Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens for Nikon mount back in stock

In the past few weeks I have received numerous emails with questions when this lens will be back in stock again: B&H just got a new shipment of the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens for Nikon mount.

Could the new 50mm Art lens be the reason why the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens is marker as discontinued at Amazon UK? Maybe Nikon will update their version as well.

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  • JG

    Could that lens be the reason why the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens is marker as discontinued at Amazon UK?

    Sorry, I do not understand this comment.


  • KubaWer

    Maybe they will release reworked version soon 🙂

  • Louis Miles

    Any word on Australian stock arrivals? Have had my sigma on order for 7 weeks now.

    • Steve Griffin

      It’s worth the wait so hang in there.

  • Global

    Adorama has them in stock too.

  • longzoom

    Optical formula of 50/1.4 Nikkor is terribly outdated. What I want very badly is Nikkor 55/1.2 ASPH G… Dream,dream, sweet dream…

    • Neopulse

      Wouldn’t say terribly outdated, but would like to see a refresh of it. I owned the 50mm 1.4G and enjoyed it very much. It is a standard Nikkor formula without patent infringing (also) on other 50mm patents from other brands. If the 58mm does well enough, then maybe they will make a 55mm 1.2. Then again what would the cost be? $2000 minimum I’d say.

      • longzoom

        Hmm possible but in light of beautiful Sig,it could be close to $1500, I presume…

    • koenshaku

      At this point I think Nikon has to make a new mount to do anything F1.2 G.

      • longzoom

        They are able to make an electronic trigger to aperture, without any mechanical linkage, just as Canon does. So it is possible without making a new mount. But look, 85G lens has the back element of same diameter as future(?) 55 will, with mechanical lever, no problem.

        • MB

          No it doesn’t , 85mm lens has rear nodal point much further than 50mm and requires rear element approximately the same size as 50 f/1.4

          • longzoom

            Yes, it does. Even much greater back element of old Noct has mechanical lever without problem. Try to get what I mean, then comment.

            • MB

              Old Noct and 50mm f/1.2 do have much larger back elements because they are f/1.2 … mechanical lever is not really a problem here ,not unless you want to go beyond f/1.2 … but they do not have CPU contacts that would otherwise cover part of the image and that is a actually a biggest challenge that has to be solved … and because the part of the image covered by CPU is not actually used (you understand that image is actually rectangular and not square on Nikon FX format) it is possible but it would require some special mount for f/1.2 lenses hence it would be expensive to make, not impossible but expensive …

              And as far as I can tell rear openings are approximately the same size (much smaller than f/1.2 lenses) on 35, 50 and 85 … but you could measure it if you have the spare time

            • longzoom

              About 6 years ago I CPU-ed my own old 55/1.2. Was not fast nor easy, but job was done, by my own hands. Yeah, its protruded a bit into working space, but no problem at all. That’s why I am able to say – it is absolutely possible for any manufacturer, for Nikon mount.

  • Eric Frame

    maybe a 50/1.2 is in the works?

  • itcrashed

    I dont think nikon sees the sigma 50 as a threat. I think they see it as an opportunity to sell something similar for more.

    • Global

      Like what they did with the hit lens, Sigma 50-500?

  • Jed

    There are already enough fast primes in the Fifty’s range:

    7 from Nikon (1.8D, 1.8G, 1.4D, 1.4G, 1.4 AIS, 1.2 AIS and a 58mm 1.4. Not mentioning Df special edition 1.8)

    2 from Sigma (1.4 EX DG and 1.4 Art)
    2 from Zeiss (1.4 Otus and 1.4 Planar)

    prices vary from $120 to $4,000

    Therefore, I think there is already one for anyone. Why would Nikon waste resources to refresh 50mm line?

    • rt-photography

      their AF in the 1.4g is constipating slow and while the 1.8g is much improved it doesnt focus faster than the 1.4d or even the 1.8d on even a body like my D600.

      • Jed

        AF speed would not be the top priority for 50mm (AF accuracy would definitely be). you need fast AF for sports, birds, etc. but 50mm is neither of them. just my opinion

        • joec

          I like to use a 50 to 85mm fast lens for capturing candids in available light. AF speed is really pretty important (to me) since sometimes I spot a moment as it’s happening and have only a second before it’s gone. I use the 50 1.8D and the 85 1.8G, and felt hampered by the 50 1.4G. Definitely felt slower and less likely to get shots.

    • I wouldn’t put it past them. If they can make two versions of a lens like the 18-300, I say let ’em make another fifty 😀

      • Jed

        in that respect, I agree with you

  • Global

    If Nikon is discontinuing lenses, I think they should consider making these:

    16mm f/4
    20mm f/2.8
    24/tilt-shift update
    28/1.4 NOCT
    30/2.8 pancake
    50/1.2 Sharp wide-open AF
    60mm f/4 pancake
    135mm f/1.8 VR Sharp Bokeh King
    200mm f/4 Macro VR
    300mm f/4 VR
    300-600mm f/5.6 VR

    What do you guys think?

    • Sparkplug

      Yes please. And a diet coke.

      • Global

        Yes, please save room for a 14-400 VR IV.

    • Sports

      How could you forget 18-150 mm DX and 18-250 mm DX?

      But seriously, a 300-600 would be extending the Nikkor lineup in a great way.
      I guess 300-600 could make it a constant f/5.6, while 200-600 or 150-600 would most likely make it variable.
      Well, 70-200 is almost a 3 x zoom and still constant aperture, so why not 200-600 f/5.6? And with a price tag of $2,499 to make an impact. If it’s too expensive, then its existence is simply irrelevant to 99% of Nikon owners … and they’ll get Tamron/Sigma. Nikon don’t make money from good products that don’t sell well.

      • Kynikos

        Does 200-600/5.6 at ($3K or less) completely cannibalize 200-400/4 at $6K+?

        • Sports

          Yes, of course it’ll take some sales from a lens that is priced much higher. But it would win much more from Tamron and Sigma, and especially from new customers that have simply stayed away from Nikon super tele lenses because of the high prices.

    • rt-photography

      16mm f/4 NO -2.8 is a must
      20mm f/2.8 YES and 24mm as well
      24/tilt-shift update YES
      28/1.4 NOCT NO
      30/2.8 pancake MEH
      50/1.2 Sharp wide-open AF YES-but wont happen
      60mm f/4 pancake NO
      135mm f/1.8 VR Sharp Bokeh King YES
      200mm f/4 Macro VR YES
      300mm f/4 VR YES wanna buy the current.
      300-600mm f/5.6 VR YES-wont happen would
      love a 400 5.6

    • Nikos Skartsilas

      28-105 2.8 VR. There was a Tamron left sometime but..

  • Kynikos

    OK hands up for… “I have the existing 50 1.4G and would upgrade to the 1.4 version-2, but NOT upgrade to any of the more expensive options (Nikon 58, Sigma 50, Otus).”

    Not me, not many I wouldn’t think.

    • 50 1.4g, worse nikon lens, out of 10, that i own .. soft

  • Michel Fourkas

    I’ve got mine in Belgium (Europe) here ( if this can help someone 😉
    Nice shop, fast and secure delivery…

  • Mike

    Admin, any news on Sigma’s rumoured 24-70 f/2?

  • Craig John

    Any rumors on a Sigma 135mm f/2 Art?

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