Nikon D750 first impressions

Initial observations of the Nikon D750 FX DSLR camera by Delmar R Mineard Jr

This afternoon I had the opportunity to handle and shoot the new Nikon D750. Here are my initial impressions and observations based upon a limited amount of time in the store and standing outside.

The local camera dealer had two in stock at the store I visited and more at their other stores. The manager put a Nikon 28-300mm F/3.5-5.6 EDVR AFS lens on the body and said have fun. I inserted my memory card and checked out the camera.


  • Nice size slightly bigger than the D7100 and definitely smaller than the D810. Fit’s my middle size hands nicely. The new ergonomically grip is larger than my D7100 and my long gone D300 and D200. It’s deeper (front to back) and is easy to hold with just the right hand.
  • Control layout is excellent. I found it interesting that besides the “AE/AF” button on the back was room for a “AF” button. Front and back buttons are sized for smooth operation.
  • It’s nice to see the U1 & U2 settings on the top panel. Great flexibility for quick access to settings.
  • Menu’s looked familiar and would be easy to master for Nikon users.
  • As a DX users for years it was nice seeing a larger viewfinder.
  • Buffer size - see below for comments
  • 51 AF spots
  • Not sure the location of the Function button is good or bad. Location is good but with the redesigned grip, there is considerable distance from the back of the grip area. Most people will probably adjust to the higher height.
  • The tilt LCD monitor appears to be sturdy and robust. Time will tell if it lasts.


  • The AF spots are closer together than my D7100. I asked for a D610 to compare the spread of the AF spots and they were out of stock on the D610 and no D600’s in their used cameras. I memorized the spacing using the reference information across the bottom in the finder. When I got home I pulled out my D7100 and sure enough, my spots are spaced out closer to the edge than the D750. Although I have used the D600 with 39 AF spots I know they are closer to the center but can’t say if the D750 and D610/D600 are identical or not. My hunch is that the D750 AF spots fall between the D610 and D7100. Why?


I gave up last year waiting for the D300S replacement (D400) and bought the D7100 as an interim DX DSLR body - great move. Then the D9300 rumor started. Over the last quarter I decided to move on to the full frame format and did not need the D810 36MP and wanted something better than the D610 entry level FX DSLR. I can tell you after shooting and playing with the D750 it feels like a better camera. I especially like the solid sound of the shutter. It’s at the top of my list for a future purchase.

I shot pictures in JPEG and RAW and will review and post some of them over the next several days.

To evaluate the buffer size, I did turn the dial to “CL” and shot continuously for 10 seconds in RAW and the buffer did not fill up. Assume this was at 3 fpm but did not confirm the factory setting. It did fluctuate between 6 and 7 shots in the viewfinder counter. I was impressed. In my humble opinion the D750 fits the BIF (bird-in-flight) requirements and as a “action camera” - whatever that means.

My initial impression is that Nikon has hit a home run with the D750. No it may not be perfect (AF spot spacing) but it sure felt good and looks like a great alternative to the D810 for those pros and advanced amateurs who don’t need 36MP. If the image quality, noise level and color accuracy are as good or better than a D610, they will be back ordered for months.

I look forward to the professional reviews, DxO testing results, and more specific information on the spacing of the AF spots. My recommendation, make a visit to your local dealer. This model looks like an excellent addition to Nikon’s FF DSLR’s.

Delmar has uploaded few sample D750 photos on flickr (you can also check his Facebook page). If you already got the new D750, feel free to share your first impressions in the comments section.

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