Weekly Nikon news flash #269

→ The Nikon Df "body only" is finally available for pre-order in the UK.

→ Nikon is now starting to discount the Nikon 1 J2 cameras - you can currently get a refurbished model with a 10-30mm VR lens for $189 and free shipping with a promo code YADIG ($100.00 off).

Topaz B&W Effects sale coupon code
→ Topaz B&W Effects is now 30% off when you use coupon code JUNEBW during checkout. This offer is valid till June 30th (tomorrow).

→ The Nikon 1 Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens started shipping in the US and was briefly n stock at B&H and Adorama. Amazon is expecting to have the new lens in stock tomorrow (June 30th).

→ Refurbished Nikon D7100 camera listed for $799.99 from Adorama on eBay.

→ Nikon released firmware updates for the Coolpix S9400 and Coolpix S9500 compact cameras.

Nikon-D4-D800-DSLRs-used-exclusively-by-London-Live Nikon-D4-D800-DSLRs-used-exclusively-by-London-Live-2
→ Nikon D4 and D800 cameras used exclusively by London Live.

→ Nikon UK sponsors Dennis Hopper "The Lost Album Exhibition".

→ A new Nikon compatible TTL remote for the Profoto B1 flash will be announced soon.

Camera sales growth by camera type
→ New Wall Street Journal article: "Nikon Lost in Hall of Mirrors" (direct link is paid, so you have to select the article from the Google search results):

"Nikon was among the last of major Japanese makers to release a mirrorless camera, and still offers only a handful of models. The company likely fears cannibalization of its high-end DSLRs, but its strategy seems not to be working. Nikon's camera division, more than two-thirds of the company, posted a 9% revenue decline for the year through March. As a company that weathered the transition from film to digital, it should know better than to stand against the technological tide."

→ Nikon published Q&A for the Medium Term Management Plan in 2014:

Q: What can you tell us about future marketing strategies?

A: The total number of D-SLRs, interchangeable lenses and compact digital cameras sold over the last 10 years amounts to around 200 million, which means that we have information on an approximately equal number of customers. We will analyze this information to launch new products and to offer Nikon users ideas for new products and encourage to replace older ones in a timely manner.

Q: What can you tell us about markets you will be focusing efforts on in the future?

A: Among emerging markets, we will expand sales particularly in Tier 3 and 4 cities in China, as well as India, Africa and other Asian regions. Each region requires a different marketing approach, so we plan to implement methods customized to local needs.

→ Nikon Corporation approved ¥22 ($0.22) year-end dividend per share.

→ Nikon USA had some layoffs this week in their Melville, NY office.

→ Nikon D800 & D800E: Behind the scenes with Czech biker Tomas Slavik:

→ Nikon D800 & D800E: Behind the scenes with Red Bull skateboard athlete Max Habanec:

→ Nikon D800: behind the scenes with Red Bull athlete Vavrinec Hradilek:

→ Sutton Images test the Nikon 1 V3 camera:

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  • Spy Black

    They should just give th eJ2 away with a purchase of Lightroom like the did with the J1. They probably can’t give these away either.

    “The company likely fears cannibalization of its high-end DSLRs, but its strategy seems not to be working.”

    The definition of “understatement”…

    • groucher

      Nikon is quite right to fear for its DSLRs. I’m finding that my D4 and D800 spend a lot of time doing nothing whilst I’m out with the V1. The V1 is lighter, more versatile thanks to its incredible speed and is much better for video than the DSLRs.

      That 70-300mm lens really has me slobbering. Hope it’s as good as the excellent 30-110.

      • Thom Hogan

        Then you probably didn’t need a D4 and D800 ;~).

        There are some that believe that Nikon’s strategy post D3/D3x/D300/D700 was to get as many folk as possible to buy higher end, more expensive FX DSLRs in order to keep sales numbers up. If that’s true, you’re an example of that strategy working and the “fear of cannibalization” would have been real. At least in the sense that you might have bought a V1 instead of a D4/D800.

        The problem that I keep pointing out is that Nikon has left a hole in the middle, and that I’m seeing significant numbers of folk drifting to Fujifilm/Olympus/Sony mirrorless from that middle. By not protected the middle of the DSLR lineup, Nikon basically enabled that.

        • Harv.

          You often hear the words “photojournalists” and “sports photographers” being mentioned when a new high end FX model comes out.
          I’ve got friends who are photojournalists, they too are starting to use smaller, lighter, cheaper cameras like the X100s, the agencies are fine with the files coming from those type of cameras. And the video above shows that even those shooting extreme sports like F1 are moving away from larger bodies.
          Nikon (and Canon) will have to do something to address it. I don’t know if they’re waiting for each other to make the first move or what ?, but something has to give.

          • Thom Hogan

            Indeed, though more so in the PJ world than the sports photography world.

            I outlined what a D5 should be quite some time ago in order to get the pro market attention: communicating, programmable, modular. Even the first two would be enough to make D4 users buy a D5, I think. But “communicating” isn’t understood by the camera makers in the way that the photographers would want it to be, and that’s all we’ve gotten so far.

            • Michiel953

              “Modular”, as I have stressed before, should be the buzz word in camera design and manufacturing.

            • Harv.

              Hi Michiel953,
              The modular thing is an interesting one, but maybe what I think of modular may be different from others ?
              What I’d like to see is various sensors that are interchangable with various bodies. A sensor that you can remove as easily as a CF/SD card. So I could buy the latest D4s sensor and put it inside my D620 body. You could have one body and several different sensors for different types of shoots instead of several bodies.
              If Nikon, Canon and Sony could actually get together and agree a format/design it would be fantasic, to be able to buy a Canon 5D Mark IV body and put in a D810 sensor.
              It may sound a pipe dream, but if they wanted to do it they could, but maybe it’s too frightening an idea for them ?

            • Michiel953

              Hi Harv,

              I was thinking of the way car manufacturers operate. You have maybe a maximum of three easily adaptable platforms across a range of maybe thirty or forty different models, four basic engines in maybe three different configurations each, then a myriad of interior and exterior options. Buying a car these days is pretty much ordering a la carte. Volkswagen Audi Group, BMW etc seem to be doing allright with this approach. Car prices effectively have gone down, while quality and options have gone up.

              With DSLR’s I’d like to have the choice of three bodyshapes (professional D4 like, professional D800 like, enthusiast Df like), three sensors (D810, D610, D4s), two AF systems; that’s about it.

              Make your choice, scroll to “camera configurator”, see your price come together, click “order”, bingo!

              I’d like to have someone explain to me (Thom Hogan?) why the camera industry can’t do what car manufacturers can. Camera manufacturers seem to be stuck in the inefficient incremental improvement/leapfrog model development groove.

        • groucher

          Yes, the D4 was a mistake – the v1 does a far better job for action photography. However, I own an Epson 7600 on which I produce landscape prints that I sell, which is where the D800 comes in.

          • Thom Hogan

            The D4 was the same mistake that the D2h was in many ways: it didn’t really extend the previous camera much, changed the accessory set (battery, etc.), and thus didn’t deliver US$5k worth of change to most shooters. Worse still, the D4s moved the bar about as much as a D300s did, which is to say, not nearly enough.

            However, as good as the Nikon 1 V models are for action, they aren’t nearly as good as even a D3 when push comes to shove. I hope I can make that clear in my upcoming V3 review. Good camera, but…

      • Michiel953

        Are you sure the V1 is lighter?

      • Spy Black

        So it’s all your fault. We know now where the pitchforks will be heading…

  • richard

    d7100 gets cheaper and cheaper….

    successor is coming first sign…..

    • Spy Black

      Wouldn’t that be the unicorn known as the D9000?

      • fred

        D9300, solid rumor, it’s no unicorn…

  • Henry

    Anyone have experience with Topaz B&W Effects? I’m always looking for a better B&W image processor and would appreciate input.

    • Harv.

      I tried a trial version a few months ago just to see what they were like, for me they were nowhere close to SilverEfex Pro 2.

      • Henry

        Thanks @Harv. I appreciate hearing your experience with it.

        • Harv.

          Hi Henry
          The B+W images in my guest post here were all a combination of Lightroom, SilverEfex and Photoshop. https://nikonrumors.com/2014/04/06/harvinder-sunila-backstage-portraits-of-burlesque-dancers-nsfw.aspx/
          Killroy below mentioned the techniques he used, what I do is get everything right as far as colour, contrast, sharpening etc in Lightroom first. I then take that colour image into SilverEfex and adjust to my particular taste. It then goes back into Photoshop for burning, dodging and spotting.
          I’ve been using it for years but I’m still tweaking things to try and get a better final image, but that’s no different from what I did in a traditional darkroom.

    • Spy Black

      You can download a 30-day free trial and see if you like it or not.

      • Henry

        Good tip. Thanks @spy_black:disqus.

    • mikeswitz

      I have both Topaz and Silver EFX Pro. Prefer the latter.

      • Henry

        Thanks @mikeswitz:disqus. I appreciate hearing your experience as well. Perhaps I just need to get more adept at working the Silver EFX Pro software, which I currently have. It has served me well, but there are times I still wonder how to get those really deep black and silver tones. I’ll keep working at it! Cheers!

        • Killroy™

          Another vote for Silver FX Pro 2. For rich deep blacks I have found that working on the color RAW image in CameraRaw and getting it really saturated helps when using Silver FX Pro. In CameraRAW I turn off the saturation so I can see it as a basic B&W then before opening it I turn the stauration back to zero or +10 or +20 depending on image.

    • BigEater

      I really like DXO’s film packs because the black and white film emulations give you some great looks. And awesomely, there are offers around on the net where they’re giving away V3 for free to tempt you to buy V4.

  • groucher

    Finally after all this time, Nikon have managed to put out a video that highlights the brilliance and speed of operation of the Nikon 1 system.

    • Andy Aungthwin

      Love this system.

      Only regret so far was that I passed up a used 32mm f/1.2 for 430 eur.

      Anyone have this lens and how is it?

      • megadon357

        Everything you expect, and more! It really is terrific. Getting the 32mm f/1.2 made me forget about “upgrading” to another MILC system. Since then I purchased the 6.7-13 wide zoom – another great lens.

        • Andy Aungthwin


          Well, I am comforting myself with the recent arrival of the 6.7-13mm and awaiting for delivery of the 30-110mm.

          You may already know, but this lens at 10mm wide open is sharper than the 10mm f2.8 wide open.

          At 13mm on the V1 it is on par with the 14-24mm monster at 14mm also on the V1 wide open, when downsized to 10MP. And at 13mm it is sharper than the 16-35mm at 35mm on the D800, when shot wide open.

          (Of course at 6.7mm on the V1 it’s no match against the 16-35mm at 18mm on the D800)

          If only those system 1 haters knew the facts.

      • PhotoAl

        It’s an absolutely wonderful lens! I usually just carry the 32mm + the 6.7-13mm and I couldn’t be happier. Both of these lenses plus a V2 body weigh very little and take up a small amount of space in a bag. Lately, the 32mm is on the camera almost all the time except when I need to go wide.

  • Guest


    • js200022

      So… What is you point?

      • AM I Am

        He has a point… indeed.

  • david

    News about the profoto remote, you’ve got a source or rumor?

    • Yes, I have a source.

      • Danzig

        Please Please Pretty please with sugar on top can you provide more details on this?! I am about to switch systems because of this and you could really save me the hassle of leaving a system I really love… Thanks!

        • I do not have any other info. If I had, I would have mentioned it on the blog.

  • itcrashed

    So Sutton is a Nikon guy?!?! Sweet

  • NursultanTulyakbay

    Is there any sample footage of London Live’s content that can be viewed outside the UK?

  • nwcs

    Come on, fire sale the V2! I’ll buy one with lens for $199.

  • fjfjjj

    “Each region requires a different marketing approach, so we plan to implement methods customized to local needs.”


    Sometimes it seems like a miracle that Nikon still exists.

    • Thom Hogan

      Right, and not soon after that they reduced staff at several subsidiaries, mostly in marketing ;~).

  • Guest

    The Nikon Df “body only” is finally available for pre-order in the UK.


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