Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera rumors

I received some more details on the upcoming Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera:

  • Completely new camera design
  • Very fast everything
  • 18MP sensor
  • External (probably optional) 2.4MP electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Eye sensor and a button to switch between LCD and EVF
  • 180° swivel LCD screen
  • New grip (also probably optional, not sure if it will have batteries)
  • New Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD VR zoom lens
  • The official announcement will be in the next 1-2 months
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  • Aldo

    “very fast everything” Where do I pre-pre-order?

    • 🙂

    • AF, start-up time, fps etc…

      • AlphaTed

        drains battery fast too? 🙂

        • And it’s the new EL-N19q, which is L-shaped and has to be charged in the camera.

        • groucher

          ‘Battery life isn’t a problem for the V1 so why the comment?

          • AlphaTed

            Lighten up dude. It’s neither a serious, nor a sarcastic comment. Just joking, plain and simple.

          • SoberAgain

            And the V1 was the only model. All the other 1 series cameras use smaller batteries that drain a lot faster.

    • Xam

      “Shut up and take my money!”

      But seriously, looking forward to this

  • Peter

    Seems to be the right direction. I am curious what sensor that will be. It dös Not Match the current Sony or Aptina specifications…

    • jmb2560

      As long as they keep the same sensor size, for me it’s DOA. I have 8 nikon dslrs and 12 lenses. That made me a suspect to buy a Nikon 1. Well..
      I bought a Fujifilm XE-1 because of the sensor size and absence of bayer filter. In many ways, I love that camera. To get me back in the Nikon mirrorless family, Nikon will have to do something spectacular. I’m not saying I won’t! I just tell Nikon’s product marketing team: Do something great and you will get my money!
      So far, What I see regarding the V3 isn’t enough to make me sell the XE-1 and buy one.

      • groucher

        60 fps IS spectacular. The XE-1 is a very fine camera but for action shots the 1 Series is unbeatable.

        • phil

          unbeatable now, when every new camera (well, except Nikon’s) supports 1080p @60fps ?

          • El Aura

            1080p but not 10 or 14 MP.

            • phil

              Are you talking about image capture or video ?
              Because those 60fps are limited to about 10-15 images when shooting RAW, so those 60fps are purely imaginary.

              It’s as if said my 1fps camera is capable of shooting 1000fps, it’s just limited to capturing a single image only, you know…

      • twoomy

        The AW1 concept is spectacular for the 1 system! However, it’s barely available, several reports of water leaks, uninspiring AW lens selection, no VR, and no histogram. A fail that should have/could have been a win.

        • Andrew

          You must be having a slow day pushing that competitor’s product. Several reports also indicates that it is self healing; but you can always get the newest version just released. Anyway, all jokes aside, I plan to buy the AW because of its rugged construction and waterproofing insulation though I don’t see myself going deep sea diving.

  • Jarret O’Shea

    “Very fast everything” is actually intriguing to me. I own a J1, and the stills are nothing special, but they’ll do when I don’t feel like carrying a large camera. I actually bought it, though, for the gimmick feature if 400fps video at 640×240, which was the best speed/resolution/price combination I could find. If the V3 can do better I’ll give it a look…eventually, because given their recent 1 series pricing, it won’t be worth looking at for at least a year.

    • KnightPhoto

      Would love to see any higher res on the 400fps mode…

    • Andrew

      If it hits the right mark, you will not see the 1 series pricing.

    • WaltGalt

      Instead of looking for higher & higher in-camera slow motion, you might consider looking into,l-us.html , which would allow you to create great looking slow motion down to 1/50th speed . So you could shoot full HD (1920 x 1080p) at 30 fps, and use the software to take you to 1500 fps while maintaining the full HD. You can see some examples of slow motion that I’ve put together up to that 1500 fps by checking out .

      • KnightPhoto

        Thanks Walt, that re-speeder software is really cool. It really shows what the clean and jerk guys are actually doing!

        • WaltGalt

          Yes, that software does a great job, is definitely mucho cheaper than trying to go the in-camera route, and you get to have full HD or whatever lesser format you want.

  • I’m more curious if/when there will be larger sized sensor mirrorless cameras, at least DX size or even FX? When will the technology get there?

    • Maji

      See the latest Sony FX mirrorless cameras…

    • Technology is already there but Nikon don’t want to compete with their own cameras.

      • I’m not really convinced they would. I could see them replacing the clunky old mirror technology with mirrorless technology (provided you can get the same picture quality) and by doing that allow even better cameras. Much quieter cameras (wildlife photographers would love that) for example.

        • Image quality is the least concern (mirrorless cameras have no worse IQ than DSLRs). But CaNikon have already invested quite a lot in DSLR factories so they won’t convert then into mirrorless ones anytime soon. They’ll also need to make new lenses for these cameras

          and exactly lenses have been one of the strong points of DSLR systems.

          • Now we’re talking, those arguments convince me much more.
            Hadn’t realised this would require new lenses, I had assumed because of the larger sensor the old lenses could continue to be used, just the technology inside the body would change (the body as such I wouldn’t want to change that much, the ergonomics I think are worth keeping. I’m not that keen on the smaller cameras with nothing to hold on to)

            • delayedflight

              If CaNikon made a mirrorless camera that used the same old lenses then there would be no advantage to going mirrorless. The camera would be just as bulky as their DSLRs due to the adapter or like Pentax’s K-01 which is a ‘mirrorless’ DSLR body (read DSLR body without a mirror pentaprism inside).

              Also at the moment mirrorless cameras burn through batteries much much faster than even the cheapest DSLRs, the current crop of large sensor mirrorless (Sony NEX/A7/r) are just as noisy or noisier than a traditional DSLR if you want a quiet camera have a look at Canon’s quiet mode on their 5D3 or 6D.

            • If CaNikon made a mirrorless “camera that used the same old lenses then there would be no advantage to going mirrorless.”

              The advantage is that mirrorless cameras require a lot less parts than a DSLR. So entry level “DSLRs” could actually be mirrorless cameras, they would cost less for us, but higher profit margin for them. win-win.

            • stoooopid

              This has always been curious to me. People wanting a mirrorless camera – just because it does not have a mirror. Why?
              It has not been established that there is an economic advantage to removing the mirror – it seems intuitive that it would cost less – but many times in manufacturing things that seem intuitive turn out to be exactly the opposite. And take a look at the current entry level mirrorless bodies comparared to “mirrored” bodies – I don’t see a great price advantage.
              I think, right now, the only real advantage mirrorless has is a slight freedom to make the bodies a little smaller – that is all. If there is no size advantage I don’t see a mirrorless advantage.
              I think the whole mirrorless thing is overblown. Why create a separate catagory for mirrorless? I mean, if it was not advertized that, for example, the Sony A77 was mirrrorless – would you know the difference? I don’t think so. Yes, it has a great “live view” mode, but nothing that could not be done equally as well as a camera with a mirror, if Sony were so inclined.
              I do like my V1, and I hope the V3 improves on that design. But I am not married to a mirror, or mirrorless design.

            • My assumptions and expectations (as already outlined in several other comments) were:
              1) faster shutter speeds (mainly for FPS) are possible on mirrorless designs. I believe this still holds
              2) less noise as there is no noisy mirror to flip up. It seems this might not necessarily the case, as some mirrorless models still seem to be very noisy
              3) fewer moving parts which could have a variety of advantages (less noise as already mentioned, fewer parts which can break, possibly lower cost). Not sure how much of this still holds.

              I personally am not interested in a smaller form factor (I wouldn’t mind less weight, although the impact there is probably neglibile), but some of the other advantages I thought I could gain (see above) made me wonder.

            • Espen4u

              The future of cameras lies in software and how much they can offload to the sensor itself. It’s not hard to concieve a sensor that has flawless on sensor PDAF/CDAF, electronic shutter and layered photosites (ie less noise and better lowlight capabilities by a full EV or more). And if u put a prism before each photocites, the pictureprocessor could give us the exact colortemperature and intensity for each pixel (no bayer, no moire, no more, and perhaps a full EV gained). And the cameras would be small again like the FM2.
              Sadly Nikon does’nt invent or make their own sensors and their track record for software is abyssmal. So that dream wo’nt happen any time soon.

          • Truth

            Is there more noise later on if your taking a lot of pictures with a mirrorless? If yes, might not replace a workhorse DSLR.

            • Yeah, the sensor heating up when used over long periods could be an issue.

        • saywhatuwill

          You would THINK it would be quieter without the mirror, but hearing the A7 I’m not too sure about it. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the Sony A7 is so loud. I need to look at the sensor with the lens off and take a picture. There has to be a shutter in front of the sensor to make so much noise.

          • Oh, another hope destroyed? I always thought the mirrorless would be much quieter with less moving parts, in particular no mirror having to flick up at huge speed.

            • saywhatuwill

              That was my thought too until I heard people talking about how loud it was. Then I went to the Sony store and heard it first hand. It was pretty loud. I could hear it across a crowded store. However, I was listening for it though, so I was focused.

            • KnightPhoto

              The 1 series have a switchable electronic shutter that is completely silent. Very useful.

          • UnknownTransit

            In the NEX mirrorless, there is a shutter that goes off when you click the shutter release. Usually the shutter is open to allow the EVF/screen to function. One the click, the shutter closes, opens for exposure, closes and opens to resume normal EVF/screen feed. I think it’s the same for the A7. Take a picture without the lens and observe.

          • xarafan

            A mirror assembly and shutter unit are two separate things. What you hear with the A7 is indeed the shutter.

        • Remedy

          Wildlife photographers love fast, reliable and WORKING in ANY conditions autofocus. Get it?

    • nwcs

      Look at the Fuji line for DX sized mirrorless. Sony has some in FX and DX although it’s a work in progress for FX.

      I don’t think Nikon is interested in DX mirrorless although eventually for profitability reasons they may be forced to at some point.

      • Maji

        Nikon has a Coolpix with a DX sensor 😉

        • hje

          the coolpix A is superior.

      • Bob the Builder

        Nikon are very good at masking plans for future cameras. I remember Nikon saying several there are no plans for a full 35mm sensor camera. And then they came out with the D3.
        I am waiting for the Nikon 2.

        • Sandy Bartlett

          They never said that. They said they wouldn’t build one until they could get it right. And they did.

          • Joe

            I remember Nikon said that DX is the optimal size for a sensor. Later they introduced the FX.

      • istreetshooter

        Nothing I read in the description has convinced me to cancel my Sony A6000 preorder. I was hoping Nikon would come up with something to get my money, but I will give my V1 and DSLRs a rest.

    • Daniel Holzer

      As others have said, the technology is there. I think the biggest problem is that, to take advantage of the mirrorless form factor, you need to have a smaller/shallower mount (the F mount seems almost as deep as most mirrorless). Sony has shown an almost sadistic willingness to throw out their old mounts for new ideas, which means they can innovate fast but their old glass … is old. I don’t see Nikon acting so fast when much of their value is in the stock of F mount lenses out there.

      • RMJ

        99% of the current mirrorless are completely useless because of their tiny size. And even that remaining 1% is barely usable.

        I sure hope Nikon won’t fall into that war of idiots and rather puts their effort to built decent DSLR sized mirrorless. That would be the winner of this mirrorless war once and forever.

        Not only it would be proper size to handle, it would also has practically unlimited resources of lenses built in the past decades.

        • jaygee

          Did you just say what I think you said? “completely useless”. Hahahahaha. Please explain whence your anti-mirrorless bias.

          • RMJ

            Yes I did, and I gave valid reason why they are completely useless.

            • Daniel Holzer

              While I’m not eager to argue with you, I am interested in your reasons. I find a V1 to be quite a nice camera if one’s desire is to get out there and take pictures. Yes, I’d always rather be taking the same picture with my D700 + the correct fast prime. But that system won’t fit in my jacket pocket or a small bag.

            • RMJ

              I don’t want camera that fits in my pocket. I want camera that I can carry 12 hours a day and trust that it’s perfectly balanced, easy to hold on and won’t fail when I’m taking the one photo during the day.

              Mirrorless biggest problems is horrifying ergonomics. They ware WAYYYY to small for any normal hand, they don’t have even proper handle to hold on. Not to mention the awkwardly placed buttons and wheels because of lack of space.

              I had big hopes of Sony’s SLT line but unfortunately they abandoned it, instead of turning it into full mirrorless… Tho, now, I wouldn’t even consider Sony anymore as their strategy is coming more and more clear: forget your old customers.

            • I agree fully with the size problem. That’s why essentially I’m interested in fully developed mirrorless technology in an “old style” DSLR body.

              I might be wrong there, but I was under the impression that mirrorless has at least theoretically various advantages (e.g. speed, fewer moving parts etc) over the current mirror technology.

              Hence my dream of at some point combining the two (“old style” body with existing lenses and advanced mirrorless technology)

            • RMJ

              Mirrorless do have their advantages but as long as there is no body that can offer even the basic needs, those advantages are pretty useless.

              The current mirrorless are like putting Ferrari V12 into (the good old) Mini Cooper and call it a super car. Well, surely it’s a super car but what’s the use if you cannot fit in to the car anymore?

            • Well… aren’t the basic needs control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO?

            • longzoom

              Are you talking about basic needs? Really? So why don’t you look at last Oly? Most advanced miracle system in the World today, good for any pro use, including 20×30″ posters!

            • RMJ

              Thanks for the hint but I don’t think Olympus have any pro grade cameras at the moment.

            • Photos with Smiles

              and how are those advantages useless?

            • Cyrille Berger

              Mirroless do have technological advantage, such as speed, fewer moving parts, smaller and lighter. But they have technological disadvantages as well, they drain large amount of battery, since the sensor and the screen (or worse the electronic view finder) are “on” all the time, while DSLR use very little power until you take a picture.

            • DL

              So what you’re saying is you want something similar to the form factor of a smaller DSLR, just lighter? One of THE selling features for the mirroless systems out there is portability. If you don’t need (read: want) something this portable, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

              If you’re strapping a DSLR lens to a mirrorless camera, you’d be correct about the balancing. That being said, many if not all of the lenses made designed for their individual mirrorless cameras do a great job of balancing the whole system out.

              To sum it up, if you want the size of a small DSLR, and you’ll be using SLR glass, you may as well purchase a small DSLR (compared to mirrorless system, you also get a bonus DX sensor!!!).

            • RMJ

              No. What I’m saying is that I want D800 or D4 sized mirrorless. Sony didn’t do it exactly right with SLT either, that’s why I said I had hopes that there would be advanced models and hopefully finally fully mirrorless one. But as we all know now, that hope is gone…

              Portability means nothing if the camera is useless for it’s ergonomics. And anything smaller that D800 is pretty much on the limit of it (okey, D7000 is still usable sized). When you hold your camera 12 hours straight, it has to have perfect ergonomics. None of the current mirrorless can offer that. Not even close.

            • Long-time Leica shooters may disagree 😀

            • istreetshooter

              Have to agree.

              One person may prefer portability and another ergonomics. How often do people hold it for 12 hours straight? How often do people need portability? And why do these have to be unresolvable problems, RMJ?

              For some people, 12 hours of heavy gear may be worse than 12 hours of poor ergonomics.

            • RMJ

              Well, I carry my DSLRs practically everyday from the morning till the evening. If not shooting for work, then I’m on the streets shooting. Often I don’t even notice the weight of the camera and have hit a wall or something on the streets when I forget I’m carrying it. When it feels perfect in your hand, you don’t pay attention to it.

            • RMJ

              When did Leica shooters ave common sense anyways? 😉

            • mikeswitz

              I am not sure I understand your problem. Are all ten of your digits thumbs?

            • RMJ


            • nwcs

              Sounds like a personal problem to me.

            • RMJ

              Isn’t it always with cameras? The problem is that I’m not alone with this problem.

            • DL

              And here is where my problem lies with your original comment.

              “99% of the current mirrorless are completely useless because of their tiny size. And even that remaining 1% is barely usable.”

              While I’m sure there are others out there who share your view, it’s doubtful that the lack of ergonomics will make this system utterly useless.

              I don’t understand why so many photogs undermine every single product that they don’t want. It’s with such broad strokes as well.

            • Jer

              My answer to your hands is a Fuji X-T1.

            • RMJ

              Too small.

              Tho, it might be good for some street photography. I do like Fuji’s models in general, they are definitely the best mirrorless out there.

            • whisky

              Fuji makes good tech, and good glass — but like sony, they abandon their old base too. the reason they don’t have a lot of legacy glass that’ll fit their new mount is they’ve used at least 4 or 5 different mounts in the past. including Nikon’s.

            • William Barrow

              I agree with these sentiments. Anytime a mirrorless smallie will do, a Samsung phone would be even better (better = smaller, lighter, equal IQ – and always there in the pocket). When out doing “photography” – size (big=better) is important and weight is irrelevant to the final goal – ultimate image quality and get the shot no matter what. If one has to lug around a 300mm f2.8 or bigger to get the job done – it really dont matter what the attached camera weighs – the weight is in the lens.

        • Both the Sony A7/7r and Fuji XT-1 have grips you can buy (and I think there is a third party one you can get for the Olympus)

          • RMJ

            And neither of them will be ergonomic after adding it. So why bother?

        • nwcs

          Sounds like someone who has not actually used any mirrorless cameras…

        • Frankly, if someone will “win” using this method it’s Canon which can mount Nikon F-mount lenses via an adapter and has a shorter flange-back distance and a wider throated mount.

          Another problem with Sony’s A7[r] cameras is that the NEX mount is as narrow as the Nikon F-mount, compounding the difficulty of creating good lenses for it (hence the relatively slow lenses thus far, e.g. the 35mm f2.8).

          However, I suspect that Nikon’s small sensor will turn out to have been a good idea in the long run. A Nikon 1 system is as small as DSLR with a kit lens, the mount is plenty wide for the sensor, and you can always make a small camera bigger.

          • RMJ

            Flange distance is something that only manual lens users need to worry about (even tho I’m one of them). Using Nikkors on canon isn’t that straight forward either, as you loose AI for example. Even if it’s possible to use them, it’s not really that big a deal. If I really, really, really, really, really, really want, I can use Canon lenses on Nikon also. Obviously not without major drawbacks. But that’s not a concern considering the selection F-mount has already. Canon never beat Nikon because of it’s shorter flange distance and wider throat, so it won’t beat Nikon in the future either.

            Yes, F-mount could be more wide, but that’s not unfortunately possible anymore. Someone should hahve thought it 60 years ago. But then again, I rarely have the need for faster than f/1.2 lenses… In fact, I don’t even own f/1.2 lens… (not that I haven’t considered to get some nice Noct-Nikkor… but… )

            Nikon 1’s 1″ sensor is really good idea and may be the winner in long run for smaller cameras. m43 is just tiny bit smaller than DX and has an awkward image ratio (4:3), so it’s not very good to begin with. And if the masses really want smaller cameras then obviously 1″ sensor can offer a lot smaller than m43. Who knows, once the technology advance enough, maybe we could get even full sized Nikon 1 (aka DSLR sized).

            But yes, at some point we might have to face the fact that Nikon
            also wants to renew the F-mount. I hope it will be the beginning of a
            new beautiful journey that lasts at least the next half a century.

            • Cyrille Berger

              I doubt Nikon will touch the F-mount, or replace it. And they should not, the F-mount is what kept them alive. If it were not for the F-mount, Nikon will be where Minolta is today. In the film area, there was three big players sharing a piece of the cake, Nikon, Canon and Minolta. Canon was first in the DSLR market (at least in term of mass market), because they had both electronic and optic experience. Nikon and Minolta struggled with their first model, they were not as good as Canon. The reason, Nikon is still there and Minolta got sold to Sony, is the F-mount.

              And I am rather convinced that Nikon is working on mirroless system that use the F-mount, they will be a bit bigger than the competition, but I really doubt it will matter for the buyer.

            • RMJ

              Yes, I believe also that we will soon see the first mirrorless F-mount. Will it be this rumoured D2x00 series? Yes, it will be a lower end model but it’s a beginning. You can always use the masses to test the technology and then build the higher end models based on the experiences.

            • El Aura

              I really fail to see what is so attractive about the K-01 concept. I have the impression that people somehow are unable to comprehend that a mirrorless camera with the F-mount is just a DSLR with an electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one (if it has a viewfinder at all). Is Fuji more attractive because it has an EVF? Take any Nikon DX DSLR and imagine when looking through the viewfinder you would see an electronic screen. Would that suddenly make them as attractive as the Fujis?

            • KnightPhoto

              El Aura, “I really fail to see what is so attractive about the K-01 concept.”

              You left out that for added bonus you get a less effective auto focussing system as an added bonus in the mirrorless camera 😉

              Mind you there can be a bonus to manual focussing using an EVF assuming the EVF supports magnification. But once again manual focussing and/or less effective AF systems generally means DSLR AF is still a pretty big advantage. I don’t mind owning mirrorless cams as a supplement to my OVF/PDAF FX cameras but I’m keeping the big guns until this is solved.

            • Cyrille Berger

              The K-01 is 27% lighter and 20% smaller than the D7100, and half the price (source:,440), and it is
              20% lighter and an average 15% smaller than the D3300 (source:

              Smaller, ligher and cheaper. It is quieter as well. They are also capable of higher FPS, for instance, the N1 J3 can go up to 60fps (and then get limited by the buffer…, the fastest DSLR from Nikon is the D4s with 11fps). AF is currently a draw between mirrorless and DSLR, since AF with DSLR is faster, but mirrorless can do fancy stuff like face tracking, on the other hand, Nikon is currently using a hybrid AF on the N1 which give some of the advantages of the DSLR AF to their mirrorless camera (in term of speed), but obviously the technology still need to be improved.

              Abandoning the F-mount would mostly give a narrower camera, possibly slightly smaller lenses, but Nikon has already managed to make smaller DX only lenses with the F-mount. And it would mean having to develop an entire new set of lenses, which is extremely costly.

        • UnknownTransit

          Mirrorless cameras aren’t targeted for you. They are targeted for the consumer market wanting better quality images but not have the hassle of carrying a huge DSLR. Sony’s mirrorless also targets the prosumer market wanting a smaller camera.

          Nikon and Sony probably won’t want to change their production line right now. The camera industry is getting run over by cell phones and lack of improvements over the last few years. For them to invest a lot of money into something new isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

    • I’m off to bed now, but thank you all for the interesting comments and discussion on my question. I found it very interesting and learned a lot.
      Please continue, I’ll catch up tomorrow.

  • isail

    I’m glad to here these rumors (although I’d prefer an integrated EVF … I can’t see ever taking it off). Faster everything is great … especially if it is startup (of camera and EVF). Why yet another 10-30? I assume PD means power drive … better for video, but still?! Give us more primes and/or a nice big tele. Crop + tele is great for wildlife! 200-400 f4 would make me salivate!!

    • nwcs

      I did that before. Had the 200-400 hooked up to a V1. It really didn’t work all that well. Cropping from the D800 yielded far better results. And both pre and post FT1 AF-C firmware update I was better off manual focusing than attempting any AF. The V1 just couldn’t handle it. I would have to question whether a V3 would.

      Today I got a 400 f4.6 AIS that I’m going to hook up to the Fuji X-E2. It handles manual focus much better. I’m curious to do the comparison.

      • ShaoLynx

        Hey, my moon picture from a while ago did pretty much OK, though. 70-200 + TC_2x. And my V1 handled that rather well. Tried the same thing with the 80-400, but no luck: that was a bridge too far. Only at 80mm it focused.

  • Jorge

    We’ll see how badly Nikon F*’s this up. Then I’ll decide. In the meantime, I will keep on shooting with my Fuji X-E1, and wait for delivery of my new Fuji X-T1.

    • guest

      I thought they Nikon F’ed it up with the Df…

  • John

    Will it also have fast lenses?….

    • Mike

      A 32mm f/1.2 is available.

      • Fred Flintstone

        Talk about spoilt for choice 😉 Seriously they need a couple of fast zooms and a macro

  • Col B

    ‘External (probably optional) EVF’….???

    That makes it a J model, not a V3. Surely they wouldn’t be dumb enough to remove the EVF from the V cameras…?

    • Daniel Holzer

      It might make sense to combine the J and V lines, if they reduce the base price of the V3 w/kit to ~$450 ($600 with EVF) I think it would be a strong price point.

      However, that would be dependent on (i) as good an EVF as the V1/V2 (or better), (ii) not too clunky, (iii) doesn’t interfere with an external flash and (iv) doesn’t drain the batteries.

      With just the S and V lines, Nikon’s inventory problems may improve as well.

      I also wouldn’t mind if they renamed the V line as T1, and reserved V for a dedicated Nikon 1 video camera.

      The rumors of the V3 lightens my heart (I was seriously looking at the XT1 and the EM10), but Nikon 1 also needs some more primes (wide angle and fast normal) and a longer telephoto (50-150mm f/4 would be nice).

    • DL

      If the body itself ships with a eye sensor, I’m thinking it’ll be included in the body. I think it would make more sense to put the sensor on the optional EVF itself if not included.

      • Col B

        I would just not be interested if they remove the EVF, even if they do offer one that can be stuck on top. If Nikon goes this direction it will signal that they are only targeting their mirrorless cameras at the consumer market and have no ambitions at all in the serious amateur/semi pro business. In that case I would certainly keep my V1 for family photos etc. but wouldn’t invest any more money in the system on the basis that there wouldn’t be any more fast primes or a sorely needed faster zoom. Shame – the V series is a potentially great product ruined by poor marketing and a manufacturer who doesn’t seem to know what they want it to be.

        • DL

          You know how it is these days: micro transactions and accessorizing. Like I stated before, though, I hope that in Nikon building the eye sensor into the body of the camera, this indicates that a view finder will also be build into the body. It doesn’t really make sense (in my opinion) to have a sensor built in for an optional attachment.

  • Joe

    A PD lens makes me wonder about the V3’s video capability. 1080p120, 720p240, 4k@24? Any of the next gen video goodies would be nice. I’d also really like to see integrated GPS.

  • Guest

    Nikon D400 please!!!!!!!!!!

    • DuncanM

      Forget about it, it isn’t happening. Not that I don’t feel your pain, I’ve wanted a 24mp D700x for a long time.

      • d800e_shooter

        The 24mp D700X eventually became the D800…..

        Rather I’ve been waiting for the mini-D4. And yet Df isn’t the answer…

  • nwcs

    And why would I choose this over a Fuji? Especially a very slow kit lens. I have a V1 but my Fuji X-E2 is light years better.

    • Daniel Holzer

      While people rave about it, the kit lens (and the 10mm) never appealed to me. I find the wide angle zoom and the 18.5mm f/1.8 to be excellent though.

      • nwcs

        There are good CX lenses but nikon just doesn’t want to fill out a reasonable lineup. It’s looking as stalled and unimaginative as their DX lenses.

        • Col B

          Absolutely right. They were going well with the primes but seem to have stalled. The 32mm looks like a great lens but I just can’t justify the cost. Would love to see a 32mm f2 or even 2.8 for portraits which would presumably be closer to the cost of the 18.5mm. And will we ever see any faster zooms? Unfortunately I think the comment about the N1 experience with lenses being similar to the DX situation may be accurate.

    • PhotoAl

      Fuji’s IQ is definitely better but as far as mirrorless is concerned, the 1 series got AF-C with tracking right from the beginning. The V2 can do 15fps without locking focus, so if this one is claiming to be faster then that is something the X-E2 (or XT1) isn’t light years better at.

    • El Aura

      Why would you ever choose DX over FX? FX is clearly better.
      Why would you think the Nikon 1 is meant to compete with APS-C mirrorless? Nikon 1 is meant to compete with m43 and high-end compacts. Period. The Sony A7 is not meant to compete with m43.

    • You can fit the V1 with an 80-300mm equiv. lens in your jacket pocket.

      • Remedy

        And how is that a plus? Oh right, for anyone who’s looking for retarded tinny ass ergonomics. I feel You.

    • lord eels

      Derr…. AF maybe?

      • nwcs

        Kinda. The other players are fast catching up plus offer many features nikon will likely never put into a 1 series camera. I think the DX size is an overall good choice. Good quality, smaller size, smaller lenses (to a point), lots of versatility.

        • istreetshooter

          Yes. Nikon is losing its lead on speed, and Nikon is behind on other factors like sensors and lens options.

  • Jon Porter

    A clip-on EVF? In 2014? That makes a compact camera bulky, expensive and fragile.

  • Piggy White

    You seem to have the correct specs. I should add that they’re promising a very fast AF and shooting (~20 FPS), so in some ways this toy could be compared to PRO level DSLRs (not in terms of glass of course). They will also add a bit more external controls, so no more slow digging for features in menu.

    • Nikon V3

      certainly with some external controls, 20fps, AND full AF with F mount lenses, this could be a winner

  • Aeroengineer

    As we grunt and sweat under a weary D800E, the 1 V3 must give us pause. To Fuji or not to Fuji, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous tiny sensors and high prices, or to take arms against a sea of incompatibility and doubtful raw converters, and by embracing them achieve glory? To hope: perchance to dream that Nikon gets it right: ay, there’s the rub.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Shakespeare’s spirit will all your sins remember.

    • dclivejazz

      What he said.

    • lord eels

      I down voted you

  • Sashimi

    I’m new to all this hybrid/telemetric/retro-styled stuff. does this kind of thing compare to fuji X100s for instance ?

    • nwcs

      The X100s is fixed lens and this is interchangeable (although other Fujis are also interchangeable). The fuji uses a larger sensor and has a hybrid viewfinder (optical and EVF). the AF likely isn’t as fast as Nikons and the continuous shooting isn’t going to be as good and neither will the movie modes. But the controls, layout, and experience of the X100s is superior in my opinion.

  • broxibear

    I wouldn’t mind if they just stuck their logo on the GX7 and added their own mount.

  • ShaoLynx

    If the EVF has real-time histogram, and the camera has Wifi and GPS built-in, I’ll buy it.

  • nice gash

    It seems to be better looking than previous N1 hardware. I like the red gash on it.

  • guest

    Is this thread a dupe? Oh, wait, that was the Df…

  • saywhatuwill

    You forgot the “all new expensive price.”

    • Daniel Holzer

      I hope that they price this as a J series w/o the EVF. If this costs $900 + ~$200 for the EVF then they’ll have to compete with the high end Fujis and OMDs. For that, they’ll need some serious upgrades to the Nikon 1 sensor and lenses.

  • Spy Black

    Nothing like going a step backwards by removing the EVF. But I suppose they want to nickle & dime you on this.

  • Alex

    “Very fast everything” is very big improvement over anything else. Sounds promising, a good competitor, a mini D4s …

    • Daniel Holzer

      I am very much looking forward to this camera. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with “mini D4s” talk. That’s guaranteed disappointment, both at this size and this price point (not to mention the lens options of CX vs FX).

  • How would you rate this, Admin?

    • Over 90% probability, I feel pretty confident with those specs – got them from multiple sources.

      • AM

        Just like the 16 MP D4s, you’ll be right one more time. Keep up the good work!

        • RMJ

          Yes ! Admin, please, foresee D400 in the near future and I’m sure it will come true then ! 🙂

          • broxibear

            If it is going to happen this year, then September is the month to be looking at…and Cologne is the location.
            If everyone who comes here and posts about wanting a D400 instead wrote a letter, and by that I mean pen and paper, to Makoto Kimura at Nikon Japan it might have more influence.
            You want a D400 ?…tell the person who will decide to make it or not.

            • Proxibeer

              You really think Nikon don’t have interns or the like brousing Nikon related sites all over the ‘net?
              You really think Nikon brass are unaware of the clamour for a D300s replacement?

          • Sorry, no D400 for now.

            • ohnocanon

              Sooo Peter…the rumors about Canon’s 7D Mark something is real? Because it would seem, that Nikon would be right there with D400….One would think that. And…if you were a guessing man..though I would not buy that D400…I love FX too much to return back to the future…What year? is it going to be released? if ever…lol

            • broxibear

              Canon had a quiet CES and CP+…I think they’ll have something coming soon.
              I’m a guessing man, educated guess…if you don’t see a D400 in September then this time next year is your next best bet…unless they don’t make one of course, lol.

            • I have not seen any reliable Canon rumors lately.

            • decisivemoment

              You suppose a D7200 that would have tougher construction and perhaps 8fps when with a grip? Perhaps back to a Sony sensor again? And at that point Nikon would call it a day — that would be the top DX model?

            • Just my opinion.

  • I wonder if the AF will beat the newly announced Sony A6000 (‘fastest mirrorless camera in the world’). Can’t wait to see the V3.

  • ereshoping

    I was interested until I got to the bit about the external evf……oh well, Nikon you just messex up the V series for me. 🙁

    • ereshoping

      Stupid android keyboard, stoopid fingerx

  • Truth


  • whisky

    separating the EVF is probably a smart move — based on consumer expectations of a discounted V1.

    en-el15 battery, focus peaking, built in GPS and Wi-Fi would also sweeten the deal.

  • nicopolo

    external evf. Nikon goes against the trend. Bye bye nikon

  • GEB

    Downgrade NX2, Downgrade N1-V cameras. The trend continues.

    • decisivemoment

      Doesn’t seem like a downgrade of the camera, although these design decisions on the EVF and the front command dial are alarming.

      People have to pile in and say something about NX-D though. We’re not going to get U-points back as Google now owns that, but they had darned well better make sure NX-D full version has a good, strong plugin architecture that takes stuff like Nik.

  • Henri De Vreese

    If it has 4K video at a good bitrate, then this will replace my lovely V1.

  • Shutterbug

    I’m afraid this will probably coast more than a new D5300 Kit. Could even be as expensive as a D7100…

  • winc06

    No built in viewfinder, no upgrade for me. Major step backward.

  • Blu Wirisi

    One of these fast everything with F mount.

    • benji2505

      Yes, A version with an F- mount would make things interesting. Who cares about size of the lens if you have a good EVF?

      • Blu Wirisi


  • Nikon User

    Very disappointed about the removable EVF.

    Nikon Charge En-EL15 battery for about 70USD.

    The separated EVF from Nikon must be eyes-watering.

    I can’t upgrade my V1 to V3, shame!

  • ohnocanon

    Awe..I remember when these bricks first arrived..what? last year lol.10mp under achievers of crap…now 18mp…slow up Nikon your going too fast.

  • Jeff Curtner

    “Very fast everything” ? My wishlist:

    1) Bigger buffer: 50 NEF or more; 10 fps Jpeg unlimited by SD card capacity and speed

    2) Better slow-mo: 720/240p or 480/400p

    3) Better PDAF at low light

    4) DSLR style UI

    5) After shot preview can be turn off

    6) Retro wheels, aka P7700 style

    4k video will be nice but I don’t have a system/TV to view, no big deal if not available.

  • KnightPhoto

    Nikon went on at length about the challenges of on-sensor PDAF with large sensors and multiple focal length lenses in their recent imaging resource interview. When they get this solved, we’ll get Mirrorless DX (and FX cameras):

    DE (Imaging Resource): I want to ask about PDAF on large sensors, and as I see it, there are maybe two issues. One is being able to clock the PDAF data off fast enough; but then when we talked once before, you mentioned an obstacle of bringing PDAF to your large sensor cameras is adapting it to work with different lenses that have significantly different focal lengths. I’ll separate those questions back out again. Is there an issue with clocking the data off quickly enough for large sensors with PDAF?

    TY(Nikon): It is a challenge, clocking the data off, compared to the small size format — the CX format — on Nikon 1.

    DE: And you had mentioned once before, I think, that it’s an issue adapting the PDAF to work with different focal lengths of lenses? Can you explain that simply? That’s a point I don’t understand.

    TY: First of all, for our DSLR with interchangeable lens, with large size sensors, they accept the light coming in from various angles with different lenses. It’s very difficult to detect the phase differential when the angle of the arrays are all different.

    [Note: This is very interesting, and maybe a hint at something deeper within on-chip PDAF technology. The translator in this session was exceptionally good, so I think her translation as “angle of the arrays” is accurate. If so, it sounds to me like Yamamoto-san is talking about how the individual phase-detect pixels are structured on the chip’s surface. They’re created to only see light coming from one side of the frame or the other, but there’s a question of how *much* of the light cone they should accept. I believe that a typical wide-angle lens at large aperture is going to have a very wide light cone, while the light exiting telephoto lenses will have a much narrower range of angles of incidence. So a PD array optimized for use with a wide angle lens would perform poorly with a telephoto one, and vice versa.]

    DE: I think I understand. So with the small-sensor Nikon 1 and a very short back focus distance (or flange distance), you have a wide angle of incidence, but in a conventional SLR and at a long focal length, you have a very narrow angle, so it’s harder to detect the phase difference. Thank you, I understand — that’s a good answer.

    TY: We can correct some for that with our image processing engine. So it’s not impossible..

    DE: Ah, not impossible, but difficult.

  • HotDuckZ

    Swivel LCD? hope I can photograph myself with this camera & please same battery with another Nikon 1.

  • decisivemoment

    They better hadn’t be fixing to use that awful front control dial on the Df.

    Also strongly disapprove of the removable viewfinder.

    Let’s hope they wisen up and use the EN-EL15 battery again, and this time include proper CLS flash support, and add off-center AF support to the FT-1 lens adapter. Make it a part of a SYSTEM!

    Also they need to get more AW1 bodies into the US.

    Why the swivel screen? That will just add weight and fragility unless they do a really exceptional job of it.

    Does the protruding lens mount imply that this camera could be waterproof and AW lens capable?

    • Wally in Austin

      Ditto on the EN EL15 Battery!

    • Wally in Austin

      Ditto on the EN EL15 Battery!

  • Bud

    That’s more like it. This thing has the same pixel density as a 133MP full frame sensor, should be the best compact supertelephoto body out there. I already like what Nikon is saying about their video performance for the platform, so as long as they don’t compromise there and improve all the other specs (especially battery life) they should have a real winner.
    Then if it gets released in an AW package, I’ll have no choice but to get one.

  • Captain Megaton

    This sounds expensive.

  • David Peterson

    Will it do 4K video?

  • marokero

    Nikon needs to make the V3 use EN-EL15 again. It’s to big to fit entirely in J3 type body? That’s what the grip area is for! 🙂

  • Lawrence

    The only thing that appears to be missing is a standard hote shoe for my SB flashes. This with an FT1 convertor would be a prefect for a macro rig.

  • Lamar Lamb

    Where’s the glass for this system? They need to quit with the bodies for a bit and create some meaningful glass.

  • mechir

    I hate external evf. This should be a J5.

  • Wally Brooks

    The big issue is this is designed for the Asian market and if you want a built in EVF and CLS so you can use pocket wizards or pixel king for off Camera TTL I think you have to look at another manufacturer. From a D7000 and V1 user.

  • rhlpetrus

    Let’s see, control layout is important for me. The V1 is already very fast, but EVF is very poor, so maybe they decided to make a better one that is optional, good move, not everybody uses one. But the new lens? Really, another slow midrange zoom? What for? Where are the fast zooms they could make for the system? Not very enticing IMO.

    • whisky

      the main reason for a new PD style zoom is video. if there’s truth to this rumor, add speed, a more powerful battery, and it’s possible Nikon will have a highly efficient, video capable V3.

  • nikclick

    Hope this 18MP sensor will beat Sony RX100II’s. External EVF ?? Isn’t it a downgrading than upgrading ? Very fast everything also means new FT-1 will allow AFS lenses to 3D track ? Then i will buy it for birding 🙂 But we really need something like Sony A6000 which can take our AFS lenses :((

  • Rich

    If i’m not mistaken, the whole mirrorless/csc movement was Olympus/Panasonic/Sony attempt to carve out a niche that CaNikon wasn’t dominating in and so they could remain relevant amongst consumers. All cameras have their place, but until Canon and Nikon truly take mirrorless “seriously”, the market isn’t going to take hold with consumers. It’s like smart watches– there are a few decent ones out there, but until Google and Apple get into it, it’s just going to really catch on with the masses.

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