Third party battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera

Third party battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera
Battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera
Nikon does not offer an optional battery grip for the retro-styled Df camera. There are, however, several eBay listings for this third party battery grip BG-2P specially designed for the Nikon Df camera.

Additional images:

Third party battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera 1 Third party battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera 3
Third party battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera 2  Third party battery grip BG-2P for Nikon Df camera 4

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  • Coloretric

    cue comments on design etc….

    • Reality Check

      Ok, here you go… beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that’s one fugly contraption.

    • p_guy

      Retro camera so maybe they should have made a retro grip like the MD-12

  • Lee Dann

    Hmmm you would think the grip aesthetics would match the retro styling of the Df, looks to moden imo.

    • silmasan

      I believe they call it a “retrofit”.

    • expert-ing

      Grip SUCKS!
      Totally impure.
      Feeling strongly against it without even owning a Df : )

  • Chris Pearson

    They really didn’t even try did they!

    • No, nikon really didn’t, did they?

      • Balance!

        nikon did not, just as BMW does not design gold bling rims

  • MadCowNYC

    Looks like a re-molded D800 grip.

    • RMJ

      only if…

      it’s missing wheel and everything… more like D3000 grip renamed.

  • vipmediastar

    what is the cable for and does it have a AF button on the grip?

    • Killroy™

      Shutter release cord. Should be the same as used on the lower end D5xxx and D3xxx series grips. No AF unless its on the shutter button (no AF-ON button on grips).

      • vipmediastar

        Thanks. I actually shoot with the AF/ON button so this is a cancel for the grip. I do like the grip only because I enjoy shooting with a grip on the D800. It makes a huge difference for vertical shots.

  • It’s odd. When I had half body cameras I would also try and purchase a battery grip as soon as possible, not just for the extra juice but for the better feel in hand.

    That being said with the Df I wouldn’t even touch a battery grip. The battery life is pretty decent with the EN-EL14A and while on my 70-200mm its more like an oddly shaped rear lens cap, it feels just perfect.

    That and I mostly use it with my primes. Even the 105mm VR feels good on the Df.

    Now if they came out with a smaller profile one that matched the retro styling, I might give it a consideration.

  • I was going to complain about the lack of command dials, but really, if you got the Df, you probably aren’t looking for a camera with quick changes. The built in aperture command dial isn’t the most ergonomic as is. The problem with this is that it doesn’t really add anything to functionality aside from gripping better in portrait view. You’d be better off just learning how to grip a camera better

  • cmorrow

    Part of me sees this as a way to actually get a more filling grip on this camera, I’ve read lots of complaints about the grip and shutter release position on the DF.

    The other part of me thinks that it clashes fairly bad with the rest of the body as this obviously looks like they didn’t even try to make it look retro.

  • Paul

    That cable looks like it will be easy to lose.

  • Chicken Chow Mein

    Doncha just love those clever Chinese!

    • Chop Suey

      Even with a grip the Df is still a dog.

    • Kynikos

      Especially how they breed the chickens with the sweet and sour balls.

  • Spy Black

    Never saw the point in a battery pack. Just carry an extra battery or two in your pocket. Much less weight when shooting and maintains the camera’s handling characteristics.

    I know some packs on some models give you extra fps, so I suppose if you need that you could justify it. The vertical shooting button on some of those models is a joke to me, but I suppose some people think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    • Kyle Farris

      Some people just have bigger hands than you and prefer a larger grip. It’s really that simple. That’s the main reason I have one for my D600. The portrait orientation for shooting is jut a bonus.

    • Brent

      As someone who shoots pageants where vertical photos are about 95% of the shots I take, the battery packs are a total life saver.

    • Aldo

      I agree with Brent… most of my pictures I shoot are vertical as well… but it’s not just about vertical comfort… the battery pack usually adds balance and support to both vertical and horizontal shooting. After hours of shooting (handheld)… the added weight becomes negligible compared to how much it eases the stress off your arms and hands, not to mention the benefits of not having to worry about running out of battery. If you are always shooting with a 50mm or a 35mm lens (again handheld)… you’ll never see the benefits I’m talking about. But if you decide to venture with any of the “holy trinity” lenses… then the vertical grip becomes a no brainer.


      You don’t shoot Models do you? Ok…back to normal.

    • 24×36

      I always preferred a battery pack (or a winder/motor drive, back in the days of film). Cameras were always too small for me to comfortably grip without one.

    • csmith

      yea if you regularly shoot in portrait orientation it is a godsend

    • Bokeh Monk

      A Nikon grip ‘just feels right’ especially if you shoot vertically !

    • It’s about handling, not just extra power. If you shoot all day, a portrait grip will save your wrist–even shooting small lenses.

      And it also allows a more stable grip for longer shutter speeds in portrait orientation.

      A lot of pros who use them don’t even know how. But here’s a video of someone who does:

    • MrFoolYou

      You point is probably valid to wedding photographers.

      You do not want to use the battery grip for the back-up camera when you shoot all day long with two cameras throttling your neck…a few extra pounds can be a big disaster for all day standing.

      There were few wedding photographers being sent to hospitals from neck fatigue and dry air pipe blockage….from trying too hard to get photos from different angles…the extra pounds of the battery grip took the men down after the last click…then break time in hospitals with regrets.

      The second time they tried again without the battery grips…all are safe and sound.

    • BrokenToyShop

      I find that the grip on the D700 helps balance long lenses when hand holding.
      The fact that it makes vertical shots easy is a massive bonus.
      There is also the fact that there is extended battery life, faster AF, amongst other things.

    • getitright

      I’ll wager you cut the buttons off your coat and put them in the pocket to save weight too.

  • Mike

    I have two questions. Where is the SD card slot, inside battery chamber on the vertical grip or inside the camera? By using the vertical grip, will you increase the frames per second or just power the camera?

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    NOT touching that with a 10-foot pole. Friend bought a D800 3 days ago. Decided to go ‘cheap’ and bought a 3rd party grip. Turned it on, sudden smell of electricity and melting plastic. D800 is braindead.
    Shop will only refund the price of the 3rd party grip… ouch…

  • Royl

    Because of what the Df is, and it is marvelous, anyone looking for a grip bought the wrong camera, IMO.

  • All I can picture is Arnold, staring right at predator… You’re one ugly mutha ******

  • Global

    Not bad! Although it destroys the “look” of Df (fully plunging it into typical DSLR looks), it is quite functional and probably exactly what many people are looking for. The Fuji X-T1 manages to keep its grip a bit more sleek, but that’s designed by Fuji — considering this is 3rd party for Nikon, not bad at all! Extra battery life, nice solid grip, and functional not just a extension.

    Does anyone know what this part does?

  • ulysse

    Those Grips are quite useless : They are made of very cheap components and plastic and will not speed up your camera frame rate at all. The whole purpose of the Nikon DF portability and feeling vanishes if you ad up this piece of plastic.

    They are miles away from genuine professional grips in terms of usability, solidity and comfort.

  • Paul

    That cable looks like it would be easy to lose.

  • fjfjjj

    Looks vaguely like what the Nikon D4i should have been.

    • mikeswitz

      At least you didn’t complain.

  • Neopulse

    Glad they came up with a grip the 3rd party. I think it’ll help balance a bit more with older AI/s or AF-D lenses. Plus make manual focusing in the vertical position more comfortable.

  • Duncan

    I found these on eBay about a week ago. At first I was rather excited until I actually took a proper look at it. Really wasn’t impressed at all. I think I will wait until someone makes a decent 3rd party grip for the Df since I really can’t see Nikon making one (which is a shame). Hopefully one which matches the design of the camera.


    Problems: Cheap…3rd Party..Dead Brain Friend. Got it.

  • Global

    Really, that’s up to the user. Not everyone bought this camera because of its weight. Some bought it as a fashion accessory. Some bought it for superior low-light.

    Those last two are not directly related to weight. Although the second negates the grip equally. Though the third can easily use extra batteries under some conditions.

  • Global

    For expensive equipment in the $3,000 price range (really, anything over $1500), most people don’t really want to take that risk either — but there are certain 3rd party brands with excellent reputation. Not sure if this is one of them…

    A lot of people just want a little extra grip — a hallow grip that’s a bit more streamlined and attractive, with only storage for a battery and an extra card (though no electronics), should be on the market.

  • Global

    Buyer beware: It has a small chance of damaging your electronics (only buy 3rd party powered grips from reliable manufacturers with proven histories of quality parts in your price category).

    It will NOT increase frame rate — but it could fry the electronics if this is too cheaply made or doesn’t consider other electronic factors that Nikon has designed in.

  • Global

    Ah, this is probably to give it basic camera functions, right? I’m a bit thrown off by the headphone jack.

  • Neopulse

    From personal experience using a D5000 3rd party battery grip that used a cable system also. I didn’t worry in the slightest using it, neither the person who I later sold it to also.

  • Earle

    Does anyone complaining about the design of this grip actually remember what the MD-12 looks like, or since the DF really resembles the FA the MD-15? Yeah the manufacturer could have made their grip slightly more anguar but this wil likely feel better than homages to either grip would have felt.

  • BM

    Still waiting for a third party ebay DF before I get this.

  • JonB

    For me, the purpose of the grip is to be able to shoot in portrait orientation with comfort. I don’t care about the “retro” feel at all and not that much about the frame rate. Having a D4-sensor capability at a fraction of the price is the attractive aspect of the Df, and a grip that allows portrait-mode shooting makes it that much more attractive.

    • Ulysse

      I get that, this is mainly why I am using pro grips on my Nikons, but those cheap plastic grips will only be a waste, i used to have one on my d5100 and besides tge very cheap construction and cheap shutter button, it was not rugged and started to bug after a year or so… Again, why not just using the DF as it is and for portrait shooting, why not just using the main button ? The cheap grip makes the whole design aweful btw.

  • T53

    I suspect Nikon did not offer a grip with this camera because the single card slot is on the bottom which means, you have to remove the grip everytime to remove the card. For me, that single card slot on the bottom and the front command wheel kept my money in the bank. I wish it had been otherwise because I long for a 16mp semi-pro camera from Nikon.

  • Nick

    This grip is just wrong. For a retro styled Df, the hand grip should be like MD-12.

    • rosshj

      I concur. Here’s my FM3A with the MD-12.

  • Mike

    I like what Fuji has done with the XT-1. They have two grips. One that is basically just a plate with an attachment to allow for a deeper grip fore to aft. With an opening on the bottom to allow for battery exchanges and a re-centred tripod socket. And they have a grip that allows for portrait orientation shooting (well easier portrait shooting). Plus and extra battery. Nikon has potential to appease and attract Df fence sitters here and offer branded accessories that do what they want; additional revenue on the same camera. Nikon has done this before; selling accessories for their early film cameras to give users focusing options or eye point options etc etc. It would be great to see a plate with deeper grip sold as an accessory for the Df.

  • Nikon User

    Nikon will kill off this 3rd party grip via a firmware updade without acknowledging.

    So it doesnt matter if it looks retro or not.

  • Danny Hernandez

    Im glad they figured out what to do with all those surplus D90 grips.

  • Zohar

    Nikon WDF
    Thanks again for not installing this sensor in a D700 like camera

  • decisivemoment

    Well, it sort of gives the camera the profile of putting the motor drive on an FM2, except that in the name of retro, it should really be squared off, not rounded as if it were about to go on a D7100 or D610. And we’re still stuck with the Df’s signature ergonomic problem, the finger grip. But worst of all, it requires a sync cable to even work, so you have this awkward appendage hanging off the left side of the camera.

    So, no.

  • We

    Really doesn’t look that bad.. Gripped cameras always looks a little off.

    Seriously search for some pictures and you will see ..

    • Killroy™

      A little off?!?! The F3/MD4 is by far one of the most beautiful piece of camera equipment ever built. There is not one thing wrong with it….ok, the flash hot-shoe was dumb…but other than that it was perfect.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Couldn’t agree more! I still have and use (almost every week!) my F3p with MD-4 that I bought in 1984. 30 years old and still working. Getting more beautiful with every scratch and dent (like me 😛 ). That;’s what the DF should have been, a true digital F3

        • G

          If nikon released that today people would die.

  • Spy Black

    I shoot models all the time, have no need for this.


      You Truly Don’t Shoot Models!

      • Spy Black

        I truly don’t shoot like you.

        • amen

          best line!


          You truly don’t shoot.

          • Spy Black

            My comeback was better. I win.

  • The grip makes it a bit better though 😉

  • umeshrw

    I think I read about a luxury 3rd party grip for Df in an earlier NR article. Expensive but very elegant. Don’t remember which one though.

  • Eric Duminil

    No wheels, no AF-on, no controller *and* you need a cable?
    Wow, it almost looks as good as Nikon sRAW.

    • tomm

      How do you expect wheels, controllers, AF-on buttons on a grip that was designed for a camera that doesn’t support those features?

      • You must not have a Df – it does have those features, in addition to the manual dials…

        • tomm

          I said doesn’t SUPPORT those feature, not that the camera doesn’t have those features. Reading comprehension. Df doesn’t have ways to communicate with the grip, therefore it can only the shutter can be used.

          • Sure it does – that’s (unfortunately) what the cable is for. It’s just not supported via the grip alone. Reading comprehension indeed.

  • JP

    Ugly, but fits for Df’s backside.

  • frod

    Nikon will have some firmware out that disables this in a jiffy!

  • Seb1337

    Nikon Df4? 😀 Looks ugly as hell!

  • Fifi

    A good dog!

  • nawab

    Somehow reminds me of the Nikon F5

  • dbltax

    No, just no. There’s a reason Nikon don’t make one for it.

  • BrokenToyShop

    It is really disappointing to see the lack of AF button. The looks are not attractive either.

  • Adam Fo

    Given these grips are $24 delivered on ebay it’s churlish to complain !

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