Nikon at Photokina 2014

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2014 Photokina show. This is Nikon's schedule of presenters/events:

Additional information (not much) is available on this dedicated page. Here is the location of the Nikon booth:


and a video of the Nikon booth:

If you have any pictures or interesting information from the show you would like to share online, you can contact me here.

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  • Canon out with new flagship DX camera while Nikon diddles on it. I guess they do not care about users that want robust DX camera any more. Maybe moving to Canon since they seem to be looking out for that user.

    • zach

      Bye bye!

    • Ms.KrystalMeth

      Dear Mark…Fiddle Faddle. Canon needs you. Canon wants you. Please go to Canon..where..they build cameras like it was still 2008.

      • Ahmad Al-Joboori

        How exactly like 2008 ? Enlighten us please.

        • Ms.KrystalMeth

          Canon 7D part deux

        • RxGus

          It’s sensor technology is, at it’s root, the same as what they were using in 2008. If you wander over to any canon forum, you will find just as many upset canon customers threatening to move to Nikon for world class IQ, DR, and ISO.

          They view canon as having skimped on sensor technology the past 5 years and failing to R+D competitive sensors.

          • Ahmad Al-Joboori

            What’s wrong with 2008 sensor? And please don’t mention DXO scores. I shot Canon amd then Nikon and now Sony A7 which basically same Nikon sensors, I admit the latter has amazing DR, do I care? No, people who care enjoy pushing sliders in lightroom and feel happy that they can, and DR is also uesful for people who used to enjoy making flat tone hdr images with color throw up all over them. For me Canon is an amazing system, so is nikon, but for my taste canon colors are unbeatable.

            • RxGus

              It’s 2014. That is what’s wrong with a sensor from 2008. Sensor technology changes and apparently Canon doesn’t think so.

              I am glad you like your Canon, and that you like their color renditions. I am only documenting what life is like on the other side of the fence for all these nikon people who are thinking about jumping ship. You may get the body and frame rate that you wanted- but you aren’t getting a world class sensors on anything coming out soon.

              At nikon rumors, all anyone wants is a true d700 replacement. At canon rumors, all anyone wants is a sensor from this decade.

              I would also argue that Sony Sensors are NOT the same as nikon. Sony may make the nikon sensors, but Nikon clearly does something to improve the sensor post production. That however is not the point.

            • Robert King

              Very good points….it’s 2014 🙂

              But also, I do agree that Canon colors are extra special.

              All in all, I am very glad I chose Nikon in 1984.

          • Robert King

            I am told by a pro I know, who has been into both C and N for decades……that C is about 6 years behind N regarding DSLR sensor technology……:)

            Sounds great to me, especially when you know that Nikon is coming out with upgraded 500 and 600 f4’s with fluorite elements to be the equal of C’s long guns. I am into it now. My stubborn decision to stick with Nikon is going to pay off. 🙂

      • F-Constantin

        If 7D II is a success, Canon can put an iPhone sensor in their next DSLR and still sell millions. People buy with the spec sheet in mind, and don’t care about results. Sad.

    • Ian Lindo

      Didn’t you make the same comment on the PetaPixel article for the 7D II? We get it…you’re unhappy.

      • Joseph


    • Jonathan

      I am tempted by the 7D Mk II. It is more a D300 replacement than anything Nikon has. Even so, we don’t know yet how the IQ stacks up. Is it worth it to switch brands? I am waiting until Jan/Feb 2015 to make my decision.

      • lorenzo

        I am a bit confused. That Canon is already out, isn’t it?
        Didn’t anyone say that Nikon was waiting for the 7D Mk II announcement to release the D400/9300? Should we bury that thought after the D750 or is there still hope?

        • Sports

          For the vast majority of people, a D7100 is a very expensive camera. They will not for one second consider a $2300 camera, no matter how well it performs. Even a D4S on sale at 2300 would not reach the sales figures of the consumer bodies.
          Nikon wants people to move to FX, but as long as prices are double DX, this will no happen. When will Nikon realize this?
          For regular users to upgrade, you need to offer a “reasonable” price increase, and some obvious improvements. To 90% of users, FX is actually a far less obvious improvement than megapixels, build quality, high fps, high speed video, GPS, direct internet connection, etc.
          I’m sure this did NOT answer your question 🙂

          • j v

            Spot on! Add to that that some users have excellent DX lenses (e.g. 17-55/2.8). I am aware of the benefits of FX over DX, but for me as an amateur it is not worth the price increase (I would have to change lenses as well). Of course you can use the FX camera in crop mode, but then photos of the 24 MP FX camera have lower resolution than those of a 24 MP DX camera. I was hoping for the D7200 rumors to be true, but I’ll probably just go with a D7100 in the next few months.

            • HF

              But what about the 1800$+ price tag of the 7Dii? Justified? If the D7100 is already too expensive for most, what will they say when seeing the price of a D400/D9000 whatever? The large majority will not bother at all, but look into the sub 1000$ segment.

            • Sports

              The more expensive, the fewer buyers. Definitely.

              But we’re talking about those people that Nikon hopes to tempt. Those that got their DX a couple of years ago, and are “ready” for what’s next.
              They’d be comparing:
              A) Staying on the same level.
              B) A 50% higher price to get some features and qualities that you can easily see and feel and understand and use – even if they don’t actually need them.
              C) A 100% higher price to get the magic FX.

              I’m just saying that optioin C is simply not very attractive to people that already get great image quality from their DX bodies. A salesman has a really tough job, if he wants to explain why a one stop advantage is worth $1000.

            • HF

              The Canon 6d is a very good camera and you can have it for much less than 7Dii, same with D610 vs. a possible Pro DX from Nikon. There is overlap, so it depends on wether you invested in DX lenses or already have FF options. Otherwise you are right, of course.

            • Robert

              Right. DX is not just a matter of price. Its kinda 1.5 teleconverter, not sacrificing quality or speed. 24 MP make a good IQ vs the D810 15 MP in crop mode. A 135/2.0 would make up for the expensive 200/2.0 in FX. (again a focal length that Nikon refuse to offer, wihile the old DC is already 20 years old)

              Again, moving to Canon or trolling on Canon’s behalf is not the issue. It is the sustaining stubborness like a donkey that makes me angry. And that’s not any different with Canon.
              Thus it’s not Good bye Nikon I’m going Canon, but rather good bye Nikon I’m going to Zeiss or Sgma art.
              Taking a look at how prolific other makers (eg Fuji) are, it is a shame with both of the top DSLR makers. Profits of both seem to be still too high for them to live in ignorance of their customers needs.

            • Andrew

              I think if you look at Nikon’s product lineup, certain things stand out. Nikon has the D4s which is everything many pros would want in a D700 replacement less the price. If you look at the D810, it is everything one would want less the frame rate if you are a sports photographer. And if you look at the Df and D750, they are both radical cameras with enough little things missing to irritate anyone that has been waiting for a D700 replacement.

              The D820 will be the perfect D700 replacement, it will incorporate the EXPEED 5 image processor which will boost its frame rate to 8 fps. In the meantime, Nikon needs to sell a lot of those sensors in the D4s and D810 to bring the price (i.e. their sensor cost) down, that is what has been holding up a low priced D700 replacement.

            • HF

              “not sacrificing quality for speed”. For the D810 this is probably not true. For the casual sports shooter it should be more than enough with an excellent autofocus system and 16MP in crop mode at 7fps. Pixel pitch is similar to D7000 and should give you quality on par with downsized 24MP APSC sensors (they have a slight edge in sharpness when downsampling for certain ISO). So it fulfils two things for me, great FX camera for a variety of shooting situations with class leading DR and the option for fast fps at a very usable resolution in crop mode (don’t forget the praised D4s has 16MP, too, with better high ISO quality, but it has this advantage against ALL DX cameras), unless you need to print big. So it is two cameras in one for me. Just a great camera. For the amateur the price point is hard to swallow, that I understand. So for them I hope for a decent D300/D71000 successor.

            • Robert

              Hi Andrew & HF
              You both missing my point, which was not fps but that a DX has a cropfactor of 1,5 as you know. Would someone take an FX plus teleconverter he would loose about 1 stop of speed and sacrifice IQ. In this concern the accordingly crop mode of the D 810 is offering 15 MP compared to 24 MP on a DX.
              Right the D4s and the D810 are the best Cameras the market has to offer as of now. Since I hardly shoot moving objects, the D810 is the better deal for me.
              But already Nikon’s D 8xx serie bring a lot of Nikon glas to its borders. And when they brought up new lenses in the recent past, it rather was what wedding photogs want: bokeh over sharpness. In so far I’m deeply disappointed about the 20mm and the 28mm both 1.8 as well. These were the focal lengths i was looking for, preferable with AF. But Landscape and architecture require sharpness up to the FX corners. Field curvature (the 28mm) isn’t helpful either. I personally don’t care for fast wide angles as I’d prefer them to max out (resolution) at f 8.0 and not at f4.0.

              For manual focus the full scren in a DX is better than the masked screen in the D810 crop mode.
              For me it is not either FX or DX but BOTH, the FX a wideangle mounted and the DX with a telephoto for which I’d like a 135 mm coming close to the Zeiss in sharpness but offering AF.

          • Mike

            The D300 was $2300 in 2007 dollars when released. It was arguably one of Nikon’s most successful cameras. The price of the next camera is never the price of the camera for people looking to upgrade. A D7000 user can still sell theirs or use it as a trade in. I think it has a used market value of around $500-$600….. that’s a nice subsidy to get the next camera. Whether it’s a D7100 or D610. Sell a couple of DX lenses and soon you’re buying an FX camera at half price. People who visit forums often moan about camera prices as if everyone on the forum has never purchased nor currently using anything. Nikon doesn’t make a D4s for noobs. They make it for people that are likely already using 1 or 2 or 3 cameras. And selling one makes the D4s as pricey as a D750.

            For a hobbyist, the first jump hurts I agree. But there are worse ways to spend money. (So I tell my wife). After that the upgrades are more palatable. If you’re fortunate to make money with a camera, it’s a tax write down and you make money with it. Then sell it in 2-3 years and use the money to subsidize the next.

            Where Nikon is humming and hawing, I think, falls in line with your theory a bit: if people won’t buy a $2300 FX camera with superior IQ, why would they buy a $1800 DX camera. And is the market viable “enough” to put the effort and expense into producing an $1800 DX camera. The easiest thing for them to do is put a 24mp DX sensor in a D810 body with Expeed 4 processor. Just how many D300 users are there waiting for that that haven’t already moved to FX. Personally, while attractive on paper, IQ trumps all for me and FX still has the big edge.

            • FX not for me in reasonably priced camera. I shoot a variety of things including sports and wildlife and do not have the money to buy the FX big lenses, let alone the expensive FX cameras. And most of the more reasonable ones do not have a very good continuous shooting rate or buffer like D300.

    • Nakayamahanzaemon

      Why don’t you go for Canon before whining? Do you think you are influential enough to change Nikon’s marketing plan if you gripe here?

    • Sports

      It took Canon 5 years to update this, and Canon users were screaming for an update for a long time … while Canon didn’t exactly look out for their users.
      Go to Fuji or Sony if you want frequent updates. They’re some real busy-bees, catching up, and they definitely look better now than they used to.

      • Nikon has updated their full frame cameras multiple times in that same five years and many on these sites complained that was not enough.

        I shoot sports and wildlife and full frame is not for me, but I like the better built body. Bought D7100 and it broke within 3 months. Have had D300 for five years and it still works…just not good in low light.

        But I enjoy all of the comments from the holier than thou people on these sites. Not you, but others.

        • Shaul

          just a thought, did you consider the D810 in crop mode? I’m not sure, but I think it would give out 15Mpix files, 7 fps with grip, and it’s a pro body.

          • Thanks, but cannot afford it. Nice camera though.

    • neonspark

      don’t let the door hit you in the back 🙂

      • Hope you have a nice day too 🙂

    • Mike

      Please go. And suggest to the other D300 & D700 users waiting-for-a-true-successor with you. I say this respectfully because, well, we’re tired of hearing it and those two cameras were launched 8 and 7 years ago and if Nikon hasn’t listened in the last 5 years….. don’t think they will. So, because whining and complaining hasn’t helped, perhaps another tactic…. speaking with your wallet. If there is a pro-DX exodus to Canon, perhaps that will get their attention. Who know who else needs an update? F6 and D2x users. Where is the APS-C integrated grip camera we’ve been waiting for since 2005?

      Product lines die. Time to move on or move out.

    • Robert King

      yup….see you later…LOL

    • Trevino

      Canon’s flagship DX and Nikons entry FX are almost same price. The writing is on the wall, and Canon is not reading it.

  • lorenzo

    Admin, how did you come up with that D800 at 45% off?
    Might have been for just few hours as now that link points to a price of $2,149.00

  • br0xibear
  • neonspark

    I was hoping for more lenses than just one 1.8 prime. I guess that 300 f/4 still getting delayed as well as the long overdue refreshments to the fisheye, 105/135, 200mm macro. And neither of the patents we’ve seen came out yet:
    17mm PC-E/TS
    fisheye zoom
    50 f/1.2
    135 f/2 VR
    any one of those lenses would have made a huge splash.

    • Sage

      I agree with you…would really love to see a 300mm f/4 G

  • Robert

    Now Canon has presentes a 7D Mk II. But Nikon proceeds to forgo an D300 update. The D 9300-thing apparently was merely a diversionary tactic.

    Nikon very obviously focusses only on a cutout of their customers, which is also evident in their make of lenses. Looking eg at the MTF Chart of the new 20/1.8 it may be good for weddingphotographers, but it isn’t a deal neither for landscape nor for architecture. Nikon consistently sacrfice sharpness for bokeh. Though I had much preferred an AF lens, now Zeiss 21mm seems to be the one left.
    Wrong strategy to increase profit!

    • whisky

      there’s little profit to be made from sharp glass, unless it’s inexpensive too.

      there’s little profit to be made from bokehful glass, unless it’s inexpensive too.

      there’s much greater profit to be made from compromised, but inexpensive glass.

      • Robert

        this is why companies like Zeiss prevail.
        This is why Sigma builds its art serie.
        This is why Fuji gets through with asking prices of 1000 Euro / lens for many primes.
        Take a cell phone, this is as cheap and as compromised as it gets.

  • Neopulse

    Marcel Lammerhirt is going to be there, awesome. Although he does speak English even though his presentation is going to be in German.

  • libgentile

    Are they going to announce the D7200?

    • br0xibear

      No…not at Photokina, if at all.

      • libgentile

        why not?

        • br0xibear

          If it were going to be announced at Photokina it would have happened at the same time as the D750.
          The next big events are CES in January and CP+ in February…I think Thom Hogan said it was more likely to be CP+.

  • saywhatuwill

    So now that Photokina has started, no surprise announcements like a fisheye zoom or a D9700?

  • Thoughtful

    I am excited about the D750. The D610 wasn’t feature rich enough for me and the D810 is way more than I would pay for a camera. The D750 is an attainable FX feature rich camera.

    However, it is still more expensive than my wife will agree to. — ya ya I should be a man and not let my wife stop me — well that’s not how a healthy marriage works. She is right though that a D750 is not where we should prioritize our money.

    There seem to be many people here who think DX users should stop expecting good equipment and either man up to more expensive FX systems or leave.

    Well recently I made a plea for a DX 22mm F2 lens on this forum. The 50mm F1.8 just isn’t wide enough for indoor family shooting. The response on the forum was essentially don’t hold your breath for Nikon to make this lens and consider going FX with the 35mm lens.

    — when it was all said in done, I didn’t decide to go FX. I decided two other manufactures had cameras that met our needs better. So in my case, Nikon’s refusal to enhance their DX line has not pushed me up the chain to DX. Instead it placed one of my feet out the door.

    This is the business reality of Nikon’s choices. I like Nikon and have invested a tone of money in Nikon over the last decade. This situation sucks.

    But, hats off to Nikon for making the D750, it fills a need for sure.

    • EnglishPaul

      How wide do you want to go? Have you considered the DX zooms from Nikon? The 16-85 is a great lens paired to a D7000.

  • br0xibear

    First Nikon D750 Hands-On Field Test

    • HF

      Some people seem to really like it 😉

      • br0xibear

        It’s another option for people.
        All the pros and cons have been talked to death in various threads so I won’t go into all that again.
        Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t seen anything from Photokina 2014 that’s been particularly interesting from any manufacturer…apart from possibly the Lumix LX100.
        It all feels a bit flat ?

        • HF

          I want to try out the Sigma 50mm Art and the Fuji 50-150mm/2.8. Of course the D750 interests me, too, as well as Samsungs Nx1.

        • Michiel953

          Leica appears to have a lot of interesting new stuff…

          • br0xibear

            I’ve never really had a proper play with any Leicas, when I was an assistant one of the photographers I worked with used one on the occasional shoot…haven’t handled any digital Leicas.

            • Michiel953

              Just joking. Some photography bloggers seem to think Leica news at Photokina is the best thing since sliced bread. The rest of us just goes on with their lives.

              Would I like partly cf body? Maybe. Would I like a rectangular eyepiece surround? Uhh, no, not if I can help it.

              So I just get on with my life…

  • Jack S

    Hate to say it, but Nikon has actually turned boring. I’m also seriously looking at other manufacturers. Fuji, Canon, Sony, et all. They’ve also had repeated QC and customer service issues lately.

    • HF

      Is it about IQ and taking photographs or is being not “boring” more important?

      • Jack S

        Well, considering what other manufacturers are offering and how they’re offering it it’s very tempting to ditch Nikon. If you follow the whole “pure photography” marketing malarky then sure. I, myself, however will strongly consider jumping ship when it comes time to upgrade. Until I decide I will continue to use my current gear.

        Nikon releases for me have been “meh”, followed by “meh”, and followed by “meh” for quite some time now. Luckily I haven’t had to experience their aftersales department yet.

  • Randy

    Any insight into the Nikon 1 lens road map?

    • nothing, I guess they will not show anything more this Photokina

  • br0xibear

    Nikon 20mm f1.8G review with sample images

  • Chris

    DX Forever… I’ll sit on my D200 and lenses until Nikon gives some sense of direction to the market. They are just too pre-occupied with quality control issues. The entry level FX cameras have been a complete joke in terms of cost and value..

    I’m not certain whom I feel worse for: the D600 users that got screwed, or the 1st time D610 users that are likely suffering from buyer’s remorse with the release of the D750. I’m also feeling it for the D800 that are in a similar boat with the release of the D810 saying WTF. No thanks, I’ll wait until the fat lady sings that Nikon has given up on the enthusiast DX user. Hopefully by the time they officially abandon DX, iPhone 9 will be out and DSLR’s will be on its way as the point and shoot…. Just my two cents.

    • paintitwhite

      I got the D800 in summer 2012, and I haven’t used the D200 since that. After seeing the difference in performance from those two cameras, I’ll never regret that upgrade.

    • Ken Elliott

      Don’t feel bad for us D800 owners. Most of us love our cameras and don’t feel the need to upgrade to the D810. But it does feel good knowing the D800 replacement exists. In many respects, the D750 is a downgrade for a D700 owner. Right now, if my D700 bodies failed, I’m not sure what to replace them with. A used D700? Perhaps a Sony A7s?

  • George

    Peter, is it possible that nikon could announce another DSLR at PhotoPlus in October?

    • I doubt it, but it is possible.

    • ValenzTa

      Damn! I almost bought the D7100 or D750 before i read your comment! I guess i’ll wait another 41 days. Thanks!

  • Robert King

    I don’t get it.

    Seems to me that cropping from a 24 mpx camera, like the D610, D750 or D810 is exactly the same as if you were shooting a DX.

    For several years, I whined about Nikon not giving me a 24 mpx update to my D300. Then I bought the D610 and now I no longer care about a DX. My next DSLR is gong to be the D750 or D810. And I can do either one right now :). I like that.

    I will be selling my D610 soon and replacing it with another FX.

    So why want a DX if you can crop the FX? I mean, the D750 is here!!

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