinued at some point?

    • I am not sure. It’s a big saving and this makes me think that they may remove it at some point.

      • Neopulse

        Have a feelng they are going to put it in the D610 area from now on and put the new top DX in that price range.

      • Sonikon

        Somehow it looks like a great way to move the 24-120 F4. A great way to compete with canon which includes their 24-105 F4 IS as a kit lens with their cameras. Also a half decent incentive to picking the D750 if I hadn’t bought a D800 already I would buy that kit in a heart beat.

  • Ian Kirk

    This is pretty good too:

  • HULK

    Many self kill of puny sensors after dark. So much noise…can t
    stand noise…must jump. Hulk make it easy for puny sensor. SMASH!

  • malak

    300$ off for an overpriced and regressing iq camera without any software improvement for several years… THANKS NIKON ! 🙂

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