Weekly Nikon news flash #258

→ New Nikon cash back in Australia.

→ Nikon NPS (USA) qualifying equipment list.

NikonHacker released a beta version that offers video bitrate enhancement to several Nikon DSLR cameras.

→ Court in China accepts man’s lawsuit against Nikon for false advertising with regard to the Nikon D600 camera.

Nikon DSLR cameras used to shoot London Live
→ Nikon DSLR cameras used to shoot London Live (see full press release):

"Working with Nikon and Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), London Live has helped develop a new state-of-the-art robotic system, featuring a nine axis robotic arm at the heart of the automated studio. The channel broadcasts live using Nikon D800 and D4 series cameras for a full-frame 35mm cinematic effect."

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  • Spy Black

    “Court in China accepts man’s lawsuit against Nikon…”

    Like zombies, you just can’t kill ’em all.

    Maybe we will all get D610s yet…

    • Eric Calabros

      Dumb Zombies, that after 18 month realize the advertisenent about it was false 🙂

      • Johnny Dough

        Hold ur breath and u might get a D620, lol

      • Mansgame

        Or it took 18 months for Nikon to admit it. Kind of.

    • AM I Am

      ….and one week in the Bahamas to make up for all the emotional distress we’ve been put through.

  • Can we talk about the A7, A7r and A7s for a moment? It seems to me that Nikon should be doing something similar. There are a bunch of people frustrated that there is no D300 nor D700 replacements. How hard is it to take the D800 body and just do it? Shutter, sensor, buffer, firmware. I’m a product manager, and that’s what I would have done.

    • kotozafy

      A bunch of pro photographers, not millions of consumers 🙁

      • AM I Am

        But even if Nikon did it, that bunch would complain about the name.

    • Nikon kind of tried to do this with the Df but something completely different came out.

      • Isn’t the Df more like an attempt to jump on the retro bandwagon? The A7 is, if nothing else, forward-looking. The Df is merely a bunch of metal dials and intentional crippling of a D600 with a D4 sensor.

      • g16

        In term of production cost, I think DF is like a Mastang, and a7 is like Nissan GTR. One is an old school road runner with twice horse power the car could handle. Another one said to be the best super for the bucks.

        • RMJ

          Firstly, it’s spelled Mustang. Secondly, yes, it’s the best for the bucks. Especially ’70 Boss 429 and ’68 Shelby GT500.

          • G16

            Best super car for the buck I was meant for the GT-R though. Mustang is more like muscle car.

    • It’s probably worth noting that Nikon, despite everything, sorta kinda runs at a profit. Sony, not so much. (OK it actually turned a slight profit last year.) E.g. Nikon made something like $230M in the last quarter of 2013, versus $12M for Sony IP&S. Nikon isn’t completely stupid. (For that matter, the NEX mount doesn’t really seem to have been designed with full-frame sensors in mind, and is running into all kinds of issues — hence the high cost, relatively slow lenses thus far.)


    • Patrick O’Connor

      “Should” is subjective. Of course you, and undoubtedly others, think they should but some (myself for example) think not. A lot of people wrote their main complaint with the Df was that it took R&D time away from the camera(s) they wanted. I have no interest in mirrorless, so I don’t think they “should.” However, if they did, I wouldn’t really care that much.

      • I specifically meant using multiple sensors in one body, the D800 in this case.

        Frankly, I think mirrorless isn’t ready … yet.

        • g16

          Some people say D700 was Nikon’s wrong move since it hurt D3 sales. I’m now think that might be true.

          About the mirrorless thing I think the technology is ready just Nikon themselves is not ready. EVF is lots better than before and the sensor itself even have phase detection build-in, and the fps could go a lot higher on mirrorless camera.

          Nikon could make a mirrorless with D300s body&dials and call it D400 to make everyone happy.

          • manhattanboy

            “Nikon could make a mirrorless with D300s body&dials and call it D400 to make everyone happy.”

            I agree 100%.
            Doubt it will happen though, as it would kill the CX line. But there is a good saying that worked well for Apple. If you don’t cannibalize your own products, someone else will.

          • Patrick O’Connor

            That would make me miserable. So I guess it would make ALMOST everyone happy! 😉

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I guess I don’t know that much about the Sonys. I didn’t realize they had more than one sensor!?

  • Jason

    Do you still have to have tear sheets as well to get into NPS?

    • BernhardAS

      Rumor has it that in Australia you have to shear sheeps

  • KnightPhoto

    So this is huge news, we can now hack our Nikon DSLRs for higher bit-rate video. Anyone tried their D4 or D800 yet (or any other Nikon DSLR)?

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