Nikon 1 J4 camera and Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 lens to be announced tonight

Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless cameraNikon 18-300mm f:3.5-6.3 lens
Quick update: the Nikon 1 J4 and the Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G VR ED DX lens are rumored to be announced tonight. There could also be some new Nikon 1 accessories. Stay tuned to detailed coverage in the next few hours.

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  • stoooopid

    Please tell me Nikon knows it has bigger holes in the DX lens lineup than replacing another supercrapperzoom. Wide, pancake primes please! Updated 17-55 f/2.8 please! HIgher spec’d 50-200 zoom please (nano coat, f/4 ap). Come on, Nikon can’t be that oblivious.

    • abd

      U must be kidding. 50-200 f/4 nano coat? Which $500 kit buyer is going to spend $500 on a 50-200 f/4 or even know what the f4 means? If you’re too cheap to buy the 70-300 VR or the 70-200 f4?

      • stoooopid

        believe it or not, DX is not yet dead. A lot of people still see value in a smaller sensor and smaller lenses. There is a rumor about a D9300 (replacement for D300s). Is this a cheap $500 kit? When Nikon drops DX, I will go to another company and keep shooting aps-c. I don’t want a giant sensor with giant lenses.

        • Zesty

          Maybe if you use zoom lenses I can agree with the size/weight thing but damn…my 24mm 2.8 ,50 1.8, 85 1.8 and 35mm 2.0 are pretty small and light and are pretty sweet on my D700. The 24mm and 35mm aren’t the cat’s meow to some folks standards but they work for my purposes.
          There are lighter options if you like primes.

          • PGi

            Well said,as a fx d800 and Sony a6000 user I completely agree with you on this one

          • stoooopid

            Well, I think all of you are right. Right in this sense – you and Nikon think the same way. Have any of you taken a look at what Fuji, or Pentax is doing with DX bodies and lenses? Clearly not everyone thinks DX is doomed. Nikon is stuck in this weird position of having all the high quality glass designed for a sensor size different than DX (weird for DX users anyway). Hell, they have even released high quality lenses for CX sensors – with DX left in the cold. But the handwriting on the wall is clear – if you are interested in crop sensor format (meaning bodies and lenses that are of the size that result from that sensor size) then please, go buy a Fuji X-T1 or an Sony A6000 – Nikon does not want your business.

        • KnightPhoto

          I think, maybe wishful thinking on my part, DX future will be mirrorless. A Nikon 2 series if you will.

          With the Sony A6000, basically a much better NEX-6 from what I can tell, Sony appears to be doing some good stuff. A 24mp sensor with 90% frame coverage for on-sensor PDAF – pretty impressive. Nikon needs to fight this at some point soon. There was a recent Nikon Exec article, he alluded to Nikon dealing with on-sensor PDAF challenges for larger sensors such as DX. Nikon is a company that likes to release things when they can do it “right”. Kinda how they waited a while to introduce FX, but when they did, wow was the D3 a hit.

          I’m currently DX-less as I found it didn’t get small enough for me personally for what I wanted a small camera for, so I went in two directions to FX for the good stuff and CX when I wanted to go light.

          I actually broke down and pre-ordered a V3 kit today. I was going to wait for a price-drop, but life is short and I’ve got a vacation coming up.

          • PGi

            I think you are all right on this as a fx Nikon and Sony a6000user I almost 200percent agree with you on this one,the af of the a6000 is indeed great

          • stoooopid

            KnightPhoto – well maybe Nikon doesn’t offer a product that will “get small enough” for you. But there are DX opportunities out there that are almost as small as the V3, and with much higher IQ. I don’t mean to whip a dead horse, but have you seen the Fuji X-T1? It is smaller than any Nikon DX body – and has serious controls, serious IQ and a serious lens system. Nikon has nothing to combat this – certainly not the 1 system. I wish Nikon would try to compete with this, but I don’t think they will.

            • KnightPhoto

              Yes I recently handled all the various non-nikon mirrorless, I think they are really cool. But I am a super-telephoto shooter, an action shooter, and especially a low-light action shooter for my paid work (for which I use FX).

              I wholeheartedly understand users converting to DX mirrorless options. But not for telephoto/super-telephoto, shooting action, shooting low-light action, nor high-detail situations. For me the Nikon 1 system handles action and super-telephoto when I am going light. Nikon 1 also handles the extreme smaller size on the telephoto end – compare the 30-110 to it’s mirrorless DX equivalant.

              The guys I don’t understand are the ones who have FX camera systems and DX mirrorless camera systems at the same time. That’s getting pretty close to each other in size isn’t it? I’m thinking it comes down to a decision on whether one is going to be an FX shooter or not. And if you ARE going to be an FX shooter how badly do you need a DX mirrorless system to complement it?

            • stoooopid

              Yup. Right on. I just sold off my last pieces of my Nikon 1 system. The only part of that system that gave me pause for a second and made me reconsider selling was the super telephoto abilities of the 1 system. But I don’t use tele that much, and low light – shallow DOF is much more useful for me, so I sold it off.

  • AM I Am

    Waiting awake all night for the links to pre-order.

  • Chris

    Judging by the $1k+ price tag of the V3, this J4 will be just as overpriced and hover around the $800 mark.

    What’s gonna happen? They won’t sell, and prices will get slashed a year or so later. Hell, my local Target (Canada) had S1 kits for $114 a few months ago!

    • mikeswitz

      Does that mean you are not waiting up all night?

    • KnightPhoto

      Yikes that is too low for comfort.

      Locally, also Canada, my dealer was doing what he told me was a decently brisk business on J3’s in the $400 range back around Christmas.

      • Chris

        Yeah, the price shocked me as well. Unfortunately, they were sold out. I got my WU-1b from Target for $17.49 😉

        London Drugs was blowing out the J3 kit several months ago around the $300 range. They’re totally sold out chain wide, except for a few display models.

  • Bunegg

    J4 is already up on nikon sg site but the link seems broken.

  • Clara

    I want to replace my existing lens on Nikon D7000 with this
    NIKON NIKKOR ( ) version . But I am not sure if this Lens will fit into Nikon D7000. Can anyone give a advice.

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