New Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df cameras

Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 3
Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 1
Gariz released their first half leather case for Nikon Df camera that allows you to change the battery and memory card directly. The case can be purchased on eBay for $128.90 $119.90 with free shipping (available in black and brown). Additional images:

Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 2 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 4 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 5 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 6 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 7 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 8 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 9 Gariz half leather case for Nikon Df camera 10

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  • likes

    oh yea! nikon S&M …

    • Michiel953

      I’d like an SP ltd ed…

    • hogan

      these photos makes it sexy than the case actually is…

      • nikkor

        yeah, I’ve seen the silver in many photos and in person and it doesn’t look this good.

        • Stan Chung

          Looks really good on the shelf with typical soft cool display lighting.
          I thought it looked bad in some photos with warm lighting.

  • joey

    Especially in pink. 😉
    That chunky-looking base would add more weight. Wasn’t the brief to have a light-weight FF camera?

  • Matko Pavich

    Oh yes, please make my DF camera look even bigger than it really is.

    Another one of those camera accessories no one really needs.

    • Drazen B

      I tend to agree. Also, I’d like to have an option of having the top part available in the situations when I’d like to go a little more ‘stealthy’.

  • ShaneJ

    Calling this a ‘case’ is a stretch. More like a bottom camera leather cover.

    • nikondom

      or half a condom?

  • Kim A.

    Half leather case, or Leather half-case…?

    Jokes aside, when Nikon is making an effort in producing a light weight camera and furnishing it with high grip high quality rubber; you don’t wrap it up in some shiny slippery leather!

    • phil

      …unless you’ve bought the camera for the looks

    • JonasHaerter

      I used the bottom half of my F3 leater case for many years to make the for me to smal grip a little bigger, and i had no problems with it to be to slippery! Some time later i bought the MD4 motordrive for it and i used it every time with the md4.
      This half leather case is on the bottom much longer and perhaps better for larger hands but this is also much larger. You have to take it in your hand to see if it is good for you….

    • Geir Hageskal

      Half leather case must be correct since the bottom og the case is not leather…

    • zoetmb

      You’re absolutely right, it should be leather half case unless only half of the case is made of leather, in which case it should be called a “half leather half case”.

      Back in the film days, I always had a half case on my Nikkormat, but I’ve never used one since. I could see using one if you’re going to keep the body for a long time. Leather cases for cameras used to be quite popular – it was a big profit center for the camera makers.

  • Carly Binding

    One question – why?

    • george

      ’cause they can…

      • callibrator

        What are you like 9?

        • fdf

          What are you, 5?
          He was obviously being sarcastic, chill out you guys…

      • Carly Binding

        Thanks for your contribution, what would this forum do without people like you, indeed.

    • AM

      It’s pure photography.

    • Guy With-camera

      Why not?

    • Studor13

      I bought a Gariz thingy that I attach to my Black Rapid and another quick camera strap. I didn’t need it but I just thought what the hell…

      What surprised me was that it looks really beautiful, like a piece of Art. It’s as if it was designed by someone who has a great appreciation for beauty. There is an image below but it’s nothing like the real thing.

      The same goes for this half case, I’m sure.

      There’s nothing at all wrong with using things that also look good.

  • Aldo

    Does it come with a Cuban cigar?

    • Z

      No … but maybe a cigarette girl …

    • Hung Leica Horse

      They ran out of Cuban cigars but are making it up with Cuban sandwiches.

  • jim

    Does it come in camouflage?

    • Aldo

      it camouflages a mid life crisis…

      • mjr

        Aldo, take a look at what the future holds for you. Middle age is just around the corner. Make a note of what you have just written and read it again in a few years. Enjoy it!

        • S

          Don’t worry, just another hater who would 100% have purchased a Df if it had been priced lower.

          • Aldo

            You are right… but I’m not a hater… just a teaser.

          • Aldo

            You are right… but I’m not a hater… just a teaser.

        • Aldo

          I don’t know what the future holds for me… but I sure hope I don’t end up buying stuff based on pure looks… after all, aren’t we supposed to be wiser as we get older? I’d rather invest my money in memory supplements so that I don’t have to re-read what I write to remember my thoughts.

  • JakeB

    Garish, not Gariz.

    What a piece of cr@p.

  • mandrake

    Gariz must have mistaken Nikon shooters with the Leica ones…

    Nothing but another useless accessory for camera poseurs.

    • Mike

      So you like the camera but not the people who buy them? Because you think they don’t know how to work the camera? If the camera were $1500 would people be poseurs still or would that fall to the next one up, the D610? I would argue that people who know cameras will buy the Df and get great results. People who don’t know what they’re doing and “just want” full frame OR people who stand on a high moral soap box and look down at people who want to spend their money however they want, buy D610’s. Poseurs don’t buy $2700 cameras. They buy $7000 cameras. Leica, Hasslebald. Then again, sometimes people who know what they are doing buy those too. Don’t judge.

      • mjr

        Agree with you on this Mike 100%. Too many are making false assumptions about DF buyers. They are just jealous or envious. Do they judge everyone on their purchases, such as cars, houses etc? Probably! Too bad for them if they can’t live without being envious. If they don’t like the camera, that’s fine, but why go around shooting their mouths off accusing other’s of being posers or anything else for that matter.

        • V.

          The Df is a great camera which some people hate
          on because it was more expensive than they had imagined.

          back and take a look at some old threads here, before the Df was
          released – they’re filled with people super excited about the camera and
          predicting it will be priced at, like, $1699. These, I imagine, are
          the same haters going on about “retro hipster poseur blah blah”.

          They can’t afford it, therefore it sucks and anyone who buys it is a poser/hipster whatever.

  • crane

    A useless accessory for a needless toy (or the other way round).

    • Anónimo

      So your problem is actually solved – if you don’t need the camera you don’t need the accessory either 🙂

    • Raul

      Sorry you can’t afford it! What’s your job? I bet you don’t earn your living as a photographer.

  • dgr

    Gariz has made great products over the last few years. I’m not really surprised by the reaction of the “NR” crowd. My personal opinion on this is that although there have been half cases for modern DSLRs they look out of place and the case doesn’t add anything extra as far as grip is concerned for that type of camera.

    They are definitely more popular amongst the mirrrorless crowd. The DF definitely does not look like any other modern DSLR and may be able to pull it off. It at least adds protection to the bottom of the camera from scuffs and scratches but an L-plate can also accomplish that. I guess if you like the looks and don’t plan on buying an L-plate for it then go for it.

  • rt-photography

    looks like a huge mish mosh. brown with black and silver, no no. if they made a grey one or a black that would look sweet. but that color combo looks horrible.

    • mjr

      They also make a black one but with black stitching. It’s identical to the brown one.

      • rt-photography

        sweet! that would great with the all black body. but for the silver/black body a black with silver stitching would be a nice combo to accentuate the black/silver of the body.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    Ok maybe i’m the only one who actually likes this half case thingy ?

    here is why i like them

    It protects the camera from hits and bumps.
    I not afraid to lay it down on any surface.
    Being able to use my black Rapid strap on and off without having to unscrew the the ring thingy to use the camera on a tripod.

    as for the style… well I don’t know if I really like the brown leather hiding that pretty face of his but if it’s for the sake of protection and time savings i’m willing to put an ugly mask on his face 😉


    • Hung Leica Horse

      Black Rapid strap with a Df? I think that kills all the retro hype, doesn’t it?

      • Duncan Dimanche

        I get what you mean Hun Leica Horse but you make it sound like the DF is just a show horse…

        If I end up switching from the D800 to the DF it will be to work with it not to prance around.

        People tend to forget that inside the pretty boy there is a D4 hiding 🙂

        • nikkor

          speaking of which. i sold both my d800’s for two sf’s. I shoot weddings. just saying. i might like the brown case on my black df. might make the grip in the palm more substantial and that might be nice.

          • saying

            good luck with blurry photos from 39 points of weak DF focus…. (instead 51 from d800)

            • Duncan Dimanche

              That’s a pretty funny comment… have you used the DF ?
              The only problem with the DF’s focusing system apparently is in low light… I don’t think that 39 focusing points vs 39 is a bad thing… I tend to set my D800 to half of those focusing points in order to move across faster…

              But then again who I am talking to ?
              With a blunt comment like the one you just made i don’t see the point of arguing with you… and yet I took the time to do so…. argh !! damn me !

          • Duncan Dimanche

            Hey Nikkor (and Leroy) how is the autofocus with your DF ?
            any major change with the D800 ?
            Personally I have a hard time getting it spot on with my Nikkon lens and I feel like i should do some serious lens calibration.
            How is it in low light ? is it “that” bad ?


            • Leroy

              I use both D800 and Df. I’ve had to do extensive lens calibration on my D800, but the Df is spot on.
              As far as low light focusing, the Df doesn’t seem noticeably worse than D800, depending on the lens you’re using.

            • nikkor

              I had to do fine tuning with my 24 and with 58 no fine tuning seemed to work. I always had a hard time with the d800 af as well. Just a lot of times it would seem to be slightly missing for no good reason.

              When I got my df I did notice that in really low light where the d800 would have found something the df had a harder time. The d800 is rated better in this manner.


              The df can focus in low light and it actually nails it a lot of the time. The whole it can’t focus in low light is bs!

              Also zero fine tuning on any lenses with either df.

            • Duncan Dimanche

              Thanks for your reply.

              Well i get what u mean. I rarely have it spot on… It’s always a few cm back focus…(depending on the aperture used) I will eventualy buy a kit to fine tune my lenses.

              I will wait for the DFs to come out. If the upgrade is a big step up i’ll probably get it and if not the current DF should be more affordable by then.


            • Leighton DaCosta

              Duncan, this was during NYE. This is probably the harshest low light condition I have ever been in. I will say, that it does hunt, so most of the night I did have to MF instead of AF, because the AF took so long. But this was my first time actually shooting with it in a Real world situation. The color balance is nothing short of amazing even in the harsh light. With prime lenses, especially these newer “plastic” lenses, this camera is incredibly light. There are times that I miss having a vertical grip, but you overcome that… And although I don’t have a pic of it yet, took a shot last night of the half moon, and the sky looked almost as blue as daytime, but still “dark”

              I have shot with the D800/800E and I love both of them, and looking for a D800E right now specifically for portraits, but I will probably end up buying another Df.

          • Excellent decision Duncan. I replaced my 2 D800s for 2 D810s. But I also have a Df for personal shooting. In truth, I prefer the Df – but I see it as a camera which last a lifetime. The D’s will come and go with upgrades.

        • Leroy

          Agreed. I am a full time professional photographer (I have a feeling there’s not many of us here), I use the Df for WORK, and it works great for me. I’m not a retro hipster, but I like a half-price D4 with manual dials.

          • Hung Leica Horse

            Half-price D4? Let’s see: 11 fps vs 5.5 fps, two storage slots vs one, 51-point AF system vs dumbed-down 39-point AF system, 2600-shot battery vs 1400, video vs no video, max shutter speed of 1/8000 s vs 1/4000 s,……
            Other than the sensor, it doesn’t seem that you got anything else from the D4.

      • dgr

        You get the username of the year award. LOL

      • jk

        it does not have to be retro, it actually is not very retro.

      • nikkor

        yeah, WTF is that guy thinking!?

    • Mansgame

      Are you normally afraid of leaving your camera on various surfaces? Except for sand, I’ve put my camera on many places when I didn’t have a tripod handy including 5th floor building ledges and parking lots. It’s a camera man, not a princess cake.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        Let me answer your comment in a peaceful way :

        There is two type of photographers when it comes to taking care of their camera/tools.

        One will take it anywhere in any weather and use it roughly because that’s what a camera is for and come what may.

        And the other one will… Well it’s the opposite and maybe not because they are maniacs but because they see a camera as a piece of art and will not want as much as a scratch on it…

        Well as for me i carry a mini square pad to lay it down on the ground before putting down my camera….. Hahaha just kidding i’m neither of the two above.

  • S. Stedanko

    It is a nice useful accessory for my Dff, but i live in Boulder…do they make half-case for bongs, too? (so much easier to carry than a backup camera!)

  • Aeroengineer

    Isn’t this camera about retro (per Nikon: “Classic Feel. Modern Performance”)? This half case fits the part. Takes me to a happy place by reminding me of my father’s Exacta. But not happy enough to buy the case…or the camera.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Nice, stylish and perfect for someone who spends $3K for a camera as a fashion accessory.

      If you can afford it, why not? Makes more sense than a Rolex. And even if you have a Rolex you can only wear one at a time.

      • Leroy

        Haha you a jealous hater.

      • Ronan

        Wrong forum, Leica forum over there ——->

      • Uncle Pete

        You don’t have two arms?

        • Alex

          second arm is for G-Shock, of course.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Very pretty if a tad expensive. Craftsmanship is quite impresive. Gonna head over to their site to see if they have a pretty one for my soon-to-have black X100s

    • mikeswitz

      I have one for my X-Pro1. The camera really does handle better with the Gariz case attached and it does a great job of protecting the body. But be forewarned–the bottom metal plate is very thin and has a tendency to seperate from the rest of the case. A little super glue and some patience will fix it though. I promise it will look great on your black X100s and keep it looking new for a good long time.

  • Clubber Lang

    Someone should make a retro back plate to go along with this thing to hide all of those imPURE buttons and gadgetry.


    had there been a chance to put on a leather (or sim.) handgrip WITHOUT a miss on the tripod hole (so smtg similar to JUST THE gummy part of multifunctional handgrip of L-M …), I would LOVE it (as I use the grip on my body DAILY / not that I use the tripod & the handgrip ensemble (but generally do not like the must to put the part of the grip, which is bound to the tripod slot, of it … & back …).
    Still – looks nice to me, even worth the cover of the bottom of the body (even though I DO KNOW it does NOT take the pictures itself …, yes, I do!)

  • d

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • Z

    As useful … as half bra and garter belt … suppose it’s not all about just function …

  • Guy With-camera

    NICE!! Clean hdmi firmware upgrade please.

    • If you expect Nikon to add features in a firmware upgrade, you chose the wrong brand. Nikon has zero after-sales support in terms of improving their cameras through firmware updates :-/

    • Uncle Pete

      Clean HDMI for WHAT? Do you even think about what you’re posting?

  • D700guy

    Maybe Nikon should make slinkies and yo-yos too

  • Saffron Blaze

    … and this won’t slip off after a couple of weeks, why?

  • krusty

    A thing of rare and exceptional beauty.

  • jk

    this thing is really shitty useless , I had it on my NEX7, I did not buy it for my A7R.
    I’m definitely not buying it for any of my Nikons , Nikon cameras are not any kind of fashion statements.
    I much prefer a hard silicone case


    Half a case for a half-baked camera.
    Neat idea.

    • mjr

      Yeh, your the expert! I am sure you have never even used the DF. I think that your assessment is half-baked.

  • Thrillington

    Great news. I’ve been waiting to see if Gariz was going to produce a version of their product for the Df. I use versions of this half case for a couple of other cameras and have found that they increase the handling aspects of the camera. The craftsmanship of the stuff that I have has always been top notch. Looking forward to taking delivery of this case in black.

  • JustMe

    I’ll never get it. It’s the same thing when people are buying stylish slim smartphones just to put a bulky ugly case on it.

  • DxO should re-test the sensor to see if this case improves high ISO performance.

    • Hung Leica Horse

      It’s actually the painted silver ring on the special-edition lens what improves the ISO performance of the Df.

  • David Campbell

    Now we just need a half case for the top – I think they had whole cases in the old days when cases were supposed to serve a purpose.

    • ereshoping

      Indeed. They were Every Ready Cases and cost a tenner for a camera that sold for a hundred quid.
      Unfortunately you had to take it off to change the film 🙂

  • rkris

    Never really wanted a Df, but that half leather case was awesome. (Have to resist…)

  • fashion … we must do fashion .. look at fuji

  • Mansgame

    That will really improve your photography and remind you of all the years lost due to not having a camera that looked old.

    • Diamond Dave

      I wonder how much time you lose hanging out on Internet forums crying about cameras you supposedly hate. Go take some photos and stop worrying about a camera you don’t even want. For Christ’s sake you people are mentally defective.

      • Mansgame

        I need a break from my scientific studies

        • Uncle Pete


  • Joe T. Travis

    What does the “Locking Time Indicator” knob do?

  • PaulDi

    Has anyone else wondered why firms that are selling items that cost 100’s of dollars don’t spend a few hundred on getting a reasonable translation into the various languages of people they are selling to?

  • John Price

    I have one for the A7R. It’s not form fitting around the camera grip. There is a gap and makes a bad grip. Not good at all.

  • Arthur Tazo

    Pure leather.

  • Kim A.

    What exactly is ‘half leather’?

  • Spy Black

    The full case is on sale for $259…

  • nikkor
  • long dong in your moms ass!

    Nikon fags!!!!

  • Anto de Chav

    I think that case looks very sharp on the DF,If the price on the DF comes down I’ll be tempted to buy one..

  • dgr

    I bought the black Gariz case and it was more gray than black. It doesn’t actually match the Df. Skip this one.

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