Nikon 1 AW1 firmware update A1.01 and B1.00 released

Nikon released firmware update A1.01 | B1.00 for the AW1 camera that fixes a GPS file update issue. Download links and more information can be found on Nikon USA and Nikon EU websites.

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  • Jon Ingram

    Don’t do it! I heard the new coding will cause the camera to self-destruct if it detects any third-party equipment within a radius of 3 feet! You have been warned…

    • john baxter

      That’s so boring. Why can’t it be like Canon’s firmware updates that magically increase frame rate, doubles buffer size, and upgrades sensor to full frame?

  • Spy Black

    Maybe the firmware update will allow it to go down to 59 feet like the AW120. 🙂

  • broxibear

    Sorry, I know this isn’t a D4s post but it’s the latest post so it’ll be read first…
    mpbphotographic in the UK just put up the D4s with an actual price, £5995…although for some reason they’ve got it as part exchange ?–1?gclid=CPapu-2k1rwCFWITwwodsHQAvg

    • broxibear

      connscameras in Ireland also just posted the D4s but with no price, but they do say “Coming March 2014”

      • broxibear

        D4s in Sochi © Leon Neal

        • I asked him how many MP on the D4s. Maybe he is not under NDA since he posted D4s pictures online.

          • broxibear

            Actually that’s a good idea…if he says 24mp you’re in trouble, lol.

      • When I just see the over-saturated red, I can tell you that this picture is 100% fake created by you-know-who.

        • broxibear

          That’s funny as they’re one of the Nikon Professional Dealers listed on the Nikon UK site.
          Almost all the big dealers in the UK are now out of D4 stock, they must be getting annoyed at not being able to put up the D4s and a price…except for mpbphotographic ?

    • They even have a SKU. I googled it but did not find anything.

  • broxibear

    Nikon 1 AW1 and COOLPIX A Recipients of Germany’s iF Product Design Award 2014

  • Mansgame

    This update will honor the customer by disabling all 3rd party straps.

    • They missed a big opportunity in not inventing their own pentagonal tripod mount.

      • Mansgame

        Or get a brilliant hotshoe like the Sony cameras before they wussed out and got a standard one.

  • doge

    does this firmware update increase sensor size?

    • Bm

      No but there is an outside chance that it increases penis size so you should be happy about that if it comes to fruition.

      • doge

        Your mom doesn’t seem to mind my current size.

        • BM

          Actually, while it may SEEM that she doesn’t mind, she really does….that is why she is recommending you download the penis enlarging firmware you silly goose.

          • doge


  • Jack S

    Enough already about the screw-ups they’ve tried to fix. What did they break?

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