Nikon D7200/D9300 specifications, maybe


Nikon D7200 mockup from the Japanese magazine Impress

I do not want to give you any false hopes, but those are the rumored specifications of a new Nikon DX DSLR camera (could be called D7200, D9300 or maybe a completely new name) I received recently from a new source:

  • New 24.7MP sensor from Sony
  • EXPEED 4b processor
  • Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3600DX autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 72 focus points (including 39 cross-type sensors; f/10 supported by 39 sensors)
  • ISO: 100-12,600 (expandable to 50-51,200)
  • Shutter speed 30-1/8000
  • 1.3x crop mode
  • 8 fps; 10 fps with external grip
  • Video: full HD (1080p) - 120FPS, no 4K
  • Similar in shape to the Nikon D810
  • Large viewfinder with 100% coverage

[NR] probability ratings for now: 30% (new source).

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  • Guest

    I already proposed some time ago:

    – D7200:

  • Pablo Fernandez

    I already proposed some time ago:


    · Better IQ than D7100
    · Better focusing points
    · Dual SD cards.
    · Tilt (touch?) screen 3,2”
    · Built in GPS + WiFi (Same as D5300)
    · Expeed 4 with 60fps (even if 120 would be so cool! Miss 4k)
    · Similar body size as D7100 with same materials as D750
    · Same fps as D7100 (or maybe +1 fps)

    D9300 (D300s replacement):

    · New 24.7MP sensor from Sony
    · EXPEED 4b processor
    · Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3600DX autofocus sensor
    module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 72 focus points (including 39cross-type sensors; f/10 supported by 39 sensors)
    · ISO: 100-12,600 (expandable to 50-51,200)
    · Shutter speed 30-1/8000
    · 1.3x crop mode
    · 8 fps; 10 fps with external grip
    · Video: full HD (1080p) – 120FPS, no 4K
    · Similar in shape to the Nikon D810
    · Large viewfinder with 100% coverage
    · Fixed screen
    · CF+SD card slots

  • George

    The number 1 selling DSLR at Amazon is the Canon 7D Mark II. Do you hear that Nikon? Think about that this holiday season as the cash registers are ringing with Canon purchases.

    Based on the tons of posts we have seen here and at Thom Hogan’s site about a Pro level DX from Nikon should be a loud and clear cry that there is a large demand. I’ve been holding out with my D300s and don’t want to go full frame. I’m sure there are many of us who feel if Nikon doesn’t anounce a pro level DX by Jan-Feb, we will spend our money elsewhere.

    • It is #1 because it just got released and many cameras are shipping to existing pre-orders. Pretty much every new camera makes it to the #1 list on Amazon.

      • George

        Thanks Peter. I’m pointing out the obvious that Nikon is missing out on sales in the DX space.

        Thanks so much for keeping us informed. Ever time I check your site I’m hoping for that big anouncement of a pro level DX. I hope you will have something soon to keep us going.

        • I agree, I think Nikon will announce an advance DX body, but I am not sure if it will be the D7100 replacement or a new high end model. Thanks for being a reader.

    • AGREED 100%!!! No surprise the new 7DMII is the biggest seller… Nikon is missing out on all the holiday spending, but maybe with wishful thinking, they have something a bit better under their sleeve for the DX sport lovers out there… It’s been a loun and clear message for some time now. My deadline is February, then its either a used D3s or I am going to the 7DMII. The D3s may be easier because of all my gear already being Nikon, and it would be a major transition. Hoping for something by then, lets go Nikon!

  • Marcelo Tezza

    TTL phase detection?
    ISO 12,600?
    10fps with 24 mpx data?
    I really don’t think its a trusty source.

  • Marcelo Tezza

    For real, i think nikon had abandoned this Pro dx idea long time ago, after the 7dmk2 they could rethink about it, but they are too busy trying to make a perfect line that no camera get the sales of the other, in this game they are loosing market. Nikon has no HEAD anymore, the last errors are just silly, D810 is a very good camera indeed, but its like every Dx10 looks like what the Dx00 should have been to start with, maybe this have something with the Tsunami that happened sometime ago. But this is just unexcusable. Canon is doing a better strategy, Sony has a really good strategy that now i think make sense, they saturated the point and shoot upgraders market, and people are thinking twice about buying a new camera, opening space for them catch up and surpass the canikon monopoly. Now they have the technology advantage, maybe side by side with samsung and its new launch. But sony has much broader range filling every gap in industry. Nikon, you should focus now on the niche as leica does, until you launch a competitive MirrorLess system. As much your lovers say good about, the D7100, D610, D750, all seems a bit more compromised than it should be. These buffer sizes and FPS are little ridiculous for today standards. AF points should be all cross type for the Full Frames and should cover a broader area too. Please make the right choices. D400 has a very high demand and you are loosing every one of the pacient fanboys you have. And do it right with Better QC!

  • Besamess

    Look like an old D300s user wish list..! Or K-3 specs !

  • Besamess

    About FPS : My favorite actual sport photographer is still working with a D700. He is doing lot of Ice Hockey and Boxing events, not some slow sports…

    Pro have to shoot 14bit Jpg and Raw. So buffer size is really the big issue on the D7100, not the FPS.

    • Marcelo Tezza

      Theres no accessible sports camera from nikon for how many years now?
      I have a d700 too and it has 5fps i think. Yes its good for somethings, but not enough for other things.
      Higher FPS expands the creative possibilities. And make it more competitive.
      I had a sony nex-3 long time ago, it had 7 fps, It was clearly useful for panoramic mode. This FPS numbers are more limitation by design rather than cost of production. They don’t want any camera touching the D4s. Because 90% of people don’t even need most of the capabilities of D4s or D4. They cut our choices from nikon, to preserve some strategy that is not working the way it should. Time for a sports camera at a lower cost.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Those specs look nice – but I was hoping a D7200 would be an upgrade from the D7100 – not a whole new sports camera, complete with new price range, to compete with 7dmkii. I am fine with Nikon producing a competing camera to the 7dmkii – but also would like them to upgrade the D7100 to something a little better – but still in the price range.

    • Andrew

      Based upon the sensor performance of the 7D Mark II, it looks as if it will not light a candle next to the coming Nikon D7200 or D400 (D9300) cameras. The 7D Mark II has a sensor performance close to that of the old Nikon D300 camera which is not impressive at all. Canon is apparently depending on its sensor technology which is nowhere close to the Sony built sensor that Nikon is using.

      The specs we are seeing for the upcoming Nikon DX camera looks awesome, considering that they will incorporate the new auto focus mechanism found in the D810/D750 and also the advanced video features of the D810.

      • Michiel953

        Canon’s motto is: “It’s the photographer, not the camera, you fools!”.

        • MonkeySpanner

          Yup – Canon photographers have to be REALLY good to get that sensor to perform. I guess we Nikon photographers are just lazy.

        • Considering the kind of presets and insanely automated tech canon crams in their cameras since donkey’s years, I doubt that motto. And the stupidity of general canon photographers I meet ( and their talk) confirms my doubt.

          • Andrew

            Don’t let him get you to insult Canon photographers. They are our friends, its only that they live on the other side of the fence. But let us all live as neighbors. I have bought Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Nikon cameras, so I am open minded. I love the photographic industry and what everyone is striving for – so let us all live harmoniously 😉

            • Of course. I am not insulting canon. But truth is truth. And hey , we too love better technology in our nikon.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Don’t say this in any Canon forums (or any open photo forums). The Canoners will attack. They claim the new sensor is as good as the D7100. I have not had my hands on a 7Dmkii or a 70D (same sensor) – but somehow I doubt it is that good.

  • D400 is coming

    That is the D400 looming on the horizon.

  • MGM

    Another BS rumour.

  • BrainBeat

    Those a the kind of specs I am sure everyone would like to see come true. I would be surprised if they did come up with a brand new AF system and put it first in a DX line camera even if it is “pro”. If they can deliver it however it would be a very nice camera to have for capturing moving subjects.
    My biggest hope would be that the new sensor could with the boost in ISO that it would also gain a stop in cleanness and that the Hx can be used in extreme cases.

    • Andrew

      You must be behind on some of the news. The new AF (auto focus) system was just released in the D750 allowing it to focus in extreme low light situations (i.e. -3 EV the limit of a human’s ability to see in the dark).

      The ISO performance of the D750 is so good at generating clean images at extremely high ISO that I believe we are going to be impressed with the D7200 (or D400/9300) at ISO 12,800.

      The faster Expeed 4 image processor and algorithm should cause these new cameras to easily out perform the D7100 in image quality (IQ). The big question that remains to be answered is whether Nikon will introduce a new 24 MP image sensor in these new cameras just as they did with the D750. If they do, them I am confident that the high ISO performance will impress us as much as that of the D750 though the D750 will always have a big edge because it uses the larger full frame sensor.

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        Being full frame and also of much lower pixel density i believe there was some room for ISO performance improvement. Which i think cannot be the case with DX … especially when Nikon prioritize sharpness in upper DX models (removing AA in D7100). DX i believe reached more or less its limits in terms of pixel density, resolution and ISO performance ? …

        EOS 7D Mk II improved a tad the ISO noise performance in APS but lost detail performance (although probably all this done in software level)

      • BrainBeat

        Umm no I am not behind on the news I in fact own a 750 :). What I was meaning by my comment is extra points will allow for finer tracking of objects, also DX AF seems to cover more of the frame too so you can keep a lock more easy too potentially. As for low light AF being able to do the same as the 750 would be good but not essential if the high iso is not up to scratch.

        From my limited testing and some reading when comparing the 7100 to the 5300 at 6400 iso and above the images either look the same or worse on the 5300.
        I am not sure how this can be as I believe they are the same sensor with the 5300 with the Expeed 4. That said how the 750 works with the Expeed 4 seems to make a difference.

        Personally I would sooner they drop a few MP on the top DX camera to allow slightly better low light as who really needs 24mp anyway?

        • Andrew

          I agree with your point about the high ISO performance not being stellar for the 24 MP DX sensor in the current models. I don’t have any problem with that, and that is the main reason anyway for getting a full frame camera.

          Now for nature photography, you are not going to attempt to shoot anything at a distance at night anyway, for focusing on high ISO performance for a DX camera is not that important.

          Now the problem with reducing the MP count is that it might cause Nikon to remove the AA Filter which I would not want to happen in the DX models. At ISO 100, you should not see a difference between the DX and FX models, so it is fine to get the extra detail from the DX models (with the AA Filter removed) at lower ISO and get the extra cleanness from the FX models at higher ISO.

          The ideal solution is to get both the D750 and the D7200 when released since no one camera if perfect for all situations. But right now, the D750 is the best all around camera on the market 😉

      • 24MPistooMuchOnDX

        “The faster Expeed 4 image processor and algorithm should cause these new
        cameras to easily out perform the D7100 in image quality (IQ).”

        Only if you shoot jpeg.
        If you shoot raw a core i7 and the latest NR software will outperform Expeed 4!

        The sensor could make the difference, not Expeed xxx

        This is where 16MP would shine!!!!!

        • Andrew

          Well, as you know Nikon abandoned the 16 MP sensor for two reasons. One was the need to get sharper images at 24 MP (or its marketing claims!). Real-life comparisons shows that the higher pixel count renders sharper pictures. And secondly, removing the AA Filter removes the slight distortion the filter introduces to the image. So you get stunning pictures at lower ISO.

          I am not sure you would achieve a full stop in ISO performance by going from 24 MP to 16 MP. And besides, sensor technology is improving and so we should expect greater gains in ISO on the 24 MP sensor in the future. Let’s just hope that Nikon does not abandon 24 MP for 36 MP on its DX cameras 😉

          The need for RAW will be more prevalent among those buying the D400 than those buying the D7200. Anyway, Sony is going smaller in MP count with its full-frame A7s video focused camera, all the way down to 12.2 MP. So be careful what you ask for, you might just get 8 MP 😉

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    i have been just checking the performance of the new 24mp sensor of Sony a77 II comparing to 7100. It looks like theres still some room left for detail recording performance improvement in the 24mp class APS size sensors. This sensor cooked by Nikon, in a DSLR body, would give a very noticeable clarity-detail-sharpness improvement over the D7100. The difference is impressive already in the Sony implementation. Makes only sense such a sensor to be in possible new upper segment DX Nikon bodies

  • azur

    For me the two decisive (yet unknown) specifications of the next high level Nikon DX camera will be these:
    – will it be a mirrorless camera or a single lens reflex camera ?
    – and if mirrorless, will it be F-mount or a new mount specifically made for a shorter flange focal distance ?
    Apart from that I’m fully confident that all other specifications will be absolutely fine for my purposes.
    The rumored specification: “Similar in shape to the Nikon D810” sounds mostly like yet another single lens reflex camera, but who knows. Time will show.

  • Michiel953

    So… what we have here is a full frame body in build quality, looks, weight and size, all full frame accoutrements, and a crop sensor. Nikon is taking crippling real serious.

    Oh, I put some effort into this, where can I find fast primes, eq fl 24, 35, 50 and 85?

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Its actually very wrong from Nikon’s side to not give a single word for so long on plans for such a highly demanded body since the time that D300s started to be outdated. I don’t think any camera has been discussed and been sought for so much as “D400”.

    Bad for them as well leaving also unexploited and frustrated such a big part of market pie . Will be or not and approximately when, thats all. Specs will be good for sure whatever they are, what is important information is if and when.

    Maybe we got our answer already though by the “we are (not) neglecting DX, new exciting lenses are coming” remark …

  • D3Seeker

    120fps at 1080p. Yes please 🙂

  • ValenzTa

    Admin, i kept wondering this, if it’s a new source how can you trust it? I mean, i could send you an inbox telling you i’m an insider and give you stuff to write about. Whatabout your other source that gave you the info on the D750. Has he told you anything? At least a date?

    • He said below that he had other reasons too, but still gave it a low credibility.

      I can only remember one case where he was way off on one spec, and I can’t even remember what it was.

    • What does the source who gave the original D9300 rumor on April 02 this year have to say about this?

  • Bird Popper

    This rumor is already a week old…. any updates????

    • Andrew

      The rumor has not been withdrawn, therefore that is the latest update. We are expecting the D7200 in the next 6 months. Because this rumor talks about a D810 like shape, it means that this D400/D9300 camera will be released in the next 3 months. So if you are waiting for the D7200, you should to have more patience. But if you are waiting for the D400, you should be excited 😉

      • Bird Popper

        Well then, I’m excited!

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        Could be two cameras maybe. D7200/7300 and D9300/D400 …

        The above specs if could be materialized by Nikon (which i doubt it for 2015) they resemble in this case more the D9300/D400.

        The D7200/D7300 could be a DX D750 version

  • peevee

    That would still be far behind Samsung NX1. Well, old DSLR tech limits what both Nikon and Canon can do.

    • kaka

      In what respect? Can you please give examples?

      • peevee

        In # of fps, 8 vs 15 in NX1. In number of focus points, 72 (rumored, real cameras are not even that) vs 205. In coverage of those focus points. In resolution. In precision of focus (hybrid AF with CDAF finishing always gives better precision, without the need to adjust every focus point for every lens – which does not work perfectly with zooms anyway as every FL would need its own adjustment). In the old FSI-CMOS vs BSI-CMOS of NX1. In the lack of full-sensor readout or 4K. In the lack of working VF in video mode. In slow live view and video focusing… In available preview effects, focusing aids, exposure aids in VF…
        And all this even in RUMORED FUTURE camera, vs very real camera available today.

        • MonkeySpanner

          Yes, we are all anxious to get a good thorough test report on the NX1. The specification are impressive indeed – very impressive. The big question in everyone’s mind will be – how does the AF system perform. Early anecdotal reports from the model on the floor at Photokina were that it was a little bit buggy. I will also be interested to see how good the IQ is with this new sensor. Samsung does not have a lot of lenses -but the ones they do have are supposed to be pretty good.

          • peevee

            Now with weather-sealed NX1 an 16-50/2-2.8 and 50-150/2.8 Samsung has the essential pro kit, only the second after m43 to reach the point. And with 28mpix and full-sensor readout it matches m43 in its own game (pixel density – “reach” and “effective macro magnification” at given focal length/size/weight of lens – of course the next iteration of m43 with 24mpix or so sensor will beat all APS-C in that matter again, but in particular point of time NX1 is without competition in almost any respect). Supertele is absent so far, but at least 300/2.8 is not far away (although something to compete with Panasonic 100-300 and Oly 75-300 is absent – 300/2.8 is going to be big, expensive and not zooming). Pro or even semi-pro UWA zoom is also missing, but it is not as essential as those 2.

            • MonkeySpanner

              Agreed – those two lenses are essential for pros. But still the unknown is AF performance.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I guess this rumor is pretty much dead.

  • No update here. Looks like April 02 all over again.. 🙁

  • shahid

    when is it lounch?

  • Rich

    Give me a D750 shaped DX with a 16 mpix sensor for low noise and high DR. 7fps, Wifi, tilt screen and the 750’s AF. Basically a low cost D750 optimised for my existing DX lenses.

  • David

    Over at DPR there’s a great video on the D750 still and video features. If Nikon wants to keep the faithful, they need to iterate the D7100 with some of the D750 features, and soon. They could put to rest much of the D300s DX prosumer bad feelings with a truly great D7100 follow-on. A weather-sealed body added to the feature set in the article would probably do it.

  • Update please!! 🙁

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