Nikon D750 additional coverage

Some additional Nikon D750 coverage - first, the latest reviews:

Ross Harvey's D750 review - probably the best D750 review I have seen so far:

"I’ve found my new wedding camera. My high hopes were exceeded, and that was using a £460 lens. The next wedding I’ll be back on the 1.4G primes and 24-70 for the dance floor, and I’ll use two D750s throughout. My two trusty D3s’ will come along as backup (never thought I’d hear myself say that). To create a camera so small with such an incredible sensor and autofocus system that not only offers great dynamic range and quality at higher ISOs, but also focuses in darker conditions, will be absolutely invaluable to countless photographers. Myself included. I am genuinely delighted at how capable this tiny camera is."

EOSHD: "Nikon D750 review – initial thoughts and real-world footage – ladies and gentleman we have a contender":

"I’m impressed with the ease of which I am able to get accurate colour out of the D750. You don’t need to master S-LOG. The Nikon colour science delivers very well out of the box with the supplied ‘flat’ image profile. I’m also impressed with resolution in 1080/60p, it’s almost as good as the A7S does in 1080/24p – and after a little post – as similar as makes no difference."

Nikon D750 vs D800 ISO comparison by

See also this Nikon D750 review by Shaun Baker:

"So a lot of people are asking me where this camera fits in the Nikon FX line up? My answer is simple. IF you are in the market for a new DLSR, do NOT buy the D610. Get the D750. If, for some reason you truly believe you NEED a D810 then go for it. BUT it’s $1,000 more for not that much more of a camera. Actually, less. There is no tilt screen, and no built in wifi. The D810 is awesome, don’t get me wrong. Only you know what you are shooting and what tools you need to best get the job done. For most, the best tool is the D750. I am actually considering selling the D4 and getting a second D750. It’s that good!"

Nikon D750 high ISO test comparison
Another Nikon D750 high ISO test by

Nikon D750 low light video test at ISO 1000 at 60fps, played back at 25fps.

Nikon D750 Wi-Fi photo transfer demonstration.

The fastest memory card for the Nikon D750 is the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 32GB. See the details over at

Several readers asked me about the D750 (K) version without Wi-Fi mentioned in the manual (page 309). I think this is a special version for some Asian countries.

Many readers also asked me about the ok button magnifications: the Nikon D750 Ok button can be configured for 100% or 200% magnification (page 355 of the manual).

If you have any additional comments/suggestions/opinions, please share them in the comments section.

The Nikon D750 is currently in stock at: B&H | Adorama | Amazon US | BestBuy | OneCall | WEX (UK) | Jessops (UK) | Amazon UK | Amazon France.

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  • Peter

    Seems like the quiet mode is still a joke and I’ll have to keep renting a 5D Mk III with a lens whenever I need a reasonably silent shutter, or get one of those expensive and cumbersome blimps at some point. That’s really unfortunate.

    Maybe they can address something like this in a firmware update, but I’m probably too spoiled by Fuji in this regard.

    • Deke

      It’s not a joke, it’s just not a Canon….

    • Biff

      For me the best part of Harvey’s review is the 5-stop exposure push from a 5-stop underexposed RAW.

      The Nikon D750 vs Canon 5D3 results are most interesting.

      Also of note are the high ISO samples at the bottom of his review.

      • Henry

        The difference between those two images is extreme. But there is no ISO or other EXIF data given. Do you have any details or context for this?

        • nikonbonnbon

          5D3 image still looks better.

          • JnhDgw

            LOL !
            Sure, it’s better ! The 5D3 automatically applies Instagram filters at high ISO !

        • Biff

          Check the review; details in there.

      • Aldo

        To be fair that was awesome quality in 2008…

      • Peter

        Biff, thanks for the comparison, that is certainly very interesting!

        However, Image quality is not the point at all. Of course the D750 has a major advantage. It is a newer cameras, and Nikons have had better high iso noise patterns and dynamic range for quite some time, and the AF is also much better.

        In fact, that makes it even more annoying that a camera like the D750, which is superior in so many significant points, is pretty much useless in situations where the shutter sound is an issue.

        Though to be fair to Canon, when exposed properly, the difference is by no means as extreme and I can get great results from the 5D Mk III when I have to. I’d just rather be able to use the D750.

        • Biff

          Good points.

          And I agree, forget that the Canon is older, even today, it still is a good camera capable of taking great images.

    • clifflwms

      Or use a D810. I own a D810 and a 5D3, the quiet modes on them are very similar.

      • Peter

        I haven’t used the D810. I shoot a lot of dance and ballet, though, so the 24 MP D750 sensor would be better suited due to superior lowlight performance. Not to mention I’d end up paying more money for resolution I don’t need while getting slower transfer speeds, higher archival costs and no WiFi.

        But irrespective of the issue of my ideal camera choice, the main problem remains, the quiet mode on the D750 is disappointing, especially to what Canon has had in a comparable camera for a few years now.

        • clifflwms

          Point taken. But Canon doesn’t actually make a comparable Camera at the moment. The 5D3 is $1000.00 (U.S.) more expensive and doesn’t have Wifi. To get a Canon camera close to this, you’d need to buy a 6d, but then you’d have to accept the trade offs. I do agree with you that the D750’s quiet mode is kind of a joke though.

          • Andrew

            Nikon quite likely was dealing with engineering constraints in suppressing the shutter noise in the D750. With a larger body, it is easier to design larger components that provide more buffering to sound.

        • how is the 3500 dollar 5d3 comparable? due to the fact that canon can’t seem to produce an over 21 MP sensor capable of what the nikons can do? I’m glad that it’s quiet. The D810 is quieter in normal shutter mode…

          • Peter

            That Is not accurate at all. I did some research, the D810 is about 8 db louder in normal shutter mode than the 5D in silent mode. If you compare both silent/quiet modes, you are still looking at about a 5.5 db difference in favor of the Canon.

            But the D810 is not the point anyway, the D750 is the issue.

            Also, if I was looking to buy any camera system right now for my work from scratch, the 5D and the D750 would essentially pretty much be the alternatives I’d have to choose among. I think that does make them fair to compare. Besides, it is reasonable to expect that technology that was limited to more high end cameras a few years ago will eventually make it down to lower models. The D750 is superior to the 5D in pretty much all other aspects already, so I don’t see why the silent mode should be an exception.

    • Global

      Or stop buying cameras with Shutters completely — you sound like you need a Mirrorless camera, if you are worried that much about shutter noise. The D810 is superb on shutter noise, however.

      • Peter

        Mirrorless cameras are actually not that quiet really (my X100 being an exception, especially with a filter on). A 5D Mk III in silent mode is roughly as quiet as most APS-C size and up mirrorless cameras and even has a slight margin.

        I haven’t tried the D810, but to the D800, there is roughly a 15 db difference to the 5D III.

        • Jeff

          I recommend trying the A7s if you don’t believe in quiet mirror less cameras. Silent mode on, you’ll never know a picture is taken. Plus, the low light capability of that camera is phenomenal. I’ll never look at another DSLR the same way again.

          • clifflwms

            Low light is great on the A7s, and the focusing is very fast for static subjects in low light. But I wouldn’t recomend it for Ballet, which is what Peter says that he shoots. It’s not a true sports Camera despite all of the hype (except in daylight).
            I’ll aster the next question before it’s asked: “Yes, I’ve tried it”. It’s a great camera, but it can’t replace my DSLR’s…yet.

          • Peter

            Interesting, the A7 wasn’t really all that quiet (louder than the 5D II in silent mode), so I assumed the A7r/s would be similar. Lots of mirrorless camera manufacturers also try to pass off an electronic shutter as a silent mode, but an electronic shutter really isn’t usable for motion (or flash sync for that matter). Not sure how the silent shutter on the A7r/s is implemented.

            But for my purposes, there is really no alternative to a DSLR anyway as of yet.

            The big point is, the 5D Mk III has set the bar for what is possible for a silent mode on a full frame SLR, and as a Nikon user I am a bit disappointed that Nikon has unfortunately failed to match that with the D750 several years after Canon introduced it.

          • Peter

            Interesting, the A7 wasn’t really all that quiet (louder than the 5D II in silent mode), so I assumed the A7r/s would be similar. Lots of mirrorless camera manufacturers also try to pass off an electronic shutter as a silent mode, but an electronic shutter really isn’t usable for motion (or flash sync for that matter). Not sure how the silent shutter on the A7r/s is implemented.

            But for my purposes, there is really no alternative to a DSLR anyway as of yet.

            The big point is, the 5D Mk III has set the bar for what is possible for a silent mode on a full frame SLR, and as a Nikon user I am a bit disappointed that Nikon has unfortunately failed to match that with the D750 several years after Canon introduced it.

      • waterengineer

        Really, mirrorless cameras don’t have shutters? Tell me more.

    • Henry

      I recently shot a wedding with a friend who was using the 5D Mk III. I was very impressed with the quiet mode on it. It lived up to its name. The quiet mode on the D610 is a joke. I’m disappointed that it seems (based on the videos and comments that I’ve seen) Nikon did not improve it at all on the D750.

    • Umano Teodori

      I think it is the only flaw of d750, but imho it’s the best all around camera ever. To be honest in some situation, when noise matters, no dslr are allowed, quiet or loud

  • Steidl
    • Peter

      Thanks for the tests! The EOSHD video above as well, the video quality on this camera actually seems really, really impressive. The EOSHD video also has surprising dynamic range and the rolling shutter apparently isn’t much of an issue (though you have to download the original from vimeo, the streaming version is atrocious).

      I would totally be comfortable shooting a cinema commercial on this camera. It’s no Alexa and the codec and bit depth probably won’t allow aggressive grading, but the out-of-camera quality really finally seems to be there.

      With the DX crop mode, we also have the option to get that insane depth of field of the Vistavision-size sensor back to Super35 or use it as a built-in 1.5 teleconverter, everything without loss of stop or quality. Nice!

      In this respect, the camera seems to be a real winner. Glad to see Nikon catching up in terms of video!

      • if people didn’t hack the canons Nikon was already ahead – clean HDMI out, Independent earphone and microphone levels, dynamic range, 60p across all top cameras…

        • Andrew

          What many people do not realize is that Canon is a big video camcorder company with both they and Sony dominating the market in the 1980 to 2000 era. But now in 2014 with high-end camcorders offering 1 inch sensors, many are preferring the much larger sensors that full frame cameras are providing. With the full frame D810, Nikon took a big leap forward in its video performance, and now it appears that the D750 will follow suite. What this means is that Nikon has finally entered Canon and Sony’s market. This should help in giving Nikon a likely revenue boost.

  • Dave

    Finally held a D750 body today and figured I’d share my ergonomic feeling about it… It felt really nice in the hand and I was surprised to find the AE-L/AF-L button very well placed… I could easily live with the tilt screen, Nikon did a nice job on this. I found the scroll button placement VERY distracting in it’s position, physically had to move my thumb to find it ( and I have small hands ) while on my D700, I can operate both the ‘back-focus’ and the ‘focus-point’ selection without moving my thumbs position. The ‘info’ button is where the scroll wheel should have been. The Fn & Preview button placement didn’t appeal to me either… Having said all that, I’m sure it will make those who purchase it very happy!

  • Chris Bilodeau

    I rarely ever go above ISO 3200 when I shoot weddings and the build/buffer alone of the D750 makes this far less of a primary wedding camera body than that of a D700, D3, D3s, or D4. This is a great enthusiast’s camera.

    • Martin K

      Perhaps you should master your (lack of) technique…

      • Chris Bilodeau

        Show me your work Martin and I will show you mine.

    • Eric Frame

      Spray and pray!

      • Chris Bilodeau

        Let’s see you professional site Eric.

        • Eric Frame

          I’m not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, but I try to plan my shots before I take it them… I find it cuts my culling time by a ton, and I don’t need to spend money on a $6k camera because I need a big buffer.

          I don’t have a pro site, but here’s a link to my flickr account since you asked.

          link to yours?

          • Chris Bilodeau
            • Aldo

              Since you asked to see Eric’s work… maybe you can take a few tips from him…

            • Chris Bilodeau

              Why do people that share a common interest in something have to bash each other? Does it make you feel good? I make comments about a “camera,” and then people attack me personally. I dunno, just seems sort of juvenile. In any case, I am quite confident in my abilities both in medicine and photography and have plenty of success in both. Aldo, let’s see some of your skill. If you want to insult my work, show me your portfolio. You must be fantastic.

          • Chris Bilodeau

            The point of a “pro” body for people that shoot weddings and such is not always tons of features or massive high ISO ability. Bodies get dropped, tossed, and banged up against everything during an 8-10hr wedding. You need a pro build. The buffer is EXTREMELY important at times when you have a key moment like the first kiss at the end of the ceremony and family is jumping in front of you with iphones. Sometimes I will have it on continuous high and do a RAW burst at 9fps just to get those “can’t miss” shots. Wedding photography is like war photojournalism at times and you can’t always sit and plan. Actually, you rarely sit or plan. The D750 is a great looking camera, but it is not a great main body for weddings as Ross suggests.

            • Eric Frame

              Actually, what Ross actually said, not suggested was, ” The next wedding I’ll be back on the 1.4G primes and 24-70 for the dance floor, and I’ll use two D750s throughout. My two trusty D3s’ will come along as backup ”

              You don’t need to shoot anything at 9fps at a wedding.. even 6 is overkill.. the first wedding I helped shoot, I shot the first kiss at 6fps and got like 15 of the same photo. And if someone jumps out in front of you, for even one second, 9fps isn’t going to help you, its going to net you 9 photos of the back of their head.

              I’d rather have two of the same camera, than one main “pro” body, and a backup. IMO it makes the photos a lot more constant, and the controls are exactly the same. I see you shoot with a D3s and a D610… that would feel really weird to me.. I’m currently shooting a d610 and a D7100, and although they have a similar layout, its still not the same.

              But if it works for you, then thats all that matters.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              Eric, while I can appreciate your thoughts and you have some nice shots on Flickr, you can’t tell someone that gets paid to shoot weddings what they need. It baffles me. It is like me telling a pro golfer they don’t “need” (insert club). I get paid to do this and you don’t from what I gather. So, 9fps is not overkill. In fact, go tell Cliff Mautner and Susan Stripling they don’t need the D4. …and tell Joe McNally he does not need a D4. Yes, it works for me and most “pros.”

            • Eric Frame

              I really doubt Cliff Mautner shoots anything at 9fps..I heard Jerry Ghionis once say that he only shoots like 1200-1500 images per wedding, while other “pro’s” shoot some ridiculous number like 5k!

              They have D4’s for their crazy ISO abilities more so than fps.. If you’re roll’n in the dough, sure, buy 3 D4s’s and knock yourself out. But to insinuate that you need a crazy fast fps to shoot a wedding is stretching it.

              Point me to a youtube clip where a pro, in the Cliff Mautner or Joe Buissink league, is firing off 9-10fps at a wedding… I’ve yet to see it.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              I don’t shoot 9fps 99.9% of the time. But, when I need it, it is there. That is the difference between a hobbyist and a pro. I miss the first kiss, I am in big trouble. I get paid $3,000 to get every shot. Do you want to go to battle with a machine gun or a single shot pistol? You may not need the machine gun, but would you stake your life on it?

              Cameras are just tools and you choose the proper tool for the job.

            • Eric Frame

              Thats true… I cringe at the stories of photographers who show up with a t3i and an 18-55 with one battery and a popup flash. LOL

            • Chris Bilodeau

              …and they charge $3,000

            • Andrew

              Don’t confuse business with photography 😉

            • Chris Bilodeau

              True, but most people that enjoy photography (and likely the majority here) would relish the opportunity to have others pay for their work. There is no confusion. 😉

            • Eric Frame

              But you’re right.. if it works for you, I am in no place to tell you you’re doing it wrong or anything.. I just think the 750 would make a great wedding camera.

              you have some nice shots in your portfolio. 🙂

            • Chris Bilodeau

              Thank you. And, the D750 IS A GREAT WEDDING CAMERA, just not a “main” body in my humble opinion.

            • Craig John

              DQ Studios shoots with the Nikon DF. They don’t need the D4. In fact, they downsized from the D4 to the DF. So, no. The DF isn’t a toy – it’s a tool like every other camera made. Pick what works best for you. If you need the D4/D4s. Have at it.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              The DF has its place, not as a main body for weddings. Anyone that shoots a wedding in 2014 with a single card slot is borderline nuts. The DF is nothing special, worthy of such risk. Daring use of a $20K med format Hassy with 1 slot might be a more meaningful argument. Do you shoot weddings? I love all the comments here from non-wedding ‘togs that seem to have all the answers. Sort of reminds me of the armchair QBs trashing their favorite sports teams over beer and nachos.

            • Craig John

              What a troll, but I’ll play along.

              Who are you to decide what I choose to shoot wedding with, and what works best for me or anyone else?

              Even better, it’s almost amusing (sad really) you seem to think anyone who disagrees with you is hobbyist. …and worse yet, that any hobbyist comment isn’t as valid as yours.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              Ok, I can see the “hobbyist/disagree” thing, but it is not intended that way. I am poorly trying to convey the reasons for NOT using a Df for weddings and I would think you would find that the majority of pros that shoot weddings would stay away from anything nowadays without dual cards. This is not to say the Df or D700 “cannot” be used, but why risk it in 2014? We have the D3, D3s, D4, D4s, and D800. I also said more than once the D6xx and D750 are great cameras, but more suited as backup bodies. If I am a troll for these opinions then this place is obviously just a little click of mostly hobbyists that take offense that term and dislike new folks with valid points. If what I type comes across as being elitist, etc., it is not my intention. That said, I have been attacked harshly by some and I have not been disrespectful to any large degree to anyone here.

            • Biff

              “D750 is a great looking camera, but it is not a great main body for weddings as Ross suggests”

              Are you telling us that everyone of these award-winning and other excellent wedding shooters, who use Nikon & Canon bodies with less than 9fps, are wrong?

            • Chris Bilodeau

              no. read.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              I will add to my reply. If you are not a pro and don’t shoot weddings for money, don’t bother to comment. If you have not done it, you don’t have any clue. Hobby photography is very different than signing contracts and getting paid to deliver quality images to a client. It is not mere coincidence that Joe McNally, Susan Stripling, Chase Jarvis, Cliff Mautner, et. al. shoot with the “D” series bodies. If you want to delude yourself into thinking the D6XX or D750 is as good as a D3/D4 for pro gigs, go ahead. You look foolish. THE D750 IS A GREAT CAMERA! Period. It is not a great choice for a main primary body for weddings. Portraits, yes. I love the D610 for family portraits in the studio.

            • Craig John

              Please don’t tell me I look foolish shooting with my D610, D600 and a DF. I’m starting to take umbrage with these blanket statements. Actually, the DF is one helluva conversation starter with the wedding guests. I love it.

              There are a shjtload of paid highly professional wedding photographers shooting with non-$5,000+ “sports camera” bodies – i.e. the D610, D6, D800, D810, DF, 5DmkII, 5DmkIII, D700, etc. And they’re creating killer award winning work.

              If The D3/D3s didn’t get me any shots I can’t get with the D610 or a DF at a wedding, then it stands to say; the D4s will no longer get a shot the D750 can’t unless you’re shooting fast action sports at 11 fps. But for weddings? No. Ross’s review is spot on, IMO.

              Jeff Ascough would disagree with you that “rarely sit and plan”. Please take that as, “there is no one correct way to shoot a wedding”. There are so many styles. Being slow and deliberate is a style, as is the fast gunned “spray-n-pray” David Jay newbie disciple style.

              Cheers and nice work,


            • Chris Bilodeau

              Do you shoot weddings? AND, nobody said you look foolish. What is with all the negativity and assumptions in this place? Oh, do you shoot weddings professionally?

            • Craig John

              Actually, you said this: “If you want to delude yourself into thinking the D6XX or D750 is as good as a D3/D4 for pro gigs, go ahead. You look foolish.”

              Um! Yes! The D610 and the D750 are as good as the D3/D4 for pro gigs. And yes. I’m a professional.

              And if you’re wondering where the negativity is coming from, you’re trolling for it left and right.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              No. I am getting irritated. When I first came here I simply posted thoughts about a camera and that I did not feel it was “great” for various reasons. A lot agreed. Then, some juvenile people posted stupid things like “spray and pray” and a few attacked my work before I even posted a link. It was just negative attacks personally for no reason. I see that a lot on these types of forums and I now remember why I stopped posting. I am not a troll, just someone with an opinion in a new environment and this “prove yourself” mentality is a little ridiculous because there are people here saying a lot of crap and getting up votes. Almost as bad as CNN’s comment section. Seriously, I am just a guy that shoots pro on the side with an opinion that I think is very legit. Disagree, but trashing is just uncalled for IMHO.

            • Biff

              “this “prove yourself” mentality is a little ridiculous”


              You are delusional.

              If you look at the early posts, you will find TWO post of you yourself asking others to prove themselves. And show their sites and their works.

              You are accusing others of actions that you started yourself.

              You are projecting unto others qualities that are IN you.

              Even your whining about “negativity” is in fact present in you.

              Craig saw and mentioned it.

              And your opinion is half-baked.

              You yourself admit your poor communication skills as an excuse for being caught with a flat-out easy-to-demolish opinion about “lesser cameras.”

              By your logic, all the many hardcore wedding pros who are now known to have switched to the D750 from D3s & D4s’s, don’t know what they’re doing.

              And to top it off: you admit you’re “just a guy that shoots pro on the side.”

              The hypocrisy in you is hilarious.

              You are the very “hobbyist” that you rail against here.

              By your own words: YOU shouldn’t have an opinion on these things.

              See, this is what makes your opinions suspect & half-baked.

              The savvy ones with highly-refined opinions, would know not to muzzle others based on what they have or have not done – they know that it’s the quality of what’s being said that matters.

              I don’t give a damn if you’ve never held a camera.

              What’s important is that what you say makes sense. The job you hold is immaterial.

              And if your views were even halfway refined, you wouldn’t be caught in this trap right now.

              The fact is: it doesn’t matter that you just shoot “on the side.”

              Your opinion is still allowed to be heard.

              Your problem is: your cluelessness forced you to claim that “only pros can have valid opinions.”

              And since you’re a rank amateur, your own logic actually forces you to gag yourself.

              You either gag your opinion to remain consistent with its flawed logic, or you can voice your opinion and become a hypocrite.

              It’s a trap.

              And it only became a trap because the logic in your opinion was flawed to begin with.

              Your problem is, you’re too unrefined to realize a fact; that pros can have crap opinions, that even masters can have crap opinions, and that even amateurs can have highly-nuanced opinions.

              And that fact is why we don’t base the validity of opinions on the work of its owner.

              That fact, is why we validate opinions based on its merits.

              Those who have not yet realized this, are still stuck under a kindergarten-mindset.

              Now since your opinion and the way you conveyed it has been so poor as to have you making excuses about how bad you were at it:

              You opinion is suspect.

              Specially in light of your inability to see the hypocrisy within you.

              And your little dig about people here being incapable of taking criticism practically screams of your clueless obliviousness.

              As you’ve already demonstrated to us: YOU yourself can barely handle criticism.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              Feel better now?

            • Chris Bilodeau

              I am honored you took the time to point out my inability to have a valid opinion.

            • Biff

              Bwahahaha! This Bilodeau demonstrates his cluelessness again.

              Re-read my post:

              It never has me saying your opinion should be muzzled.

              It has me showing that your own words dictate that you be muzzled.

              It has me showing that if your logic is to be followed; and only pros should have an opinion; then as a rank amateur, you should be muzzled.

              See, there is a difference between me wanting you muzzled, and me showing that your opinion is crap because it would muzzle you.

              While you are so clueless as to be caught muzzling people…

              …I am too savvy to be caught muzzling anyone.

              In fact, I did the opposite of what you accused and said:

              The fact is: it doesn’t matter that you just shoot “on the side.”

              Your opinion is still allowed to be heard

              So not only did I not “take time” to muzzle you, I actually did the opposite; and took time to say everyone is allowed an opinion.

              See, the reason people are jumping on you here, is not because we don’t allow you an opinion; it’s because you are clearly a hypocrite too clueless to see his own hypocrisy.

              Because of your cluelessness, it becomes very easy to use your own words against you.

              I will demonstrate below:

              “you took time to point out my inability to have a valid opinion”

              As you took time to point out my inability to have a valid opinion 2 weeks before:

              “If you are not a pro and don’t shoot weddings for money, don’t bother to comment”

              If you don’t want people to muzzle you, then don’t muzzle an entire group of people’s opinions.

              By your own words: you should be muzzled for being a rank amateur.

              But we won’t; because we are too savvy to do something that stupid.

              “you can’t tell someone that gets paid to shoot weddings, what they need.”

              If you read my reply to Joven below, you will find a bunch of hardcore wedding shooters using the D750 as primary now:

              Follow your own advice and stop telling these people, what they need.

              Your clueless hypocrisy entertains me.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              Biff, I am 1/2 joking. Don’t get all defensive. If we were sitting around a TV with a beer talking gear, it would be totally different. You don’t know me and it is really hard to be sarcastic online when others have different personalities. To be fair, I started with valid comments. Quickly got flamed. At that point I sort of went about things with a little sarcasm mixed with truth. I am not someone that gets all upset online. Love my work, hate my work, I don’t care. I am not confused by my own hypocrisy. LOL. I am talking gear with other gear geeks like me, but I honestly do believe that “pros” and “amateurs” think about cameras in different ways. I am 75% pro since I get paid and have a career that pays the mortgage. But, I shoot a lot for money. (weddings, etc.). This gives me some validity when it comes to gear. If you disagree, that’s cool.

            • Joven

              This comment is where you got yourself into trouble. Harvey Ross, apparently voted as one of England’s best wedding photographers, wrote:

              “I’ve found my new wedding camera. My high hopes were exceeded, and that was using a £460 lens. The next wedding I’ll be back on the 1.4G primes and 24-70 for the dance floor, and I’ll use two D750s throughout. My two trusty D3s’ will come along as backup (never thought I’d hear myself say that).”

              I’m going to go with the guy who has shot with the camera at weddings, and is considered one of his country’s best over a guy who hasn’t used it, and is judging it from a spec sheet.

              Shaun Baker, yet another photographer whose review was shared in this article, wrote:

              “So a lot of people are asking me where this camera fits in the Nikon FX line up? My answer is simple. IF you are in the market for a new DLSR, do NOTbuy the D610. Get the D750. If, for some reason you truly believe you NEED a D810 then go for it. BUT it’s $1,000 more for not that much more of a camera. Actually, less. There is no tilt screen, and no built in wifi. The D810 is awesome, don’t get me wrong. Only you know what you are shooting and what tools you need to best get the job done. For most, the best tool is the D750. I am actually considering selling the D4 and getting a second D750. It’s that good!”

              You really can’t see why there are some people who don’t agree with you?

            • Biff

              But according to this Chris Bilodeau, there is just no way you would choose a D750 over a D4s in this day and age.

              There just can’t be any reason to do so if you are a true pro.

              Those hardcore pros you mentioned, must not know what they are doing.

            • Chris Bilodeau

              I guess I am just not good at “forums” because half of what I was accused of was not intended the way it was received.

            • Biff

              “half of what I was accused of was not intended the way it was received”

              That’s your first valid and understandable point, I heard.

              It’s very easy for newcomers to say obvious half-baked opinions online.

              Even the nicer ones can be made to look like morons through no fault of their own, other than by being new at this.

              And a**holes like me with highly-refined, battle-tested opinions tend to pounce on them too easily; forgetting that these folks may just be newcomers.

              For that: I apologize.

              From here, you may call me names & throw rants at me.

              Go ahead: I can handle it. I won’t respond in kind.

              You can refine your opinions from other a**holes; and forget my points.

              This is nothing to me; it’s no skin off my hide.

          • Aldo

            Nice photography!!!

            • Eric Frame

              Oh, thanks Aldo! 🙂

    • Craig John

      Hi Chris,

      I moved from the D3/D3s combo to the D600/D610 combo and the build/buffer doesn’t make those cameras any less of wedding camera body “for me”. So really, it comes down to shooting style.

      In fact, thanks to the new AF system, makes the D750 nearly the perfect wedding camera for me – wish it was only 16MP…but beggars can’t be choosers. LOL. …The D600/D610 are close. Actually, if the DF had the D750 AF system, it would be my perfect wedding camera. 🙂

  • J Beiber

    Great work, Admin, and exciting reviews, but I’ll wait for a few more reviews, especially after the “honeymoon” phase is over–got burned reading all those “great” reviews about the D600, yet they all forgot to mention the crappy AF that couldn’t focus in the dark, all the intentional features crippling, etc., that made the D600 into an intentionally crippled, DX upgrader, amateur camera. The D600 left a bad taste, one that still lingers.

    Nikon *could have* put the D750 guts in a D800 type body and control layout, charged $300-500 more ($2600-2800), and would sell a ton of them too. That would still leave the D810 at $3K+ as the Hi-res leader and top dog in prosumer FX. From a business standpoint, seems like poor planning and product organization–and leaving money on the table. As a consumer, hopefully the D750 finally delivers.

    • One More Thought

      There is no empirical evidence that your suggestion of a higher priced body would produce more sales for Nikon. It’s merely your assumption.

      My assumption is that the more aggressive price will move more cameras for Nikon and make them overall more money. Also it will lead to more sales of lenses, making them more money.

      At this price Nikon has hit a sweet spot in terms of features and value. Also, I don’t know that the larger D800 body would appeal to everyone. There are many, and I am one of them, that prefer the smaller, lighter body.

      • Saffron Blaze

        The value for money represented by the D750 is very compelling. This from someone who pre-ordered a D810. As superb as the D810 is, if I were buying today I suspect the outcome would be different.

      • nikonbonbon

        I disagree and question why fanboys always spout off the benefits to nikon corp. without even thinking about what the people looking to buy want.

      • J Beiber

        You miss the point- Thought– you argue classic supply/demand–that’s besides the point. I’m discussing the idea of value added–that a higher priced item can be more *PROFITABLE* despite selling LESS quantity. Example was Nikon D300 was a hit and big seller, and certainly a big profit center (compare the D5000/D90 and D300–costs much more, but really how much more did it cost Nikon to produce?–hence “value added”).

        But consider–could Nikon have done a D750 in a D800 body at a higher price and still sold a lot? Certainly the D800/810 seem to be good sellers, and at $2300, the D750 isn’t exactly cheap, so I’d venture to guess that a couple hundred USD wouldn’t dissuade most of the target market–pros who want/need pro build (and see the value), or reasonably well-heeled (often men) with disposable income/credit to indulge in their hobby.

        As I wrote, Nikon would have sold a ton “TOO”–and they will also sell a ton of D750 as currently configured, and likely hurt D810 sales too.

        • Andrew

          Ergonomically, I prefer the D750 body. Now had you argued for higher end features in the D750 I would have agreed. If Nikon could put higher end electronics of the D810 and it’s sensor in the D750 body while keeping the U1/U2 settings knob and sell it at $2,750, I think they would have a winner in their hands.

    • mikeswitz

      Really? Nikon could have done a lot things. But they choose to put out the D750 (who effin cares what they named it) at the price point they decided. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. And when, actually, have you had experience running an optics company? Because if you haven’t, I don’t think anyone really cares what you think the camera should be and how much they sell it for.

      • J Beiber

        Relax Mikey, no one is attacking your precious Nikon–you are sounding like a fan-little-boy again. Calm down and go play with your Nikons in the corner. And no one cares what you think as well.

        • Andrew

          J Beiber, your reply does not warrant his statement. Try to be a little bit more gracious. Always take the high road and you will get a lot more people on your side. When he said “no one really cares what you think”, that is a fallacy. I care what you think, and that is why I am replying to your post. Cheers 😉

    • Andy Aungthwin

      I must have missed something because I just got a D600 – with a new shutter – and have found no issues. I already have a D800 but wanted a smaller body and less pixels (I shoot with two bodies, previously with a D300).

      Sure, there are some things on the D800 that I miss but what exactly have been intentionally crippled?

      And what do you mean the D600 can’t focus in the dark? Cameras are not designed to be used in the dark!

      So far, the D600 has exceeded my expectations. I’m really amazed at what people post. Do you actually own a D600, BTW?

  • Over time I’ve really come to rely on the AF-ON button…it’s now part of how I shoot. There’s room to put it on this camera and on the D610, but they don’t. Can someone explain the thinking here? It seems it should be easy to include it and if particular users don’t want it then they can ignore it. But you can’t use something that isn’t there in the first place. Kind of frustrating as this otherwise seems like a good camera for me.

    • Martin K

      You can reprogram AEL AFL button to AF ON. Unless you need both it’s ok for most users.

      • Hennry_s

        Yes, technically it can support such setup. However, I checked in Nikon forum in dpreview. Many comments about the uncomfortable ergonomics. All of them said that the location of AEL/AFL button is a bit far.

        • JT

          Coming from a D700, I found the position to be just fine, it’s the scroll pad positioning that’s off…

        • nwcs

          Actually, the position is pretty comfortable and easy. I was playing with the camera yesterday (just got it) and read the same things. Thankfully it’s not a problem at all. One odd thing, though, is that when you set out the shutter release won’t focus, just activate VR and the release.

        • I found the same thing on the d600/d7000 style bodies, and by the looks of it, they moved it even further away from the rear control dial :-/

    • EnPassant

      That question should really be replied by Nikon or somebody who have taken apart both an entusiast level body like D610 and a semi-pro body like D800.
      If I would speculate that AF-ON button would need to be connected to the circuit board taking care of such operations. If such connection is missing there cannot be an AF-ON button.
      Two of the main differences in controls for a D810 versus D750 is that the formar use memory banks and has an AF-ON button while the latter has U-mode memory settings and no AF-ON button.
      It seems that Nikon use one set of components for their pro cameras using their pro-sensors and another more simple set of components for their enthusiast class of cameras.
      A case in point is the Nikon Df that not only got the pro 16MP sensor but also the memory banks and AF-ON button despite being based on the D600 body. It propably got those things because it used the D4 circuit board for the 16MP sensor, and may have needed the extra connections for the dials on Df.
      So adding an AF-ON button to D750 may not be that easy as one would think. It would propably need a complete redesign of the circuit board.

      • Andrew

        Every so often, I read a post that changes my perspective, yours in one of them.

  • nikonbonbon

    I dont understand who is buying this. Seriously, a used beat to death D3s is a better camera than this thing.

    • Biff

      I know of several hardcore wedding photographers who’ve just bought it.

      Including Ross Harvey. And his review states several reasons why it can be a better option than the D3s.

      Now just because you “don’t understand” why people want to buy it; doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying.

      It just means you’re a clueless troll.

      Here’s proof: “5D3 image still looks better.” – nikonbontroll

      • nikonbonbon

        I dont care what you think. I dont care what ross thinks. A used D3s would be 1000 times better than the D750 – Nikon is on its way into bankruptcy anyways. Tool cant even afford a real fender, why should anyone listen to anything you think.

        • mikeswitz

          As Biff said you are a clueless troll.

        • Biff

          “why should anyone listen to anything you think”

          For the same reason YOU are now listening to me:

          Because I don’t sound like a clueless troll.

        • Biff

          When you call the reviewer Harvey “a tool” because it’s not a real Fender, it does not lower his status in the eyes of peers.

          That’s highschool thinking.

          On the contrary, it lowers your own status.

          Because it shows us that you’re indeed clueless.

        • Pob

          Nikonbonbon doesn’t care what you think, he doesn’t care what Ross thinks (despite Ross actually having and using both cameras). He does expect you to care what he thinks though (that it’s one thousand times better with no other meaningful information)….

          Why should anyone care what Nikonbonbon thinks? They don’t.

          If you are under 7 years old, I apologise.

    • Martin K

      For me it’s an obvious winner. Really hard to beat it.

    • Hennry_s

      Please enlighten me why “a used beat to death D3s” is better? In terms of what reasons?

      • mikeswitz

        Don’t feed the troll.

  • Jon McGuffin

    RAW converter is now available at Adobe in RC form for D750! 🙂

  • NikonPlant

    So has Nikon shut down the plant in Japan or they only make the D4s there now??

    • mikeswitz

      Who cares?

      • nikonbonbon

        i care… since i wont buy one of their cameras made in 3rd world slave labor countries. you should care as well.

        • mikeswitz

          I guess you won’t be buying any cameras then. Name a camera manufacturer that is not employing workers in China, Thailand, Viet Nam etc. Rather than being self righteous, try donating to organizations working for workers rights world wide.

          • Reza


            • mikeswitz

              Nope. All those Leica cameras that are made by Panasonic?

            • psv

              Nope,. Wrong . A lot of lerica cameras are made in Portugal , Germany and some maybe by panasonic

            • mikeswitz

              I didn’t say all Leica cameras are made by Panasonic. “All those Leica cameras THAT are made by Panasonic?” My initial statement was, “Name a camera manufacturer that is not employing workers in China, Thailand, Viet Nam etc.” Leica is not an exception.

            • Erik Spaan

              You think the advanced electronics (printed boards and ICs) are made in Germany ? Think again. Electronics is produced in Asia (mostly China) these days.

            • nikonbonbon

              You dont know that. You are assuming. Quit it, you sound like a retard.

            • Erik Spaan

              I know I should not react to you as you are obviously just pissing people of on purpose …
              But I can’t resist 🙂 I know who is the retard here … I work for a international semiconductor firm and production is mostly in Asia, especially advanced electronics. So I’m not assuming, I’m knowing !

            • nikonbonbon

              Does your company sell directly to Nikon, canon or any other camera manufacturer? No? Japan has a huge semiconductor industry. Do you feel bad that your company uses slave labor? I sure as hell would. I would probably quit if I were you.

            • nikonbonbon

              its rich old white men like you that are the problem with the world today. Once you and yours die off, the world can start to heal.

            • Erik Spaan

              Admin, please remove this nikonbonbon. This does not in any way help in the discussion about a camera.
              And starting to wish people to death and cursing, well. Nice attitude…Knowing everybody and what they think and wish, wow…

            • nikonbonbon

              truth hurts.

            • done

          • nikonbonbon

            Even canons low end stuff is made in Japan. How in the f can you not know that. You are a tool who supports slave labor.

          • mikey

            MikeZhitz, if you can’t have normal discourse with some sense of manners or civility, maybe you need to take a break, go in the corner, play with your Nikons by yourself. Or cut off the coffee. Relax a bit man and stop pestering everyone, Your opinion don’t matter here.

      • nikonbonbon

        Just because it is not important to you does not mean others don’t think about where their products were made. You can justify it any way you please but in the end, you are supporting slave labor Mikeshitz. You are a part of the overall problem because you do not care. As long as YOU can have your little D750 all is well with the world. right? Grow up tool.

        • canonbonbon

          And where was built the D3S that is so much better than the D750 according to you ?

          To cases here :
          1) You own a D3S to be able to compare D3S to D750, thus you support slave labor and you confirm you are a troll.
          2) You never owned a D3S, thus you have no idea what you are talking about, and you confirm you are a troll.

          • nikonbonbon

            D3S was built in Japan. How can you not know this?

            • canonbonbon

              Oh ! I see.
              You meant “Assembled in Japan” right ?

            • nikonbonbon

              No, i meant exactly what I said. wtf is up with your reading comprehension? is English not your first language?

            • canonbonbon

              My reading comprehension is perfect, and is not the problem in this discussion. But your comprehension of the impact of globalisation on the goods you buy is quite frightening.

              I guess you believe that the computer you use to lecture people on their ethic, with rageful comments, did not require any slave labor.

              And what about your clothes, and items of all kinds in your house. I’m pretty sure that you look carefully, you’ll find sometimes “made in India, Bengladesh, Taiwan, china or whatever-of-this-kind” labels.

        • If you have anything electronic, you have parts that were made in China from a factory with unfair labor practices, it is totally unavoidable, …. unless of course you don’t buy anything, …. at all

          • J Beiber

            Part of the problem is our definition of “unfair” being from the (big, fat, rich, over-entitled) West where we can sit around and twitter and text all day in temperature controlled rooms. What we would consider slave wages in the West is actually a decent salary in the rest of the world–what we consider long abusive hours, most would consider an improvement to what they had before. Even a poor Westerner is considered wealthy by the rest of the world.

            Having been very poor in the 3rd world as a child, and now successful adult in the West, most of the complaining about unfair labor is from over-entitled, over-educated, over-protected white elite in the media who feel guilty about their own unearned and undeserved wealth. If you grew up with everything and then some, and have never experienced hardship, then you’d also feel really bad and guilty about how good you had it. But boycotting actually hurts the workers because it simply causes less employment — which hurts the employees who can’t find work. And in the real world (not the Disneyland that is the US) that means you starve and suffer (but Westerners would not know that feeling). So don’t boycott–actually buy and buy lots. Which will result in improved incomes for employees, which will result in higher prices, which will lead to complaining from the West about unaffordable goods. Aint’ it grand?

            • Dude, I havent eaten for like, . . . I don’t know, maybe an hour, . . . now that is suffering!

            • J Beiber

              LOL! Where’s the takeout chinese menu? I need to put my paisanos to work…

            • nope

              Nope. I will buy stuff made in Japan. Which leaves the D810 and D750 out. Congrats on your come-up.

            • Andrew

              You are not helping anyone when you say “big, fat, rich, over-entitled”. That is not how to represent people in the developing countries, they have more manners that that!

              The fact of the matter is that boycotting companies may hurt some employees in short-term but help many more in the long run. These companies are still going to be hungry for low cost labor, but because of the threat of boycott, they will implement better safety and work standards. No one should be able to exploit workers by making them work 12 hours a day, regardless of how poor those workers are.

    • fjfjjj

      Nikon’s Sendai factory is now completely dedicated to the D4s, pro lenses, and ramping up production of the Nikon MX1. 😉

  • scott800

    Used for two weddings now, and this can easily become my main body, with 800 as secondary. Wonderful camera

  • Photobug

    Peter, great additions to the ever growing list of reviews and testing of the D750. Keep them coming and thanks.

    • mikeswitz

      Admin won’t say it, so I will. If you appreciate the reviews and want to buy the D750, do it from NR. Because we all want, like the Energizer Bunny, to keep going and going.

  • Mrpong

    I see SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s listed on eBay. Are they genuine?

    • Aldo

      I would buy them from b&h photo if I were you.

      • fjfjjj

        Someone suggested to me having sushi and coffee at the same meal today. I said that sounded terrible. What’s the verdict, Aldo?

        • Aldo

          With black coffee is pretty good…. but then again I eat too much hot sauce my taste buds are probably shot.

          • Wally in Austin


    • fjfjjj


  • Matt012

    From memory card test, I think Samsung Pro 32GB is clearly a winner. It’s almost as fast as Sandisk but it’s muchhhh cheaper.

    • Fly Moon

      If I were you I wouldn’t put a “cheap” and unreliable card in a camera worths $2500. How much are you going to save? $50?

      • Mrpong

        What make you think the card is unreliable? In fact, Samsung is one of the biggest memory-chip makers in the market. And this SD card is sold very well on Amazon too.

        • Fly Moon

          Just saying! I once bought a transcend SD card because it was cheaper! It failed after few months! I would prefer a more mature product! Especially when the savings $$/Camera $$ is negligible!

  • “the Nikon D750 Ok button can be configured for 100% or 200% magnification (page 355 of the manual).”

    That’s all I needed to know!

    • … and also 50% … i did it on my test D750 i had for a weekend to write the review

  • Bobo

    The video “D750 Review: Shutter and Buffer” shows that the buffer i 17-19 frames 12 bit NEF? Nikon says the buffer for 12bit NEF is 25?!! BAD

    • JonB

      There are settings that will reduce the buffer frame capacity, and it’s likely some of those were on in his camera. See footnote 2 on p. 493 of the (English) D750 manual. Note that the purpose of his demo was to show the difference in performance from using fast vs slow SD cards, not to show maximum buffer capacity.

      • Bobo

        Yes, but in the comments off the video someone ask about the settings and he answers, “just 12bit NEF”. I recorded the sound of the clip I counted to 17, then the camera slows down….

        • JonB

          Right, so we don’t know how those settings were set. I believe the default settings turn on distortion correction, for example, which makes a difference. We would need to see a test with explicit information about the settings to conclude anything. In the past, I’ve found Nikon’s manuals quite accurate in this regard so I’m inclined to believe the manual.

  • NoMeJodas

    Finally Nikon managed to release a camera body that deserves the great 24MP sensor. Unlike the D600 there seems to be no stupid intentional firmware crippling anymore (ok button can be used for 100% magnification, movie button can be used to set ISO, etc) and there are no QA glitches this time. This looks like a decent upgrade to D600/D610 and paired with the 20/1.8, 35/1.8 and 85/1.8 will make for a fantastic lightweight high performance DSLR travel kit. The D600 made me hate Nikon but now the D750 is restoring my confident in this company again.

    Congratulations to Nikon for the D750! Keep the good work!

  • D700guy

    This is a camera that I really dont need, want or even think was worth Nikon’s time to build.

    • RxGus

      Let me help you then…
      On the top right of your browser, you should see a nice red x. Go ahead and click that- it should solve all your problems.

      Have a great day!

      • nikonbonbon

        omg what a passive aggressive asshole! I guess we are supposed to just ignore the jizz fest the fanbois are having. lol.

  • qwerty

    Nikon stock is crashing and burning and I just cant wait for this shitty company to go BR. Here is the suicide hotline for all of you fanbois 800-273-8255

    Maybe give them a call before you boys off yourselves.

    • Biff

      I saw this post before this troll changed his name from “nikonbonbon.”

      Look we know you’re ashamed of yourself already, there’s no need to change your name.

      This guy has pretty much killed his credibility here already, so he is just spouting off about how he is such a big fanboi for another company and is trolling this page because he can’t believe how good the D750 is.

      Although he points it at others, he’s really just admitting that he is a reta** asshole who would rather jizz festively at his own preferred company.

      I enjoyed seeing him decide to just crash & burn his username here after his trolling got counter-trolled.

      • nikonbonbon

        wasnt me. I appreciate your hatred for me but that was not me. I am not ashamed. I am proud! you should be proud as well.

        • Biff

          Nah it was the original troll, otherwise why change his name?

          You’re a new troll account copying the name.

          It’s all the same.

          And don’t worry, I didn’t say you were ashamed, I said ‘he’ was.

          That’s why he changed his name.

          • nikonbonbon

            Whatever. I think you are reading into it too much. I highly doubt anyone is ashamed from any posting ever put on this board…. have a nice day.

            • Biff

              Nah he is ashamed.

              Trust me, my good bonbon.

              He is.

  • br0xibear

    I was BLOWN AWAY by the Nikon D750 Video Test – Shot with Nikon 400 F2.8 and Nikon 600 F4…

    • Aldo

      someone sell this guy a fluid head.

      • mikeswitz

        beat me to it

        • Aldo

          moment of inertia plus tele lens = no bueno

          • mikeswitz

            actually I think you would need more of a rig than just a fluid head if you were looking for truly pro results.

            • Aldo

              Also ground level is better for pictures not video. I don’t do record games like this for a living… but If I was asked to, I would be at the bleachers with a tele and a tripod… At ground level a rig would be better so that you can be more mobile.

            • mikeswitz

              All that is true, but I guess whats-him-name Frodo’s point was the IQ which was pretty damn good

            • Aldo

              Yeah I think it’s fair to say nikon finally caught up with canon in the video department…

  • Dr_Bonk7

    Just shot the D750 a friend bought, along with a D700, and I have to say…the D750 is a very, very nice camera. The “quiet” shutter?…umm..not so much. For me and wildlife, that could be an issue at times (maybe). But the AF, the buffer and low-light performance are top flight, especially the low-light. We shot for a couple of hours in evening light on the back patio and the camera just killed it. The ergonomics are just fine. Just my 2 cents, but there were way more things to like about the D750 than to not like.

  • HF
    • Biff

      Very enjoyable link, thanks for sharing it.

      Some amazing shots there.

  • Mark

    In the pro space at least, the D750 is a poor choice because its WiFi connection isn’t password protected. This means that until/if/when you can figure out the proper combination of the camera’s dials/menus/buttons/preferences and how to save that combination of all of them, virtually anyone can download your photos while and after you’re on a shoot. Almost all photographers I know, and I’ve been a full-time pro for about 30 years, just want to be able to set the white balance, ISO and exposure and go to work. The possibility of someone stealing my photos as I’m shooting is wholly unacceptable to me. I’d really pass on this one.

    • Aldo

      I think you were misled by a previous post here… Admin you should consider reviewing the credibility of the people who get to post articles here… or add a clear and big disclaimer something along these lines:

      “WARNING!!! The following article is being posted in hopes of bringing you the latest information and developments concerning this camera. What this person is saying isn’t verified and it may all be a big pike of donkey poop… please read with high, HIGH skepticism until the information provided can be confirmed or disproved” THANK YOU

    • Biff

      It has been shown that activating the password is very easy.

      A true “pro” would have no problem with it; no matter how much he wants to “only set white balance.”

      Activating the password is a one-time deal.

      It is so easy; that a true “pro” would not let a small issue like it, become the deciding factor on whether to upgrade to gear with great high-ISO and Autofocus performance.

      • Mark

        Hello Biff,

        Ok. Whatever.

        Don’t really want to get too much more into this but in my experience(25 years on photo staffs of major metro newspapers and nearly ten years independent, full-time) I take into account budget/dependability/simplicity/pro service quality web selecting this little gear I buy — pros typically have very stripped-down, usually pretty beat-up kits as I’m you sure you know.

        The D3s, D810(i think) and D4s, as I’m sure you know are too big to lug around all day so unless you’re shooting sports regularly(I did for decades), they suck. Then there’s NPS, which was once great but is now a joke. That’s Nikon Professional Services, which I’m sure your hip to as well but I felt compelled to clarify.

        For the record, I now use a couple of old Canon 5d’s and a Nikon D7000, all of which I find perfectly usable so I’m definitely not a brand fanboy.

        I have to say, though that even if I could figure out the settings to make this problem go away, I’d always have that problem in the back of my head because as I now shoot mostly commercial, there’s always a crew of people standing around on my shoots perpetually staring into their phones.

        So based on this, and it’s quite the talker in the pro community, I think we’ll see a D751 very soon sans the

        • mikeswitz

          Last name, Mark? If you are who you say are its all easily checkable. Your pictures should be all over the net and my friend Larry Kramer was editor in chief of the Examiner. In a google search No Marks show up for either the Chronicle or the Examiner. Your previous posting on Disqus just don’t add up and are somewhat contradictory. If you are such a long time pro where is your work?

          • Mark

            Hello Mikeswitz,
            Are you, Biff and Aldo, the same guy?(!)

            Serves me right to chime in on a fan-boy site!

            Not going to give my last name due to all the hate but feel free to call Larry (as you’re friends) and ask. A former Examiner(and later Chronicle) colleague/staff photographer and close friend of Larry’s — her name is Katy — her husband and I were in a band in SF for a long time. Mention that to him and he’ll immediately know who I am. I was working the first night he got the managing editor gig at the Ex. Larry actually worked at the Examiner once before as a photographer for a short time prior to me getting hired.

            Anyway, Sorry to all of you for simply pointing out what is kind of a mess of on Nikon’s part.
            It’s just a camera. That’s all it is.

            As for the net, I’ve kind of turned away from it and do commercial now but there are virtually thousands of my photos out there on it from my journalism days(decades).


            • Mark

              OK Mike/Biff/Aldo, whoever you are: Just finishing up my work for the night.

              Here’s an old link. If you’re hyper-obsessed with my name, go from there.

              Again, I left journalism about five years ago and do commercial now but this should point you where you want to go.


            • mikeswitz

              Okay, what is Larry’s wifes name since you are loathe to furnish any real verification. You can’t point to any pictures of yours on the net. You won’t give your name because of the “hate” directed at you for your comments. Really? Not only are your photographer friends too dumb to figure out how to password protect their wifi, they must be so of afraid of having their identity discovered their work has to be very stressful.

              “Larry actually worked at the once before as a photographer for a short time prior to me getting hired.” that makes Aldo’s prose positively Shakespearian.

            • Mark


            • Mark

              I really think you need to cool off. It’s just a camera.

            • mikeswitz

              Okay, you are who you say you are. Sorry. Myra is correct and that shot of Tom Waits is terrific. this however is (and I’m not) a fanboy…site. A lot of really good debates take place here. About photography and cameras. But there are an awful lot of trolls who know nothing and actually make a lot of shit up just to piss people off. It turns out you weren’t one of them. And you’re right, it’s just a fucking camera.

            • Mark

              All good, mate.

            • Mark

              At least that’s what I remember. It’s been a long time. I went over to their house once in Marin but we’re talking the mid-late 80’s. Just call Larry if you’re friends and please do say “hi” for me.

              And thanks for the Shakespearian comment. I was walking by a used clothing store today and there was a t-shirt with a picture of Shakespeare with a the quote under it that said “This shit writes itself.”

              I love stuff like that.

            • Aldo

              Hey Mark I was simply pointing out that the post that was made about the wifi vulnerability was misleading. I’m not Mike or Biff. Cheers.

            • Mark

              Thanks man,
              I’ve been shooting for a long time but don’t really post much on photo sites so I was just a bit taken aback by the response. I almost never buy gear but a buddy of mine got one of these and I saw the article, tried it and had the same issue so I thought it might me useful to point it out. Won’t be doing that again…

            • Aldo

              Btw I wasn’t referring to your own post about the wifi… but about something that was post in nikonrumors by someone else a few days ago. When you focus on shooting and the things that ‘really’ matter about photography… it’s easy to miss a detail or two about the specifications of a particular camera.

            • Mark

              Thanks and agreed. Btw, I really want to switch back to Nikon, having used Nikons and Leicas so much in the film days of the 80’s and 90’s, which were really a great period for the documentary/photojournalism mediums I worked in for years Nikon was a real go-to camera for me.
              What happened was Nikon’s NPS service took a big dive as digital was coming in so most pros and publication staffs(which I worked on) switched over to Canon.
              So I’ve been checking out the full frame Nikons as they’ve come out, even renting a couple for gigs but to me, they just aren’t getting the ball over the plate in full-frame digital. This is a shame because coming out of the camera, the Nikon images have a nice warmth to them that the 5D’s photos don’t but operationally, I find them difficult to use intelligently. This might be what 10 years of shooting Canon has done to me.
              Anyway, thanks again for being so polite and getting back to me.


            • Aldo

              You are most welcome Mark.
              I shot digital Canon before precisely because of what you said… It took a while for nikon to catch up with full frame sensors. I like nikon and I currently shoot with nikon; however, I wouldn’t hesitate to switch if I feel it would benefit my business. Cheers.

            • Mark

              Yes. At some point I’ll probably switch over but my business model as it relates to gear is pretty much if I drop it and it cracks into a million pieces, then I buy a new camera.
              While this could happen sooner rather than later as it stands, those old 5D’s just won’t die. They’re like the digital version of a Nikon F2. You could probably take out ISIS with those things!

            • Aldo

              hahaha I’m sure those 5d’s would be more effective than the f22’s.

              In the end it comes down to what works for what you do… 5d’s are fine cameras anyway.

            • Mark

              Yes and my favorite feature of both the Nikon F2 and the old 5D is no video. I don’t mind shooting video but Final Cut is, to me, cyberspace’s agent of Satan. Hours of post for a short, unimportant video( at least mine are ). I’m all certified in it and everything but I simply can’t stand sitting in front of a computer for hours like that. Some people are cut out for that kind of thing but like most stills guys, I can’t sit still that long without feeling like a caged animal.

            • Aldo

              I couldn’t agree more… We do offer video for the events that we do…. but it is more like a bonus to the photo packages that we sell. I do very simple editing for the videos.. it’s almost ‘raw’ footage. This because of the same reason you mentioned… I don’t like sitting for hours doing editing.

            • Mark

              Hello Aldo,
              That’s probably the way to go in the event space. People really want video so you have to come across with something, I know.
              And on a side note, I just can’t help myself after all of this, but did you see the D750 p.r. photo at the top of this page?
              What’s up with all the cascading bright green water? Did they shoot that thing in a SuperFund
              site?! What the h is up with that photo?

            • Aldo

              haha yeah I think that’s the admin having fun with photoshop… the pictures are always ‘eye catching’

            • Mark

              Totally. Just add a folk-guitar camera strap and a 70’s 43-86mm zoom then you’d really have a picture…

  • Marian Badea

    How can the SanDisk Extreme Pro 280MB/s have almost half the speed of the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s!?!?!? That’s illogical!

    • g.h.

      It is meant for UHS-II which the D750 does not support.

  • Mark

    Hello Aldo,

    Sure. I saw it for myself but I’ll have another look.

    If you work for Nikon, I understand that you have a job to do but from what I can tell, and I’ve been a full-time pro for a number of years both as a major metro newspaper staffer(25 years) and independent (about 9 years), to me, the camera is so bad that I felt compelled to chime in, which I’ve never done on a camera ever. And please give me two points for not pointing out that even thought it’s priced at over $2,200.00 it doesn’t even have a simple 50mm lens which probably costs Nikon about $30 to manufacture.

    And lastly, I’m sorry but I find your writing, at least from the second paragraph on, to be a bit hard to understand. I guess that’s what 30 years in professional journalism has done to me.

    • Biff

      One thing I’ve learned the older I got is that qualifiers like “I’ve worked here for 25 years etc…” is mostly a load of Bull.

      Only the naive get taken in when they hear: “I’ve been a priest for 25 years, so you know I will never molest a child.”

      Or “I’ve worked at a newspaper for 25 years, so you know my opinions are always correct etc…”

      You realize even people who’ve been at NASA for years, can be wrong?

      I take the qualifiers along with the logic of what they are claiming.

      I never let qualifiers alone cloud everything else that is being claimed.

      If what they are saying is Bull, then it doesn’t matter if they’ve wiped the Pope’s ass for 50 years.

      It would still be bull.

      And considering that your claim is tantamount to:

      “Pros are too dumb to activate password…
      And too lazy to do any more beyond set white balance…”

      I say your claim is bull.

      • Mark

        Hello Biff,
        Thanks for the love.
        Just to clarify, I held staff photographer positions(full-time) on the San Francisco Chronicle and prior to that, the San Francisco Examiner for 25 years combined.
        Before, during and after that, my work has been commissioned and/or published in nearly every major American magazine (Time, LIFE, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, etc.) as well as all major newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.).
        That being said, happy shooting, Biff.

    • Aldo

      Hello Mark, I don’t work for nikon. I’m just an event photographer who comes here and checks out new gear/stuff.

      My apologies if my writing isn’t clears as I intended to be, I tend to type on the fly and pretty fast.

      • Mark

        No worries, Aldo.
        Sorry if I came off a bit cross. All good, man.

    • HF

      I don’t care whether someone is professional or not. But I don’t know if it helps calling a camera like this “so bad”, because I can’t imagine it to be really that bad. Specs alone show it to be a very good camera with one of the best FF sensors on the market, as well as initial reviews of professional wildlife and wedding photographers. Having D810, D610 and D7000 (at work), I’m willing to use this D750 to replace the D610 in an instant. Regarding the price of “professional” m43 or APSC cameras (EM1,XT1,7Dii) I think the price to be justified, too. Maybe you have other reasons, I didn’t read through all your comments, here, you could point me to one where you explain it in more detail, would be interested in that.

      • Mark

        Hey RF,
        Thank you for begin so polite. I typically don’t read or post to sites like this and when I did, people just seemed to go nuts. Basically, I’ve been shooting for a number of years and I just found the unprotected wi-fi issue on the D750 to be so troubling that I felt compelled to mention it.

        That being said, the D750 takes fine photos — I have a D7000 but usually use a Canon 5d(old, beat up) for work and to be honest, I don’t think it matters which camera you use. The wi-fi thing, and I saw it for myself, seemed pretty whacked, though which is why I chimed in.

        I’m in no way a gear head so you’re asking the wrong guy for a deep opinion. If you like the camera, I’d go for it but in truth, unless you have an interest in shooting video, I’d buy a used Canon 5D in excellent condition for $500 at the most, which is what they go for.

        Anyway, thank you for your polite and thoughtful inquiry.

        With best regards,

        • HF

          Thanks for your comment, but isn’t WIFI only unprotected out of the box? It’s easy to protect it using Nikon Mobile Utility (WMU). There you can set WPA2-PSK/AES + password. Just connect to you tablet at home, run the utility, set to WPA2 and password and you are done. I agree, however, that most cameras are sufficient to take great pictures if you don’t need to print big or in difficult circumstances including very low light. The D7000 is great in that respect. However, the D810 in DX-mode gives me the same resolution and pixel pitch, so, for me, it is fulfilling what I want in a camera. But for others, I understand, it’s different.

          • Mark

            Hello HF,

            Yes, that’s the problem as I see it. It’s totally fixable if you can get your head around the combination of buttons, dials, preferences, settings and how to save them. Really, the D750 is probably perfectly serviceable camera.

            As for printing, I see very little difference in 20×30 prints between the 5D and the D7000 but in truth, my clients almost never order prints. They typically use my photographs for print and web campaigns so I’m no expert there.

            I’m gallery-reperesented but all of my prints are silver-gelatin, which I print myself. The digital side of my work is client-based and therefore not print-centric.

            Anyway, I hope that helps. And really, if the camera works for you, I’d say go for it.

            Thanks again and take care.

      • Mark

        Hey RF,
        Thank you for begin so polite. I typically don’t read or post to sites like this and when I did, people just seemed to go nuts. Basically, I’ve been shooting for a number of years and I just found the unprotected wi-fi issue on the D750 to be so troubling that I felt compelled to mention it.

        That being said, the D750 takes fine photos — I have a D7000 but usually use a Canon 5d(old, beat up) for work and to be honest, I don’t think it matters which camera you use. The wi-fi thing, and I saw it for myself, seemed pretty whacked, though which is why I chimed in.

        I’m in no way a gear head so you’re asking the wrong guy for a deep opinion. If you like the camera, I’d go for it but in truth, unless you have an interest in shooting video, I’d buy a used Canon 5D in excellent condition for $500 at the most, which is what they go for.

        Anyway, thank you for your polite and thoughtful inquiry.

        With best regards,

  • Hennry_s
    • Angela Nicholson’s is pretty good, but sometimes feel superficial.

      I like this statement: “Enthusiast photographers are a demanding bunch – they want to be able to shoot all sorts of subjects in a wide variety of situations and get top-notch results. On the whole the D750 won’t disappoint these users.”

      • HF

        One thing often stated as negative is I, personally, don’t care about: “Viewfinder can’t show the image as it will be captured”. I often turn this off anyway in my mirrorless, because as soon as lights are dim or I’m using flash, I don’t see anything despite noise in the viewfinder. The only thing I really would like to have is the instant magnification for critical focus.

      • I_am_waiting

        “Electronic viewfinders in compact system cameras are now becoming so good that they are often preferable to an optical finder”

        humm. not the first time I’m hearing that…I won’t be so prompt to draw such a conclusion.

        this is rather subjective and again, it depends on what do you shoot, how do you shoot, and for what purpose…I don’t understand such a statement, which obviously lacks some arguments.

        • “Electronic viewfinders suck battery.” Can we agree to that statement?

          • I_am_waiting

            yes , disadvantage (subjective):

            1-sucks battery
            2-do not provide real world Through The Lens , ie an EVF will always be , seeing the world through a screen.

            3-comment above , using it in dim light with flash.
            4-I just “don’t feel it ” !

  • Firstname Lastname

    Quiet Mode.
    1) Compose and take picture, hold down shutter button.
    Makes only a single quieter click.
    2)Still holding it down, leave the area and release button.
    Makes a second noise as mirror returns.
    READ THE MANUAL!!!!!!!!

    • HF

      True, but sometimes you can’t leave the area.

    • nikonbonbon


      OMFG “leave the area”

      How come Canon can make an actual quiet shutter and Nikon wants you to leave the area. This is the weak sauce Nikon. lol

  • Mark

    Ok. This has really been an interesting experience, Mike, Aldo and HF and Biff,

    However, the photo of the Nikon D750 perched in front of the nearly florescent green river in the background at the top of this page is just creeping me out so I have to bid you all a fond farewell.

    With any luck, a hazmat team will show up soon to clean the river up and Nikon will fix its D750’s wi-fi issue as well as its, shall we say, “surreal” p.r. photos.

    On a side note, I live on the same block that John Fogerty bought his first house on. When he wrote “Green River” I would respectively submit that this was not exactly the shade of green he had in mind…Really folks, WHAT IS THAT?????

    Until next time!


    • John

      Are you sure you were not here just to spread WIFI FUD about the D750?

    • mikeswitz

      Okay, but just remember, nothing in this world is really secure, Especially, password protected shit.

    • I_am_waiting

      “Nikon will fix its D750’s wi-fi issue”

      sorry to ask but what would be the issue ?

      like any WiFi certified device, you are able to enable an encryption protocol. I hope you have done it on your home wireless router(strongly recommended) !

      if you don’t trust people around you 🙂 , then yes enable it on the camera

      It looks like d750 is using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), can someone confirm please ?

  • MattR

    It’s looking like a great camera, but that shutter is noisier than I’d hoped for – likely to scare the birds away.

    • Andrew

      You can tell when the competition is scared. They take a normal shutter noise and turn it into an issue. The D750 must be causing earth tremors in the competitions camp. With Nikon’s legendary image quality (IQ), superior high ISO image processing, and industry leading low light (-3 EV) auto-focus abilities, the $2,300 D750 is now the camera to beat at a price performance level. Imagine being able to instantly focus on your subject in near total darkness – welcome the Nikon D750! With the D750, the competition has just heated up for Nikon’s competitors. Best regards 😉

  • br0xibear
  • drfilms

    I just came home from shooting a wedding on the D750. I shot both photos and video and it was outstanding. The focus in low light was awesome, and you can really push the ISO and still get clean images. It’s almost a perfect wedding/event camera. Especially if you do both photos and video.

  • KnightPhoto

    I always thought the Canon superior Quiet shutter mode has something to do with the Electronic-First-Curtain shutter in use on the Canon models that have good Quiet modes. The only EFC shutter in the Nikon line-up is the D810, and even there Nikon limits that to mirror lockup mode and doesn’t offer it in Quiet mode. Not exactly sure why that is, but I expect there is a reason for that.

    We need to see more EFC shutters on the Nikons in future I’m guessing.

  • Firstname Lastname

    Take picture of sleeping baby, lower camera, release button. IDIOT

  • w

    (K) means Korea. Korea version of D750 does not come with wifi. Every Korean Nikon user are angry about this.
    FYI, it is not for North Korea. Nikon does not sell camaras in North Korea because of restriction of military supply, I think.

  • ValenzTa

    Will there be a time when all Bestbuy stores have in stock de D750? So far only two stores have it in stock in Arizona.

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