Weekly Nikon news flash #259

→ The UK pre-orders for the new Nikon 1 J4 camera are now live at Jessops. The camera will not be available for sale in the US, but soon you will be able to purchase one from DigitalRev (they ship to the US).

→ A Nikon 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens in mint condition is now listed on eBay for $16,999.00 (MSRP: $17,896.95)


→ Phottix released v3.21 firmware upgrade for the Phottix Mitros TTL flashes for Nikon.

→ "Dedicated" by Corey Rich is now online (shot entirely on the new Nikon D4s camera):

→ Nikon D4s and V3 cameras at the 2014 NAB show:

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  • none

    who cares?

    • AM I Am

      You do, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted anything.

  • Eric Calabros

    with the exact amount of money that 800mm owner lost, could buy a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 🙂

    • Jeff Hunter

      …if he gets his asking price. He may have to wait a long time for a buyer or reduce his price!

      • Big Al

        It always amazes me that people have the nerve to look for almost full price on used items, with little allowance made for the lack of warranty or depreciation. If I was in the market for a lens like that, I wouldn’t be scrimping on the last 100m, I’d wait a little longer and buy new with all the benefits that brings.

        • Mansgame

          Weird part is I see people who actually pay it. Do they not have a web browser that can see the prices of other retailers?

        • neversink

          My thoughts exactly. If I’m going to spend $18,000 for a used lens that could have unknown damage to it, then I’m going to spend another 800 bucks and purchase a new one. Not only will I get the 5 year warrantee, but I will have peace of mind that I am receiving a new copy.

    • asdf

      I believe I saw this exact lens (not just model but this EXACT lens) go on a photo forum for $12000 just a few weeks ago. No doubt this guy was the buyer and now flipping the thing for a profit…

      • guest

        A profit?! For shame…

    • AM I Am

      Maybe he wants to buy 18. At the rate Sigma lenses fail, he will want to be covered with the right amount of backups.

  • xcm

    where is 4K video from V3??????????… piece of shit

  • Radu Grozescu

    The Firmware is for Phottix Mitros (not +) and you used a (slighty misleading) Mitros+ picture 🙂

    • They look the same to me or am I missing something?

      • Radu Grozescu

        Quote from the fimware link: „This firmware upgrade is for Phottix Mitros (Classic) flashes, not Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon.”

        But you ilustrated it with a Mitros+ picture.

        • Quote from the first paragraph: Phottix is releasing the v3.21 firmware upgrade or its Phottix Mitros TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon. Then in the second paragraph they say it is for the classic flashes:

          Phottix is releasing the v3.21 firmware upgrade or its Phottix Mitros TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon. Firmware Version v3.21 Change logs, install instructions and files are available in the below download links.
          This firmware upgrade is for Phottix Mitros (Classic) flashes, not Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon.

          • Radu Grozescu

            Correct, exactly what I said.

            You published a firmware upgrade for Mitros (Classic) and illustrate it with a Mitros+.

            And Mitros+ is a very, very different flash from Mitros (classic).

            I was really happy seeing the upgrade until I learned that it is not fot Mitros+ (which I have).

            • I fixed it now – I never got the second paragraph and that’s why I was not sure what you were referring to :0

  • Spy Black

    Who’s gonna skimp on $900 for an $18000 lens?

    • Steve

      And no warranty!! Only a rich fool would fall for that.

    • AM I Am

      The same people who skimps on $30 and buy gray market stuff.

    • Ted

      Not that bad for a lens that is meant to last 20-30+ years, but from ebay…that’s scary.

  • broxibear

    Here’s a Nikon video I’ve not seen before, seems to be for the Chinese market…

    • AM I Am

      I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that this is for the Chinese market.
      For all I see, it’s clearly not for the US market, he says Knee-kawn.

    • Jeff Curtner

      They are Kanji, the adopted logographic Chinese characters.

    • mikeswitz

      Clearly for the universal soap-opera market.

      • broxibear

        It’s all a soap opera…the problem is that some think it’s real, lol.

    • The “Tears” campaign is old – I reported it back in 2012:


      • broxibear

        Ah, ok…I wonder why they posted it a few days ago…oh well.

        • no problem – keep us updated

          • broxibear

            Odd, Nikon Asia just released this Andy Ellis film shot using a D7000, called “Springtime with Obaachan”, music by Ryuichi Sakamoto (Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence OST). It was posted on vimeo 2 years ago but Nikon Asia only posted it a few days ago on it’s youtube channel ?


            Maybe they ran out of video budget after they paid Corey Rich, lol.

      • broxibear

        Hey Peter,
        Have you heard any “chatter” about the next FX lens release being a 105mm ?

        • no, nothing on that focal lens

          • neversink

            How about a 104mm or a 106mm??? ;-}

  • alex

    canon 800mm initial price was $22000 in 2001 now $13000 so there is hope i can buy the nikon 800mm for $10000 in 2025 🙂

  • whisky

    interesting. so a J4, which costs ₤500 x 1.25* = $625 USD. put another way, almost half the price of a V3 kit for most all of it’s capabilities — but none of it’s expandability. Nikon must feel a 2x premium for an EVF, grip, accessory port, and tiltable LCD is a fair and reasonable amount to request from pro-enthusiasts.

    *1.25 multiplier arrived at by comparing prices of a new D4s at Jessops vs. Adorama.

    • Adrian Gopal

      Just to note, the 1V3 kit of 1V3 + grip + EVF seems to be the only kit being sold in the US as the sole kit- at least thats all I see in BH and Adorama.. (in other markets as viewed from Nikon websites, the 1V3 is available as 1V3 with kit lens and 1V3 with kit lens+grip+evf (UK).. ) and where I live the V3 is not launched yet..

  • jmills74

    Actually $575 if you use the Japanese price with the current dollar/yen rate

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