Guest post: “World Views” by Julien Hautcoeur

New York Views 1 - Web
Boston Views 1 - Web
Berlin Views 1 - Web
Istanbul Views 3 -  Web
Today's guest post is by Julien Hautcoeur (Web | Facebook | Tumblr). Click on images for larger view:

I am a French engineer, I grew up in front on the Atlantic Ocean in Brittany. It is a really beautiful place with amazing landscapes (and food). I was playing with the Minolta camera of my dad when I was a kid but I mainly learned everything I know about photography during the last 2 years after moving to Canada. I had the chance to come and live in Ottawa with enough free time to visit a lot of Canadian areas and the United States. I came in June 2011 with a D700 and 24-70 + 14-24 that I just bought. It's my first full frame camera, I was using a D300 before it for 2 years. This equipment followed me everywhere during my north american adventure (and when I go back to Europe). It is heavy but I'm young and I don't spend my money  to leave my camera at home.

Canadian Views 1 - Web
Montreal Views 1 - Web
Ottawa Views 1 - Web
There is a big culture difference between north America and Europe. So for me, almost everything was new. Even I saw most of those places in movies, when you are there for real, it's a huge difference, you are in the movie and you don't want to forget it when you come back home. As I was discovering those places and in particularly the big cities, I realized that I should be fast to take pictures, I should quickly react to the coming actions. I also realized that people quickly see you with your big camera and lens. So, I learnt to be as discreet as possible, first to respect the people and then to catch the scene. It's not so easy, sometimes it's just impossible.

New York Views 2 - Web New York Views 3 - Web New York Views 4 - Web
We had so many improvements in photography during the last 10 years, we now have access to premium cameras and lenses. We are very lucky to have the possibility to bring back amazing high quality pictures from our trips quite easily. I constantly look at my old pictures to see my mistakes and evaluate my improvements. I'm not a professional photographer so I don't have pressure when I'm shooting but I want to get the best of my D700. I learned everything by myself, looking at others photographers in books or on Internet.

Chicago Views 3 - Web Chicago Views 2 - Web Chicago Views 1 - Web
So, I wanted to share with you some pictures organized in series called World Views. In this series, I try to match some pictures from the same place to create an atmosphere. It's a very interesting exercise to do, and it's not easy. I think this gives a little bit more power to some pictures, or tell a story.

Boston Views 2 - Web
Istanbul Views 1 -  Web
London Views 1 - Web
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  • SirWilliam

    Très belles images et très bonne idée de mise en scène pour un résultat très réussi.
    Bonne continuation!

  • Tiago Fonseca

    I normally don’t comment just to say how nice the pictures look, but this time I couldn’t resist.
    I really enjoyed your pictures, thanks for sharing.

  • 103David

    “…I don’t spend my money to leave my camera at home.”

    Very well said.

  • Jason Cheng

    beautiful shots! Amazing! Tres Bien!

  • Bust it Away Photography

    Thank you all for the nice comments, I really appreciate. You are making my day.
    Julien @ Bust it Away Photography.

  • Maji

    Beautiful images. It is sad that I don’t see more comments about this post. Perhaps it goes to show that we are so hung up on our gear and not on our photography.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful images.

    • landau

      This is a gears site, dont you forget.

  • Leo

    Very nicely done!! Professional or not, those are outstanding photos and very well put together as a series to tell a meaningful story.

  • Great shots, and innovative layout. I didn’t like the layout at first, but it works much better large!

  • zoetmb

    I live in NYC and because I live here I think I take all the sites for granted. So I’m always amazed when photographers who have a great eye find either amazing images. perspectives or moments at places I would walk right by even if I had my camera with me.

    This is beautiful work, which both enables me to see great aspects of places I haven’t been to, but perhaps more importantly, enabled me to see my own city in a new way.

    And I agree with Maji. I think there are far too many people here who like to obsess about hardware and love to pixel peep test images and also love to complain, but they actually rarely go out to tell a visual story with that equipment. They’re too busy obsessing over whether the body is plastic or metal or obsessing over a lens that might not be as perfectly sharp in the corners as it is in the center or whether their body can shoot 8fps vs. 6fps. IMO, that’s not what great photography is about. It’s about capturing an image that tells a story or stirs the emotions.

    • Eblis

      Great pictures.

      Those rumuors web sites are just about gear and nothing else. Maybe that’s why people here seem to be obsessed about it. When I visit those blogs I do not do it to find articles about photography and art 🙂 there’s a lot of specialized websites for that and if I’m looking for inspiration or photography readings I go there 🙂

  • Mr_Miyagi

    Excellent work. As a self-taught photographer, you clearly had a very good teacher and also were a very good student.

  • Mercury

    Wonderful images! Love how you combine impressive cityscapes with lovely detail/people shots. Thanks for sharing!

  • Flatlander

    This is the first time I’ve commented on the site, well done and great way to tell a story of each city.

  • mikeswitz

    J’adore! It’s amazing how you managesd to capture the soul of each city with just a few pictures. You should be very proud. Amateur, pro–makes no difference. You are a photographer.

  • Padaung

    Lovely photos.

  • Padaung

    Lovely photos.

  • Padaung

    Lovely photos.

  • Padaung

    Lovely photos.

  • Fred GREE

    Amazing work, you’ve got something we all want: TALENT!

    TU DECHIRES !!! Bravo mec, je suis fier de toi !

    Fred from Nantes

  • Filipeb

    Very good work and also very well presented. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yoshi Spendiff

    Love the concept of grouping shots like that. Having lived in London at least there’s one I can identify with.

  • RMFearless


  • John A Jones

    Good work
    I enjoyed your images

  • laruen

    What a great post! These pictures are amazing. I have been doing a little research on Ottawa lately since I might be moving there soon. I found these great apartments for rent in Ottawa that I am going to check out next week. I can’t wait to see these same views! Thanks so much for sharing.

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